Police Bring Used Weapons of War onto Main Street, U.S.A.

Reading Time: 5 minutes WhoWhatWhy first brought you the story of the disturbing trend of police departments arming themselves with surplus weapons from the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq to patrol Main Street, U.S.A. Others are finally picking up on this explosion of police firepower.

More from Russ Baker on the Boston Bombing Case

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tuesday marks the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. The Nicole Sandler show invited Russ Baker on to discuss his investigation of the myths and discrepancies surrounding the case. The conversation broadened into a fascinating look at the Who, the What and the Why of some of the biggest events in recent history. The podcast is a must-listen.

How Much Should We Trust Government?

Reading Time: < 1 minute In this interview with Canadian television, an American professor and author takes on government and trust—but only goes so far. Please weigh in on this.