“Hacktivist” journalist Barrett Brown pled guilty to three charges on April 29, after striking an agreement with federal prosecutors that cut the possible prison time he faced from 105 years to eight-and-a-half years. His sentencing is set for Aug. 18. Take a look here for more details on the case, which had been under a gag order.

Take a look here and here and here for WhoWhatWhy’s earlier in-depth coverage of this case.

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Whatever Barrett does, he should not accept any electro-shock treatements like those given to Ernest Hemingway and some JFK assassination witnesses. He’ll never be the same.


Authoritarian Vs Libertarian~
authoritarians win this time:(


Let’s face it. Dude linked to the Internet. Now anyone can find it.

derp it

This is just fucking terrorism: threaten with big problems and give the ability to cop-out.


The thought war continues on in the USA while those who dissent from the US government are thrown into the US gulag.