Dick Russell

Watts: Another Flint?

The billion-dollar redevelopment of a housing project in the South Los Angeles community of Watts raises disturbing questions about lead contamination in the soil, air, and water — and how Latino and African American children are already suffering the impacts.

CIA, FBI, JFK, gears

The JFK Files: New Light on Oswald and Mexico City

The mainstream media has been focusing on the well-worn narrative that Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly traveled to Mexico City and paid visits to the Soviet and Cuban consulates some months before the assassination of JFK. Was he secretly working for the communists, or is the media missing the real story?

Rex Tillerson

The Man Who Called Donald Trump a “Moron”

Rex Tillerson has reportedly called Donald Trump a “moron.” But what epithet might apply to Rex Tillerson? For many years, Tillerson headed ExxonMobil, a company that obfuscated what it knew about climate change — to the detriment of the planet.