Bob Hennelly

Out of Work? Out of Hope? Read This

The stories of three people who, despite great odds, had the courage and imagination to reinvent themselves — and not only change their own lives but the lives of others. (Part 2 of a two-part series.)

Inside the Chinese Meltdown Rocking Wall Street, Part 2

Western media conglomerates, aching for a piece of the pie, have been complicit in covering up China’s problems for many years. But recent catastrophes that could not be hidden from public view are evidence that the Great Firewall of China is showing its first cracks.

A Trillion Ways To Build a New Military-Industrial Complex

If you’d invested a trillion dollars in something, you’d definitely want a positive return. Yet the latest iteration of the military industrial complex, exemplified by the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, seems only to have produced more war, more terrorism, more surveillance and more presidential protection blunders. You can blame it on 9/11, but the blueprints were already there.

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