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Classic/2012: Reconsidering the “Lockerbie Bomber”

By 08/29/2015

In this piece, which originally appeared here in 2012, Russ Baker shares problems with the official explanation of who did what in the bombing of a Pan Am plane that crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland and made an international pariah of Libya.

Burying the “Lockerbie Bomber”—And the Truth

By 05/22/2012

Everyone’s in a hurry to say goodbye to the “Lockerbie bomber,” the man convicted of bombing Pan Am 103. But a closer look is warranted—as usual—when the stakes are so high. Was Libya really behind the atrocity, or was some other country or element involved?

Take the Quiz: Qaddafi & Immelt–Good or Bad?

By 03/28/2011

Here’s a quiz: Embattled Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi: Good or bad? How about GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt? Here are your answers, straight from the top: Qaddafi, way bad. And Immelt? Good guy, business and civic leader. Should be a key adviser to the president. On Qaddafi, we already knew he was a bad […]

WhoWhatWhy Factchecks the Media: More Questions About the Libyan Sex Atrocity Reporting

By 06/15/2011

While the eyes of the US and the world were on Anthony’s wiener, a second salacious story, with far greater potential consequences, began making the rounds. It’s a doozy: Libyan madman Qaddafi ordering his troops to commit mass rape, and dispensing Viagra to ramp up the damage. Even the BBC is rushing into this one. But is it true? New doubts—and new reckless reporting.