In the News: Water and Land Protectors, protesting the current route for the Dakota Access Pipeline, claim the Morton County Sheriff’s Department personnel strip searched them during intake into the Morton County jail.  About this photo: Protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline. Photo credit: Joe Brusky / Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Qaddafi + Hillary/Fixing Climate Change/More

Afghan Soldier Kills Two Americans ; Deutsche Bank Settles Over Manipulating Silver Prices ; The Roots of Depression ...and More Picks

Afghan Soldier Kills Two Americans ; Deutsche Bank Settles Over Manipulating Silver Prices ; The Roots of Depression ...and More Picks

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Climate Activist McKibben on People’s #1 Question (Russ)

“What can I do personally about Climate Change?” Here’s his answer.

Afghan Soldier Kills Two Americans (Dan)

What is known as “Green on Blue” violence has been a growing problem between American “Special Operations” and  Afghan soldiers — supposed allies in the fight against terror groups in the country.

117M Faces in Government Databases (Jimmy)

Who’s watching the watchers? This article discloses the intersection of facial recognition technology, law enforcement big data, and government regulation (or lack thereof).

Deutsche Bank to Settle Suit Over Manipulating Silver Price (Jeff C.)

Major banks are suppressing the price of precious metals. Conspiracy theory, or conspiracy fact? European banking giant won’t fight allegations that include bid-rigging, price fixing, price manipulation and unlawful restraint, among a host of others.

Don’t Forget About Ukraine (Dan)

Talks between European powers, mainly Russia and Germany, resume this week to bring a halt to Europe’s only active war in Ukraine. A quick reminder: Kiev’s pro-Putin government was overthrown in 2014 and replaced with a pro-Western government. The country subsequently descended into a violent state between pro-Russian separatists in the East and the new government in Kiev.

High Levels of Lead Found in Chicago Drinking Fountains (Russ)

As we have been noting here, the country has been slow to acknowledge the extent of the problem, with more of a drip drip drip of revelations — in this case fountains in the city’s parks.

Discovered: Root of Depression in the Brain (Milicent)

Loss, disappointment, and low self-esteem are associated with a part of the brain that becomes active when rewards are not received. And there is reduced connectivity between this area, and that part of the brain that is activated by rewards, happy memories and positive thoughts. These discoveries could lead to a breakthrough in depression treatment.

Russian Hacker Arrested in Prague (Trevin)

Although the arrest happened two days prior to Obama formally accusing the Russians of hacking the DNC, law enforcement officials are claiming the suspect had no ties to the hacking of the DNC. In other words, still no proof.


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