Qaddafi and Hillary: the Five-Year Anniversary of Her Proud Moment, His Death

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Five years ago today, Muammar Qaddafi was killed. At the time, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed her delight. On television, she told an interviewer, “We came, we saw, he died.” She literally laughed as she said this. Her smile was enormous.

Yet today, that delight has surely been replaced by consternation, as Libya has descended into seemingly permanent chaos and violence, a home to extreme elements of all kinds and, in most respects, a disaster for the region, America, and the world.

Why in the world was it so important to unseat Qaddafi?

We were told it was for “humanitarian” reasons. But was this the real motive behind what was essentially a military intervention?

Virtually alone among news organizations — from the mainstream to the so-called “alternative” outfits — WhoWhatWhy raised this question.

And we believe we answered it. We pointed out what should never be forgotten by any serious news organization — or by the public: that foreign policy is almost always rooted in economic self-interest. Libya was absolutely no exception.

Because of our persistent probing of such issues, no lesser journalist than Bill Moyers turned to our site for understanding of the situation. In an interview with the History News Network site, I am proud to report that Moyers said: “One journalist who continues to pay attention to the back-story in Libya, by the way, is the muckraker Russ Baker on his site Who, What, Why. I read him daily.”

If you’d like to catch up on what you couldn’t get elsewhere — and what has still not been revealed elsewhere — here is a selection of articles we ran at the time.

With the likelihood of Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the White House, now might be a good time to study such matters, and to think about what she learned from this experience — and what the country might learn.


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Related front page panorama photo credit: Adopted by WhoWhatWhy from oil derricks (Jim Hickcox / Flickr – CC BY-NC 2.0) and Hillary Clinton (FederalJacktube6 / YouTube)

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9 responses to “Qaddafi and Hillary: the Five-Year Anniversary of Her Proud Moment, His Death”

  1. counterforce says:

    I imagine the secret PNAC plan (apparently in the works since at least 1991), brought to light by Gen. Wesley Clark, may have had something to do with it.

  2. Mick says:

    James and Joanne Moriarty. Nuff said.

  3. 0040 says:

    In a perfect universe the Clintons would suffer the same horrific fate as Mr Qaddafi on camera as well.

  4. esmaiil fotoohi says:

    Lie in Peace, for your dream of Africa has been realized by Mr. West. Mr. West is “indeed an honorable man”. Your fresh water system is intact, for Mr. West “is indeed an honorable gentleman”. Your 147 tons of gold is still in your banks. Mr.West did not steal it for Mr. West ” is indeed an honorable gentleman.” Your country is now teeming with Democracy. Mr. West brought it to your country, for Mr West ” is indeed an honorable gentleman.” So lie in peace my good man and dream no more.

  5. punkyboy says:

    ‘Muckraker’… Wear the name proudly, Russ. Muck is what we’ve got, rakers are what we need.

  6. Tempster says:

    Yes this country has descended into chaos thanks to HRC. I also want to note that a very prominent academic also thought going into Libya was a good idea. I shudder to think what HRC will do in the Whie House once elected. Strange that not one of my progressive woman friends share my distrust of her, for example when I bring up the DNC and how they rigged the candidate process to get her elected – among other issues. I lament for the people of Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc. the list is endless. I would love to see you get on Ian Master’s program soon since he seems to be drinking the coolaid that everything that is wrong goes back to Russia.

    • punkyboy says:

      Progressive woman here who detests HRC and the demons she rides with. Her election to President will be an unmitigated disaster for America and the entire planet. Her idea of “progressive” is to start a nuclear war with Russia.

    • Laura ZZ says:

      Me too. I’m with you, punky and Tempster.

    • james warren says:

      Interesting to see your mind-reading skills and your guessing at others’ motives is in tip-top shape, he said sarcastically.

    • james warren says:

      You are arguing about the normalcy of civilization. Unless we recognize the effectiveness of nonviolent resistance and start contemplating there are many, many imaginative & creative ways of dealing with conflict (other than giving in or fighting back) we will destroy ourselves, Period.

      Peace through victory is like dealing with the traffic problem by building more highways.