Article Summary:  When you look closely, nothing seems right about what will surely become the accepted account of the raid that nailed America’s enemy number one. And then things get even weirder…

The father of the New Yorker writer who got the exclusive inside story of the bin Laden raid

he establishment media just keep getting worse. They’re further and further from good, tough investigative journalism, and more prone to be pawns in complicated games that affect the public interest in untold ways. A significant recent example is The New Yorker’s vaunted August 8 exclusive on the vanquishing of Osama bin Laden.

The piece, trumpeted as the most detailed account to date of the May 1 raid in Abbottabad Pakistan, was an instant hit. “Got the chills half dozen times reading @NewYorker killing bin Laden tick tock…exquisite journalism,” tweeted the digital director of the PBS show Frontline.  The author, freelancer Nicholas Schmidle, was quickly featured on the Charlie Rose show, an influential determiner of “chattering class” opinion. Other news outlets rushed to praise the story as “exhaustive,” “utterly compelling,” and on and on.

To be sure, it is the kind of granular, heroic story that the public loves, that generates follow-up bestsellers and movie options. The takedown even has a Hollywood-esque code name: “Operation Neptune’s Spear”

Here’s the introduction to the mission commanderfull of minute details that help give it a ring of authenticity and suggest the most intimate reportorial access:

James, a broad-chested man in his late thirties, does not have the lithe swimmer’s frame that one might expect of a SEAL—he is built more like a discus thrower. That night, he wore a shirt and trousers in Desert Digital Camouflage, and carried a silenced Sig Sauer P226 pistol, along with extra ammunition; a CamelBak, for hydration; and gel shots, for endurance. He held a short-barrel, silenced M4 rifle. (Others SEALs had chosen the Heckler & Koch MP7.) A “blowout kit,” for treating field trauma, was tucked into the small of James’s back. Stuffed into one of his pockets was a laminated gridded map of the compound. In another pocket was a booklet with photographs and physical descriptions of the people suspected of being inside. He wore a noise-cancelling headset, which blocked out nearly everything besides his heartbeat.

On and on went the “tick-tock.” Yet as Paul Farhi, a Washington Post reporter, noted, that narrative was misleading in the extreme, because the New Yorker reporter never actually spoke to James—nor to a single one of James’s fellow SEALs (who have never been identified or photographed–even from behind–to protect their identity.) Instead, every word of Schmidle’s narrative was provided to him by people who were not present at the raid. Complains Farhi:

…a casual reader of the article wouldn’t know that; neither the article nor an editor’s note describes the sourcing for parts of the story. Schmidle, in fact, piles up so many details about some of the men, such as their thoughts at various times, that the article leaves a strong impression that he spoke with them directly.

That didn’t trouble New Yorker editor David Remnick, according to Farhi:

Remnick says he’s satisfied with the accuracy of the account. “The sources spoke to our fact-checkers,” he said. “I know who they are.”

But we don’t.

On a story of this gravity, should we automatically join in with the huzzahs because it has the imprimatur of America’s most respected magazine? Or would we be wise to approach it with caution?


Most of us are not the trusting naïfs we once were. And with good reason.

The list of consequential events packaged for us by media and Hollywood in unsatisfactory ways continues to grow. It starts, certainly, with the official version of the JFK assassination, widely discredited yet still carried forward by most major media organizations. (For more on that, see this.) More and more people realize that the heroic Woodward & Bernstein story of Nixon’s demise is deeply problematical. (I’ve written extensively on both of these in my book Family of Secrets.)

And untold millions don’t think we’ve heard the real (or at least complete) story of the phenomenal, complex success of those 19 hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001. Skeptics now include former White House counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke, who recently speculated that the hijackers may have been able to enter the US and move freely precisely because American intelligence hoped to recruit them as double agents—and that an ongoing cover-up is designed to hide this. And then, of course, there are the Pentagon’s account of the heroic rescue of Jessica Lynch in Iraq, which turned out to be a hoax, and the Pentagon’s fabricated account of the heroic battle death of former NFL player Pat Tillman in Afghanistan, who turned out to be a victim of friendly fire. These are just a few from scores of examples of deceit perpetrated upon the American people. Hardly the kind of track record to inspire confidence in official explanations with the imprimatur of the military and the CIA.

Whatever one thinks of these other matters, we’re certainly now at a point where we ought to be prudent in embracing authorized accounts of the latest seismic event: the dramatic end to one of America’s most reviled and storied nemeses.

The bin Laden raid presents us with every reason to be cautious. The government’s initial claims about what transpired at that house in Abbottabad have changed, then changed again, with no proper explanation of the discrepancies. Even making allowances for human error in such shifting accounts, almost every aspect of what we were told requires a willing suspension of disbelief—from the manner of Osama’s death and burial to the purported pornography found at the site. (For more on these issues, see previous articles we wrote on the subject, here, here and here.)

Clarke’s theory will seem less outrageous later, as we explore Saudi intelligence’s crucial, and bizarre, role at the end of bin Laden’s life—working directly with the man who now holds Clarke’s job.

Add to all of this the discovery that the reporter providing this newest account wasn’t even allowed to talk to any raid participants—and the magazine’s lack of candor on this point—and you’ve got an almost unassailable case for treating the New Yorker story with extreme caution.


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  • Russ Baker is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in exploring power dynamics behind major events.

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Chapter 11 in William O.  Douglas’ autobiography “The Court Years” is titled simply “The Press.”  He makes some observations that still resonate today.  They include “…There were not many real reporters in Washington.
A real reporter, as I use the term, is someone who searches out the
facts on his or her own. In the capital there were a few solid
muckrakers, notably I.F. Stone and Drew Pearson. But most reporters
followed the course of least effort and lived on government handouts or
curried favor with high officials like J. Edgar Hoover for tip-offs or
leads. Presidents, Cabinet officers or agency heads handed out tidbits
to favored reporters. Much classified, even top secret, material was
leaked in this way. Government’s purpose was served and the reporter
who reported faithfully, stressing precisely the right angle, could
expect to be rewarded again.The
victim was the public, which did not know who the “undisclosed but
reliable source” was. Full disclosure would have revealed the strategy
being employed. Much of the disastrous build-up of public support for
our activities in Vietnam was the product of these discreet “leaks” to the press.”
Nice to see WhoWhatWhy filling an important need in democracy!

Logan Waters

Excellent article.

And it touches upon the single biggest issue with the killing of OBL.

Why would you put a bullet through the CPU holding the greatest repository of terrorist knowledge on the planet – OBL’s brain?

We had week after week of info and “alerts” about AQ’s plans… but we kill the planner, who may have kept the Biggest Stuff (like nuke info) in his head?

I don’t wanna be a conspiracy theorist.  I really don’t. 

But this kinda stuff… sigh.


“.. the greatest repository of  terrorist knowledge on the planet”???
That has absolutely no validity since bin Laden died of natural causes in late 2001. Besides it’s the CIA/Mossad/MI6 who are the repositories of the terrorist knowledge on the planet since they are responsible for the vast majority of it. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Logan. The hole that is denial goes on forever.


Bruce: The inquiring mind looks at every branch of the tree. That one of those branches does not satisfy Mr. Waters is just that, one of those branches that needs to be looked at, namely IF the story is true why would they kill anyone with so much insider information. It is a good question. But your criticism is not. To make looking at one branch “denial” of any one of the others is just silly. What are you doing here? JWC

H.P. Loathecraft

You are mistaken in referring to OBL as the “planner”. He was the movement’s spiritual leader and not an operational guy.

Your main point is an important one nonetheless. The guy was worth something alive.


If he were alive they wouldn’t have had to “kill” him and dump his already buried body in the sea. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t have their phony story down pat in advance. And the publicity photo of Hillary and Barack and the other d1ldos “watching” a nonexistent video feed just boggles the mind. It’s like somebody wanted to make it absolutely clear to the unhypnotized that they didn’t care whether their story made any sense or not.

H.P. Loathecraft

The stage managing was indeed a disaster, wasn’t it? 


the first casualty of war is truth.

leslie griffith

Tio Holtzman

Russ, you’re pretty brave to come out with these words.  You know what happens to people who tell the truth….they have “accidents.”  I commend you, please watch your back.


I’m not going to deny that your skepticism and generally questioning attitude, as well as your conclusions regarding the real power structure in this country, are useful.  But with this article in particular, you are committing several of the same sins you accuse the corporate press of.  Questions asked when you already know the answer, statements made that are purposefully accusatory despite facts that you know are contrary, and others.  I was going to go through the whole thing and point all this out to you, but I got about halfway and gave up, partially because you started to make more sense and actually present useful information at that point.  I’ll close by referring to just one example of your problem here.  A key point of your article is the scenario whereby President Obama is out of the loop and lower ranking military personnel are seemingly making key decisions.  This simply cannot be plausible, if only for the (as someone who works in government knows) much more likely scenario where Obama has already made the broad goals known, and made several key detailed decisions up front.  Whether to shoot to kill, where to dispose of OBL’s body, etc., was all worked out well in advance, I assure you.  Lastly, your use of “the New Yorker’s” over and over again is simply wrong.  It’s “The New Yorker”.  Try substituting “Rolling Stone” for several instances and you’ll see why the ‘s cannot be used here.  

W Baker

Gillett22 (and Mary Okorn-Jimenez), I don’t know what did it.  Maybe, Gillett22, when you started trying to correct the article’s articles…. but you both remind me of the silly scene in the even sillier movie, Idiocracy.

(Hint:  Simple assertions do not make an argument!)


Seriously, how can I believe this guys story if he got the simple things wrong…?

Mary Okorn-Jimenez

I got to about the fourth or fifth paragraph before I could no longer contain my “what a crock of shit” heartfelt response….
What a crock of cowardly shit.


Would you care to expand on these comments? You appear not to have actually read most of the article, so it seems to be a bit of an over-reaction. What is cowardly about analysing and discussing a news story?


This site is full of shit… Jessica lynch said herself she was rescued in many interviews, and a book. What was the hoax, maybe some fudged details but a hoax, wow… I had to stop there cuz I thought my eyes would roll out of my head… Phew, I made it, eyes sore but brain cells still intact. Good thing too, I’m gonna need them to look out for black helicopters and such. Where’s my foil pirate hat!
Maybe some day they’ll stop finding conspiracies everywhere, doubt it though, facts lie behind lies and liars. Go ahead, call me names cuz i don’t agree. That’s the difference between you and me. I look forward and ahead not questioning all that’s said. If you’re looking for something, I’m sure you’ll find it. Nahhh… Bullshit…


There’s a difference between “fudged details” and “lies and hype” (as she put it herself) to sell a war. And that’s the point here. Not forgetting Tillman who’s brother outright accused the US military of “intentional falsehoods” and “deliberate and careful misrepresentations”. That’s serious stuff, not errors by omission or incompetence (as your line of thinking would have it). So in fact, there was a ‘conspiracy’ to sell their respective events to further ‘the cause’.

Just one or two of hundreds of articles on the matter – “Rambo image was based on lie, says US war hero Jessica Lynch”

H.P. Loathecraft

“Good thing too, I’m gonna need them to look out for black helicopters and such. Where’s my foil pirate hat!”

Directly followed by:

“Go ahead, call me names cuz i don’t agree. ”
Why don’t we begin with “hypocrite”, huh perfy?

H.P. Loathecraft

Wow, two morons chatting gleefully back and forth. 
No doubt one is the other’s pet sockpuppet.


Thanks for looking into this.
Have you read what Paul Craig Roberts has to say on this?

In summary, the one eyewitness on record states that 3 helicopters flew into the area, 1 landed. Soldiers got off the helicopter, some entering the building, some telling neighbors not to come out of their homes or they will be shot. The soldiers are not US, they are Pashtun. After some time the soldiers board the helicopter again and after it takes off again, it explodes, killing all on board.
End of story.

Now how accurate or trustworthy this eyewitness is remains to be seen, but it would seem to be well worth checking out as it completely contradicts the official story.

It would be very interesting to see what you could find out on this angle.


I think you pretty much have to assume that the entire story is a fairy tale. And trying to deconstruct the version of that fairy tale that appeared in THE New Yorker seems to me to be a waste of time. If the author is really the son of some spook insider, nothing he says is worthy of analysis. It’s all just smoke and mirrors. Why? Perhaps to pave the way for the withdrawal from Iraq. Who knows? We don’t have nearly enough data to even speculate.


Obama had an election coming up and his ratings were low. After the Bin Laden hoax his ratings went up.


Just my feeling on this is,  this was a hit job paid for by the saudis.  With the overthrow of middle east countries happening all around.  Bin Laden was a threat to the Kingdom and could raise a large rebel force against it.


Finally, somebody’s getting close to the real crux of the problem. Never trust anybody from the house of Said.





YOU are the crock of shit. Fucking bitch.

Dan Feidt~hongpong

This little bit i heard is convoluted and might not mean anything — however i am surprised to see this (cleanup?) playing out in New Yorker as I heard a guy with handle “Colonel Sixx” on Alex Jones discussing the SEAL teams’ families starting to talk — Sixx said he told the fams to take it to Seymour Hersh. Thus this’d be a blocking maneuver inside the NYorker vs Hersh —  if Sixx’s other views on the whole thing being a managed sketchy Psyop were true. (you can google his wordpress blog etc) So would Hersh be out of play? (You guys had that awesome Knights of Malta/Hersh piece, I hope it all connects in the end ;-)

That is out of left field but the only other Bin Laden / New Yorker meme out there springin to mind :D


Well, this started with cowboys and indians. America (and other countries, of course) have been busily rewriting history since – well, the invention of writing.


What, you doubt the Ministry of Truth? [/snark off]

Evelyn T. Woodson

Perhaps  when the truth is known about those who ‘s greed and thirst for blood, reached  The Americas encircled  the globe is reconized as the  consiquences, the world is facing at the moment,If the truth was known about the original  people who is proped up as the Founders of Democrary , You will find  what is  unfolding is  merely the legacy, of falsehood that is moving  through the generations, Instead of pretending there is a   real democratic   America, and doing the researh of the crimes agsint humanity and the  mass murder and genocde against defenseless   people of all genders ages  and ethnic  back grounds and Nationalaties, by those who pretended a freedom founded on slavery could work shows  a legacy of insanity. People was  tortured and branded the same as    cows  is branded by those   , who is glorified and hailed as heros due to the same false  projections and  say it the way the tyrrants demand ,The people on this planet have new weapons of distruction and communication devices, But beneath the exterior benovelence the Cain and Abel  energy is at work. The  props dingled as devices of unity and one for all and all for one, has never been the intention , If  the truth     about the government was made public, the same   thing would unfold in the US as Lybbia and Eygpt. The few people who have managed to mantain their  {Intergrity} Is the glue that is holding the world togather.


Excellent article. However, to me it illustrates the importance of choosing our top leaders very carefully. In order to best protect our country, some actions do have to be done secretly. Unfortunately, we must understand that it is in all of our best interests to not have certain secrets revealed – ever.  Having said that, it does scare me to think of having the wrong person responsible for making such crucial decisions.  We all need to keep that in mind when we cheer for the “macho” candidate. Perhaps we should be thankful to find a thoughtful, intelligent, one who isn’t rigid in his/her thinking.


Leadership? Oh the puppets in the White House? Not likely we are getting anything different no matter who is in there!

Roast Chicken

But where was the dialysis machine?


He left it in his cave with the solar panels. The CIA bought him a new kidney with some of their drug money. [/snark off]


A local Afghan medicine man had cured his kidney disease before he moved to Pakistan. That is why there is no mention of a dialysis machine anywhere in the compound. ;)

Rick Spisak

Russell and team, thanks for picking apart some of the loose threads of this EPIC myth making exercise. Surely an exemplary exercise is PSYOPS. Containing nothing whatsoever of truth, and wrapping the tale up neatly with the “typical Muslim at Sea Burial and the timely and convenience coincidence of the elimination of so many who might have been in a position to tell-tales out of school, is just so, how’s the saying go, just one more interesting “coincidence”.

Are we to take seriously the report that the operation was UNPLUGGED, in an age where “intelligent” live-fire combat technology is the norm, that a mission of this sort, would have gone “OLD-SCHOOL” and low tech (except for laser sites) Why would such “real-time” technology be abandoned, especially when we are treated to “eye-candy” administration photos of all the leading lights, perched around a monitor, tracking the realtime action. Or were the poor dears, left hanging for twenty-five minutes, gee theres a version for everyone. A regular “limited hangout” enterprise.

Has Hollywood, really got it so far off the mark, from West Wing to pick one… they went dark? Since they undoubtedly had man tracking technology and they haven’t shown us anything of the raid events. [While it’s no doubt being coded for some future XBOX Christmas Software and needless to say, the full Star-Spangled Hollywood treatment]. Maybe not Matt Damon though.

It is repugnant to the imagination that there was no presidential involvement in the decision as to whether this was a TAKE or KILL mission. Since “modern” justice has been thoroughly gutted [Just say 9/11] its not that far-fetched that it was a simple execution warrant, “nation of laws” notwithstanding. But can we really stomach no discussion at all nationally, about whether we try enemies like Nuremberg or just summarily cancel them like a listless sitcom, where ARE we headed.

One last thread was left loose though, WWW-Team what about this latest wrinkle so oft neglected – the story just a few days old, that Pakistan let the Chinese examine the downed chopper ? No discussion of the lost machines, and the evacuated guests or can we still say “detained compound occupants all left to the friendly hands of Pakistani security?

This warrants at least one more follow up

Thank you Russell, and Who, What Why!
Richard Spisak


On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I believe that Obama is just a front man with no clue what is going on. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, I believe he is a homicidal maniac who enjoys blowing the crap out of little children. Whichever is true, I doubt very much if any of this little fairy tale is anywhere near the truth, if there even is a truth to be near.

Dubious Dude

I’ve been puzzled from day one concerning the “official” account of the raid on Bin Laden’s compound as well as by subsequent “modifications”.  There are three things that don’t make sense.  One, is that Bin Laden was said to have been killed 45 minutes into the raid when the Seal team broke into his bedroom and assassinated him.  (Good riddance, by the way.)  When the team first entered the house, it was reported they shot and killed a guard.  More shots were fired later when more resistance was encountered.  That’s a lot of noise being made which makes me wonder what Bin Laden was doing during those 45 minutes of mayhem?  Hiding in his bedroom all that time?  He must’ve heard the shots and I find it inconceivable that he didn’t try to escape in some way or at least arm himself in preparation for the inevitable confrontation. (What? No AK 47 stashed in a closet?)  Two, it’s also very strange that the world’s most wanted terrorist, who knew he was an a priori target, did not think to build an escape tunnel in the house!  You’d think that would’ve been the #1 concern when building the compound, yet no mention of a tunnel was ever made. (Every bad guy I’ve ever read about from Hitler to Saddam Hussein has made sure they have an escape route of some sort.)  And three, his body was thrown into the ocean as a sign of respect for Muslim burial customs?  That alone is a whopper. 


IT’S A FAIRY TALE, DR. EINSTEIN! The story keeps changing because there’s no reality to align it with. It’s like the Jesus stories of the 2nd Century. They don’t agree because there’s no reality behind them. What I don’t understand is why they didn’t just make up a single story, pass it around, and be done with it. It’s like they want to get caught, but nobody’s bright enough to take them up on it. Or maybe they’re just seeing how much crap the populace will swallow.


Every knee SHALL bow to Jesus some day….including Mo the child raper.


“•The eyewitnesses from the house—including the surviving wives—have disappeared without comment.”

I’ve done some research on this part and found an article about interviews of the wife’s brother and father where they say they can’t get any answers about her whereabouts. They think she is being held by the Pakistani government only because they heard it in the media. The Pakistanis will not confirm or deny to them that they are holding her.

I believe this is the most important part of the story and deserves its own article. The wife personally identifying OBL was one of the linchpins of the entire story. It’s like the telephone calls from the planes on 9/11. Without the phone calls there would be no evidence of hijackings and the entire narrative would fall apart.

Without the wife identifying OBL or any live independent witnesses to tell the tale the story falls apart. The DNA evidence convinces only the most gullible, since anyone objective will know the real proof is in the details of the test and the handling of the evidence. If there isn’t a verifiable chain of custody or reproducible test (which there are not), it isn’t proof anything.

The independent witnesses are the key to the story. If these people disappeared long ago, or are fictional and the people telling us this story are blatantly lying about them, most likely the part about OBL being found there and killed is a lie also.


“It’s like the telephone calls from the planes on 9/11. Without the phone
calls there would be no evidence of hijackings and the entire narrative
would fall apart.”

The entire narrative fell apart when it was determined that you couldn’t make cell phone calls from the airplanes, not to mention the calls continuing after at least one of the planes had supposedly already crashed. Get with the program already.


They just sentenced them and deported them over illegal entry into Pakiland.


There is a video of a Pakistani TV station interviewing neighbors across the alleged Bin Laden compound. He never lived there. Also Bin Laden’s obituary notice was recently released by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (Institute for Political Economy). The death notice is dated December 6, 2001. You can find all this info and more here:

David Curtis

Have only read 2/3 of the NY article, by it’s own text, the only verifiable info it contains would be (in theory) the overhead video shot from the drone. That video if it exists would show the copter crash, the second copter land some humans entering the compound…and little else. My feeling reading the story was, I have no way of verifying any of the info in the story. And assuming they did in fact collect DNA from OBL, to what other DNA sample will they compare it? The whole thing smells.

H.P. Loathecraft

They had DNA from a sister, so we’re told.


Do you think they never drew blood from him during the soviet occupation when they trained him?


Did someone say “Bin Laden movie”?
“Congressman calls for probe of Bigelow’s Bin Laden movie”
“Bin Laden pic tracked kill team”

Roast Chicken

Building Seven had the gold vaults.  Kissinger was to be indicted on the day of the attack.  Any evidence of the dialysis machine?  This required German canisters on a regular basis.  Where are the sales records?


He left it in the cave with the solar panels [/snark off]

I’m pretty sure dumping the “body” in the sea, “in accordance with Moslem law” (ROFL), had to do with the fact that there WAS NO body and not with any other form of deception.


I knew you had to be working on something.


wow…. good job, Russ.


Still waiting for why Clarke’s new cover story will “make more sense later” (or something like that).


A very interesting article, thank you.
May I ask if anybody has actually looked at a map and seen where this event  actually took place? I mean its proximity to the ocean and borders. Looking at a map and realizing the distances involved certainly begs more questions in my humble opinion.


I’m in Afghanistan. It is definitly close enough to fly to a waiting carrier.

Tio Holtzman

Russ, you’re pretty brave to come out with these words.  You know what happens to people who tell the truth….they have “accidents.”  I commend you, please watch your back.

Rahmatoola Rujeedawa

Regarding the reference to the so called “9/11 Saudi hijackers”, I once heard a piece of news on the radio that went on like this: “The State Department is at odds with the CIA as the latter has been granting US visas to young Saudi men, bypassing the American embassy in Riyadh”.

Now, why would the CIA issue entry visas to foreign nationals? This is the job of embassy staff.  

John Bean

1st person shooter, remote control, role-playing. Gamer <> Schmidlapp.


Russ, I am delighted to hear the voice of a skeptical journalist who wants to see the evidence. But when, oh when are you going to go for the crux? When are you going to write about the third skyscraper, WTC 7 that magically dropped at 5:20 on 9/11 without being hit by a plane.  When are you going to address the government’s blatantly fraudulent report that asks us to believe a 47-story building with a base the size of a football field dropped smoothly at free fall into a neat pile in 6.6 seconds all because a small office fire weakened a SINGLE column? Even when we can see the video of officers in the NYC street warning that that building was about to blow up? And the video of the building dropping, even a child watching it knows intuitively that it was a controlled demolition. You have seen it, haven’t you? When oh when Russ are you going to get to the crux of 9/11.


Yeah, he lost me when he acknowledged that there were hijackers on 9/11. Even some of the dullest among us know that the planes were remote controlled, a missle hit the Pentagon, and there was no crash at Shanksville. I am forced to question this writer’s account of the account and what purpose this whole load of bs serves. Building 7 is indeed the elephant in the room as many people are beginning to recognize.

Patrick AuCoin

Larry Silverstein the billionaire insurance collector authorized “Pulling” down WTC7 …on the record! 9/11 the seminal event in the last 1/2 century, and no mainstream inquiries, Media or Scholarly! What a Sham! It took a while but I am really pissed of, the killings, the lies! This will not rest on my watch!


You’ve asked all the critical questions thus identifying the real value of our loss of investigative reporting. Media consolidation has stripped us of mainstream reporting and forced us to seek such sources as WhoWhatWhy for the real truth. I am grateful that you are there to take up the slack.


They lied about the raid? Shocker! The burial at sea part really sang. And what about the Patriot games redux where they’re all looking at the alleged kill in real time. Like the Pentagon would ever grant civilians access to something that super-extra top secret operation wolf cloak-like.

When something seems too good to be true it usually is.

excellent work Mr. Baker


Between the phony photo of Barry and Hillary and the rest of the d1ldos “watching” the nonexistent video feed, and the “burial” at sea, I don’t see how anyone who isn’t thoroughly hypnotized can take any of this at face value.




Osama Bin Dead for almost 10yrs.  Period!


How about a helmet cam photo taken one second before the “fatal shot”?
How about it, since Obama claims that the dead body was too that was supposed to be too gory for us to see.

H.P. Loathecraft

As I understand it, there were never any helmet cams to begin with.

Fred Z in Ann Arbor

Lots of good questions here, and reporting Schmidle’s background is really excellent work. But none of this really changes anything for me. What we can see in the verifiable public world is that a) Osama’s dead and b) Pakistan is really pissed off at the US about the way it went down.  Those are both good outcomes as far as I’m concerned. 

H.P. Loathecraft

Except he was worth much more alive than dead. 
Alive he offered potential intelligence; dead he offers only propaganda.

Richard Pressl

Yes, indeed…the New Yorker article is at best a sham – at
worst DoD/CIA propaganda – someone needs to interview the SEALS involved
in the operation – now; while it’s still possible to do so; and get
their testimony first-hand. Plus a full recording of the operational
decisions, planning, and procedures. Many who have seen the US 
“defense” cabal up close hold their noses when reading about this action
as described in the MSM. This episode doesn’t need to become a movie –
it needs to become a fully documented National archive entry – restrict
it for years if it must be so – but don’t let it disappear! The
importance of this could easily surpass the “Maine Incident” or the
“Gulf of Tonkin Incident” for future generations.

R Heringhauser

If any military member decides to go against the government line; well the should remember what happened to Pat Tilman. These people play for keeps.


The initial story of the raid made sense.  Our brave men raid the compound,  shoot their way up to where bin Laden is and kill him in self defense.
What doesn’t make sense is why the story was changed?
Think about it.  Why screw up a perfectly good story?
Why change it in such a way as to make it way less believable?


Probably because news reporters swarmed the site, and there were quite a few Pakistani ear- and eye-witnesses.  Contradictions to the original story were already leaking, by the time the official account changed.

Speculating on other possible motives:  internal friction at home perhaps, such as interagency competition, leaks from within the ranks, or even, if some players were hoodwinked going in, a way to diminish SEAL accomplishments  without killing the whole narrative of Osama captured.


The Fake Osama:      


Osama was dead since 2001 and a cover story for his killing has bo be found. It’s disgusting


They needed a good ‘killing event’ to complete the Beltane Ritual which included the royal wedding late April and Early May.


Well I distrusted the raid story from the first.  It smelt stinky from an overload of  disinformation carefully cooked.  Was it Obama PR, similar to the tough talk to Netenyahu over returning to the pre-1967 borders?  Or was it Agency tricksterish bullying, similar to their double crossing of Kennedy at the Bay of Pigs?
They could easily have sold Obama a bill of goods about what they planned to do, but all along knowing it would be a turkey shoot.  What could he then do? Say he’d been lied to?
Despite the “crash” of the one copter, which likely fed many Euro-sceptics with yet more ammo for the Yanks-can’t do-anything-right attitude, the affair seems like good PR for both the Pentagon and Obama.  And they probably killed the wrong guy anyway.  And the other Seals dying a few weeks later?  Oh, come on!


if you look the picture of who they say is bin laden ,hes watching tv ,and hes holding a remote control in his right hand ,bin laden was left handed ,plus he was know to tell his people he didnt aprove of tvs


Although it is just a passing mention in your excellent article, I’m intrigued by this:

“You can see a photo of Gen. Schmidle on a 2010 panel about ‘Warring Futures.’ Event co-sponsors include Slate magazine and the New America Foundation, both of which, according to Nicholas Schmidle’s website, have also provided Schmidle’s son with an ongoing perch (with Slate giving him a platform for numerous articles from war zones and the foundation employing him as a Fellow.) These parallel relationships grow more disturbing with contemplation.”

Although New America Foundation refers to itself as non-partisan or “radical center” (whatever that’s supposed to mean), media (including blogs) sometimes refer to the “progressives” within the foundation with the implication that it offers a left of center viewpoint.  Any cursory examination of the proposals put forth by the foundation pretty much puts the lie to this – partial privatization of Social Security, mandatory purchase of private health insurance, the “baby bonds” idea and how it could restart W Bush’s “ownership society” (this last uttered by Ted Halstead himself).

My question concerns Halstead, the founder of NAF.  There is so little information that I can find on him and as he provokes “the prickling of my thumbs”,  I’d like to know if you can tell us anything about his background and how he was able to found NAF at a relatively young age.

R Heringhauser

Obama is a stooge/puppet like those before him; up to JFK. Bin Laden’s been dead for years and he was a CIA asset. 9/11 was an inside job. We must have a new investigation. Obama gets the Peace Prize? How dumb do they think we are? This is looney tunes; I’m sick of my government’s lies and evil!


So, you mean Obama is a stooge of the Bush family?


um, yeah, except is goes much, much higher than that. Call it whatever you like.


I do – I think Papa Bush is “the smoking man”. There are definitely many assholes fighting for money and power in the game but I think he’s been at the top for years. 


You can see Bin Laden’s obituary notice, dated December 6, 2001, here:


Tim Osman a.k.a Osama was a CIA asset. Anyone that believes anything the government says about that fake raid is a mental deficient. If you think Seal Team 6 killed him you must be on glue.

p.s. my father was a Navy Scout and Raider  .. if any of you even know who they were … this story is total BS … grow up

George is an excellent web site for truth.

Martin Woodside3

They also crashed an expensive state of the art helicopter …. those fantastic Seals ….  or was that an invented story too ??

Broken Arrow

Seals aren’t pilots retard.  Most likely aviators from the 160th SOAR.  
Probably want to think a bit before opening your cock-holster.


Why do they keep mentioning Blackhawks and chinook helicopters when the one that was destroyed in the compound was a Commanche helicopter, very high tech. The Commanche program was cancelled several  years ago, so where did this one they won’t mention come from.

Preamble Project

   Actually, since there’s a quote in Schmidle’s novella from some source to the effect that he was actually pleased that they left behind a crashed helicopter, because it lent more credence to the story. Without pix, my guess is that it was probably rescued from the junkyard and dropped in by Chinook as scrim, or stage prop or scenery for the play. In this “Theater of War.” (Hmm. Wonder if the “powers that be” have always used the term “Theaters of War” cuz they knew it was all an act (with real consequences, however, beyond the price of the ticket and the investment of time). And it was the civilians who were slow to grok the show.

    What I wondered first when I saw the piece was, “Who the heck is Schmidle, and howcome the byline isn’t Seymour Hersh?” I don’t know what Hersh’s take on 9/11 was/is, but I have some sense that it wouldn’t be redolent with toadying credulity. However,  it seems that New Yorker Editor David Remnick has dutifully accepted the “official myth”. His 9/11 reminiscences/reflections*  bear the headline “When the Towers Fell” (but what about #7 WTC? No mention; and certainly #7 wouldn’t be considered a “tower”).  

And then this:

     “The disaster that, on September 11, 2001, eclipsed the Slocum [a tour boat accident in which 1,000 died] as the worst in the history of New York City was one of a different magnitude. Not only were many more people killed on that morning; they were victims of a premeditated act of mass murder that pioneered the use of hijacked passenger jets as suicide bombs and then reordered and distorted the decade that followed.”*

     We know with some certainty now, 10 years “on,” that the “19 hijacker co-conspirators” were either using fake IDs or were never on the planes, as about a half-dozen of them have shown up since the day very much alive, thank you.
     David’s perhaps too young to remember World War II (I was only a toddler, my darned-self), but didn’t the Japanese build bombs-with-wings-and-suicide-pilots to make kamikaze attacks on US Navy vessels? I’ll grant that, strictissimi juris (to stretch the term), they were not hijacked planes with multiple humans aboard–just the pilot–and yes, they weren’t passenger or civilian planes. But certainly the intention was the same. 

      Also assuming, of course, that we do not use what I call “the emergent and as yet to be universally acknowledged presumption,” vis-a-vis We the People, the Fourth Estate, and our government, that we must presume all government pronunciamentos are lies, until proven, by the government, beyond a reasonable doubt, to be true and independently verifiable. It would certainly have been more accurate to refer to Geo. W. Bush as our Unitary Liar-In-Chief™ rather than a commander-in-chief. (Think My Pet Goat, for example. Or “Great job, Brownie,” or whatever it was the man said in New Orleans.)
* See more


No, actually, the Japanese were so desperate that they used real planes they couldn’t afford to lose and welded bombs to the bottoms of the planes and then welded the canopies shut so the pilots couldn’t land or bail out.


The seal team 6’s demise going to a fire fight in a flying school bus is also incredible. Seal teams fly around in apache attack helicopters that are fast and nimble. They do not fly around in the equivalent of a city bus with large targets painted on the sides. Talk to any spec ops guy, they would rather walk than fly in a Chinook….they also do not “rescue” army rangers sent on snatch and grab missions with “no backup”. All Bullshit……

Philip Douglass

You clearly have no knowledge of military operations. 1. Apaches are attack helos with 2 seats for a pilot and a gunner, I assure no SEAL team has ever flown to a mission in an Apache. 2. SEAL teams most assuredly do perform rescue missions, especially when it is another “small” spec ops team (ie Rangers) that are in trouble. The SEALs were not the only men on the “flying school bus” as you so ineptly put it. (In fact the CH-47  Chinook is the fastest transport helo in the US arsenal (2 jet engines and dual rotors) There were also USAF pararescuemen (PJs)and combat controllers on board, I’m sure you have no idea what they do so let me elaborate. PJs are the military’s most highly trained rescue operatives, think medical miracle workers who also know how to handle heavy combat. It blows my mind that you would post such an ignorant and undereducated comment on a site which prides itself on being the utmost of investigative journalists. On second thought, it’s exactly  just the type of moronic, mindless comment I would expect to see onhere…well done


I feel bad for Automan bc you made him sound incredibly stupid.


So WTF does this have to do with whether the OBL assault team was eliminated or not because they knew too much?


He probably meant Black Hawks rather than Apaches.


Preposterous, indeed!  Too many preposterous points to repeat.  

Well, perhaps The New Yorker story was just that:  a story…and, um…The New Yorker editors decided to publish…A Novella!… for our reading pleasure.  Their article certainly reads like a novel in its phrasing alone.  Oh, “conspiracy theorists” be damned!  What the hell is going on?  Are there no investigative reporters left who actually will investigate?  Only reporters who read from teleprompters or speak from ear-bud input and practice their creative writing skills at our expense…so sad.  What’s to be believed?  Ah, hell, take your pick.


what’s wrong with you people>?  don’t u realize that we are the good guys, we wear the white hats, and it follows that our government will never lie to us or let us down.  just listen to what u r told, go to work every day, pay ur taxes and shut up.  it worked for the twentieth century.  why much things up now?




He’s joking. He just forgot the ;-) or [/snark off]. You, I’m sad to inform you, are the IM.

Jeff Masterson

Hello all,

I just had lunch with a retired Navy Helo Operator, that has been out of the Navy for less than a year. What he told me, is he has been in contact with friends that where on the flat top, (carrier) that was supposidly invovlved with the mission and Osama BS. He told me that NO ONE was allowed on the deck except a hand picked crew of highly ranked sailors and the video camera stopped recording during the burial at sea B.S.    I believe him over any of this other crap the military is feeding us. I am also ex military and I am retired Air Force ParaRescue. They did have those men on the helo as well as a few other Specialist from other military units. It was shot down to keep people shut up……….Just like Kennedy all over again and all the other B.S. that has been told to us…..




If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck!
This story walks like a cover up and sounds like a cover up…it’s a cover up.  The people who attempt to deny this fact are either incredibly naive or working for  the governments disinfo crews. 

How can you tell if somebody in the US ruling ‘elite’ is telling a lie?
Their mouths will be moving.

Casual reader

In the last paragraph you describe Robert Gates as CIA director, which he was at one time, he was Secretary of Defense when the operation took place.

Casual reader

Correction:  In the last paragraph on page 3


whoops! you get the eagle eye proofreader award. We’ll get that fixed right away. Many thanks.


Hey russ are you a joo….or just a joo wannabe?


Share International magazine had in its June issue information regarding this issue.  Questions are run by a Master of Wisdom in the Spiritual Hierarchy (Masters are those who have stabilized in what is termed buddhic consciousness – a level of development where omniconsciousness and the ability to read the records of past events is second hand).  Previously Share International had reported that the man captured by Americans alleged to be Saddam Hussein was a body double.  What was said about the killing of bin Laden:

Q. The killing of Osama bin Laden by an American special attack force in Pakistan has just been announced. He is said to have been shot in the eye and killed (though unarmed) and the body to have been buried at sea, that is, not retrievable for inspection. Can you say if this is indeed the end of Bin Laden?
A. I do believe that Osama bin Laden is no longer alive, but this report from the US administration does not tally with my information, which is that Osama bin Laden died peacefully, after a long struggle with illness, in 2006. Before he died he wished to maintain his call for ‘justice’ (as he understood the term) and arranged for one of his many younger brothers to maintain the myth of his presence.

Q. In 2007 Benazir Bhutto said in an interview that Osama bin Laden was dead. (1) Was she right? (2) How did he die? (3) Where is his body buried? (4) If this scenario is accurate, why was his death kept secret? (5) Supposing these are the facts, how long have the Americans known of Osama bin Laden’s demise?
A. (1) Yes. (2) He died after a long struggle with cancer and kidney disease. (3) It was not buried but burned. (4) He wanted to maintain the myth as a rallying call for the young. (5) They probably believed he was still alive.

Q. Why was his body “buried at sea”?
A. Ask the Americans.

Q. There is something very fishy about the reports of how Osama bin Laden died; it is reminiscent of the feel of the so-called accounts of how Saddam Hussein was ‘found’ and other ‘facts’ around his ‘trial’ and so on. Your comments, please.
A. Quite so.



What worries me is what did the seals who died on the chinook know about this operation? Why did this take place at the same time as Jerome Corsis book about Obamas birth came out?Like when Bill Clinton was about to be exposed as a pervert he launched all those cruise missiles into Afghanistan.


Actually that is a great parallel except that Clinton bombed Cosovo the day the heat was turned up to max on the impeachment, and Obama “killed” Osama as the heat on his forged “Certificate of Live Birth” , the very next day as well. 


EEK – how did Benazir Bhutto know whether Osama was live or dead?  


 As head of Pakistan, she would have had the intel about what was happening.  Being on the relatively ‘good’ side and not exactly loved by the military, she would have had the connections to know what was happening with Bin Laden.


She actually said he was “murdered.”


Good grief, how many more times are they going to off this dude?  This puke seems to have more lives than a freaking cat.   I wouldn’t believe Obama if he told me the Earth was circular.  


It’s not. It’s spherical-ish. More like an egg because of it’s ellipsis


This: . . . is an ellipsis. This: O is an ellipse.

Paul Leo Faso

The only thing murdered and buried at sea was the truth.

 This is the primary task of the government to continue the lie of 9/11 and put this nonsense in your face – “THE GUY IN A CAVE WITH A BEARD AND A CELL PHONE DID IT”.

Millions of Americans have heard enough of this fable to sort out the truth and are demanding a new investigation of all of the forces behind 9/11.

To accept this stupefying government account of the raid in Pakistan as the final chapter in their twisted fabrication, the government would require  a 6000 pound anvil to fall on your head to complete the circuit of deception.


Dropped at “free-fall” speed?  LOL!


well there was an astonishing lack of internal resistance that resulted in a constant acceleration all the way down:

any acceleration is impossible without controlled demolition of the substructure

comes out looking like free-fall, even though it’s not true vacuum free-fall


Bin Laden’s obituary notice was published on December 6, 2001. See details here:

There’s a new film by an award winning Italian film maker, entitled “September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor”. It will give you a new perspective.

Brian Mcgee

i still say this is a psych-op’s to say how little proof the masses& the media needs before accepting their story… since we’ve accepted this look out for even less evidence in the future.  Simple proclamations from the king


Whatever, that was not Bin Laden they killed, he had been dead for years.  This op. was always on the books during Bush’s in case a president needed a boost.  He didn’t use it.  Obama needed the boost.
A thinking person would wonder how the average American can swallow the explanations of his government for the many such operations over the years.
USS Liberty
M.L. King
Another Kennedy
The list goes on.


OBL died in December 2001; FOX News held the story.
Peculiar they killed the again. It was redundant.


Any trace of it anywhere on the web?


The ‘report’ is based on an article written in “Le Figaro” news paper (there are verbatim copies online).. apparently the source was from some wayward alphabet agency character mouthing off, boasting about having seen OBL in hospital in Quatar(?) (sorry, can’t remember the city name off the top of my head). Whilst the debunkers call outright falsies on the claim there has never really been *any independent* verification *either way* (speaking specifically about the Le Fig article and the source there-of, *not* other claims/statements regards OBL being dead in 2001) because the entire article was written based on the single (apparently unverified – the article author doesn’t appear to have revealed anything either in the intervening years) source. So take it all as you will.

Fox news wasn’t the only agency reporting on the suspicion back then, you *should* be able to find references all over the place.


So what’s the expected life span of somebody who needs a dialysis machine living in a cave in Afghanistan?

Bob Jensen

While I enjoyed very much, Family of Secrets, and I think it was accurate, when it comes to 911 Russ Baker has a lot to learn.  There is no evidence of any hijackers whatsoever on 911.  The airport security video showing the “hijackers”, had no time or date printed on the video screen.  With regards to the cell phone calls on 911, it has been shown conclusively by respected scientists, such as A.K. Dewdney, that cell phone calls did not work above 8000 ft. in the year of  2001.  The alleged  “cell phone calls” on the flights of 911 all took place at 25,000 ft to 50,000 ft.  The technology to make cell phone calls on airplane flights did not come about until 2005.  It was called Qualcom.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.  The Left, and I include myself in that category, needs to stop taking the Bush administration’s conspiracy theory of 911 at face value and do their own research.  Please read David Ray Griffin’s books.  These illegal wars will never end unless we find out who was really behind 911.

H.P. Loathecraft

I’m with you on the vell phone calls and argued that fact elsewhere just days ago. 
The entire “let’s roll’ myth was probably made up out of whole cloth by the same dream weavers that brought us the Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman fairy tales.
Hadn’t heard about the airport videos minus the time stamps.


As far as I know, the only verified video of one of the supposed hijackers was from a connecting flight out of Maine. Have I been misinformed?


Russ Baker is a journalist and he is doing his best to cover controversial subjects without getting “tainted” with the stigma that is applied to the majority of those who question what George Carlin once called the “consensus reality.”  This is an incredibly challenging thing to do since most people have their minds made up even before the discussion begins: either it happened the way the Times said it happened or it was a part of an Illuminati conspiracy.  I think that what Russ is trying to do is say, “Look, you don’t know what happened.  You need to look at the facts to even get close to it.  And getting to the facts takes time and dispassion.”  The problem is that there is not a lot of dispassion to go around. 

I think that more recent an occurrence, the hotter it is, and the harder it is for the audience to be objective about it.  He did an excellent job with Family of Secrets. But the really controversial things in that book happened decades ago.  And even those things are still so hot, that the mainstream media didn’t dare touch it. 

By contrast, 9/11 is so recent that the heat around is simply incredible: at this point, it is almost impossible for the audience to approach that subject with meaningful objectivity. 

Yet, those who question simply want to know.  And they want to know NOW.  I think that Russ Baker’s fans are dying to hear Russ’s take on 9/11.  His recent interview on Coast to Coast AM, a radio program which is unfortunately rather “tainted” (why mention of this interview was removed from this website I do not know but can guess…), reveals two things: 1) Russ appears to be open to questions concerning 9/11 but 2) he admittedly has not researched those questions sufficiently to proclaim that he has determined their answers. 

I will say something about that interview, Russ: it was not your best.  In particular, I was a bit put off when you cut off the gentleman from CA who was discussing a statement made by Condi Rice in Foreign Affairs magazine.  This gentlemen may not have been sufficiently dispassionate, but he did educate me a little bit, and I think he deserved to be heard.  You must understand Russ, that your fans are simply DYING to know what happened on that fateful day.  And they view you – rightly so – as  a non-wingnut who is willing to take on the wingnut subjects.  They were expecting you to to shed some light on the subject.  Instead, you basically said: “I’ll look into it and get back to you.” 

I do not doubt that you will look into it and I’m hoping that you write a book on it that is comparable to Family of Secrets in its exhaustive research and documentation.  Of course, that book took you 5 years to write I believe.  Many of your fans don’t want to wait that long. 

What I’m saying here,  Russ, is that you are an excellent journalist who has undertaken the near-impossible.  I would just caution you to remember that however objectionable their passion is to you, many of your fans (including myself perhaps) are “winguts”, who have gone well beyond you in terms of coming to certain conclusions about that fateful day.  Here’s one: the government is hiding something from us. I am looking forward to reading your writing on this subject but cannot wait 5 years before I come to such conclusions on my own. 


Thanks, Bob. Those are thoughtful comments, and much appreciated.


David Ray Griffin highly recommends a new film by an award winning Italian filmmaker entitled “September 11- The New Pearl Harbor”. You may wish to view it.


I’m glad that Russ is waiting on the topic of 9-11. I think he has a healthy level of concern re what he publishes. Great reporting though.


I had a cell phone in 2001… You could barely make a phone call at 100 ft.

Patrick AuCoin

Jaw dropping how all this stems from 9/11!


At least as an intermediate stage. I’m not sure this all doesn’t go back to the Spanish-American War and the realization in Washington that they didn’t have to free the former Spanish colonies.


You are aware that John Brennan was CEO of the Analysis Corp. at the time that a trusted employee thereof and contracting for the State Dept. compromised the passport records of candidate Obama (early in 2008)? It only gets much, much deeper from there…


Russ, you sound jealous.  You just sound jealous that Bush, with all his big talk,did not get him!  This story has no documentation…pure BS


Mr. Baker, is no fan of the Bush family and is one of the most objective reporters around– that in itself is an extreme rarity today.

Obviously you never read Russ Baker’s amazing inditement of the Bush family, “Family of Secrets”. If you had you’d realize how stupid your comment is. Then again, you may indeed know about Mr. Baker’s book, which then merely means you are just as stupid as your comment is.


Im now dumber for having read all these comments, may God have mercy on my soul… most of you are complete morons and clueless.


‘He’ won’t, especially when castigating those you seem to think are (cognitively) less fortunate than yourself.


Launch a real, public, subpoena-empowered, criminal investigation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001 go to!/pet­ition/launch-real-public-subpo­ena-empowered-criminal-investi­gation-events-sept-11-2001/

Sign this petition for a subpoena-empowered, criminal investigation of the events of Sept. 11, 2001

Signatures needed by October 28, 2011 to reach goal of 5,000

Total signatures on this petition 139


This seems to be a skeptics holiday as I for one took the story of OBL to be a news release to justify pulling back from Afghanistan, as in “Mission Accomplished”- Obama.

No, we don’t go in and take the guy and fly him off for secret burial to appease a Muslim custom. Based on a tip with no actual sighting of OBL, we set up a sting that drops one helicopter and proudly sends out a News Story for the President to release. To any skeptic, this stinks of PSYOPS theater. And now for the dramatic stories about Seals all over the world.

Wake up to how they set up the Iranian government, wake up! Will we declare war before Obama’s re-election, or after, and WILL THE IRANIAN GOVERNMENT SEE THE LIGHT AND SIMPLY SURRENDER?

I have no reason to like Shite Muslims or really care about Iran’s leadership but I do care about our government always producing stories about what is going on. It is oil, follow the oil and oil brings riches to the few in the overall government, NWO. We are going to drive gasoline cars for 20 years or longer.


As any educated thinking person knows:

special forces were from the beginning a creature of CIA.

Brennan AND Panetta are creatures of the CIA – as L Fletcher Prouty laboriously attempted to explain over and over again, CIA regularly from day one has used the sheep dip approach of using compliant military departments to create phony rank elevations and even newly minted units to disguise CIA activities

Bin Laden died in 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2011.

Going back to the JMWAVE debacle in Miami, SOP for the active CIA nitwits has been to declare separated covert assets as dead, only to have them reappear at a later date, sometimes with a slightly different name or appearance, sometimes not even bothering with that.

American media -not just mainstream but even most apparent opposition or conspiracy sites- are patently obviously part of the Mighty Wurlitzer / Mockingbird operation just as they have been for decades. Nothing has changed, except for the worse. This seems one of the rare exceptions, but the real proof of that is whether this site will cover genuinely CIA-forbidden subjects like DUMBs, Mena, Bush, Clinton, Franklin Loan, bisexual Barry Soetoro, paedophilia rings and similar topics.


Article Summary:  When you look closely, nothing seems right about what will surely become the accepted account of the raid that nailed America’s enemy number one. And then things get even weirder…

Have you looked more closely at 9/11 itself? That’s where the weird really begins.


Oh no! A conspiracy theorist. Well join the club, this is another one. I’ve spent long hours on this and every few weeks somebody else comes forward on line and connects more dots. “Zero” is a good example where they show the witnesses that the 911 Commission ignored. Sorry I am getting off topic. It’s not weird at all, its typical if you follow history and a sure sign that we are all in deep trouble. This is a special age where commercial popular misinformation plays a pivotal role in granting tyrants cover. Russ has spent years digging under this facad. To the liars it doesn’t matter if a few people find out what they have been up to as long as they have most of the people believing the official story of what happen. They simply demonize the opposition. The whole system appears to be embodied in a construct of lies. The gold standard of conservatism appears to be Bush and Cheney and fools may elect Gingrich since he seems to be employing the same political strategy and fitting himself into the big lie.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.
(Watch French, German, Spanish or Portuguese translations of this video.)

TRANSCRIPT: On the morning of September 11, 2001, 19 men armed with boxcutters directed by a man on dialysis in a cave fortress halfway around the world using a satellite phone and a laptop directed the most sophisticated penetration of the most heavily-defended airspace in the world, overpowering the passengers and the military combat-trained pilots on 4 commercial aircraft before flying those planes wildly off course for over an hour without being molested by a single fighter interceptor.

click on the link for the video and the English transcript.


For those of you who are old enough to remember 10 years ago and for those of you who know that neoconservative and neoliberal luciferians have been meeting yearly at Bohemian Grove in July since 1872 for Cremation of Care rituals, must know who is involved with the worship of Molech. Not only are the Bushes members of Bohemian Grove, but Barbara Bush is the offspring of sex magick w Pauline Robinson and Crowley in Paris in 1924. No doubt many posters on this forum are plants as paid “SOCK PUPPETS.” Sock puppets was a bill written by congress in March 17, 2011. This bill provided $200 million for Internet posters to post American propaganda, or chaos, disinformation. Freemasons’ motto ORDO AB CHAO. Chaos magick, order out of chaos. Count the number of times you hear the word chaos in a newscast or in a tv show during the day. You are witnessing lesser magick, also called predictive programming. Coincidence, no way. This is all planned as part of the bigger picture
Ann Cappelletti was given the job by her witch nephew George Bush to run the paid posters. Ann knows all the witches in the world or at least knows heads of covens who know who all the other witches are. I hope you already know that luciferians/masons/witches run the world.

In 1970s daughters of 666. the beast, baphomet Aleister Crowley, Barbara Bush & Ann Cappelletti, got together to use the CRAFT to get the witch Bushes into the WH. Ann Cappelletti, daughter of a Sicilian 20 year old girl who was lured to Abbey of Thelema with money to have sex magick/tantra in 1923 w Aleister Crowley to procreate the ANTICHRIST. For those of you who do not know who Crowley is, is a site dedicated to his practice of witchcraft and sorcery.

Rock bands worship Crowley because of his alliance with lucifer. Satanic worship gives rockers (also jay Z, Beyonce, Kanye West & Michael jackson and others) luciferian power & money

Russ Baker

Ugh. Does this have ANYTHING to do with the subject of the article? Inclined to hit the “delete” button…..


It’s a major relevant tangent. If you don’t come to grips with the Luciferian belief system that motivates the elite, you’re never going to get the handle on them and predict what their next moves will be.

Investigative journalism was a form of privatised counterintelligence, which is why it was murdered in 1963 as part of the coup.


I just took a walk outside. What a beautify day.


This post is obviously disinformation or the product of a schizophrenic mind, however…

Bohemian Grove is a real place in California where many of the most important individuals in US society go once a year to be immature frat boys. And it goes without saying that this kind of concentration of power is not a good thing, whatever else they do there. The Cremation of Care ceremony is indeed odd and un-Christian. I honestly wish I was making this stuff up. Might be a good topic for an uncompromisingly in-depth investigation.


The book  “Transformation”  by Cathy O’Brien will inform and disgust.
Major topic:  MK-Ultra.


 Where can we get “the good stuff” you’ve been smoking?


How can you smoke anything with your head up your rear?
The question “que bono?” answers any questions and doubt about 9/11.
It sure as Hell wasn’t the Arabs.


Careerists like Clarke never leave the fold while sucking at the govt t*t. pardon my french.

The release of his oh-so-public rumination is either a retreat position in reaction to something already released or about to be released. Some kind of red herring. (“They went that-a-way” and “look at the pretty birdie” fodder for the chattering classes to run with.)

The agencies do fight their intra- and inter- agency battles in public, but rare is the bird who sings alone while still plugged in. (That would make him not only a “lone nut” but an ungrateful clod for the establishment he is so plugged in to — not only subject to social and career ostrification, but a potential deadly offense worthy of a boating accident on the Chesapeake in clear weather.)

Question is, whose agenda is he advancing?

As a side note, his “theory” was many people’s first impression of events the day after 9/11 when papers poured out the bipographies of the terrorists. It was identical to the sudden outpouring of “secret” information about Oswald in the papers on 11/24/63.

As with JFK, any major operation takes enormous power, planning and trail covering to have pull off, plus many journalists who vomit “leaks”:

Daniel Schorr the Pentagon’s Pulse, Dan Rather the Reporter who Changed His Original Story and Stuck To The Second Version as if his life depended on it (because his future career certainly did!), and Ted Koppel (who is frankly out of his league, but is a good boy). These are (were) among the Republic’s trusty truthmongers.


just cleaning up a scam that was perpetrated on the public in 2003.


Nice article, what I’ve learned to expect from Baker. I did not doubt the Bin Laden story at the beginning. I laughed at it, and then wondered why they were “killing” him at that time. I don’t for a second think that presidents have the authority to make such events come about, or that presidential politics ever enters into military planning. So I posited that The Arab Spring and a need to redeploy troops and hardware might be at stake.

I haven’t read all of the comments below, but there are some diamonds in the rough. What I was looking for was anyone else who saw the video I did of a Pakistani news interview of the next door neighbor to the compound who said he witnessed a helicopter land and then explode on takeoff. I have the transcript, as the video itself was taken down, but I watched it twice. Couple that with the death of the rest of team five on a National Guard helicopter that August, and you’ve got covert op and cleanup.




There is a very simple way for the government to silence the critics concerning the truth of 9/11. Within 5 minutes of an airplane supposedly hitting the Pentagon, a security camera located directly across Washington Blvd. from the Pentagon was seized by the FBI. This camera was looking directly at the Pentagon where it was impacted. To this day, the film on this camera has never been released. Why keep it hidden if it really shows an airplane hitting the Pentagon? Could it be that a cruise missile hit the Pentagon instead of an airplane? Several military veterans at the Pentagon on 9/11 reported that they heard the unmistakable sound of a cruise missile coming in just before the impact.


What an utter fraud.


bin Laden died of Marfan’s disease (which made him tall) in 2001 and it was reported WORLDWIDE but blacked out in the USA because of the Elite wanting to “kill” him later.

Bob Stevens

There were no hijackers on 911.  Cell phones did not work at high altitudes in 2001. This has been scientifically proven.  911 was a state crime against democracy.

Allan R

9/11 was Job Security for Homeland Security.  The vast Military Industrial complex was in danger of being de-funded, when China and Russia became trading partners.  Remote Control Take Over (RCTO) explains how the jets hit buildings at such high speed with computer precision, without hesitation. Pilots suddenly found themselves unable to control the aircraft, or call for help. Remote control of the Cabin Air Pressure Outflow Valve (CAPOV) asphyxiated the occupants.  “Hijackers” were probably in their seats, confidential informants (CIs) on their way to spy on a Muslim group in LA.   Construction projects: elevator modern in the WTCs and Pentagon provided ample opportunity to plant explosives. The smaller-than-expected hole in the Pentagon can be explained by  explosives planted on the jet, going off just prior to impact, to minimize less predictable impact damage.  Preplanted explosives were more predictable.


Here is a link to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts’ site with a solid case that  something’s fishy in the official story of the  Osama killing.


Russ – why is NO ONE talking about the Seal Team members who were killed ? I would think that on top of all else would drive the point home. The folks are bumblers on a whole nother level. Which is why there is very little credence on anything this administration says.


I heard an NPR report that Bin Laden was no longer considered a threat by those ‘in the know’ because his goals were no longer accepted by most of his followers, who sidelined him. His assassination served no real purpose as far as leadership was concerned and only confirmed the fact that the US will do anything for political gain.


Bravo to Russ Baker for good old fashi0ned muckraking journalism.  The raid on Abbottabad stunk from the get-go.  And it didn’t take long for the question of why bin Laden was executed rather than taken prisoner to become apparent.  Why would the titular head of al Queda not be brought to Guantamamo for questioning?  Why shoot on sight the ‘mastermind’ of 9/11 instead of interrogating him?  And then dump his body at sea?  Seriously? 

 “The New Yorker” should issue an apology to its readers for misleading and misinforming them.  And maybe the government ought get its story straight.  Indeed, the now iconic photo of all the hotshots intently watching a video feed tunrns out to be a piece of propoganda. There were no helmet cams and the entire posed charade was a pr lie.

Robert Humelbaugh

The Jessica Lynch fraud was scripted better than this one.


I do believe Bin Laden was killed and that makes me wonder why when he could have been taken alive! He was an asset of the CIA at one time and supposedly met with with an agent a year or so before 911 when he was recieving a kidney dialysis. Who knows what he would have said if he was alive? Why was Rumsfeld so uninterested in capturing him right after 911 ? Was 911 an inside job with Bin Laden an intricate piece of the puzzle? Was he silenced on purpose? Just wondering!


It’s because Bin Laden died in 2001 of Marfan’s Syndrome in a CIA hospital in Afghanistan.


The whole thing stinks; I said this at the time, but I was drowned out by a chorus of blind patriotism.

To punish Bin Laden for violating the international rule of law, we invade a sovereign country and execute him without a trial.  That will teach him to violate the rule of law.  

Remember, he did not fly any of the planes, that is why we need a trial to prove he (Osama) was criminally responsible for 9-11 and the Cole bombing.

Both wars are exercises in double speak.  We are perpetually killing the #2 guy and perpetually turning a corner to victory.  Yeah, right.


Who is Nicholas Schmidle and how did he land this monstrously big story? Such an important question.


Conspiracies exist when the truth isn’t interesting enough to placate imagination of a childlike mind….


I don’t think that a conspiracy theory was advanced. The article asked questions-most of them fair ones.


Oh, look, another Osama bin Laden raid story from an unknown source!


Excellent piece! Well-researched and shows signs of using your brain…what a rarity these days, no?

Bill Warrick

DNA matches require highly specialized labs and it takes a minimum of 48hrs to do it. That alone makes the entire story a complete lie. There are several other things such as that all electronic evidence of his existence ended on 12/13/01, the last known authentic video of him was 12/27/01 and Sanjay Gupta said when he saw it that he had “Uremic Frost and had had a stroke”. He had end stage renal disease, no access to dialysis in the Hindu Kush, Marfans syndrome and diabetes.


An update on this farce-the military recently admitted that they “misplaced”(never had) the DNA from the body alleged to have been Bin Laden. Of course. Israelis and American traitors did 9/11. Our government is still covering it up.


Who shives a git? Come forth with evidence that OBL is not dead, then get back to me. Any operation of this kind is riddled with detail confusion, myths, and exaggerations. Get a life!

Matt Prather

Dear Jeremypw:

I killed Bigfoot.

Then, I confirmed that it really was Bigfoot via DNA analysis.

Then, I threw his body into the ocean, never to be seen again.

Now, please, can you come forth with any evidence that Bigfoot is NOT dead? That I did not kill him?


If you believe in conspiracy theories be my guest. The biggest lie to most conspiracy theories is that it presumes that many dozens of people are in on it and nothing ever leaks out. I have to prove nothing, and your glibness has proved nothing; beyond your proclivity towards paranoia and magical thinking.

Matt Prather

(My current operating theory is that there are many factions and levels of conspirators, some with and some without factual awareness of the rest. Basically any or every hierarchical institution — corporate, religious, military, whatever — is a conspiracy just waiting to happen or already happened. It’s not that there one conspiracy of dozens of people all working together. There are dozens of conspiracies of dozens of people all working together. That’s what humans are inclined to do in this money system and this ownership system.)

Your counter-point, while true in part, does little to disprove what I had said — and I’m not even including what I just said in parentheses above.

You may have the last word if you wish, but I’m leaving you now.

And I think history will prove me, not you, to be the “winner” of this exchange. (But I believe there are no winners when people fight each other instead of the systems that oppress them both.)


Here ya go………………..this info is all over youtube and when you arrive at this page just look at how many people have seen this information’ Pull your head out and get with it!!


I don’t have time. Put it in a nutshell for me.

Evil Betty

You’re a worthless bum. There it is, in a nutshell.


Obviously you don’t have the stomach to continue. I win by default.




I appreciate the latter part of your spittal.

Bruce Aiken

I just noticed your state of ignorance and would like to enlighten you to the truth: you have been dedicated to destruction.


Since you’re 6 months late….


None of this squares with the 2006 interview of Benezir Bhutto by Britain’s David Frost, Remember him? Bhutto contended that she was told by a “reliable source” that bin Laden had been dead since December if 2001 and named his murderer. Do a bit of digging and you’ll find the interview on YouTube.

Evil Betty

And Bhutto was assassinated after that interview.


There are far too many questions surrounding bin Laden and connections to 9/11 for any story issuing from the government – shadow government to be taken as anything other than fabrications to justify an action plan. This report on this supposed raid highlights many more questions that can be placed next to pile already constructed. The truth will never be known so we might as well start fighting fire with fire and concocting our own story lines based upon dialectic hypotheses so as to give the public a best guessed at truth.

First time I’ve been to WWW. So far WWW appears to be much superior in professional insight and depth than most sights concerned with the state of affairs of this world.I will have to donate if this keeps up….

So What

I think Bin Laden was killed 3 times over 10 years.
Rasputin would have been proud!
The latter was a real person….


Nobody dies TWICE! The story is almost as false as 911 is!

When Bigotry meets Ultimate IDIOCY!


Another interesting thing is that nobody has been allowed to talk to “Bin Laden” ;s family. I guess they are locked up some place in the cave out of reach of mortals

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