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What Was Hastings Working On?

By 08/07/2013

Just hours before his death, Michael Hastings sent off an ominous email saying that the FBI was investigating him “re: NSA.” Why were the Feds probing this noted investigative reporter? And what might his death have to do with Edward Snowden, now in exile, and Barrett Brown, facing a century in jail?

Obama & the Pope Tango Into Cuba: Dec. 17, 2014

By 12/17/2014

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy ICYMI: Government’s Final Onslaught Delays Barrett Brown’s Sentencing, by Douglas Lucas When is a plea deal not really a deal? When you’re jailed journalist Barrett Brown, and prosecutors show up at what’s supposed to be a one-day sentencing with hundreds of pages of evidence against you, looking for the longest prison […]