Milicent Cranor

Hourglass Surreal

The Mysteries of Time

Reading Time: 4 minutes From one minute to the next, we will end one decade and begin the next. A great opportunity for some ruminations on time itself.

Kellar, perplexing cabinet mysteries

Magical Gifts That Can Change Your Life

Reading Time: 8 minutes Surprise a loved one with a unique life-changing gift: a job resumé done by a super headhunter. Or, one lesson — guitar, surfing, photography, whatever — with a real pro. Or spooky gadgets from the Spy Store, toys for regressing adults — and more!

I-35W freeway bridge collapsed

The US Is Falling Apart in More Ways Than One

Reading Time: 2 minutes If, as the song goes, you feel the earth move under your feet, and the sky tumblin’ down — It may have something to do with the collapsing bridge you’re on, and the fact that people don’t want to pay the taxes needed for its repair. We present a quick look at America’s disintegrating infrastructure with a focus on its bridges.