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Are the Russians Really Using Cyber Tricks to Undermine US Democracy?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Old Allies Fighting the New Cold War . On Sept. 5, The Washington Post published a front page story asserting that the Russian government is seeking to undermine American democracy at a crucial time, using unspecified “cybertools” to spread disinformation and chaos that could alter the outcome of the Nov. 8 presidential election. “US intelligence Read More

Putin’s Indecent Proposal

Reading Time: 16 minutes Bill Browder talks about being on the top of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most wanted list, his personal safety, and his shock at President Donald Trump’s reaction to Putin’s Helsinki proposal.

Washington Post Catches Up to WhoWhatWhy (Again)

Reading Time: 1 minute The Washington Post recently offered a truly frightening scenario: Russian hackers could try to manipulate the upcoming presidential election. Undoubtedly, readers of the Post were alarmed by this revelation…unless they were also readers of WhoWhatWhy. In that case they will have known about the possibility of Russia hacking the election for a year, which is Read More

Clinton’s Lead in California Is Shrinking

Reading Time: 2 minutes Remember when Hillary Clinton won California ten days ago with a margin of 13 points? Well, the lead is now down to 10% and it’ll probably shrink even more. On election night, Clinton was pronounced the winner with over 1.9 million votes (56%) while Bernie Sanders received 1.5 million votes (43%). In the meantime, however, Read More