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New Video Provides Proof of Cellular Modems in FL Voting Machines

By 11/14/2018

Election transparency advocates have long asserted that ES&S digital scanner voting machines connect to the internet to send results to election department central computers. That connectivity raises security concerns, but state officials say the machines are islands. Now, one advocate has proof they’re wrong.

Felon Voting Rights and Vulnerable Voting Machines

By 01/27/2020

High school students in Illinois that are eligible to vote will be allowed a two-hour excused absence to cast a ballot during the 2020 election. (read more) It’s a novel idea that came from high school students themselves, and Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) signed the bill last week. Efforts to expand voting rights has been a […]

Is This Any Way to Vote?

By 10/02/2020

The simple and quaint past way of voting is over. It’s a brave new world and the authors of the new WhoWhatWhy e-book help us understand it.