voting machines, Georgia
Photo credit: Kate Walker, Jordan Wilkie, and Micah Eisen / WhoWhatWhy

Election security experts are deeply concerned about vulnerabilities in Georgia’s election infrastructure, so you would think that the authorities would do everything in their power to ensure that hackers cannot get their hands on one of the state’s voting machines.

But you would be wrong.

WhoWhatWhy’s team on the ground discovered that several voting machines were left completely unguarded in an unlocked room at a polling place in Fulton County on the day before early voting started.

What made matters even worse, anybody walking by this public place could see the machines from the outside. This stunning lack of security measures would have made it easy for any hacker to slip into the room undetected for the few minutes it takes to hack one of these machines.

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Check out the shocking video below to see for yourself how completely unguarded the devices were — and keep in mind that Georgia uses voting machines with no paper trail, which means that any tampering would likely go undetected.

Footage shot by Jordan Wilkie, Micah Eisen, and edited by WhoWhatWhy videographer Kate Walker.

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3 years ago

Perhaps it’s time for UN Observers to oversee ALL American elections. It’s clear that from, the ‘chads’ of Florida, the hacking of the Presidential election by Russia to the ‘cleansing’ of legal voters by Republicans desperate to hang on to power in ‘their’ states, that the US Electoral System is deeply flawed.

Jeff C.
Jeff C.
3 years ago


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