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Headlines around the world announced the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. Photo credit: Google Image Search


No matter your perspective, you’re probably asking yourself: Why in the world is WhoWhatWhy publishing a series about the John F. Kennedy assassination now? 

Why, with so many crises clamoring for attention, focus on a tragedy dating back almost 60 years? The answer, it turns out, can be found right in those fresh crises. 

Today, America is divided as perhaps never before seen in our lifetimes, with an epic disagreement over the most basic of facts, including who rightfully should wield power. 

Yet, to this day, a majority of Americans of all belief sets share a common creed: They do not buy the official explanation for the violent transfer of power occasioned by the murder of the 35th president. 

The loss of confidence in the establishment, in the media, in voting systems, and in credentialed “expertise” has its roots in lies of long ago. Sadly, those unresolved lies are now being exploited by the cynical for their own purposes. One result is the demonstrably baseless claim that Donald Trump actually won in 2020.   

This much is clear: The Kennedy assassination is an ongoing study in the power of misinformation. After all these years, most media continue to dismiss widespread — and justifiable — public skepticism of the Warren Commission report, with its urgency to rubber stamp J. Edgar Hoover’s non-investigation “investigation” that laid the tragedy solely at the feet of Lee Harvey Oswald, the “disgruntled loner seeking attention,” who bafflingly told police he did not do it. In fact, he declared himself “just a patsy.”

That story never made sense on any level, and the evidence points to more powerful — and more likely — suspects. Yet it remains the song sung by Washington and by the consensus-seeking media, and that leaves the field open to truly dubious “theories,” like the suggestion put forward last month — this time not by Trump but by his supposedly more credible enemies — that the real culprit behind the assassination might actually be a familiar bogeyman: Russia.

Cleaning up the tangle of underbrush from our murky history can go a long way to establishing the primacy of carefully documented facts over lies, innuendo, and cover-up by all parties. 

Moreover, the Kennedy assassination story is not ancient, static history. It has never stopped unfolding. In 1992, Congress, responding to a wave of public interest following Oliver Stone’s feature film JFK, unanimously passed the JFK Records Act, mandating full disclosure of all government documents related to Kennedy’s death. Yet 30 years after that law passed, the authorities — principally the American spy agencies — are still dragging their feet, releasing batches only sporadically while still withholding thousands of documents, and blacking out information in thousands more. 

Stone, troubled by the lack of progress, is back with his latest look at the evidence, this time in a documentary. At WhoWhatWhy, we’re also remaining active on this front. Currently, we are examining the latest document release from December 2021. And we’re keeping a sharp eye out for supposedly exemplary establishment “historians” and “experts” who peddle new, dangerous lies — like blaming Kennedy’s death on Russia — a reckless stratagem now that the US and Russia find themselves again edging toward the brink. 

It is with this background in mind that we invite you to read a new series of articles on the topic, which we will be posting throughout the week.





  • Russ Baker is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in exploring power dynamics behind major events.

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Joseph McBride

See my newly published book on the subject, POLITICAL TRUTH: THE MEDIA AND THE ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT KENNEDY. It draws direct links between the lies of the government and the mainstream media in 1963ff and the toxic divide over the nature of truth in which we live uneasily today. — Joseph McBride

Steve Jones

Bravo to Who What Why for revisiting the JFK Assassination. It is the original BIG LIE long, long before Trump. We cannot fully understand or heal the mess that our country is in now until there is a public revoking regarding the truth of the assassination.

Charles R Drago

Anyone with reasonable access to the untainted evidence in this case who does not conclude that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed by conspirators is cognitively impaired and/or complicit in the crime

We who know the truth are obliged to define and effect justice for JFK and the untold millions collaterally damaged by his assassins.

I have been making this appeal from podiums and in print for well over two decades — most recently in my Afterword to H. P. Albarelli, Jr.’s “Coup in Dallas. To date and to my knowledge, no one from the JFK assassination research “community” has seen fit to acknowledge, accept, and otherwise act upon that obligation.

Do not waste your time speaking truth to power.

Speak truth ABOUT power.

It is time to return the Dealey Plaza fire.


I used to think the CIA did not have anything to do with JFK’s murder. Reading SECRET TEAM by Fletcher Prouty has changed that. He ties the Secret Team with the CIA. JFK was going to return the CIA to activity as set by Truman, collect data and asses it. They would not be determining a course of action.
The CIA is so layered by bureaucratic agencies they do not have account for their actions. This agency is so rogue the constitution is meaningless.


Fletcher Prouty book SECRET TEAM investigates how the CIA has become a rogue agency. It is so layered in multiple bureaucratic agencies. This blocks anyone being able to know how to make them accountable. They answer to no one. The verbal confusion lets them decide what course of action they want. The constitution is meaningless to them
Allen Dulles created the CIA / ST to operate at his direction and no one else. The CIA is responsible for their internal policies?

Jayne A Blasser

I knew the story was a coverup before the end of the year. Honest reporters, my parents and their friends,several of whom were police and FBI,held many discussions about the flaws. I was in THIRD GRADE. Whenever I think of a good, brave man, President Kennedy is at the top of the list.He stood up for USA, including Florida as the Russians tried to move in next door,to Cuba.

Brian Doyle

The JFK “community” has a similar analogy in the form of the “Prayer Man” theory…Back in 2013 the dubious researchers Greg Parker and Sean Murphy convinced the JFK research world that they had identified Lee Harvey Oswald on the front steps of the Book Depository in NBC newsreel films. Murphy was a good convincer at promoting his Prayer Man evidence and soon over 90% of the research community were saying Prayer Man was Oswald. Those researchers were incautious and did not fact-check Murphy’s claims to find out that he had cherry-picked and ignored evidence that disproved his claim. If Murphy and Parker had done due diligence and practiced better standards they would have discovered that Prayer Man was actually Depository secretary Sarah Stanton and therefore Oswald was in the 2nd floor Lunch Room during the assassination as he told Captain Fritz and FBI agent Hosty.

Unfortunately the JFK research “community” has had its own Trump revolt over the Prayer Man theory. In this instance the capitol-storming crazies are the Prayer Man people who won’t let more skilled researchers put their bogus theory to rest. Only, in this case, they have succeeded by means of incompetent moderators like the Education Forum’s moderator James Gordon who banned me for proving Prayer Man is Sarah Stanton so he could serve the Prayer Man crowd over good research. This ban has a particularly damaging effect on JFK research because in the process of discovering Prayer Man’s true identity I accidentally discovered Sarah Stanton had seen Oswald just prior to going out to watch the motorcade and Oswald had told her he intended to go in to that 2nd floor lunch room during the assassination. Even though this is probably the most important evidence discovery in 40 years it is being intentionally ignored for purposes of spite by the Prayer Man hijackers and has failed to become a part of assassination history like it deserves.

When I asked Jim DiEugenio to help me he responded by telling moderator Gordon that my banning was “the right thing to do” and I was a troll…I have also discovered a serious putting together of the puzzle in the Book Depository and how CIA’s Bill Shelley helped the “Harvey” Oswald twin after being stopped at the front door by a cop that was then covered-up by the Warren Commission…So it is especially painful to see JFK assassination researchers pointing fingers at the Trump mob when they do equal or worse themselves…

Ernest Martinson

The same national security state that JFK had to deal with is now scheming for war with the successor to the Soviet Union. The dogs of war are being unleashed on the Russian bear.