Boston, and the other big explosion—in West, Texas

Boston, and the other big explosion—in West, Texas

During a meeting on Tuesday morning, less than 24 hours after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, a well-meaning person asked me whether I thought we could assume that the usual suspects were behind the mayhem, or whether there was “more to it.” When I explained doubts about the conventional rush to judgment—and where those doubts came from—I was told I was on dangerous ground. This person, it seemed, was quite steadfast that the culprits must have come from certain well-advertised enemies of America, and didn’t want to even consider anything more complex.

We’re the products of our environment, and, in many respects, the media defines that environment.

Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon provides a perfect example of the defects of conventional news reportage—and proof that we urgently need something better. We got “scoops”, “experts”, “updates,” and post-tragedy Kumbaya, but at the end of those days of saturation coverage, we were none the wiser. It’s like what studies find about television news: the more you watch, the worse you perform on knowledge exams.

We ought to care more about the narrative we’re getting, about the texture of what saturates us. The way in which a story is handled shapes our emotions and perceptions, determines priorities, and influences seemingly unrelated outcomes that affect us in profound ways, sometimes transforming our society.

Worry, But Not Too Much

With the bombing story, emotions ran high, of course. The media understand this, and while they talk in reassuring tones and routinely issue sober disclaimers, almost everything they do plays to our irrational sides.

Two elements predominate: danger and reassurance. Some of the talking heads are there to warn about danger, others to reassure us. Some do both. We wouldn’t want just one or the other—it would be too hard to take. But together, they represent, psychologically, an ineluctable offering.

As long as they appear in tandem, we will sit, immobilized, and let the networks’ pronouncements wash over us. We become so anaesthetized to critical thinking that we fail to consider whether we are getting any information of use at all.


On CBS, a purported expert declared, “It could be Al Qaeda, it could be someone influenced by Al Qaeda, or it could be a domestic lone wolf” –when in fact it could have been anything at all, including a whole bunch of domestic non-Al Qaeda non-lone wolves. This man provided nothing useful in any way beyond conventional stereotypes. What he did do was define the permissible bounds of public conjecture.


Speculation and its close cousin, “analysis,” predominate only in the absence of the hottest commodity, “scoops.” News personnel are pressed into service to gather any sort of exclusive tidbits that might put their employer just slightly ahead of the competition. Temporarily, of course, and in the same direction. So, while CBS expert was strongly implying that we might suspect foreigners, CNN went it one better.

Correspondent John King reported:

I want to be very careful about this because people get very sensitive when you say these things. I was told by one of these sources, who is a law enforcement official, that this was a dark-skinned male. The official used some other words, I’m not going to repeat them until we get more information because of the sensitivities. There are some people that will take offense even at saying that.

 Well, no wonder. That “dark-skinned” detail turned out to be a false report.


In the absence of “scoops” or a fresh trove of “experts,” TV news outfits resort to repetition. Thus, after several minutes, you’re on a loop. They don’t tell you that you are, and because we hear a live anchor slightly rewording things, we hang on, in the vain hope we are about to learn something new.

Another thing that keeps us hooked is the promise of being re-traumatized in as many ways as possible. Show us that bomb going off again, please. Let’s see new pictures of the killed and injured in happier times. Let’s see closeups of gnarled detritus, and, on occasion with disclaimers that young children ought not watch, at least a hint of blood and gore. Let us “empathize,” and feel good about ourselves for doing so.


How many times do we have to hear the same—literally, almost exactly the same—stories about “our hearts go out to the families”, about how “neighbors displayed yellow ribbons, lit candles and displayed American flags.” A liberal news site sent out an email saying “we are all in this together.”

To what end all this empathy? It may reassure us that humanity continues to shine through at tough times, but don’t we already know that?

Some might say that stoking a “show of unity” is a principal responsibility of the American media. But is that really the purpose of journalism?

The definition of journalism I find most useful is, simply stated, the production and dissemination of news. And what, exactly, is “news”? Here’s one definition from the Oxford English Dictionary:

Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.

Is it new or noteworthy when people act in expected ways and say expected and indeed almost identical things in new situations?

Substitute for Substance

In today’s economic and journalistic climate, resources for newsgathering are extremely limited. It’s not surprising that the bosses go for quantity over quality. Much easier to collect a bunch of sterile or hackneyed “public reactions” than to ask the tough questions or do the hard digging.

When an event like the Boston bombing gives rise to wall-to-wall coverage, it fills our bandwidth. It exhausts us. It blocks out our ability to focus on anything else. At least, if we’re going to give up on everything else, is it too much to ask that the coverage contain some useful information?

What Gets Blocked Out

At the same moment that all eyes were on Boston, in Washington, legislation imposing restrictions on assault weapons and ammunition clips, along with efforts to require the recording of sales of murderous weapons, were under merciless assault by the NRA and its allies. Indeed, the proposed laws subsequently went down to defeat. As horrible as the death and destruction at the Marathon, it pales by comparison to potentially avoidable gun violence, with literally thousands of times as much carnage. Put another way, the toll in Boston was a compressed version of that occurring during a single ordinary week around this country.

Call the Senate vote bad timing. Just like the atypical rampage the week before in which a “nut” used a knife instead of the standard-issue assault rifle. How atypical? Very, says USA Today in an article, “Mass Knife Attacks, Like at Texas College, Are Rare.” Yet, at the time of the Senate vote, opponents of stronger gun laws were beneficiaries of this statistically anomalous but dominant news story.

Those who still will not do anything after Columbine, Virginia Tech, Tucson, Aurora, Newtown ad nauseum had “cover” from the Boston bombing to not make hard choices.

Of course, a real nut, seeing the kind of coverage lavished on the Boston bombings, would be more, not less likely, to want to generate such a hullaballoo.

Double Standard on Tragedy

We repeatedly fail to see how such media circuses feed the sickness. It’s an uncomfortable topic, but you can be sure that every assigning editor was aware that the Boston Marathon story had all the elements of high ratings: Families gathered. A hallowed sports event. Children. People of all backgrounds. A popular city and site.

Other stories in the news — such as the explosion Wednesday night at a Texas fertilizer plant, resulting in more fatalities than the Boston bombing— lack these compelling elements. How many people were glued to their sets or talking constantly about the Texas tragedy, which involved not “ordinary American families” enjoying a beloved pastime, but blue collar workers in a “right to work” state where unsafe working conditions are hardly considered shocking?  Even when it seemed possible that the Texas explosion might also involve terror, it didn’t capture the same degree of interest. We came to learn that perhaps it was “just” an industrial accident—at a plant that hadn’t been inspected in five years. Such accidents, if that is what it was, are only likely to increase as federal inspection funds are slashed as part of the sequester.

The truth is, some things grab and keep our attention more than others. The people who run the media know this. And because they have to sell ads, they focus on some things more than others.

FBI Missteps

Was there anything else we could have been focused on? There was, but it was just too “distasteful” to broach, at least in the early hours. Perhaps counter-intuitively, it was the Fox brand (admittedly a local station, not the propagandistic Fox News Channel) that dared to raise questions about events that terrorize the public. In this report, the correspondent dares to remind us that the FBI has in the past had close relationships with people who want to blow things up, and has even facilitated these plots up to the point where law enforcement can intervene to thwart the bad guys. Was a similar sting in place at the Marathon – a sting that went horribly wrong?

One veteran marathoner, Alistair Stevenson, the cross-country coach at the University of Mobile, says that he noticed an unusually heavy police presence, including bomb-sniffing dogs and spotters on rooftops, before the race, and that runners were told not to worry—that law enforcement was carrying out “drills.”

Stevenson’s account was reported in an Alabama blog run by a consortium of respectable local news organizations, but it was virtually ignored by the traditional media. Nothing here worth a second-look? Really?

Is it heresy or madness to take a harder look at the metastatic growth of the national security state? History is replete with examples of cynical efforts to create “strategies of tension” in which the public, fearful of growing chaos, turns to the reassurances of those who promise order.

In fact, it so happens that advocates of increasing surveillance are pressing their game on every front. One involves the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which, if enacted, would authorize your web service provider to pass along your real-time personal data to the Federal spooks. There’s been a lot of opposition to this, but something like the Marathon bombing can be a game-changer. Those who monitor public sentiment understand the power of emotion to alter public stances.

That’s not to say there is necessarily anything “more” going on here. But from history, we know that the official story will point to one of two things: either an organized radical (Left or Right or Foreign) group that threatens “the American way of life,” or it will be a “lone kook.”

It could be that by the time you read this, we will “know” the “full story.” At press time, the story was breaking in a new direction, with two young immigrant brothers, Chechens, the identified culprits. Why Chechens, who, though Muslim, would principally have a beef with the Russians, with whom they have been at war, not with the US? And why if they were, as apparently they were, treated well here and given opportunities, including a scholarship?

The upshot will be to bring the US and Russia into closer alignment.

Remember, though, that even the most radical of terrorists can be wound up by infiltrators, or can have links to our good friends, as we reported about those identified as the 9/11 hijackers, and their ties, via a house in Florida, to the Saudi royal family.

Oh, and what about the fire that broke out around the same time as the Marathon bombing, at the nearby John F. Kennedy Library and Museum? Interest in that fire largely vanished as soon as we were tentatively assured that it was (perhaps/probably) unrelated. Talk about symbolism: the Boston Marathon on “Patriot’s Day”—and the repository of records related to one of America’s greatest mysteries, the death fifty years ago of a President who warned us repeatedly of the dangers of tyranny—and who sought peace with the non-hardliners in the Kremlin.

So let’s not settle so fast for the wrong kind of reassurance. Other societies have learned the hard way to be wary of too-easy answers. We simply must be open to the most inconvenient truths—not out of paranoid fantasies, but from a cold-eyed look at history and recent experience.

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  • Russ Baker is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in exploring power dynamics behind major events.

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Great list of many of the “distractions du jour”; the photogenic events used to string together all the commercials we’re used to in the electronic media. Your discussion of how these eye-catching (video rerun) details are used to string together the conjecture of talking heads who get their “news” from teleprompters is a valuable.reminder in times like these.

It’s our job, and duty, to maintain open minds, dig deeper, and reserve judgement as we try to maintain control over our own perceptions and conclusions. We need to be prepared to wait, perhaps many years, before we can stop expecting more details to emerge.


More details are starting to emerge. These CNN videos show the older brother who was reported dead from gunshot wounds being put into a police car while apparently uninjured.


That link has ceased to connect. Here’s another site with the same videos.


Always enjoy your insights!


The FBI had it correct when they told everyone to use ONLY their photos…It has always amazed me how five witnesses can give five different stories…


So why does the photo of the backpack they released not look like the ones worn by the boys? The stripe is missing on one, and the color is entirely wrong on the other. Can anyone share a picture or video of the boys actually wearing a striped black backpack?

The funny thing is that redditors clearly identified (different) people with the correct bag…

Matt Prather

the public wins with good reporting :)


” plant that hadn’t been inspected in five years.” Unlike that place in Philadelphia.


Anyone ever heard of Sacco and Vanzetti?

And the Phoenix memo (pertaining to the FBI)?

Just wonder how much and what was destroyed in that JFK museum fire?


WhoWhatWhy is just the best. Never rushing to conclusions, never ruling anything out. That’s the way an open, rational mind should work while real facts fall into place.


Exactly…..I think you just defined what Journalistic Standards should aim for…..There must be a place for thoughtful speculation of variant opinions, This whole thing should separate the real (wheat vs. the chaff) Journalists from the rest.

Unibrow Chic

No, he’s rushing to conclusions. He CLEARLY thinks it’s some form of “inside job”. Time will tell, but come on man. The bias here is thick and rank.


the only thing thick and rank is the eagerness on the part of you and virtually every other bostonian to accept the official version of the events. why don’t you try for one moment reserving judgment, in the interest of truth? you surely know that the official version can be wrong, grievously wrong? did you know, for example, that the conclusion of the warren commission that oswald acted along was REJECTED by the House Select Committee on Assassiontions in the late 70s? i bet you didn’t know this, cuz the MSM has gone out of its way to make sure you don’t know it. get a little education first, my friend; then join the boards.

Don Potata

make me puke. give me some credible facts to defend your assinine statements. it appears to me that you have little education to qualify to sit at the adult table.


the HSCA concluded that jfk was probably killed as the result of a conspiracy. this is a matter of public record. google it, dude. that means the Warren Commission report was wrong in its most essential aspect. need i say more? (if you think i do then i think you need to go do some reading…..)

Don Potata

i lived his assination


you obviously learned little from it. what you should have learned is: reserve judgment. see where the evidence – all the evidence – leads. we know nothing – NOTHING – about these two brothers other than the fact that they tried to flee after being branded as the bombers by the FBI (such a stalwart organisation, the FBI!).

Don Potata

as I said, I lived it, don’t need no friggen google “dude”, and who is talking about jfk?. what are you on that bringing JFK into this discussion? you didnt say anything meaningful!

Unibrow Chic

Kid, I’ve been a critically thinking, politically engaged dissenter for literally decades. You have not said a single thing I didn’t already know a very long time ago. I am light years ahead of you, and your ego is much larger than what your abilities merit. Grow up and make an effort, you little nothing.


No, he hasn’t rushed to conclusions. He is merely suggesting multiple possibilities. That’s where your “certainty” about how the world works blinds you. You think he’s wrong because he has merely suggested the possibility of an inside job. That’s ignorant and blind, because we do NOT have all of the facts and information yet. Saying that it is a possibility is not saying that it was most definitely an inside job. But just the mere suggestion of it sets your head in a tizzy, offends you, makes you uncomfortable. You’re the one that is close-minded.

Antonio Machado

Unibrow Chic, you CLEARLY need to CLEAR your mind. You sound very biased to me; and I smell farts. Is that you?

Unibrow Chic

Nope. I’m remaining objective. I have not assumed a thing. The author has a point of view, and he makes it clear. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s true. Grow up.

Antonio Machado

Objective in your own ignorance?

Brian Grant

It’s truly sad that when I heard about the bombings in Boston, I immediately thought of Operation Gladio.

Perhaps, I too, am on dangerous ground.


This guy also has some good, critical thinking. (Although he’s missing a little in other places.) Definitely worth a look at how he’s approaching the situation.

If I put on my tin foil hat (which I do from time to time, while retaining the ability to take it off again), think about what we’re seeing in an American city right now. Complete and total martial law. The city is shut down. No public transportation. Hundreds and hundreds of officers and soldiers patrolling the streets, [politely] barging into homes. Black Hawk helicopters hovering and landing everywhere (U.Mass, really?). These are all just things to think about…


Bollyn wrote a book detailing the cover-up of 9/11 naming names. A PDF version is available for free on his website. Apparently no one would publish it.

Don Potata

perhaps it was total bullshit..aparently “no one” believed any of it.


the fact that a work of forensic journalism can’t get published in this country is more likely an indication that it is correct and threatening to the power control group, not that it’s incorrect. 2 cases in point: “farewell, america,” written by french intelligence at de gaulle’s behest. came out in europe in 1967; was supressed in the u.s. fairly accurately described the conspiracy that resulted in jfk’s murder. and william turner’s “the assassination of robert kennedy,” which was unceremoniously dumped by random house once the power control group made it clear they wanted it suppressed. so….no, potato – or is it potata? -….that bollyn couldn’t get his stuff published is hardly an indication that it was fanciful. if fanciful why even bother suppressing it? dude. get real.

Don Potata

lolol, i dont give a rats ass about its publication or not. its hardly an indication of it being truthful, is it? this site is clearly an outlet for disgruntled writers who cant get any attention otherwise. I tire of this game of delusion and fantasy. I am moving on…

David Silva

Thank you. Perhaps when their is a Federal boot heel on your throat, you will wake up. Problem is it will be too late then. There is a mountain of evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta testified that he saw Dick Cheney tell the USAF to stand down before the plane hit the Pentagon in the PEOC, (Presidential Emergency Operations Center. Do if you have 5 minutes and know how to do a google search, you can learn the truth, or perhaps you are more comfortable spreading disinfo. Building 7 fell down in NY when NOTHING HIT IT! Thousands of Architects and Engineers have jeapordized their careers by joining Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. Feel free to put your head in the sand, but save your disinformation for the “Low information voters”. Future historians will look at the US citizens as undoubtedly the most gullible or brainwashed people in the history of planet earth. False flag operations have a long history in every Imperial Country. Isn’t it funny how ignorance and arrogance seem to go hand in hand?


Russ Baker would never have found a mainstream publisher for his book. By word of mouth, all of the major networks wanted to interview him and have him on their show. But when they actually learned of the controversial nature of his work, they all completely ignored him. Truly controversial information rarely makes it mainstream. Just look at the ratings he’s garnered on Amazon.

Unibrow Chic

Wrong. Not martial law. Just, not. And ya, I’m a Bostonian. People were ASKED to stay inside, not forced, and people did. Mostly. (Some didn’t, and they weren’t bothered). They then filled the streets to cheer the cops. And express relief. You are entitled to your opinion, but be clear: you are uninformed, you are exaggerating, and Boston doesn’t care a lick what you think.


i assume that you, unibrow chic, are one of those proud bostonians who have assumed the guilt of these two brothers, rather than waiting for proof. already speculating about the motivations of these two plotters before waiting for proof that they were in fact plotters. the only thing we know for sure is that, after the FBI said they were looking for the two brothers, the two brothers ran. why they ran is unclear. perhaps they didn’t want to end up like oswald. further . . . doesn’t it shock/astonish you in the slightest that within 48 hours the FBI is able to display so much force within an American city. it surely frightens me. but . . . oh well . . .i guess it’s all OK. all in the name of fighting . . . ‘terrorism’ . . . .

Unibrow Chic

And uh, when they ran, how is it they had another cooker-bomb, and other home made explosive devices? And don’t tell me that’s a myth – I know people who live right in that neighborhood. I know every street corner you saw on the news. Did you know that the guy in that famous picture with his legs blown off, in the wheelchair, locked eyes with the younger brother right after the explosion? Is he a credible enough witness?

Why they ran is TOTALLY clear – they did it, and they got spooked. And why is anyone shocked at how much force can be mustered in 48 hours? Officers came from all over the state. The FBI has a large presence there. All you’re expressing is your complete ignorance. I could very easily turn the table and ask you what the EVIDENCE is that leads you to suggest there is some alternate narrative, that you can’t at all define, afoot.

And don’t presume to know my thoughts regarding the ‘war on terror’, or anything else. You assume a great deal for such a staggeringly ignorant ‘person’.


I read that the guy who had his legs blown off looked at a guy who dropped the bomb BEFORE THE BOMB WENT OFF. (Of course, that came via his brother or something, since the guy is still in the hospital and has not been interviewed by the media at all.)

Photos show the two suspects running away from the explosions that day.

So what else did you get wrong in the post above?

Unibrow Chic

Ok. I won’t even double check. Say it was before. That puts him squarely at the scene of the crime. As do the photos. And then by some miraculous coincidence, the older brother threw a third cooker-device at the cops who chased them down in Watertwon. And they were carrying all the other ordinance for…. a fishing trip? The carjacking was just… for fun? You people are so frackin’ sad.


the stuff you mention is indeed evidence against the two brothers – of a sort. it is enough evidence, i’d say, to arrest them (enough for ‘probable cause’) but hardly enough to convict them/declare them guilty. imagine an alternative scenario: the 2 bros. were working for the FBI; were told they would participate monday in a bomb “drill”. they do as they are told when, lo and behold, the drill goes live and the bombs explode. they of course run from the scene. then when the FBI publishes their photos and sends out an APB for them, they realise they’ve been set up as patsies and try to fight their way out.

i can hear you starting to laugh and jeer now, but bear in mind that oswald was most likely set up in precisely this way: recruited by the FBI to investigate an anti-Castro Cuban plot to assassinate JFK. he was in the thick of the assassins’ nest, probably thinking he was working for JFK’s safety. there is evidence that he was the one who whistle-blew he groups’ plans to murder JFK in chicago in early november ’63. and yet . . .and yet . . . within 2 hours of jfk’s killing and the killing of a police officer oswald was arrested and convicted in the court of public opinion. he never got to tell his side of the story.
i wonder if the younger brother will.

David Whitson

Did Osama bin Laden have his day in court ? Reports allege that he was assassinated, although unarmed, then dumped into the sea. No photos were released of either event. Why was he not brought to trial ? And why, amongst all the chest thumping and elation over the murder of a human being, does almost no one ask that simple, basic question ?


Because he died years earlier and was kept on ice. He had Marfans Syndrome.

Unibrow Chic

This is not the Oswald case. To say again what I already said, you are telling me NOTHING I don’t already know. You are operating from the top down: you are working on the idea that because sometimes these types of events are “government sponsored”, therefore they all are. And that’s just not very smart. You can BELIEVE whatever you wish, but I am waiting for facts.


How is “lock[ing] eyes” with someone else evidence of anything? And how do I really know who you might be? You could be anyone. And anyone who doesn’t question you, and your motives, is not doing their due diligence. That is the unfortunate state of the matrix in which we live.

Actually, Unibrow Chic, you are the one who sounds ignorant to me. Your tone is really a turn off also. We truthseekers don’t question these events because we have nothing better to do: We question these events because of our love for life and our love of our country. Not to question is the sign of ignorance; that is only logical.


“I could very easily turn the table and ask you what the EVIDENCE is that
leads you to suggest there is some alternate narrative, that you can’t
at all define, afoot”

Just jumping in the convo here. Isn’t the law “innocent until proven guilty”?

Unibrow Chic

Sure. I haven’t concluded anything. But apparently, lots of people are angrily certain a conspiracy is afoot. So far, I see not a single shred of evidence, except perhaps in terms of the FBI’s contact with the suspects over time. And now we have a confession. In addition to the guy who got carjacked they ‘confessed’ to, and an enormous amount of visual and witness testimony.

Crying wolf discredits serious dissent. You people have no concept of how badly you undermine the cause with this lazy, juvenile behavior.


Get out of here with your garbage.


Wait. How could the guy in the wheelchair have locked eyes with the younger brother AFTER the blast, when photographic and video “evidence” supposedly shows the younger brother placing the bag at the second blast site, and walking back in the opposite direction of the finish line, and, according to photos, the guy in the wheel chair with no legs was injured in the first blast site?

Unibrow Chic

Ask the guy. He’s the one who said it. Is he in on the conspiracy too? If so, he’s very committed. Don’t exhaust yourself, Nancy Drew.


Yes, of course technically it wasn’t martial law. But the feel was absolutely of martial law. It’s called conditioning, and that’s really the key thing. People are now more comfortable with the images and feel of soldiers marching down their streets and entering homes one by one. Having said that, and given all the facts as they now stand, I believe the official story. But I choose to always think critically.

Unibrow Chic

Not really. That’s how YOU felt. I’d say you aren’t at all thinking critically – you are speaking from feelings and your own belief system – and there is way on earth you have put more time into understanding the creep towards fascism in America than I have over the years. To assume I don’t ‘think’ because I disagree about a single event, is dim witted and arrogant.


Yes, of course technically it wasn’t martial law. But the feel was absolutely of martial law. It’s called conditioning, and that’s really the key thing. People are now more comfortable with the images and feel of soldiers marching down their streets and entering homes one by one. Having said that, and given all the facts as they now stand, I believe the official story. But I choose to always think critically. Which is probably more than you can say.

Unibrow Chic

No it didn’t. And you weren’t even there. You’re IMAGINING what it felt like, because that’s your belief system. And Eric, don’t delude yourself. You are not an impressive ‘thinker’, and as I stated elsewhere on this page, I have been an informed, politically active ‘dissenter’ for decades. My critical thinking skills are outstanding, and I say that without a shred of doubt. YOU are the fool making outlandish comparisons, and pretending to know what it ‘feels like’ to be in a situation you are in no way in. That, is delusional thinking. In the world of guys like you, everyone else is a silly sheep. Meanwhile, you fail to consider the fact you are making statements based on ZERO knowledge. How is that representative of ‘critical thinking’? (Rhetorical question, btw. I don’t actually care what you think at this point.)


The significance isn’t of the experience of the several hundred thousand people in Watertown. Stop thinking you’re somehow special because you experienced it directly. The real significance is of the millions upon millions of Americans who watched it on their TV screens. They SAW what was essentially martial law. They saw what it would look like. They saw that in certain circumstances they could welcome it. That is conditioning. As I said before, I no longer believe this was intentional. However, the effect is the same. We are many steps closer to being comfortable with a police state, given the existence of certain threats. Even though more people die from their furniture each year than from terrorism.

Unibrow Chic

You are just not bright. You are projecting your own personal paranoia and ignorance unto the entire nation. YOU see evidence of a police state when you order a cheeseburger. I invite you to google the ‘exigent circumstances’ exception to the requirement for obtaining a warrant in certain situations. Even the ACLU agrees the searches were kosher. The effect is has on you, is unique to you. Most of us are not that paranoid. And no, you don’t know more than me about the history of abuse of police powers, or any related matter. In fact, you know less – which is why you generalize to lazily, with such bias informed by personal emotional shortcomings. So ya. Save the sermon, son. You STILL haven’t said a single thing I don’t know, or know to be false.


Am I imagining this, Unibrow? Enjoy the video. Keep thinking you know all because you….live in Boston.


They’re coming to get you next, Eric. If I were you, I’d hide under my bed in the fetal position, with my AK by my side. You’re too smart for those big gummint, gun grabbing, Nazis, aren’t you.

Too bad those Bostonians aren’t as smart as you, and were actually in the streets cheering for those they saw as heroes. Some people just don’t know how to be frightened adequately, do they?

Antonio Machado

You are the coward, andyandy. So afraid to admit what has really happened here: that’s called denial. Stop projecting your fear and face the truth–our government is corrupted to the core.


Yes. Anyone who says that barging into homes as long as it’s polite, and in order to get dem terrurists, well, they deserve what they get. Only problem is, those of us who can think also end up being subjected to it.

Oh and by the way, unibrow, since you’re a paid troll, don’t expect me to respond to your abominable hateful upcoming “answer.”


Bravo, thanks for this article. I´m in the UK and find exactly the same bullshit at the BBC, who are respected around the globe for their integrity and impartiality but in reality exist only to fuel stereotypes and uphold the status quo. But anyway….Martial law in Boston….it´s terrifying…how did we get to the point where Alex Jones is right? One thing he actually has in common with the corporate media is counter-productive fearmongering, so thanks for dispelling some of that. Seriously though, doesn´t what´s happening in Boston go against one of your amendments on liberty? (I´m not familiar with all of them)


Alex Jones is generally spot on in my book. He properly identifies the perps.

Unibrow Chic

He is absolutely wretched. Wrong 99% of the time. That anyone could take him seriously is just staggeringly disheartening.

Antonio Machado

I guess you would rather be cuddled and spoon fed diarrhea by Brian Williams and Chris Matthews while they sing you lullabies about what a great country the USA is.


Spoon fed diarrhea sounds like your childhood diet, trotterhawk. You are what you eat, you know? :)

Don Potata

so sorry to hear about your brain trauma. alex is a con artist only in it for the money


dude, that’s what they said about mark lane. these pesky skeptics!!! only in it for the money!!!! turns out dude that mark lane was right – the last official investigation said so! now don’t go calling me assinine – google HSCA report and you’ll see. the truth hurts, i know. but you must try, try your hardest to make your peace with it.


I’m sorry to say it, but Alex Jones is horrendous for the mind. No matter what happens in the world, it is because of the US government, the CIA, the FBI, etc. That’s not to say that he doesn’t occasionally happen upon the truth, but those bits of truth are so well-nestled in stinking piles of crap that it’s not even worth it. I used to listen to him a bit, but then I realized he possesses no critical thinking whatsoever. He’s a moron when it comes to global warming, vaccines, and science of any kind. And that’s why I love WhoWhatWhy so much. They do measure and weigh the facts. Alex Jones has such an empire going that he is just running with it now. He was probably a genuine guy at the outset, but he’s too far gone now to stop.

Antonio Machado

What is “Operation Gladio”? Do you know? Do you want to? Or, do you enjoy your own blissfull ignorance?


Operation Gladio is where trotterhawk and his circle jerk buddies fail to procure the proper amount of dough for their German cookie fest, so they proceed to cry and whine until trotterhawk’s mommy drives to the store to get some Chips Ahoy for his special celebration with his friends…


What does “generally spot on” mean? Sometimes close to the target? Or always hitting close to the target? Or hits the target most of the time but sometimes misses?
Whatever. Its a stupid phrase…

BTW, you just outed yourself as complete numbskull sucker by dropping douche bag’s name. Not even douche bag believes the things that douche bag says. He’s like a conspiracy evangelist, laughing at the sheeple all the way to the bank.

Antonio Machado

I think that maybe what he meant is that mainstream media is always 100% full of shit. Is that where you get your info? Your mind sounds fracked to me, Suthrnboy; might the mainstream phallic be jammed between your ears?


Thinking about phalluses all the time, aren’t you Trotterhawk? I knew it…


BBC World surpassed itself this time. I kept wondering if they were being paid by the American government. From the very beginning of their coverage, they talked about the Boston Marathon and 9 11 in the same breath — constantly. I am sickened.

Mari Caplan

Note too the trigger wording in all the reporting ( which term I use lightly ) ” twin bombs, twin bombers” all of which serve to reopen the wound of the ” twin towers and 911. Don’t think it’s an accident. And yes I’m extremely cynical these days.

Unibrow Chic

That was not ‘martial law’. People were ASKED to stay indoors, but nobody was accosting the many who didn’t. Alex Jones is basically almost never right. He is an absolute idiot. Go listen to his Y2K broadcast on youtube – that’s everything anyone needs to understand about that fool. I’m as aware as anyone of our government’s dark history, but this Bostonian says, you are overreacting, and you are misinformed.


Somehow the young brother reminded me of an Oswald type character as presented in your book, Family of Secrets. All the reports that I hear from friends, teachers and coaches state that he was pleasent. I wonder if he was under a hypnotic/drug trance. In today’s Wall St. Journal (page B1) was an article about oil in Kazakhstan. It seemed odd to me to hear of Kazakhstan in less than two days.

Carine Clary

Some excellent points made here. And before we go taking everything the news media says at face value, just remember Richard Jewell. He was considered to be the presumptive 1996 Olympic Games bomber for months, during which time he was subjected to 24/7 surveillance, and cut rate psychoanalysis, compliments of the press. Except that, oops, turns out he didn’t do it. Guy got a large financial settlement from NBC for that, so you’d think they’d wait a nano second before piling on the two Chechen brothers, but no……


Salient points all. Gladio first to my mind too. It has to be default position in present times, with all we know of deepstate/scad post JFK. It would be against odds for this NOT to be staged. But. From this far away; I wait and see.

Don Potata

Indulge those of us with functioning brains. how the f*ck could this be staged???????? details please, not paranoid drivel.


?? The killing is REAL. The EVENT is ‘staged’. Deep-state EXISTS. Not Paranoia. SCAD exist. Refer initially, operation GLADIO specific to Boston. Do some research. Bologna Bombing 1980 MO. NATO/GLADIO terror attack on civilians killed 85. REAL people! to push program, never stopped . Refer FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds : GLADIO became GLADIO[b] now run out of specific Pentagon Dept. Research P2OG “Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group to carry out secret missions designed to provoke terrorist groups into committing violent acts
of social violence to meet political and economic needs of new US
militarism. Refer NORTHWOODS as indicator of sinister morality involving US internal plans using civilian casualty [revenge] as lever. Precedent for non-paranoid statement “It would be against odds for this NOT to be staged” please refer for list of recent FBI provocateur actions.

Mr. M.

You decry the metastatic growth of the National Security State, and yet you want my right to defend myself limited by…. the gov’t? Why do you never seem to have an issue with the billions of rounds in the possession of the “federal spooks”? Will they have limits, or are they the honorable gladiators entrusted with protecting us from the “islamofascists” ™….


Anyone familiar with Mr. Baker’s writing and reporting knows that your accusations are totally false and out of line.


In section “What Gets Blocked Out”, Russ wrote “opponents of stronger gun laws were beneficiaries of this statistically anomalous but dominant news story”. I liked this article with the exception of this section. Russ, for a very intelligent guy who has learned not to accept the mainstream “narrative”, why do you “buy into” the whole “less guns equals less violence” thing? Look at Chicago. There are plenty of murders there despite guns being illegal. And, far more importantly, what about the argument that “without the 2nd amendment, the other amendments are essentially worthless”? Russ, I’m not sure if you’re aware of the impending financial crisis that (I believe) is going to eventually play out in the US (research Ron Paul and/or Peter Schiff’s take on the “US Dollar Crisis”) but something really doesn’t feel right about the fact that our government is trying to take guns away from the people beforehand (including staging “Fast and Furious”).

A *far* better “what gets blocked out” would’ve been the review of Obama/Bush bearing responsibility for the US illegally engaging in acts of torture:

U.S. Engaged in Torture After 9/11, Review Concludes


I’m not sure why you addressed this to Mr. Baker but chose to reply to me. But I’d be happy to put my two-cents in.

At this time I don’t see the three items that were voted down on the gun bill as taking away guns from the people.

I do get the oft heard Chicago comment and have no informed reply to that. I question it myself.
I am though suspicious to say the least, as it seems clearly that Mr. Baker is too, about the murderous incidents over the past year from Aurora to Boston.
As Baker wrote; “History is replete with examples of cynical efforts to create “strategies of tension” in which the public, fearful of growing chaos, turns to the reassurances of those who promise order.”
These horrors all involve questionable so-called assailants that leave many with the feeling that a story is planted and no one in the msm moves beyond it or questions it.
I don’t know if what you’re stating is the truth, that taking guns away from the people is an ultimate goal, or I often wonder if these experts in disinformation are trying something not as straight forward. Are they trying to deepen the divide in this country and hoping to get people say like you and I arguing about this and other issues that often, though not always reflect the left and right divide? We become more and more consumed with the acumulation of these so-called issues and therefor never address the Citizens United issues, or the Fed or the economy and the arguing goes on and yet the corporate owners move along too and they get more power and we get less.
The thing I took with me is that little these days is so easy to answerm except that the powers that be are indeed racing towards some goal of total take over. I believe in a reasonable gun control, but I’m not so sure that I’m not being played or that we all are regardless of what position we take in this and other so-called left vs. right issues.
I think these are all hard questions and we should try and ask them more politely and thoughtfully as you have, but not as the OP did.
I’m not sure of much today. But I do want to know more and I do wish that all of us could realize that we need to be able to talk better with one another and learn from one another, far more than we need to hate one another. Otherwise it seems like the bulk of us arguing with one another while we’re on this “Titanic” and it’s going down quickly with all hands.
Thanks for your insights. I will look at the link and info you suggested to check out.


this is an excellent post. i think the strategy of the power control group (which is richard sprague’s term, not mine) is fairly clear: by keeping the u.s. population constantly feeling terrorised – both physically and economically – the PCG knows that americans won’t have the psychological space to even consider taking on the gross inequities (political and economic) of our system. the PCG further knows that acts of terrorism “bring us all together,” and make any talk of reining in our rich and powerful citizens sound petty and divisive. the sight of bostonians waving flags and chanting “USA, USA” in the wake of the arrest of brother 2 said it all . . . .Citizens United? what’s that? who cares! we’re all bostonians now!


AI21 – I think I replied to your post because you wrote “Anyone familiar with Mr. Baker’s writing and reporting knows that your accusations are totally false and out of line” in response to “Mr. M”, who wrote “You decry the metastatic growth of the National Security State, and yet
you want my right to defend myself limited by…. the gov’t?”

In short I agree w/ Mr. M’s point about not trusting government (as well as doing everything possible to keep government small).

While reading my comment, though, I agree that it does seem weird that I addressed Russ Baker rather than you. I might have conflated my reply to you w/ a new post that I was planning to write. In any case, I appreciate your thoughtful and balanced response and absolutely agree w/ your point that “we need to be able to talk better with one another and learn from one another, far more than we need to hate one another.”


Not a problem at all Kevin. I respect your pov and took no offense to what you wrote. Thanks for checking in about it– I do appreciate that and am glad for the discussion and that while respectfully disagreeing on some points we also found some common ground. Thanks again.

Don Potata

My sources tell my that you are near the top of the super secret list of those to be slaughtered by the Federal Spooks.


Radio New Zealand reports eldest boy had at least 5 years contact with FBI.


So do NYT, Reuters, and RT (not five, but some).

Mari Caplan

Russ wasn’t there an official govt tweet that there would be a bomb drill at the JFK library shortly before the marathon started? So how did we go from bomb drill to electrical fire in less than 5 hours time?

I smell sulfur.

Mari Caplan

Just learned that the tweet came 54 minutes after the first two explosions. My mistake. And that the bomb squad miraculously located the bomb 1 mile away fom the marathon course and managed to de- rig it in lickity split fashion. Awesome sauce . And yet they still could not put out a dang electrical fire.

Unibrow Chic

There was no other bomb. Just ‘stuff’ that people reported as looking suspicious, which out of caution, they treated AS IF they might be bombs. The fire is unrelated, unless you have some kind of evidence to suggest otherwise. Try to be a serious person.

Unibrow Chic

It was not a bomb. End of story.

Antonio Machado

I am so glad you are here to let us know when to stop looking.

You, Unibrow Chic, are either very naive or you are a paid troll–end of story.

Carpe Diem

The irony of ironies!

Sometimes it takes a “trained eye” to see the pattern recognition of what appears to be “Drill Protocals” being follwed as opposed to a real bombing (i.e. clues…no coagulation in the copious amounts of blood-because it was simulated, glass windows breaking towards the detonation as oppsed to it, a “victim” with both legs blown off, arteries hanging out and yet he should have been dead in 2-4 mins from massive blood loss/shock and yet he was on the groud for 8 minutes before recieveing any help). That white smoke from the “explosive” indicates a very low yield explosive. Have you ever seen the bomb squad detonate a light charge next to a suspicious package? Lot’s of white smoke with a very low velocity/yeild charge.

What I find ironic is that you, trotterhawk, have had to demonstrate your own ignorance to the truth/reality in order to accuse someone else of the same. Would you not then need to kow the truth first? Of course!

That is why it is crucial to look objectively at things with out pre-disposed ideas, otherwise you will tend to form a hypothesis and then only look for “evidence” to support your theory thereby ignoring the obvious, and that never lends itself to finding the truth. Ever.

Have a brain. Do not fear using it. Pity those that don’t, they are the “useful idiots” that the establishment so desparately needs.

Soma Visal

Sting operation in terrorism and playing with innocent human precious lives?


Thanks for the comment, a very interesting read.

As to your question “Is that the purpose of journalism?”:
The purpose of a journalist is, at least in the world we live in, to make money. The purpose of a journal is not to inform readers, that is but the company’s means; the purpose of the journal is: to make money.

Don’t get me wrong, I also have some ideas of what journalism should be like, but well, a company will tailor-make their product to maximize sales. They say what they want to hear, because we buy and we watch only what we want to hear.

Antonio Montoyo

Frankly, if you still turn on corporate news to get the news…you deserve to wallow in your stupidity. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, we have to constantly deal with your delusions as obstructions.


Most of this is incredibly superficial and obvious analyses. I was expecting crazier accusations, to be honest.


There’s always Alex Jones for you.


WhoWhatWhy all you want. You may be no closer to accepting the truth staring you in the face than the narrative-industrial-complex pros you criticize. You throw sand in our eyes so we won’t see you dusting the stain off of the icons you are protecting.

Let’s follow the story as it seems apparent – forgetting for a moment that a songbird resting on a windowsill in a nearby town might somehow be related to the bombing, since after all, they happened on the same day. Let’s ignore for a moment the more parcimonious explanation for lack of news about a bomb squad already on scene when the bombs went off and a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco. That parcimonious explanation we can momentarily set aside is that media cooperates with security forces to withhold details of ongoing battles. Let’s just accept that maybe police knew there was a threat, but chose not to advertise it. Let’s accept that the Texas event could have been a worse-case scenario – it could have been another action in a coordinated attack on that day. Theories about manchurian candidates aside, we still need someone other that poets, scribes and arm-chair theorists to stand between us and the byproducts of human failure – no matter who stirred, preened or provoked those egregious, deadly failures.

No, let’s let history bring us more info on that. Let’s consider the facts at hand. Zubeidat Tsarnaeva – the accused bombers’ mother – told a spa client her husband, Anzor Tsarnaev, fled to the US 10 years ago because of something he did. He threatened the family of his daughters ex-husband to get custody of her child after the pair divorced. He tore apart another family to keep his family intact. Anzor Tsarnaev separated a son from the young boys father so Anzor Tsarnaev could be a proud granddaddy.

If the “don’t believe anything you hear” spinners for the left-wing power structure weren’t busy defending their icon, trying to recapture some limelight as know-it-all masters of proletariat dialectic, Tamerlan Tsarnaev would be in the left-wing narrative just another abusive misogynist – more evidence that all males (other than left-wing heroes) are abusive rapists-in-waiting. Tamerlan was arrested for – Anzor Tsarnaev affirms — “lightly” hitting his wife. But having crossed swords with the state, he’s no longer an abuser, he’s a manchurian candidate. And the reality that the abuser is the son of an abuser who tore another family apart to serve his own ego needs as a grandfather is lost on the political pundits so eager to spin human events to fit the political narratives they’ve so carefully constructed.


Good article. Thanks, Russ.


Yes, Texas need more attention. I don’t watch the news on TV because there’s a lot of pick-and-choose and story jumping. However, I was watching CNN on Friday during the developments. And now no more – Texas families are now being ignored by the media. People need to stop watching recycled garbage!


is their any lnowledge of what exactly got lost in the fire that broke out around the same time as the Marathon bombing, at the nearby John F. Kennedy Library and Museum?

Chuck Watts

“To what end all this empathy?” You’ve misused the word empathy, when you meant sympathy. Empathy is what you’re calling for – real protection and empowerment AND you want Strong Empathy.

Empathy is useless without the strength to act on it. In your case real, strong empathy would be a media that was caring for us versus using us.


You forgot to tell us that FBI lied. They knew all along the identity of the two brothers, especially the older one, whom they have regularly coached, and obviously they had their photos. And yet they begged the public to “identify” them


And you forgot to note when the article was posted: before you or anyone else knew about that. The Internet is the home to the Monday Morning Quarterback crowd.

Jim Morris

Russ, I’m going to make comments as I read your piece. I was enjoying what I thought was a great piece of objective insight Then, out of left field, come the comments regarding gun control legislation that was obviously written with a pen borrowed from the left side of the isle. I’m a bit rubbed, but I’m still reading.


Not really interested in having the site overrun by the gun enthusiasts, thanks. We already know that you folks spend all your time “policing” everyone else. And we’re from this side of the isle, if perhaps not from your aisle.

Jim Morris

OK, I’m back. Russ, I have to say that You are a brilliant writer. Your ability to weave a color into a seemingly pale cloth without hitch, is obviously a strongpoint.

Jim Morris

Russ, I have to say that enjoyed reading your piece far more than anything else I’ve crammed into my brain via my optic receptors. I guess that without personal leanings, passion may be lacking. So, I would say that even though I slightly disagree on a couple things in text, your piece of journalism, hits the mark that You so eloquently explained is missing in most of what has been offered recently. Good job!

Tanja Kala

While all this was happening, Congress also passed CISPA. In anticipation of a full House vote in the House on Wednesday, industry giant IBM sent nearly 200 senior execs
to Washington to lobby in support of CISPA. And their intentions couldn’t be more clear. CISPA will empower them to share your private data with the military without a warrant — and they won’t hesitate to do so.


First off, science is NOT a conspiracy theory! Okay, Got that?!?

So, when architects and engineers from all over the world are saying the 3 buildings that fell on 9/11/2001 were controlled demolitions, then that’s what they were whether we like it or not!!

This means that our government is still lying to us about 9/11/2001. THERE IS NO WAY AROUND THIS PAINFUL FACT! And if our corporate-run government can get away with that kind of monumental lie, they can get away with anything… If we want terror like this to stop, then we have to hold our government accountable for it’s role in 9/11/2001.

So, thanks to all you arrogant people still forcing that “war on terror” bullshit on the rest of us, we are only going to see an increase in government-staged terror.

All throughout human history the removal of civil liberties has always resulted in more government-sponsored terror and outright betrayal – with no exceptions! Yet you believe this is the ONE TIME in all of human history that a government is not lying about the need for us to give up our civil liberties?

Shame on you! Before you scream “conspiracy theorist” at people who no longer trust the govt, take a good hard look at how stupid your own conspiracy theory is first!


“Is it heresy or madness to take a harder look at the metastatic growth of the national security state?” — no, it’s good common sense. We never locked down an entire city over such incidents in the past – why should this be the “new normal?”

It was actually counter-productive; the 2nd suspect was discovered by a civilian within 45 minutes of people being allowed outside of their homes. A million Bostonians probably would have found this man far sooner, as each was far more familiar with their own turf than police or military troops from elsewhere.

That said, how is that the author simultaneously wants more gun control? That, too, is part of the “national security state.” The two brothers, who engaged in firefights, had no firearms license, even though this is required by law in Boston. Responsible voices have been pointing out the obvious for decades: people who intend murder are not hindered by gun control laws or other mummery. .

Rich H.

Russ, you seem to believe that powerful forces have been and are threatening to take over America – and perhaps more… yet you also advocate junking the second amendment and disarming the citizens of this country in the face of that threat.
These two positions are in direct conflict with each other.


Not really. I don’t trust you guys with your guns either. Much more likely one of you would shoot me either by accident or in fit of pique than anything else. The stats speak for themselves. Plus I’ve had people threaten to shoot over parking squabbles, road rage, walks on “their property.” There’s nothing in your waving your gun around to protect the rest of us from tyranny.


With all due respect sir that is an absolutely ridiculous response. You are suggesting that you would feel more safe if only the government jack boots and criminals were armed. That is a highly irrational posistion for someone who seemingly understands the domestic threat we’re facing from the state. Your posistion on this issue is no different than the authoritarian collectivist garbage turning our country into a tyrannical police state. Also, The NRA is a grass roots organization meant to act as a common front for citizens who interested in giving the government second thoughts if they ever want to move away from this cold tyranny into full on hot tyranny.

David McCarthy

IMO, your end game is still too limited. The belief that there is (or even could be) such thing as a “news” business is cute. Perhaps it is helpful to start from this question – what group or groups are most adamant about the idea that there is such thing as “objective Truth”? What does that indicate? Work from there.


Dont go getting all nihilistic on us. Lets start bywondering whether we should believe in a complete stranger calling himself David McCarthy. Blah. Talk about a limited end game. IMHO.

David McCarthy

Yet, for whatever reason, if I started a media outlet, you would expect it to be capable of some sort of objectivity? Interesting. Good thing that everyone who starts a “news” agency is only interested in “truth”, specifically the “truth” as you accept it. Unfortunately they never seem to achieve it (even according to you), but at least you can rest easy knowing that that is their primary motivation.

Meantime I will continue to pick and choose the pieces of information that most effectively allow me to shape my audience’s perception in the way I have decided is most appropriate (or at least will allow me to profit off of them and put food on my family), but only because I am “different” in that sense.

Cheers, Russ! Good luck finding your unicorn. I know it’s out there. Keep looking. Spend ALL of your time in that search. In the “end”, I’m sure you’ll decide your time was well spent.


Presumably you are trained in some craft or profession. We’ll try to respect that and not insult all practitioners.


What a great post! Well done. Thoughtful, reasonable, and delving into topics we seldom read about. Perhaps the author would like to take a shot at how injustice and a lack of opportunity for redress of grievances (and outright dismissiveness) can radicalize any of us. Heap a few years of physical, emotional and psychological harassment on an already angry person and you have a recipe for violence.

Mark Krull

Dear Mr. Baker

I wrote about about the Boston Marathon bombing on my blog. I touched on how some contend that the FBI was somehow involved in the bombing
In your article
you quoted a Alastair Stephenson as saying that he noticed more bomb sniffing dogs at the beginning of the race. Your article was picked up by this blog called. A Russ Baker penned this long article using Mr. Stephenson’s name and the made up quote you attributed to Mr Stephenson,

Well, sir I received a stern email from aforementioned Mr. Stephenson saying flatly.

“My ID was stolen and I do not like my name being associated with this mess. I was in Boston for the run but that is as far as it went. The rest was made up lies. Please remove the blog”

I believe that he has asked you to correct and redact your article! He
had thought you made corrections.

I ask you to please correct the record,
I will check in a week.

Thanking you in advance,


We don’t know who you are or what you base this poorly articulated claim on, but (1) the spelling of the surname you cite, Stephenson, is DIFFERENT from the spelling we use above, Stevenson. (2) We don’t know your blog, and you were not the source for this story–an Alabama news consortium was, as we mentioned. (3) If his ID was stolen, then that seems an intriguing weird development in a story with way too many weird developments, and that would be newsworthy–if it were true. (4) If the real Mr Stevenson believes an imposter was quoted by the news
consortium site, then his beef is firstly with them, and then he’d be
welcome to be in direct contact with us. In the meantime, we’ll assume that your comment here is disinfo or general trollery.

Mark Krull

The quote from Mr. Stephanson was FALSE!
Well, sir I received a stern email from aforementioned Mr. Stephenson saying flatly.

“My ID was stolen and I do not like my name being associated with this mess. I was in Boston for the run but that is as far as it went. The rest was made up lies. Please remove the blog”


Great. Now you’ve introduced a THIRD spelling of the surname. Besides that, not only do you not know if you got an email from the real Mr Stevenson, but we don’t even know who you are at all. Back to troll central casting you go!


On Boston false flag potential I can be short, just three words: Litvinenko murder trial – I’m sure Russ you can join the dots. Again, for Wm of Occam’s razor, we need replacement blades!

Matt Prather



…someone elsewhere said that one shouldn’t “depend” on Google for credible news, and that one must take their information with a grain (or more of salt). Well, thanks for stating the obvious.

As a sort of second-string journalism tool, I do like Google. In lieu of professional and paid search tools, you can do things like this:


Depending on Google for credible information is as reliable or unreliable rather as American news (nbc etc). You can say anything, sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s not, most times it’s an opinion and often we don’t have time to truly research the claims spewed out so quickly.

Sparkling gemstones of truth mixed in with a world wide web of lies…Internet, news, politics, scientific discoveries, photoshopped pictures, corporate bookkeeping, blah blah blah

Take everything with a pound of salt, a grain just isn’t enough nowadays.

Preamble Project

Finishing up “the true story of the bilderberg group” by Daniel Estulin. His look-see at the bilderbergers, council on foreign relations, tri-lateral commish, provides a useful and frightening “frame” for “US” shadow gummint activities since 1900 or so. The drive for monopoly over rail and oil, seemingly a genetic trait in many families of evil–Rockefellers, Rothschilds, princes, monarchs (but no cecropias need apply), and all the rest of the One Worlders, sponsored by One Lone Gunman, David Rockingfalter, with lots and lots and lots of little helpers. As ranting folksman Alex Jones notes, loudly enough so most should be able to hear him–and Estulin reinforces (or vice-versa), the 1worlders–or the new International Won Worlders (IWW) have been working on their newest monopoly, 1World, for more than a century, going step by step after their somewhat painful experience in fomenting and supporting pretty much our biggest regime change ever, replacing the Czar of Russia with Marks, Lenin, then Stalin (an unintended consequence?). Now it’s “coup by increments,” a kind of drip, drip drip of water wearing down the stone of every sovereign nation on the planet. Most frightening, Estulin includes a chronology/timeline of these every-couple-of-years events and the Crisis, Chaos & Terror Theater that accompanies them (leads or follows, to cause or reinforce) such things as 9/11/01, 7/7/05, all false flag attacks, all “school” and “cafeteria” “massacres.” I tossed my TV sets five years ago in favor of the internet and face-to-face chats with other hominids. I’d give a READ THIS BOOK rating to Estulin’s work. Unless someone can prove to me that governments always lie and monopoly-mad plutocrats are trying to rule the world–without getting shot by a few thousand angry Americans who want their Constitution back. Read that, too. Make a note of the part that says “Congress shall have power to…declare war…and make rules concerning captures on land and water,” juxtaposed with the White House contention that prohibiting some practices that the Unitary Liar-In-Chief (ULIC) has engaged in, in this and past administrations (like torture, indefinite detention) “infringes on the President’s powers as ULIC.” He should be complaining to the Framers of the Constitution, because they actually provide for such instances–in war and rules regarding captures on land and water. If only we could get the Presidents to read the Constitution, and memorize it, and carry around a copy at all times. Ditto Congress, who think that by passing a law they can amend the Bill of Rights. Or by just making a statement like “Impeachment is off the table.” (no it isn’t lady, it’s in the constitution, thus is on the table, your verbal assertions to the contrary notwithstanding. See Article 5 of the document you swore to “support and defend”. There may be 77 ways to leave your lover, but there are only 8 or so ways to leave an airplane, and only 2 ways to amend the constitution–two thirds of Congress initiate the process, or two thirds of the state legislatures demand a Constitutional Convention. None of that was done for amending the 4th Amendment (in FISActs and Usapat Riot Acts), nor for creating the “federal” reserve system–which is not federal, has no reserve–and is just a system for gaining world domination (or 1world) by Banksters and Corporateers from all over the world, but mostly US corps, as they control the nukes, mostly, as well as the economies.


In the end I hope I have time to write on the side of the boat what I think and feel about this country. Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.


Good piece


Wait what? Is this guy implying that the NRA benefited from this? Is he anti-2nd amendment? Fact is that people who only want the state to be armed and citizens to be defenseless CANNOT be trusted.