123President Obama is apparently thinking about his presidential library. So now might be a good time to ponder whether anyone will want to visit it.

If he cared about revivifying his brief reputation as a good-guy outsider ready to shine light on the hidden recesses of our governing apparatus (remember his election-night victory speech that brought tears and rare hope to America?), Obama could certainly start at this late date by taking a stand for transparency.

Here’s how: Two Congressmen, a Democrat and a Republican, are asking Obama to declassify the congressional report on 9/11, which the Bush administration heavily redacted.

The two members of the House of Representatives have read the blacked-out portions, including 28 totally blank pages that deal largely with Saudi government ties to the alleged 9/11 hijackers.

This is apparently major connect-the-dots stuff—much more significant than what one may remember from Michael Moore’s film Fahrenheit 911, about Saudi royals and other Saudis studying and living in the US, who were allowed to go home without being interviewed in the aftermath of the attacks. This is about actual financial and logistical support of terrorism against the United States—by its ally, the Saudi government.

As a Hoover Institution media scholar wrote in the New York Post (normally no bastion of deep investigative inquiry):

The Saudis deny any role in 9/11, but the CIA in one memo reportedly found “incontrovertible evidence” that Saudi government officials — not just wealthy Saudi hardliners, but high-level diplomats and intelligence officers employed by the kingdom — helped the hijackers both financially and logistically. The intelligence files cited in the report directly implicate the Saudi embassy in Washington and consulate in Los Angeles in the attacks, making 9/11 not just an act of terrorism, but an act of war.

Congressmen “absolutely shocked”

The two outspoken Representatives, Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen Lynch (D-Mass) would be violating federal law if they offered any specifics about what they know, or even named any countries mentioned—but did say they were  “absolutely shocked” by revelations of foreign state involvement in the attacks. Now, they want a resolution requesting Obama declassify the entire document.

If the media were to do its job and create the kind of wall-to-wall coverage it bestows upon, say, inter-spousal murder trials, Obama might feel he had to release the full 9/11 report. He’d have to concede there is a public right to know, or at least explain in detail why he doesn’t think so. Either way, there would be major fireworks. But we’re not betting on either the president or the media doing the right thing.

Mainstream Media: out to lunch, so far

How much publicity is this enormously significant story getting? Very, very little. A search of the Nexis-Lexis database turned up just 13 articles or transcripts. One was a very short, cautious piece from the Boston Globe. One was a transcript of TV commentator Lou Dobbs on Fox News. All of the others were specialty or ideological publications or blogs—Investor’s Business Daily, the Blaze, Prairie Pundit, Right Wing News, etc. (CNN’s Piers Morgan did interview Rep. Lynch). Nothing showed up from the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, MSNBC or the broadcast networks.

That’s a remarkable oversight, given that the media did cover similar concerns expressed by former senators Bob Kerrey and Bob Graham almost two years ago. In an affidavit for a lawsuit by the families of 9/11 victims, Graham, head of the joint 2002 congressional 9/11 inquiry, said, “I am convinced that there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia.” Kerrey, who served on the non-congressional 9/11 Commission, said in his own affidavit, “Evidence relating to the plausible involvement of possible Saudi government agents in the September 11th attacks has never been fully pursued.”

But two House members, one a Democrat, one a Republican, explicitly calling for the President to make the full report available? That’s certainly news.

What Will Obama Do?

If President Obama does declassify the records, that would be surprising, if not outright shocking.

Although he has belatedly (and under heavy pressure from his base) begun to shift more toward at least the rhetoric of openness, Obama failed to stand up for release of still-classified documents related to the John F. Kennedy assassination (a half century after that tragedy), and he has presided over myriad actions that take us further than ever from transparency. Meanwhile, the media has all but abdicated its responsibility to hold the administration’s feet to the fire on these and related matters.

At WhoWhatWhy, we understand how hard it is to get this kind of material into the hands of the American people. Our groundbreaking reporting on ties between prominent and powerful Saudis and the men said to have been on the planes attacking on September 11 (via a house in Sarasota, Florida) was almost entirely ignored by the establishment media, including many so-called “alternative” and “progressive” outlets, though it has nonetheless spread widely thanks to the Internet and social media. Even the above-mentioned New York Post only now has acknowledged our reporting on the Saudi-Sarasota connection, without mentioning our name or linking to us.

No matter. The significance is that others have come forward to ask tough questions about the daunting reach and self-protective reflexes of our government’s ever-expanding “secret sector.” With a related meta-issue—NSA surveillance—odd bedfellows like “leftie” Glenn Greenwald and “rightie” Larry Klayman (with a Bush appointed judge ruling in his favor) are going at the surveillance state simultaneously, mightily aided by former intelligence analyst Edward Snowden.

Whatever one thinks of the 9/11 story—and one needn’t buy the more extreme theories to be open to examining new, documented facts—there’s clearly more to that trauma than we have been allowed to know; and we suspect there are many more establishment figures with a hunger for the truth. And once more “respectable” Washington insiders like House (and Senate) members start saying shocking things—well, that’s a man-bites-dog story few news organizations can turn down.

As for the executive branch, representatives of the State Department, Department of Justice and FBI have repeatedly denied knowing anything about the Saudi angle. If those documents are ever declassified, the denials themselves—and those issuing those denials—should also be news.

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  2. royjkendall says:

    go to hr14.org asap….

  3. spearman says:

    Anthony Summers 2011 book “11 DAYS” outlines as never before the complicity of the Saudi elites.

  4. ra wo says:

    Now that people are understanding the Mossad-CIA was behind 9/11 it’s time to throw throw the Saudis under the bus. The good thing is the Saudi connection leads to P-tech which circles around back to Israel. Everyone knows Saudi intelligence is just an offshoot of Mossad. Without Western military aid the Gulf royals are looking at the gallows. So Bush Sr. and company are definitely fumbling and grasping to stop 9/11 truth, but anywhere they turn there is quicksand. What a tangled web we weave!

    • $17227269 says:

      The establishment love conspiracy addicts like you. You muddy the water and make it harder for intelligent people to define the true deceit of those in government and security.

  5. ErnestineBass says:


  6. anarchyst says:

    Google “dancing Israelis and 9-11″. You won’t like what you find.
    Yes, :”dancing Israelis”–

  7. $30856190 says:

    “we aren’t looking back”

  8. AutAut says:

    False flag operation..

  9. God Frog says:

    Whoops! call me God Frog. Thanks Russ. Love your book on the Family Bush!

  10. Mr. Music says:

    Speculation: those training hijackers on a mission of death can convince them of some religious or military objective that is a misrepresentation. I have come to the conclusion that some wing of our spook network is more concerned with some dynamic goal that humans find offensive, and rather than the pursuit of noble goals that could enrich the world, they have in mind domination by an elite. Journalists, such as those with your high standards, cannot simply speculate in this way, so I do.

  11. 2centsforyou says:

    Saudis were involve no doubt about that ,but were they the only ones?or were there other forign intel agencys as well??

  12. BB says:

    Richard Armitage went to Riyadh to ensure so-called hi-jackers were given express visas to America, overruling Michael Springmann, who had denied visas to them. The “hijackers” were CIA assets tasked to participate in exercises held by the DoD to simulate hijackings using planes as weapons. These games were to be held on 9/11. In the months prior the Saudis and Atta left a trail of conspicuous incriminating clues about their movements and behavior in a diabolical scheme to lend credibility to the “highjacking”script, and to allow major media to denounce them mere hours after the event. And how about the planted passport? TV reporter Garrick Utley unwisely blurted, *if you can believe that”, thus losing his job shortly after. How about black boxes disappearing? Huh?

  13. Curious and invisible says:

    All US government entities have unique ways to protect their
    budgets. When my wife was a government employee, her co workers thought that the composition of the Space Shuttle Challenger crew was too perfect not to be a suicide mission. I also had the opportunity to drink beer with a number of Big Time oil men while I was in college. Their motto was that the
    oil business was above politics. It did not matter if the king was a mass murderer. If he had oil, they would get it. This is how the CIA got so intertwined in the oil business. These oil guys have access
    to anyone anywhere. The CIA also has a budget to protect. Fill in the blanks. There has to be unwritten rule that sitting Presidents will not expose the activities of past Presidents.

  14. John says:

    We absolutely should be angered about the withholding of information. Investigations go on for years for crimes that are so insignificant, the fact that 9/11 was so open and shut is shameful. What angers me even more is that Americans are so easily distracted and led from the truth by state sponsored media and obvious red herrings. If the official story about 9/11 were true, we would have been overran and decimated as a country, because there is no Jack Bauer to save us. We are inept and feeble, even with all of the technology, money and resources we have. If the official story were true. Remember America, just wait for the new Phablet or Miley or KimK story and forget about Freedom!

  15. Brisa says:

    The conspiracy encompasses more than Saudi intelligence support. Another “limited hangout”. The Saudis did not have the capability to disable the automated anti-aircraft missile batteries that ring the Pentagon. Deep politics transcends national sovereignty. The shadow government remains firmly in control.

    • Lenny says:

      Are those aaa missiles a fact? Where can I read about them?

    • Sarastro92 says:

      Webster, the Saudis provided key funding and logistical support directly to the hijackers . That doesn’t mean they were in the driver’s seat and masterminded the whole operation, which included not only the Saudis, but the FBI-CIA , and as you point out, the US military as well.

      Busting open the Saudi role is however critical to breaching the whole 911 operation

  16. Jeff Grotke says:

    Whether or not they had a hand in 9/11, our nation’s close friendship with Saudi Arabia is despicable. They are fascist tyrants. Their woman are no better than slaves. A country that enslaves and dehumanizes half its population should not have the friendship nor support of this country, no matter how much oil they have. It makes US hypocrites. I don’t want to be a hypocrite.

  17. Jeff Grotke says:

    Michael Moore got a lot of criticism for Fahrenheit 911, when he implied that the Saudis owned the Bushes. Afterall, the Saudis have put money into Bush corporations for 40 years. The more we learn, the more it sounds like Moore was dead right. And you people that lump Obama in with Bush miss the point. JFK was killed in public. Obama can only go so far and then I honestly believe he would be next. Afterall the CIA would just claim it was some racist that did it.

  18. Jeff Grotke says:

    the deal is that proof of Saudi involvement is evidence that the Bushes knew about it and allowed it to happen. Bush and the Saudis go back too far.

  19. tony bonn says:

    Obama was hired to keep the lid on 9/11…the Indonesian Manchurian candidate is not about to have a pang of conscience at this late date…he his bush’s brother and not about to reveal a family of secrets….anyone who wants to know the truth about 9/11 should read jim mars – not the drivel coming out of a punked up fake government report.

  20. John Liozeris says:

    But none of the savvy commenters want to discuss; Where did a half million tons of heavy structural steel go to? The World Trade buildings would have made a pile of mangled beams hundreds of feet high. Though the very clear pictures that were taken and shown the next day were of an almost flat debris field. You can skip to 0:48:00 and then watch for about an hour for an interesting interview; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lec9giab90I

  21. BB says:

    The Saudis who allegedly participated in 9/11, actually did. They were recruited by Richard Armitage, who arranged their visas, to
    pose as “terrorists” in a staged exercise to simulate attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, a simulation that incredibly coincided with an “actual” attack. Many of the visas were fake, since 7 of those named were confirmed alive and well weeks after the event. Dick Cheney directed the so-called exercise, which provided a convenient cover for the actual atrocity, a crime that was committed, I am convinced, by the U.S. government.

  22. ICFubar says:

    No holding of breath on this one. The Saudi/Sarasota piece as it made the rounds may have been the spark that ignited this current flurry of political pantomime. We all know that the 9/11 event has “deep state” involvement and that those truths will be even more strongly guarded than the truths surrounding the killing of JFK.

    Senator Bob Graham is being foisted on the public as a “truth seeker” on the Saudi connection like some useful idiot under likely foreign affairs subterfuge as American-Saudi relations deteriorate. The “good” senator is named as one of the co-conspirators of the 9/11 event on the “Who Did It” web site, so who better to trust in delivering the “new meme”. Perhaps it will become the Saudis turn next, with the perhaps need to vilify the entire nation as terroristic,coming into the cross hairs of revamped imperial design rather than a cowed Iran; under strategic resources control and financial petro dollar readjustment agendas (China has recently put heavy investment into Arabia) that could be behind this recent spat of messaging.

    As for the MSM(Meme Strategical Messengers), they are not worth the column space in explanation of their lack of investigation on this. A simple line saying that the MSM is largely silent as instructed would suffice.

    • Guest says:

      Can’t leave out Porter Goss, the Forrest Gump of the intel community. Involved in the Cuban Missile Crisis, member of Operation 40, CIA case officer AND director, Council on Foreign Relations, co-sponsor of the Patriot Act, co-chair of the Joint 9/11 Intelligence Inquiry, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, helped establish and served on Homeland Security Committee. Yet Goss unsuccessfully tried to brush aside requests for an investigation into 9/11 and refused to blame 9/11 on an intelligence failure. Why would he say that it wasn’t an intelligence failure? Because it wasn’t a failure, things happened exactly as intended. It gets better: after allowing the destruction of videos documenting harsh interrogation of al-Qaeda detainees in Guantanamo, he is appointed Chairman of the Board of the Office of Congressional Ethics! LOL!! As a transplanted Floridian, I’m sure his Spanish language and boat handling skills are serving him well. Interesting moments in the Florida straits indeed!

    • ICFubar says:

      Great that you pointed out Goss and his file. Goss for all his intrigues is still just of the managerial classs working for the power elites of the corporatocracy, aiding them with design and planning in their never ending quest of more.

    • Sarastro92 says:

      There’s no question in my mind that declassifying the censored chapter of the Congressional 911 report would bust open the whole 911 terror spectacle. So Bob Graham is very helpful on that front as is Richard Clarke. No one has any illusions that either figure is a national savior.

    • jjj77 says:

      Richard Clarke is a troll and major 911 coverup artist. “Blowback” my butt!

  23. edwardrynearson says:

    the empire exists above nation states in my humble opinion. the glue which holds the empire together is the petro dollar which is controlled by global banks/corporations. i do appreciate this article.

  24. Gunnar says:

    These tyrant thugs can’t possible release the truth to the public, there would be a revolution. You have to be pretty naive to not believe the Saudis fingerprints are all over 9-11. Remember to them we are just apes and pigs

    • ICFubar says:

      Yes, and the hatred of all things Saudi may become the new meme for public consumption as relations deteriorate and the petro dollar is imperiled.

    • BB says:

      A great deal of Saudi royalty’s wealth comes from a long
      close relationship with American oil merchants. Remember Poppy Bush established Zapata Offshore in the 1960s as a CIA cover closely linked to Saudi Arabia. It is indeed naive to suggest they despise us. I have photos of #41 and #43 doing kissy-kiss with Saudi royals. there are enormous mutual benefits.

    • cruz_ctrl says:

      “A great deal of Saudi royalty’s wealth comes from a long close relationship with American oil merchants.”

      You might be interested in the folowing:
      The Secret of the Seven Sisters

      Saudi Arabia is explained beginning around the 10 minute mark.

  25. enkelin says:

    Read “Against all Enemies” by Richard Clark and you will have no doubt that there is more to the 911 story than the general public was told.. “Richard Alan Clarke is the former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism for the United States. Clarke worked for the State Department during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.”

    • Guesttttt says:

      Clark seems like a good man. About as good as they can come in Washington. He also said Michael Hasting’s car was likely hacked.

  26. William Miller says:

    I was pleased when Obama was elected but I now find him a bitter disappointment. I doubt he will release any pertinent info as he is as involved as Bush et al.

  27. Rafael says:

    Oh come on!!! 15 of the 19 were Saudi nationals! Why going around with rhetoric and BS! Of course they have something to do. How many enemy combatant have to be of one particular nation to be considered war??? A Ferdinand moment was pointing to Saudi Arabia!!

    • Sarastro92 says:

      But only in a limited role, not the masterminds of the whole WTC terror spectacle.

    • philip.dennany says:

      Patsies all, just as bin Laden obviously was. I have yet to see any real evidence any hijackings, especially in view of the fact that they couldn’t fly a jet, especially with turns and speeds that were impossible for an experienced/skilled commercial pilot to handle.

  28. Z54 says:

    Here is a question that needs to be asked, and answered. Did the Saudi government give the signers of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) their “Pearl Harbor” moment? If yes, then you had a conspiracy that ran deeper than just al-Qaeda. It is helpful to remember that Osama bin-Laden was on the CIA’s payroll!

    • ICFubar says:

      As are the Saudi’s on the payroll, and you can add the Pakistanis and Israelis to that list. If any of these client states acted in the 9/11 event it was at the behest of numero uno, the western corporatocracy, which uses the name U.S.of A. as it’s calling card. The “Saudis did it” is just the new meme coming from the “deep state” in advance of perhaps an new emerging geo political necessity on strategic resource control and petro dollar defence agendas.

  29. tommyknows says:

    Don’t let Saudi Arabia fall on their sword to protect Cheney and the rest of his administration.

  30. GuyTouquet says:

    Saudi Arabia probably has direct evidence of involvement of US and NY officials. That would explain the cover-up.

    • Sarastro92 says:

      Quite so Guy… Just download the rest of the Congressional 9/11 Inquiry… the Inquiry shows that the Saudis were working hand in glove with at least one FBI informant who housed the hijackers and provided cash, credit cards and the like to them. The Inquiry also cites the CIA for allowing known al Qaeda operatives (ie the hijackers) to enter the US and concealing that knowledge of the hijackers from the White House and key counter-terror officials such as Richard Clarke (check out his interview on YouTube). The FBI also ordered their field agents to stand down when they reported the hijackers were taking suspicious flying lessons. Indeed, the censored Section on the Saudis could blow the lid off the whole operation— which is why the story is being buried.

  31. JRC says:

    Let me see. Afghanistan is fizzling, Iraq is a mess. Where else can the country who would be the gatekeeper of the world’s oil start a war to get their dibs on the world’s remaining oil reserves? Iran looked promising, until Russia started wagging its finger for a No-No. Hmmm… Hey why not go for broke and burn the friendship with the Arabs? We did it to Hussain.

  32. UncleJoe223 says:

    How about re-opening the case of BARRY JENNINGS?


    Obama and the Congress are owned by the right-wing military.

    • pacman925 says:

      Shadow 1-world government, rothschild & soros & obama & 90% or our congress….America total collapse will happen very soon….

  34. polfilmblog says:


    Obama has been on the wrong side of high treason (“aid and comfort”) since he got into office. The first thing he had his “justice” department do was to provide free pro bono legal assistance to the Saudi regime so that they could throw out this very same lawsuit!


    Treason doesn’t happen on a whim. Treason isn’t some arbitrary matter of liking or disliking someone. It’s not a matter of embarrassment. One does not give aid and comfort to the enemies of his nation lightly. The US was a full partner in these crimes. High officials beyond the white house are guilty of treason, false flag terrorism, and the greatest crime against the US in its history.

    No, Obama isn’t about to do anything whatsoever to expose that.

    • Charlie Primero says:

      This idea that U.S. Presidents are anything more than actors paid by Wall Street is retarded. Grow up.

    • pacman925 says:

      Exactly polfilmblog !! WHEN we take controlling our nation, they want prison, not death for TREASON ! & We could use a whole big prison for ALL these Traitor’s !

  35. gladImold8 says:

    I never knew there were so many conspiracy theories out there! You guys need to focus on family. friends and reality. And do some revision with Occam’s Razor in mind.

    • Sarastro92 says:

      Unfortunately, obsessing about the WTC collapse is a side-show and digression… when you can tell us who wired the towers to collapse, let’s talk.

      Meanwhile, there is a paper trail and Congressional line of inquiry that identifies the parties responsible for 9/11 ie, key CIA executives, FBI execs, Saudi officials, informants, US military officials etc. It’s a long list of real people, most of whom are still alive and known to the publci.

    • shanob says:

      Dustification of steel beams.

    • Libertys_Ghost says:

      Yeah…because the easiest answer is that the entire US defense system failed completely to stop even one of the hijacked planes? I think you need to actually read what Occam’s Razor is and then think critically about what the easiest answer is in that context. I like how you pretend it’s all clear cut and that despite all of human history conspiracies are only perpetrated by poor shmucks filling up prisons in the US who can’t afford good lawyers…because most of them are there on “conspiracy” charges. Either think or shut up now.

    • Ludicrous says:

      Occam’s Razor is a cop out if someone wants to cover something up- say, like 9/11. Follow the money. Who benefits? Dick Cheney has made over 39 BILLION dollars off the war in Iraq. A country, mind you, that had nothing to do with 9/11. People who want to cast aspersions always want to call anyone who thinks anything that is covered up is “tin foil hat” about the subject. I guess if you wanted to use Occam’s Razor in this case, you would be right, in a sense: lying is probably the easiest, and thus, the most Occam’s Razor way to get what you want: http://disinfo.com/2013/03/dick-cheney-admits-he-lied-in-911-testimony/

    • $3840037 says:

      The most widely accepted conspiracy theories are the Official ones… the magic bullet theory and how it got fired and by whom; 9/11 as a conspiracy of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.
      Lame and obvious false official theories spawn the unofficial ones and stimulate much better research.

    • Sarastro92 says:

      There’s nothing theoretical about 911. The Congressional Inquiry investigators uncovered pretty astonishing factual materials, such as the fact that the hijackers were housed by an FBI informant with the knowledge of his handler. And that the CIA knew the Al Q terrorists were entering the country a full 18 months before 911 occurred.

      If you ignore the basic investigation and the documents and then babble about “conspiracy theories” you’re just serving as a disinformaton agent.

  36. SittingBull911 says:

    Russ, thanks for keeping to the point. I report on the Saudi issue as well for years now. But I read several times on other outlets that a Saudi 9/11 link means an act of war. This is no good development, it muddies the waters and is a wrong direction. Saudis could have be framed. The most important evidence is the forgotten break of the Saudi kingdom with the US before 9/11 re Palestinian issue. Worth a second look. I think it’s more about oil interest. Like Abdulaziz Al-Hijji working for Saudi-Aramco. Keep in mind FBI John O’Neills statement: “The main obstacles to investigate Islamic terrorism were US oil corporate interests, and the role played by Saudi Arabia in it,”

    • Sarastro92 says:

      No one who reviews the investigative findings of the 911 Congressional Inquiry can claim the Saudis were framed. It’s not legitimate to argue from ignorance.

  37. Tressia Langston says:

    The Media nor the “people” WANT to know how evil their leaders ( I use the term loosely) are. They are inherantly dispicable and deceitful. Everyone is out for their own success and do not care who they have to step on, knock over or kill in the process. They are only interested in shaming people who speak the truth if it goes against their agendas.

  38. MetaCynic says:

    Congressmen Jones and Lynch owe an allegiance to a higher law – the U.S. Constitution – which they both took an oath to uphold and defend against all enemies. The Constitution trumps any law regarding the disclosure of redacted documents. It is their obligation as humans, as Americans and as congressmen to disclose to us, their employers, what was redacted.

    9/11 was used as an excuse by the political class to trample our Bill of Rights by erecting a police state at home and to invade and occupy foreign countries which had done us no wrong. This was and still is treason at the highest levels of government. If the Saudi’s had a hand in what was clearly a false flag operation, then they and their American enablers must be exposed and prosecuted.

    • Sarastro92 says:

      Exactly… the Boston Bombing was another big step to consolidating martial law in the face of a fake national emergency. We should expect a large scale exercise in the next two years or so involving a spectacular cyber-terror event that kills a lot of Americans, such as sabotage of key infrastructure. As with 911, the military and think tanks have been simulation a cyber attack in war games exercises.

  39. amused says:

    Rather than reacting to this latest shocking and carefully placed news story, it would be wise to ask why now? What could the agenda be behind this release. Are the bought and paid for royal family beginning to misbehave? Is it time to start turning public opinion against them? Perhaps in preparation of a possible future coup and the installment of a new and more cooperative puppet ruler? If so what better way than a quiet and subtle leak, and let the outrage of the minority paying attention help to spread the story. if the royal family gets in line it can easily be quashed, and if not fuel can be gradually added to the fire as necessary. The mistake would be to assume that truth and justice are the originating motivations in this game.

  40. Robert Miller says:

    Considering the BND’s part in Mo Atta’s history I’d like a little more attention paid to the Germans. Also would like to see more about Huffman Aviation. If they were smuggling in heroin (a plane of theirs got busted with 43 pounds and everyone walked away) at the same time Mo and his buddy were matriculating there, that suggests friends in high places.

  41. disqus_eEbPU3IGDU says:

    The official explanation of the September 11 attacks has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. It’s time for a new investigation.

    • mydogsays says:

      Consider these facts. Could Al Qaeda:

      Get the Pentagon and NORAD to standdown for almost two hours on the morning on 9/11?

      Place two U.S. aircraft carriers off the coast of Pakistan
      just prior to 9/11?

      Place explosives in the WTC towers and Building 7 (with
      tenants like the Secret Service, CIA, SEC, DoD etc?

      Put Afghanistan invasion plans on Bush’s desk two days before 9/11?

      Get top Pentagon officials to cancel travel plans for the
      morning of 9/11 (See Newsweek article.)

      Plan for the U.S. military to have military war games on
      9/11 simulating planes crashing into buildings, going in and out of radar and drawing all but four fighter jets away for the Northeast air sector?

      Place false blips (injects) on the screens of air traffic
      controllers on 9/11?

      Take the main NORAD (NEADS) radar unit that covers the Northeast U.S. offline for maintenance on the morning of 9/11?

      Place Bush and Condoleeza Rice crony Phillip Zelikow as the executive director of the 9/11 Commission?

      Get Bush to sit silently in the school classroom for almost a half an hour after being told “The second tower has been struck. America is under attack”?

      Get Bush and Cheney to only agree to speak to the 9/11 Commission together as long as no audio/video recordings or notes were taken?

      Get the mainstream U.S. media to completely fail to question the 9/11 story and not investigate any of the lies and anomalies. Then cover up all of the damning evidence that has come out since 9/11?

      The “official 9/11 story” is a complete farce.
      Please visit http://www.PatriotsQuestion911.com and http://www.AE911Truth.org.

    • DNA Explains It All says:

      Ok, any thinking being knows the score. Cui bono, Who profits? 9/11 was military industrial complex CHRISTMAS TIME! They wanted patriot I & II after the Murrah, but got too sloppy and it was not BIG ENOUGH, hence the NEED for 9/11!

    • philip.dennany says:

      A real and independent investigation devoid of special interests by the investigators. The 911 commission was filled with members that could gain from the outcome that was predetermined before it was even the panel was formed.

  42. Willis T. says:


    Two words: DANCING ISRAELIS.


    • Sarastro92 says:

      I don’t see any evidence that the Israelis had any operative role in 9/11… But since 9/11 was a US military and US intelligence co-production with the Saudis, the Mossad likely as aware of what was afoot and the ramifications, especially the Iraq invasion, which very much was on their agenda.

    • JimGlover says:

      Yes, the Israelis are not so stupid to be caught recording the attack if it was their work. But they knew it was coming like many other agencies and they may have known more than most. What they did helped Bush to cover up so that they had something on him. They probably passed their info on to some agency that they doubted would do anything about it and Bush passed the test by covering it up. Actually the Dancing Israelis by recording the attack have blackmail evidence on the whole US government and more. The CIA ordered the council in Jedda to give most of the Hijackers visas even though they could not answer where they were going.

      Does anyone doubt that Israel knew that the JFK coup was another cover-up? All they had to do was ask Lansky and others in the mob who bragged about it. The Mossad even did another test and found Oswald could not have done it and they were right and Nixon knew LBJ was covering it up too which gave them cover to keep stealing Palestinian land, get the bomb and keep it.

    • Sarastro92 says:

      Thanks for the post… Since 911 was orchestrated by US intelligence and the Saudis, likely what happened is that these plans were leaked or Mossad moles picked up on this caper… It does appear that at some time the Mossad was following some of the hijackers… ie the infamous Israeli art students affair.

      But all I’m saying is that the Mossad was not part of the al Qaeda finance/ logistics/ support network.

      The Congressional 911 report credibly shows how that support infrastructure and protection racket worked, enriched by Ricard Clarke’s comments as well.

      The dancing Israelis merely showed they had advanced knowledge of the CIA-FBI- Saudi 911 spectacle, not that the Mossad had an operative role,

      As for the JFK assassination, much has been discussed on that. JFK did not want the Israelis to have nuclear weapons and was hated for that policy and past grievance with Joe Kennedy Sr. The avenue to investigate has always been the Permindex angle, which Jim Garrison had detected but had a hard time cracking.

    • Sarastro92 says:

      Thanks for the post… Since 911 was orchestrated by US intelligence and the Saudis, likely what happened is that these plans were leaked or Mossad moles picked up on this caper… It does appear that at some time the Mossad was following some of the hijackers… ie the infamous Israeli art students affair.

      But all I’m saying is that the Mossad was not part of the al Qaeda finance/
      logistics/ support network.

      The Congressional 911 report credibly shows how that support infrastructure and protection racket worked, enriched by Ricard Clarke’s comments as well.

      The dancing Israelis merely showed they had advanced knowledge of the CIA-FBI-
      Saudi 911 spectacle, not that the Mossad had an operative role,

      As for the JFK assassination, much has been discussed on that. JFK did not want
      the Israelis to have nuclear weapons and was hated for that policy and past
      grievance with Joe Kennedy Sr. The avenue to investigate has always been the Permindex angle, which Jim Garrison had detected but had a hard time cracking.

    • Sarastro92 says:

      Thanks for the post… Since 911 was orchestrated by US intelligence and the Saudis, likely what happened is that these plans were leaked or Mossad moles picked up on this caper… It does appear that at some time the Mossad was following some of the hijackers… ie the infamous Israeli art students affair.

      But all I’m saying is that the Mossad was not part of the al Qaeda finance/
      logistics/ support network.

      The Congressional 911 report credibly shows how that support infrastructure and protection racket worked, enriched by Ricard Clarke’s comments as well.

      The dancing Israelis merely showed they had advanced knowledge of the CIA-FBI-
      Saudi 911 spectacle, not that the Mossad had an operative role,

      As for the JFK assassination, much has been discussed on that. JFK did not want
      the Israelis to have nuclear weapons and was hated for that policy and past
      grievance with Joe Kennedy Sr. The avenue to investigate has always been the Permindex angle, which Jim Garrison had detected but had a hard time cracking.

  43. Le_Dingue says:

    It’s a Pandora’s box.
    All the information is already published, as it goes, and well researched.
    If the “official” story is revisited not only would the Saud family be a major target but almost simultaneously the network around/behind Bush senior, Cheney-Rumsfeld and the pro-Israeli players installed into government power (right up to the owners of WTC) would be exposed as well. Then there’s the Iraq war planning, the media manipulation and the cover up of both (9/11 & Iraq). It really was the greatest crime since Hitler’s genocide and its primary commissioners and players were not all foreign, few of them in fact!
    If the Saud family get dragged into the open on 9/11 then maybe they will fight their corner by releasing some of their own secrets!

    If the box were opened and the openers survived the “push-back” (or even simply stayed alive) the obvious consequences would have to be faced and addressed. Arrest warrants for extremely powerful US citizens? I can’t see that being allowed to happen. Presidents have been got rid of or silenced before for less threatening postures.

  44. Joethecuckleburr says:

    This whole notion has a foul odor about it. How did the Saudis get a missile to the Pentagon? And don’t embarrass yourself by trying to tell me it was a goddamned airplane. How did the Saudis make World Trade Center 7 collapse into its own footprint? How did the Saudis make Flight 93 in Penn. disappear? How did the Saudis arrange for our whole air defense to stand down on that day? And worst of all, how did the Saudis propagate the fucking COVERUP?

    • Le_Dingue says:

      The Saudis role was just the patsy teams and some financing.
      Obama won’t be permitted to open the Saudi can of worms on this because that will immediately be overtaken by the Bush can of worms (Bush senior and Rumsfeld-Cheney). Pretty soon bodies would start appearing!

    • Sarastro92 says:

      LE_Dingue… the evidence supports your assessment of the limited but important Saudi role

  45. Vivek Jain says:


    “The two outspoken Representatives, Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen Lynch (D-Mass) would be violating federal law if they offered any specifics about what they know, or even named any countries mentioned—but did say they were “absolutely shocked” by revelations of foreign state
    involvement in the attacks.”

    So why not violate federal law if the truth matters to them? What good are their purported principles if they’re not willing to risk anything to defend them?

    Howard Zinn taught us that civil disobedience is “the temporary taking of the law into one’s own hands, in order to declare what the law SHOULD be. It is a declaration that there is an incongruence between the law and humane values, and that sometimes this can only be publicized by breaking the law.” He went on to describe, “two essential conditions for the right to civil disobedience. One is that the human value at stake must involve fundamental rights, like life, health, and liberty…. [T]hose who engage in civil disobedience are almost always law-abiding citizens who on certain very important issues deliberately, openly, temporarily violate a law to communicate a vital message to their fellow citizens…. [T]he second condition for civil disobedience [is] the inadequacy of legal channels for redressing the grievance.”

  46. Beef Cake says:

    America is fucked. American are fucked. Live with it.

  47. macduggie says:

    Meanwhile in the UK the thorny issue of Iran rather Libya being responsible for the Lockerbie bombing is hitting the news again.


    If I didn’t know better, I’d think Western foreign policy is decided by accepting that invading an oil-rich state every few years is a must and which one it is is decided by playing eeny meeny.

    Or comparing how much protection money & oil the regimes cough up.

  48. 01PT says:

    So, should the US & allies have invaded Saudi instead of Iraq in 2003? Or Saudi in 2001 instead of, or in addition to Afghanistan? I’d be interested in peoples’ thoughts.

    • sgtdoom says:

      Not according to R. James Woolsey who, if you recall, got on Fox and claimed Irai involvement with the attacks on 9/11!

      Of course, he also recently claimed that Edward Snowden should be executed for treason. (Woolsey is also a senior vp at Booz Allen, owned by the Carlyle Group, and neocon Woolsey is also chairman of the ultra-neocon Foundation in Defense of Democracies.)

    • Le_Dingue says:

      If the plan had been uncovered there would have been multiple arrests of US citizens and a massive treason trial. It would probably still be going on!
      The cancer is inside the US with some foreign players in on the “project” for their own geopolitical goals

    • Sarastro92 says:

      I believe you nailed it Le Dinque

  49. planckbrandt says:

    Lloyds of London found the evidence too. Independently of this totally coopted US government. The missing lawsuit story is the giveaway here.

  50. Zack B says:

    If the document connects the dots between the 9/11 “terrorists” and the Saudi royal family and the dots are already connected between the Bush family and the Saudi royal family, then it follows……that Bush should be in jail.

    • planckbrandt says:

      That is the whole point. They are “allies” of the ruling family elites of the entire world, including Bushes and other Carlyle Group shareholders. There is no nationality at this level.

    • tpmco says:

      Do you think that the Israelis and the Saudis might be “old” friends? I’ve seen desperadoes unite over a common cause before. Nationalities notwithstanding.

    • Le_Dingue says:

      There is indeed a long standing convergence of Saud family and Likud interests. It goes back 30+ years. Odd bed fellows indeed.
      Bush-Saud-Likud commissioned 9/11 and the Iraq invasion

  51. gogetem1 says:

    We obviously have a concerted and coordinated demonizing of Saudi Arabia happening in our midst: First Bob Graham doing the interview circuit (eg. The Real News Network) hinting at Saudi involvement in 9/11 and now comes this. What are we to make of this? The attacks of 9/11 had to have involvement of several foreign governments and their intelligence services as well as that of the USA. Prince Bandar wasn’t nicknamed “Bandar Bush” for nothing. Are the Saudis planning to drop the dollar as their currency in oil?
    As much as I like to see more truth come to light and I shouldn’t downplay it, this smells like a classic Limited Hangout.

    • Le_Dingue says:

      The Saud family and the Likud hard liners are pissed at the agreed war on Iran not materialising (Putin & Russia put their foot in…)
      So now there’s some recriminations. So far Obama has stalled the war-making (attack Syria, then Iran). Now it’s a stalemate but there are enormously consequential skeletons in closets in Riyadh, Washington (or Texas) and Tel Aviv.
      Then there’s the money that has swirled around: oil & weapons, it’s a few trillions of dollars over the years.

    • Sarastro92 says:

      Since chairing the Congresional 9/11 Inquiry Bob Graham has demanded that the chapter of the Inquiry that spells out the Saudi role be declassified. Nothing new. But Graham and the Inquiry itself seriously implicates the CIA and FBI in providing a support and protection ring for the 9/11 hijackers. This is not an attempt to hang 9/11 around Saudi necks and let off their American partners.

      I’m not seeing a Hangout or false flag in the making.

  52. daniel says:

    I agree w the author but wish he would also look at Israel’s role in 9/11. the Dancing Israelis and many other dual citizens should be in jail. They found,explosives in their vans folks, and witnesses saw them celebrating the collapse!

  53. Charlie Primero says:

    “…we suspect there are many more establishment figures with a hunger for the truth.”


  54. Yossarian says:

    In regards to the “oaths” that keep people silenced. They become null and void when the government breaks oaths they took to uphold the constitution and act as the “will of the people”.

  55. carolm says:

    Urge the President to declassify 28 pages
    of the 9/11 Commission Report to shed light on continuing questions.

    House Resolution 428 which urges the President to declassify 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 2001. This portion has remained classified since the Inquiry‘s findings were first released in December 2002. Congressmen Lynch and Jones had the opportunity to review the 28 pages and believe they should be made public.

    Twelve years after the horrific September 11 attacks, unanswered questions still remain. These pages contain information that is vital to a full understanding of the events and circumstances surrounding this tragedy. The families
    of the victims and the American people deserve better; they deserve answers, they deserve a full accounting, and that has not happened yet.

    Sign this petition to the White House. We need 150 signers within a week to get it listed on the WH website, and 100,000 within one month to deliver it to the President. Please share this link with your friends: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/urge-president-declassify-28-pages-911-commission-report-shed-light-continuing-questions/yqb39pbT

  56. JohnJoslin says:

    Rep. Stephen Lynch ( D-Mass. ) might carefully consider openly breaking the law ( civil disobedience ) in this case. We can guess that thousands of people under the same legal constraints he labors under are just as afraid as he of acting on their own knowledge. Some would join him , if he went first. Others would follow, and so on.

    Once the tottering dam of fear finally breaks on this , the public and most judges or juries will immediately understand that the fraudulent wall of convenient secrecy has only shielded wrongdoers & severely harmed the rest of us. An entire country cowering at the behest of foolish national security goons, a comfy gang of lunatics & career criminals .

    Of course , Ol’ John Kerrey has likely saved a few well-minced words about this for much , much later… a couple of densely circumspect , long past due remarks to help stuff the ultra boring autobiography due to be clumsily inflicted one day in the looming safety of time.

    Someone less calculating and more curious about the possibilities of courage , like Mr. Lynch , could elect to bravely act in the present. When it counts.

    – John A. Joslin ( Detroit )

    • jimbojamesiv says:

      It’s also highly doubtful a member of Congress could be prosecuted for anything said on the floor of Congress, even if they could be ‘punished for disorderly behavior’ by the respective House, although it’s doubtful they could be expelled.

      US Constitution, Art. 1, Sec. 6, Para 1.

    • Le_Dingue says:

      Of course if an older man has a heart attack… oh dear, tragic.
      (it’s not like anyone would deny that the spooks can easily do this)

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