Stephen Silva, the latest Tsarnaev friend caught in the bombing probe

Stephen Silva, the latest Tsarnaev friend caught in the bombing probe

Yet another friend of accused Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his dead brother, Tamerlan, is caught in the seemingly unending expansion of the federal investigation.

Stephen Silva, 21, of Cambridge pleaded not guilty to charges of heroin dealing and possession of a firearm with defaced serial number.

The gun in question is a P95 Ruger 9mm pistol, similar to the one allegedly used by the Tsarnaev brothers in the murder of Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer Sean Collier and the subsequent shootout with police in Watertown, Mass.

The 16-page indictment against Silva makes no mention of either the Boston Marathon bombing or the shooting of Sean Collier. The U.S. attorney’s office in Boston, which brought the charges, declined to say if the arrest of Silva was related to the Boston Marathon bombing investigation.

And according to the Boston Globe: “Details of the gun case remain unknown, and law enforcement officials would not comment.”

On the record, that is.

Off the record, the gun in Silva’s case is the weapon used to murder Officer Collier and engage police in the Watertown gunfight, according to anonymous law enforcement officials quoted in reports from major media organizations including ABC News and The Associated Press.

Why law enforcement is publicly hushed about an alleged bombing connection while simultaneously telling major news outlets there is indeed a link is unclear. However, a direct quote from a “high-ranking” official published by ABC News is telling:

“The defense is trying to paint Tamerlan as the mastermind, but they were working in concert and we have evidence that Dzhokhar secured the weapon,” the official said.

Tsarnaev’s defense for months has complained about the incessant stream of leaks from the law enforcement side, saying the comments are prejudicing potential jurors. Trying to get a change of venue for the trial, they conducted a poll which showed the majority of Bostonians believe he’s guilty. The quantity of leaks has grown so much the defense asked the judge to put a stop to them, lest anyone else become prejudiced.

Good luck with that.

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Must not be too sure of their case if they have to try to prejudice the public.


This whole episode smacks of deep state shenanigans to one degree or another and I have little hope that a fair trial was ever considered for the remaining Tsarnaev seeing as he somehow survived his arrest! However, when the 298 innocent souls of flight MH 17 can be sacrificed as inconsequential to the need to bring allies on side by hook or take a close look, in a sanction program as a designated part of planing in the “great game”, then the Boston Bombing seems almost benign in comparison…perhaps that is just one of the justifications for that event, “conditioning”. All I know is that the western money masters hegemonic agenda runs like a bare high tension wire through all these events as a warning to all of us of the “lower social stratum” .These elites perceive our existence and purpose is to be their sacrificial pawns; paying all the cost of their fights in full, financial, economic and physical,as we are here primarily to serve their lofty plans and provide amusement as contemptible playthings.


and of course your link is correct….

Jeff A. Taylor

Pretty obvious at this point that there is a two-track process — one for public consumption and one that is conducted in secret, with the expectation it will remain secret. The “Chechnya Dagestan Scrub” was supposed to remain secret. The FBI interviews in Dagestan handed to the Globe, all for show. The objective truth? Still elusive.


Good link. I’ve followed “The Intercept” these past several months, and many of its writers (Greenwald, Scahill, and Taibbi) for a long time.

Hasn’t the whole investigation smelled strongly of Fed shenanigans since the get-go? I remember reading of head-scratching developments and mysterious doings some months back. As if they have strained mightily to make it all conform to a preconceived scenario.


Let me say up front that I think most conspiracy buffs are full of it.

That said, between the Flight 800 debacle* and what I’ve read so far on the Boston bombing, something definitely smells.

*The FBI shutting out the NTSB (and everyone else) on the crash investigation.

Crime Reporter

First, thank you for using the proper, “pleaded,” instead of “plead.”

I’m only two paragraphs in and know that by using the proper terminology, you have a better grasp on what’s happening in this case than most so-called reporters do now days.

Greg Straw

Not to many people by the story of the whole bombing anyway.


Just how did this man end up with that supposed weapon? Even if that is the story, doesn’t it raise some rather interesting questions?


The federal government was hijacked in November of 1963. The lunatics have been running the asylum ever since. As long as they remain in control, the truth will be buried under a barrage of lies, misdirection, propaganda, false flags and fear mongering. The whole enterprise stinks.

The way this case is being handled reeks of cover up. No surprise.