Four in Ten Bostonians Skeptical of Official Marathon Bombing Account

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Dzohkhar Tsarnaev in 2010.

Dzohkhar Tsarnaev in 2010.

A recent poll conducted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense team, part of an effort to force a change of venue for his trial, found that a majority of Bostonians—58 percent—are already convinced the accused Marathon bomber is “definitely guilty.”

That may be persuasive to the presiding judge. But what’s perhaps more interesting is that the poll found a sizable number of Boston residents—42 percent—are still “unsure,” indicating that even the population with the closest proximity to the April 15, 2013, act of terrorism still harbor doubts about the “official” version of events.

Without seeing the evidence the government claims to have of the younger Tsarnaev’s guilt, and due to many anomalies and lingering questions about the bombing and its aftermath, we’re siding with the 42 percent who just aren’t sure yet.

Kevin Cullen of the Boston Globe recently expressed surprise about the poll’s results in a column in which he wrote: “Call me Pollyanna, but I’m shocked they were able to find the 42 percent who don’t think he’s guilty.” While people answering that they’re unsure about Tsarnaev’s guilt isn’t the same as thinking he’s innocent, it does reflect a substantial feeling that the jury is still out in many Bostonians’ minds.

Cullen’s surprise makes sense when one considers the nature of the event, with its gut-wrenching imagery and suspenseful days-long manhunt. After an experience like that, it’s understandable that Bostonians would want someone to hang.

And from the beginning, law-enforcement along with the vast majority of the media have implied that the evidence against Tsarnaev is so airtight, and that his guilt is so self-evident, that it’s bordering on the absurd to assert some things in the official version may not be exactly as we’ve been told.

You Can’t Fool All the People All the Time

The problem, as 42 percent of Bostonians apparently recognize, is that nobody has seen any evidence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s involvement in the actual bombing. It appears to many that there is likely more to this story than the simplistic, “self-radicalized lone wolves” yarn being spun by law enforcement and the mainstream media.

It does appear that these brothers were somehow involved in the violence. However, serious doubts remain with the government’s version of events.

We’ve been told that the brothers:

• Built, placed and detonated the “highly sophisticated” bombs

• Killed Officer Sean Collier execution-style

• Hijacked a Chinese national who made a daring escape

• Set off a chase that culminated in the Watertown shootout, the death of Tamerlan, and the subsequent capture of Dzhokhar in a dry-docked boat

 Most importantly, we’ve been told they did all of this alone.

We’ve also been informed that neither the FBI nor any other federal agencies had any contact with the brothers—directly or indirectly—after the agency closed its investigation into Tamerlan and his mother in 2011.

In the absence so far of hard evidence implicating the brothers as the sole perpetrators, many Bostonians appear to have kept an open mind.

In this, they may have been influenced by their familiarity with the FBI’s history of covering up embarrassing relationships to bad guys, like the one local agents had with the murderous Boston mobster Whitey Bulger—not to mention the Bureau’s less-than-stellar record of transparency regarding major events like 9/11. And that doesn’t even take into account some of the geopolitical and national security implications swirling around the case.

In other words—many reasonable doubts still exist.

Here’s a few of them:

• “Danny,” the main witness to Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s alleged confession to the Marathon bombing, and the shooting of Sean Collier, changed significant parts of his story over time, thereby undermining his credibility. And he is a budding entrepreneur with an uncertain immigration status—an easy target for law enforcement manipulation (For our two-part discussion on the reasonable doubts about Danny’s story, see here and here).

• As far as we know, there are no eyewitnesses to the shooting of Sean Collier. The security camera footage that supposedly recorded them attacking Collier has not been shown to the public. Additionally, at least three different law enforcement officials told the New York Times that the video in question does not show the attackers’ faces.

• There was an armed felon in the vicinity of Vassar Street around that same time who had just robbed a 7-Eleven at gunpoint. He’s still at large.

• The brothers supposedly shot and killed Collier for his gun, but didn’t take it. They also managed to avoid getting any blood on themselves, when one or both of them allegedly tried to wrestle Collier’s pistol from his bleeding body.

• The FBI initially denied knowing who the brothers were until Russia called them out on it. Was the FBI—or another federal agency—hiding something?

• The FBI’s assertions that its investigation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev was limited by a concern for his civil liberties are not credible. Since its inception, the FBI has routinely ignored the Bill of Rights, particularly, in recent years, when it comes to Muslims.

• Prior to the bombing, Tamerlan Tsarnaev somehow evaded being detained at the airport not once but twice, despite being on two different no-fly lists To get an idea of the frequency with which the government routinely allows individuals with questionable associations to travel in and out of our country as they please, see here and here.

• Why is it that the FBI appears to be relentlessly intimidating, punishing, deporting and in one case—that of Ibragim Todashev—shooting to death a person closely connected to the brothers? That pattern of behavior can easily call into question the FBI’s stated desire to get to the truth. Indeed, it can create the opposite impression. After the Todashev shooting, the FBI leaked to the media radically contradictory stories about how it happened: Todashev came at the agent with a knife, no, it was a sword, no, it was a pole. Even the Florida State Attorney’s investigation revealed mind-boggling contradictions between the stories of the FBI agent who did the shooting, and the Massachusetts state trooper who was in the room at the time. The trooper said Todashev charged him with a broom handle raised high like a javelin. But the FBI agent said Todashev ran at him with his left shoulder dropped in an attacking posture. For more details about the Todashev killing, please take a look here and here.

• The Tsarnaev’s uncle Ruslan and his apparent connections to retired CIA officer Graham Fuller and the CIA deserve further scrutiny.

• The fact that these immigrants were refugees from an area heavily contested between the United States and Russia, who were living in Cambridge, an established hotbed of espionage and international intrigue involving the United States, Russia and other countries, should give one serious pause before swallowing the “lone wolves” assertion.

• Even some law enforcement officials have expressed skepticism that the Tsarnaev brothers could have had the technical ability to construct and successfully detonate such highly sophisticated bombs in a flawlessly coordinated manner without help. The Tsarnaevs did not seem like criminal masterminds, as demonstrated by their boneheaded and panicky behavior once they were identified as the bombers.

And finally, the public has never seen the alleged video footage of Dzhokhar planting his backpack at the scene of the second explosion. What we have seen are grainy videos that show the brothers on Boylston St. carrying backpacks—like hundreds of other spectators that day.

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68 responses to “Four in Ten Bostonians Skeptical of Official Marathon Bombing Account”

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  2. nothingMore0415 says:

    Nothing More v5.0 Boston marathon Bombing

  3. di is in los angeles says:

    Tamerlane may have been trained by the Jamestown Foundation. Ex-CIA head Mike Hayden is on the board:

  4. Straub says:

    I’m surprised the conspiracy theorists haven’t touched upon the fact that located between the two bombing sites at 745 Boylston St. is an Israeli based chocolate restaurant/shop, “Max Brenner”.

  5. sophia says:

    call me Pollyana and watch Peekay 22 on youtube

  6. Al Seredin says:

    Boston Marathon was a False Flag operation of Mossad just like 911 was. This Russian Muslim and his brother were used by the FBI for the false flag

    only about 4% of the terrorist plots in US were not FBI initiated.

  7. Elim says:

    Other suspects were identified by citizen journalists, but none were pursued. Probably because they were US or Mossad agents, or both.

  8. Patriarch says:

    “The Newburgh Sting” on HBO Wednesday night premiered Monday night.

  9. ICFubar says:

    Kudos to R.B. for his work on this tragic event. Tsarnaev’s legal defense council will also appreciate his work, the FBI and Homeland security not so much. Now when the public hears of another lone gunman (Norway etc) most will now realize the gunman is most likely not alone. Makes me wonder about the Vegas couple who executed the two cops and leaving “revolutionary ” symbols on the dead bodies? Word is they had been FBI informants at some point and that they were kicked off the Bundy Ranch for extreme rhetoric, a la Tamerlan’s sudden supposed extremist stance? Anyway Holder is all upset and aims to do more to stop “domestic” terrorism. What’s the loss of two cops to justify extending the police state, or for that matter a plane load of civilians in advancing the same cause on the international scene? To these personality types absolutely nothing.

  10. Tanya Stone says:

    276 supposed casualties from the bombs, and no lawsuits. Is that realistic? Not bloody likely.

  11. BB says:

    No reference is made to the 2 dozen +or- members of a contract private militia known as Craft International who were on the scene, all wearing dark backpacks and caps with a skull-like logo. Why were they there? Who made the contract to pay for them? WTF?

  12. Neil Fabricant says:

    Why is it that the FBI appears to be relentlessly intimidating, punishing, deporting and in one case—that of Ibragim Todashev—shooting to death a person closely connected to the brothers? –

    This is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the entire episode. It appears on its face to have been an FBI-police assassination-plain and simple. According to published accounts, the FBI agents changed their story. Predictably, the agency announced it was “investigating.” And the story has more or less disappeared. Little or no follow up by corporate media. It isn’t the first law enforcement assassination and it won’t be the last, But along with politically sanctioned kill lists, are we now accepting the idea of .assassinations of people in their homes?.

  13. onetree says:

    The poll shows me that 58% of Bostonians are not using critical thinking skills.

  14. VoxFox says:

    The FBI has zero credibility.

  15. Carroll Price says:

    You can cover up doo-doo, but you can’t stop it from stinking. I would imagine that close to the same percentage of New Yorkers known that the official story of 9/11 makes absolutely no sense and was concocted for the purpose of covering up a false flag attack.

  16. UnBrainWashed says:

    This is a patented false-flag operation pulled (clumsily) by Obama administration. While Bush could pull 1000-time greater NY 911 attacks, the incompetent Obama could not pull clear this kindergarten play. What an Nincompoop/Incompetent president Obama is!

    • BB says:

      You are naive in the extreme if you believe Obama, or any recent president, except G H W Bush had anything directly to do with with a black ops false flag event. These are cooked up by the CIA and FBI and their handlers.

    • Al Seredin says:

      mostly by Mossad, which has operatives inside FBI

    • Tanya Stone says:

      You are forgetting the clone theory. The first one works, but after a generation or two, you get non-viable clones. These later FF events are non-viable clones.

  17. Dutch www-fan says:

    I am still waiting for that so called video the press was all over that they put the bomb in the garbage can (but that even the mayor was not able to see). Show me the evidence….

  18. thetruthmaster1 says:

    Read this article: Boston Bombing Like Hitting the LOTTO for Israel

    Boston Bombing – Good for Israel?

    Top Netanyahu Aide Sees Diplomatic Dividends for Marathon Attack

    by Jason Ditz, April 21, 2013

    Print This | Share This

    For most countries last week’s Boston Marathon bombing was a grim reminder that
    violence can break out anywhere, at any time. For a select few it became a huge
    inconvenience, as with the Czech
    Republic, whose
    ambassador has had to explain to Americans that Czechs and Chechens aren’t the
    same thing at all.

    And then there’s Israel,
    who, if you listen to top Netanyahu aide Ron Dermer, may as well have just hit
    the lottery with this bombing. Dermer is seeing it as a “big boost” that is
    going to make the average American more pro-Israel and even more eager to
    increase aid to them.

    In the video interview Dermer, seen as one of the front-runners for the next
    Israeli Ambassador to the United States,
    insisted that there was a “big change” in a pro-Israel direction among
    Americans after 9/11, adding that he believes the bombing in Boston
    will convince people to “identify more with Israel and its struggle against

    Though Dermer’s comments are likely to shock the uninitiated, they reflect
    long-standing beliefs among Israel’s
    ruling Likud Party, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu famously causing
    controversy in 2008 when he told university students that 9/11 was hugely
    beneficial for Israel. OK So I ask, WHO had the Most to Gain with the Boston Bombing?

    • thetruthmaster1 says:

      BTW/ Why was an Israeli Security Company hired for the Boston marathon? Who had all the inside info for security details How about those 2 guys with Tan Army boots on with black back packs and sunglasses photos on the road, before the bombing? Who were they? Lots of Question people need to keep asking. I believe this was a False Flag to roll out Beta Testing Martial Law.

    • BB says:

      They are members of Craft International, a private contract militia that has nothing to do with Israel.

    • Patriarch says:

      Briefcam demo (provided the walking video of the TSARNAEVs, along Boylston st) they make composites of moving images – that’s what they do, in their own words, BriefCam – “Video Synopsis is the simultaneous presentation of objects, events and activities that occurred at different times.” – The brother’s may not have been at the Marathon on the afternoon of April 15, 2013. They may have been there a week before, or a month, or a year. It is possible to superimpose the brothers from another time period or even another place with a similar camera setup.
      It could also explain the disappearing blood of a similar camera is at that site….old and new is “superimposed”.

      Israeli defense sources have informed IsraelDefense that the advanced technology by the Israeli company BriefCam for summarizing security footage helped US federal forces to locate those responsible for the attack that took place at the Boston marathon.
      The Video Synopsis technology in question makes it possible to review many hours of video footage within a matter of minutes – in real time or after an event, for the purpose of providing a precise intelligence picture.

  19. daniel wilson says:

    The Tsarnaevs are clearly “patsies” for the FAKE, yes, FAKE bombing. I know it sounds incredible but it’s true. It was a staged event in order to sway public opinion. Don’t believe me, just look at the pictures or hear the accounts of the victims with a truly open mind. I can no longer visit this site for the simple fact they fail to address this issue, along with the equally as politically incorrect and certainly connected events of September 11th and Sandy Hook. much love to my fellow purveyors of logic.

  20. Auntie Pheminizm says:

    What about the “friend” (Ibragim Todashev) who was conveniently killed by the FBI during an interview (a la Ruby Ridge)?

    They didn’t frisk him first?

    Probably couldn’t turn him, so silenced him.

    The other brother was run over to silence him, too.

    The whole thing stinks.

    • Patriarch says:

      A Hollywood movie plot line.
      Check out producer Nathan Folks’ interview.

      He hired “Carlos, the cowboy hat hero” ( la Raza agent) for his movie which was released before the bombing: “the prosecution of the president.”

      Says he was poisoned after disclosing the staged event. Took 6 mo. to recover.

  21. Ron Chandler says:

    Not mentioned here is that Dzokhar as he appeared in court appeared to those who knew him unrecognizable, possibly due to being shot in the neck. His voice when asked a question was deep and heavily-accented, Caucasus-style, whereas his friends say he has no accent, having lived in the US for several years.
    There is doubt the defendant was actually Dzokhar at all, and fear he may have been killed in police custody, just like his brother Tamerlan!
    This is worse than Amerika’s usual false flag: a friend of theirs was murdered in cold blood, the FBI killer let off. US is a rogue state.

  22. Kelly says:

    From the evidence I’ve researched, that was a Govt. Psy-op from square one, just like Connecticut.

  23. therevolutionwas says:

    A video I saw online as the Boston bombing events were unfolding still haunts me. I only saw it once, then never again. It was a local news channel, at night. The cameraman zoomed in to a guy laying on his stomach, arms straight out, hands outstretched. He had kind of a smile on his face as if the situation was something of a joke. He sure looked like the older brother, Tamerlan. How did he end up dead if he was captured? Didn’t anyone else see that clip?

    • lofty1 says:

      Do you mean this guy at the 11 sec mark?

    • therevolutionwas says:

      It looks like the same guy but it appears he has been laying there a long time. The one I saw seemed to be laying more in the middle of the street and he was very alert with his head up looking towards the camera area, smirking or smiling, but in the same position otherwise. So who was that?

    • therevolutionwas says:

      And thinking on it, I did see that clip you provided -afterwards. The one I saw was different. He was looking up showing his face.

    • loyaltoTam says:

      Please, please, I am begging you, don’t say it, don’t even think that person on the ground was Tam. It wasn’t. It wasn’t Tamerlan. I called one of the TV news programs at that same evening to say, that the person on the ground, they claimed to be Tamerlan, wasn’t not him, BUT I got a very rude reply saying: “we care not much about that”, and that is how they hung up on me. Others didn’t even listen even to care what I had to say. But, the “naked guy”, shown (before LE forged the second video) was definitely Tamerlan.

  24. sfulmer says:

    I was in the polling sample, and one of the 42%. However, it is far from clear what happened. Russ’ approach is most appreciated because he opens doors that others don’t open but does not push everyone else through them.

  25. GlomOnToMe says:

    It is clear what happened. After Fast-n-Furious was uncovered and therefore didn’t produce the anti-gun sentiment necessary for stricter gun control laws, they needed a new false flag. They contracted the Tsarnaev brothers to participate in a drill, then turned that drill into a real event. Mostly real, there were plenty of actors and fake blood mixed in with some actual victims of the govt plan. Unfortunately for Todashev, the brothers had told him too much about their cool job working with the govt on training exercises. It took the FBI (at least one of whom was a hired assassin) six hours of interviewing him to convince themselves that he knew too much and had to be killed. Conveniently, he “confessed” that the Tsarnaevs did the bombing right before he lunged at the FBI assassin with a stick, err uh knife, err uh sword. That is the truth. And a prediction: Dzohkhar will not make it to trial. They can’t allow his story to get out. He will be found dead in prison.

    • gogetem1 says:

      Tamerlan’s cover as a CIA spy in Chechnia was probably blown by the Russians so he became expendable at that point

    • medianotes6 says:

      He’ll make it. He has four attorneys. These attorneys have more grit than the government bargained for, that is clear.
      It’s pretty likely they know everything. The parents, at least the father, seemed to know things about the government’s involvement with his sons when he swore that if his son was killed (this was during the hunt) all hell would break loose (paraphrased). And when talking to Dzhokhar June 2014 (RT, channel 4) – ‘never in his wildest dreams did he think this could happen’ (paraphrased)… and so many other comments. The government must know it’s not just Dzhokhar who has the truth. Ending his life like you suggested would have the opposite effect of silencing the issue.

    • GlomOnToMe says:

      Well I hope you’re right and he does make it and everything gets exposed. But I disagree with you about the effect of silencing Dzohkhar in prison. Remember, the American public has a 10 second attention span and cannot understand a complex plan. Plus, they already think he’s guilty and would be happy that he “got what he deserved”.

    • Merlin Mountain says:

      Speculation: He was injured when captured, then hospitalized where he was most likely so pumped full of drugs that he doesn’t know his own name and will be kept drugged during trial so that he can’t aid his defense. His lawyers will be intimidated or bought off to take a fall. No truth will come out.

  26. mikefromwichita says:

    Yeah…………were there any real bombs at all? any real injured runners/bystanders? Are these two patsies?

  27. Richard Eastman says:

    Google the FBI pictures shown by agent in charge Richard DesLauriers of “suspects #1 and #2 and other pictures of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar at the Marathon and confirm that T’s backpack was gray and D’s was mostly white with black trim. But DesLauriers stated that both Marathon bombs were in “black nylon” “bags or backpacks” and there is the photo of the remains of the bag that held the second bomb and that bag is black. Now you know why the FBI has not released the video showing Dzhokhar dropping his bag. Those who spoke to media about the video — the Gov. of Mass. — admit they were only briefed on the video and did not see it themselves. Why was that info not presented by Dzokhar lawyer? Hundreds are blowing this but to Boston Globe and other msm will not touch it. Why didn’t you mention it? Are Bostonians really unaware of this conclusive evidence?

  28. Torstentopp says:

    I listened recently on YouTube to the late Chalmers Johnson, political scientist, UCLA, former adviser to the CIA, he said that he didn’t read newspapers like the New York Times for the news but to get “the line”, the news he used other sources for like the internet.

    I think people in general are waking up to this, you can’t trust main stream corporate media to get the news. No.

  29. ScatterCat says:

    A few individuals at the marathon that day have stated that the area to blast site 1 was cornered off prior to the blasts, no one was able to get near the area without a security pass (which was required to be obtained months in advance). Not only have a couple of spectators said this, but also an individual who was working in a building nearby. The individual working in the building nearby also said that marathon workers setting up the areas (for spectators etc.) leading up to the marathon were casually talking about a drill. Interesting. How on earth did Tamerlan get through security without first obtaining a security pass months in advance?

    • gogetem1 says:

      The entire event was a simulation. You don’t have to look hard to find out what a complete fraud was played on the city of Boston and the USA.

  30. OldUncleDave says:

    I’m surprised so many people take the FBI at their word after so many years of lies.

  31. JS says:

    The bricks and pavement sections behind Tsarnaev in the FBI photos are so obviously photoshopped. They don’t line up correctly. Also the exploded backpack in the official photos is the same color as Kraft International was carrying and not at all like the one Tsarnaev is shown holding. Pretty much all of the major news stories about “terror” from OK City to the present have glaring holes in them. Wake up people, the cops work for the globalist bankers, the media works for the globalist bankers. They are at war with you

  32. Ella says:

    Actually they have realeased the video footage of the younger brother dropping his backpack at the finish line. It was shown in the recent National Geographic documentary about the bombing and hunt for the brothers.

    • heartsonfire13 says:

      A renactment video. This is what bothers me. Most uninformed people think they have the answers about guilt. that was not a real video. It was on a sound stage. Get your facts straight.

    • Crime Reporter says:

      Nope. That was a re-enactment. Here’s the actor who played Jahar Tsarnaev in that re-enactment video:

      Oh – and the younger brother wasn’t at the finish line. He was further back.

      However, the fact that you believed that is worrisome. That so many people were manipulated into believing they saw the younger Tsarnaev drop a bomb is astonishing. It will be hard to seat an impartial jury.

    • James Henry 281 says:

      Crime Reporter is correct: the National Geographic footage of Dzhokhar is a reenactment, not actual footage.

    • Richard Eastman says:

      The FBI headquartered in Washington DC provides cover as reporters or photographers for CIA spies around the world. “Mention the Geographic. It identifies you.” Black ops, like the Marathon Bombing, have proven means of establishing false impressions. The recent example of talking about Palestinian rockets on a TV news program while at the same time showing the great explosions and destruction the Israelis were inflicting on the Palestinians — my 93 year old mother watching it with me commented on how terrible it was that Israel was being bombed like that. You’re not the only one Ella. We can only guess how much we think we know is falsehood we were tricked into believing.

    • mikefromwichita says:

      Same method of framing the patsy was used years back after the Port Arthur Massacre in Australia.

    • VoxFox says:

      The power of TV is that most people believe what they see with their own eyes. The FBI/CIA exploit this natural tendency when creating “evidence”.

  33. ash says:

    SET UPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! #FreeJahar

  34. Patriarch says:

    Exercise scenarios of IED attacks on the Marathon were admittedly drilled a month before and then again the week before the actual events happened. A massive “Urban Shield” counterterrorism drill–involving carjacking terrorists using back pack bombs throughout Boston–was also being prepared in the months leading up to the actual bombing. A contractor that supplied equipment for the effects company working on the Urban Shield drills carried an IED training aid consisting of a pressure-cooker inside a black backpack in their inventory. The Boston Marathon has been used by government and law enforcement to secretly run counter-terrorism exercises for several years.
    If the Marathon bombing involved an exercise and or a sting operation- where fake bombs may have been switched with or turned into real bombs- it is unrealistic to expect the FBI to willingly come forward with any information revealing guilt or involvement.

    Few U.S. cities could have been better prepared for the events….
    ..Part of that money must go towards live drills, so over the past couple years, Boston has conducted two citywide disaster simulations with Cytel Group’s Urban Shield, using the preparation and after-action reports from the first trial (in May 2011) to improve the city’s preparedness in the second, in November 2012. (The city also hosted an emergency management summit the previous August.)

  35. barbara henninger says:

    I’m so glad you highlighted the armed robbery that took place so close in time and location to the murder of Sean Collier. In listening to the audio scanner recordings of police on that night, at least one policeman posited that the robber was also the murderer, but an older voice came on and said the crimes were not related. Why wouldn’t they drill down and find the robber to eliminate him if it was indeed unrelated? How can they know it was unrelated?

  36. goingnowherefast says:

    The authorities have never told the public what the purpose of the presence of Craft International at the marathon was. Nor have they mentioned the “drill” that was supposedly going on that the runners were told not to worry about. The story just gets curiouser and curiouser.