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By 11/02/2014

How a Deep State Plot Sank Jimmy Carter

How did Big Oil and a group of intelligence chiefs manipulate events to help Reagan beat Carter in 1980? Read this exclusive excerpt from “The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil and the Attack on U.S. Democracy,” the forthcoming book from author Peter Dale Scott.

By 11/25/2014

Is One Muslim Man’s Drug-Crazed Rampage Terrorism?

The murder of a Canadian soldier in Ottawa and the subsequent shootings at Canada’s parliament were the work of a drug-crazed man who was Muslim. Yet the government quickly framed it as a terrorist action, and an excuse to boost the state’s powers. Will it send Canada down an American path to reduced rights and increased surveillance?

By 08/21/2014

Deep Politics for Lunch

When authors like these gather for lunch, you can be sure deep politics is on the menu.

By 11/13/2014

Killer Cops & Dangerous Spying: Nov. 13, 2014

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy How the Doomsday Project Led to Warrantless Surveillance and Detention after 9/11 by Peter Dale Scott Everyone knows that warrantless surveillance and detention arose in the wake of 9/11. But few know that the machinery that Dick Cheney and others used to pull it off was born in the Atomic Age. […]

The Mystery of the Constant Flow of JFK Disinformation

For decades, the mainstream media have been promoting, mostly through TV specials, the government-approved story of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. But those who were inclined to believe it before may have become more skeptical, ironically, because of these shows, most of which have been slick infomercials using junk science. And each one just provides more embarrassing evidence of a cover up. Below,we present a small sample of this mind-opening evidence, along with an essay that explores the mystery of why these attempts keep coming.

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By 07/15/2024

Mind the Mangroves! Kenyans Combat Logging With Hidden Beehives

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