Looking back at promotional art
Looking back at promotional art for 2018. Photo credit: Mike Freedman / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0).

One of the things that sets WhoWhatWhy apart from other news sites is that nearly all of our articles come with their own artwork. These “panoramas” offer a visual representation of what the stories are about. Here are some of our favorites from 2018.

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WhoWhatWhy features new artwork on the top of the front page each day to promote and illustrate the most important stories we publish. These “panoramas” are replaced every 24 hours. That’s a shame because a lot of work goes into them and they are true works of art.

As part of our series reviewing WhoWhatWhy’s work this year, below are some of our favorite panoramas from 2018.

railroad drama

Like Death and Taxes, Budget Riders Are Forever

Their Power and Permanence Stoke Partisan Warfare: As Congress prepares to pass a spending bill, the war against riders intensifies. When one party holds power in both the legislative and executive branches, these additional bill provisions may be the best way to amplify and solidify a partisan agenda. Designed by DonkeyHotey March 9, 2018


Russiagate Panorama

Intel Expert James Bamford Blasts Russiagate Hype

Bamford Believes Russia Hacked DNC, Can’t Confirm Transfer of Contents to WikiLeaks: Author and intel authority James Bamford tries to give an objective analysis of the Russiagate debate, and to put it in the context of the history and reality of intelligence gathering. Designed by Christine Capozziello March 26, 2018


Global Finance

How Central Bankers Rigged the World

Excerpt from ‘Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World’: Mexico’s economy was flourishing in 2008 when it came crashing down as a result of the financial crisis. A new book tells the story of how greed in the US made the country suffer. Designed by DonkeyHotey May 3, 2018


Google, algorithmic warfare

Google’s Deep Involvement With the Pentagon

Google has announced that it will not renew a controversial military contract. But that doesn’t mean that the company will sever the deep ties it has to the Pentagon. Designed by DonkeyHotey June 12, 2018


Donald Trump, baby trump

Hot Air and a Big Baby — Trump Can Expect Snarky Treatment in the UK

The US president is notoriously thin-skinned. He’s faced considerable protests across America — but it’s about to be turned up to “11” when he touches down in the UK tomorrow. Designed by DonkeyHotey July 11, 2018


Iran deal, Donald Trump

The Iran Nuclear Deal and the View From Tehran

Want to understand the consequences of pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal? What it means for the US, Iran, and rest of the world? Listen to this conversation with Iran scholar and former Iranian ambassador and government official Seyed Hossein Mousavian. Designed by DonkeyHotey August 10, 2018


young conservatives, Katie Pavlich, Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Antonia Okafor, Kyle Kashuv

The Next Generation of Conservatives Is Hoping to Make Its Mark… After Trump

A look at how the next generation of Republicans is doing in the Trump era. Designed by DonkeyHotey August 17, 2018


Temp, Workers

Temp Work: The Waste Product of the Service Economy?

The New Normal: Disposable Workers, Disposable Jobs? Cornell professor Louis Hyman explains the history of the unmaking of American work, how temporary work took over the economy, and why the gig economy may yet have a silver lining. Designed by DonkeyHotey August 24, 2018



Warren’s New Goal: Actually Draining the Swamp

Commentary: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a potential 2020 presidential contender, just introduced a fierce anti-corruption bill that DC insiders are calling pie-in-the-sky. But, of course, they would say that, wouldn’t they? Designed by DonkeyHotey August 27, 2018


Hitler, Fascism

The Hate Group Next Door

If you are human, you carry the fascism gene, so you might want to read these insightful comments on fascism by various observers, comedians, victims, and even its practitioners. Designed by DonkeyHotey August 30, 2018



Is America Now a Fascist Country?

A Look at the Ten Pillars of Fascist Politics: A look at how a country filled with sexism, racism, nostalgia, and class division is ripe for fascist politics to take over via seemingly democratic means. Designed by DonkeyHotey September 21, 2018



Temporary Protected Status and the Politics of Lowered Expectations

Will the TPS Program Be Phased Out Under Trump? The Trump administration’s decision to block extending the temporary immigration status of hundreds of thousands of people living in the US threatens to turn lives upside down. The final decision on whether the administration’s orders stand is currently being fought in the courts and Congress. Designed by Christine Capozziello October 18, 2018


Balkanization America

Deepening Polarization: Why We Can’t All Just Get Along

Class Conflict Threatens the Foundations of American Democracy: Recent research reveals that the political divide in America is no longer just about two competing ideologies; it’s evolved into social and economic class conflict; and more recently, geographic self-segregation — a balkanization that is intensifying alienation, distrust, anger, and resentment among us. Designed by DonkeyHotey November 1, 2018


Brian Kemp

Breaking News: Georgia Voters Seek Restraining Order Against Kemp

A group of Georgia voters is seeking a temporary restraining order against Secretary of State Brian Kemp, arguing that his partisan performance should preclude him from being involved in any recount involving his own gubernatorial race. Designed by DonkeyHotey November 6, 2018


Amazon Headquarters

NY Students Aren’t Buying Amazon’s Sweetheart Deal

Students are wondering how New York could afford to give billions of dollars to Amazon when their schools are literally falling apart. Designed by Marilena Stavrakidis December 10, 2018

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from cliffs (Raphael Labaca Castro / Flickr – CC BY 2.0).


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