Best Panoramas of 2020
Photo credit: Nijwam Swargiary / Unsplash

One of the things that sets WhoWhatWhy apart from other news sites is that nearly all of our articles come with their own artwork. These “panoramas” offer a visual representation of what the stories are about. Here are some of our favorites from 2020.

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WhoWhatWhy featured new artwork on the top of the front page each day to promote and illustrate the most important stories we publish. These “panoramas” are replaced quickly — usually within 48 hours — which is a shame because a lot of work goes into them. 

As part of our series reviewing WhoWhatWhy’s work this year, below are some of our favorite panoramas from 2020.  Click on the stories below to view the photo credits. 

The Geopolitics of Energy

Energy expert Daniel Yergin on Joe Biden facing a world whose geopolitics have been transformed by climate, fracking, and an insatiable global demand for energy. 

On Veterans Day, the Story of a Liberator

A biography describes the liberation of Nazi concentration camp Dachau.

Why Won’t Trump Concede?

The president appears unwilling to accept the fact that he may have lost the election. 

NC Democrats Aim to Slay the Gerrymander Dragon

The battle for the state Legislature will determine Congressional district lines in North Carolina.

Arizona Republican Senator McSally Runs From Trump

If you want to win in Arizona these days, it pays to create the greatest distance possible from Donald Trump.

America Decides, 2020: When a Candidate Becomes Ill, Explained

After President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, election experts are preparing for what could happen if either candidate is unable to govern.

The Last Hurrah?

If Trump loses the election this November, will far-right Republican conservatives go down with him? 

Supreme Failures to Protect Elections from Partisanship

The fight over mail voting is symptomatic of deeper problems in American politics.

Trump Loses, Remains President?

A former US senator looks at how Trump might lose the election — and still remain in power. 

Is 2020 the Year That AI Finally Exerts Its Promised Power?

Artificial intelligence is all the rage nowadays, but it actually has been with us for decades. A leading expert wonders if this is the year when it will change the world.

Photo credit: Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from The White House / Flickr.


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