America Decides 2020
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Our series answering frequently asked questions about our electoral system.

Election Day will be November 3, but there’s little agreement on anything else. In America Decides 2020, editors and reporters for WhoWhatWhy explore the critical issues concerning who can vote, how ballots will be cast, and how they will be counted — questions that could shape US democracy for years to come.

America Decides 2020: Early Voting, Explained

COVID-19 has created new interest in voting by mail, but there is another way to protect yourself and avoid long lines on Election Day. That is: in-person early voting.

America Decides 2020: Voting by Mail, Explained

As the coronavirus spreads across the United States, vote-by-mail is growing in importance as a protection for both voters and election workers.

America Decides 2020: Ranked-Choice Voting, Explained

We live in a two-party electoral system, with each side more opposed to compromise than ever before. What if we could rank more than one candidate and end the gridlock?

America Decides 2020: Registering to Vote, Explained

There are several ways to register to vote, but do you know what the rules are in your state?

America Decides 2020: Provisional Voting, Explained

Voting twice is illegal, but most states offer provisional voting so voters can cast a ballot as a fail-safe measure to make sure their vote is counted.

America Decides, 2020: The Electoral College, Explained

In two of the last five presidential elections the winner lost the popular vote but won in the Electoral College; so why does the Electoral College still exist?

America Decides, 2020: When a Candidate Becomes Ill, Explained

After President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, election experts are preparing for what could happen if either candidate is unable to govern.

America Decides, 2020: Campaign Finance, Explained

The total cost of the 2020 election is expected to surpass $11 billion. Where does this money originate, and could publicly funded elections rein in spending?

America Decides, 2020: What Happens Next, Explained

Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks as the final votes are tallied.

For more of WhoWhatWhy’s work on Protecting Our Vote, see our Student Voter Guide. You can also find out the darker secrets behind our voting systems in our recently published e-book Is This Any Way to Vote?: Vulnerable Voting Machines and the Mysterious Industry Behind Them by Celeste Katz Marston and Gabriella Novello, available on Amazon now.


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