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What to Know About the Coronavirus

Reading Time: 2 minutes What to Know About the Coronavirus: Democrats in Congress have introduced emergency legislation to fund mail-in voting and help poll workers purchase cleaning supplies in the event that 25 percent of all states declare a state of emergency, but it remains unclear whether it will pass. (read more) Not all states have taken steps to balance Read More

Investigation Refutes Kemp Bogus Hacking Claim

Reading Time: 2 minutes Days before the 2018 election, WhoWhatWhy exclusively reported that there were serious security vulnerabilities in a voter database in Georgia. Then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R), who was running for governor, accused Georgia Democrats of a failed hacking attempt just hours later. Nearly a year and a half later, investigators have found no evidence backing up Read More

Brian Kemp, governor, Georgia

Investigation Finds Kemp’s 2018 Hacking Allegation Was Bogus

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2018, a WhoWhatWhy investigation indicated that Georgia’s then-Secretary of State, current Gov. Brian Kemp (R), had baselessly accused state Democrats of attempting to hack the state’s voter registration page. Now it’s official. It’s part of a pattern — playing out once again right now — to attack those who highlight Georgia’s election vulnerabilities.

2020 Dems Speak at Selma

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) were the only presidential candidates to speak last night at the Selma Presidential Forum, moderated by MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Rev. Mark Thompson. “I want people to be shocked by the fact that one of the two major political parties in this country plans to win, and Read More