Gabriella Novello

Understanding Where We Are Now

Reading Time: 2 minutes Understanding Where We Are Now: The entire country is on edge. We are in the middle of a pandemic. Demonstrators are risking their lives to protest the death of George Floyd. And, the president of the United States is still offering wild conspiracy theories about widespread voter fraud despite voting by mail himself.How will all Read More

The FEC is Back in Business

Reading Time: 2 minutes Happy Memorial Day! We’ll be brief so you can enjoy the rest of your holiday. The FEC is Back in Business: At least, it should be in the coming weeks. Texas Republican Trey Trainor was confirmed as commissioner last week, albeit along party lines. It’s a major development nevertheless, because the Federal Election Commission has been effectively shut Read More

Republicans Are at It Again

Reading Time: 3 minutes A growing number of Americans want the option of voting by mail this November, especially as scientists fear a second wave of COVID-19 cases may hit the US in the fall, but conservative groups appear to be doing everything they can to stop that from happening. Nevada officials announced earlier this year that the state Read More