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9/11, the Saudis and those 28 Pages — a WhoWhatWhy Backgrounder

New York City September 11
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Somewhere — between those who blindly accept what the government says about 9/11, and those who blindly accept various theories  about who was really behind the 9/11 attacks  — is a space we call journalism.

It is a space we at WhoWhatWhy have sought to inhabit on this incredibly controversial, explosive topic (and on many other such topics.) It has earned us criticism from “both sides.”

We are proud of what we have done.

On April 10, the venerable CBS magazine show, 60 Minutes, aired a segment on a key piece of the puzzle: the report on 9/11 by a congressional inquiry and, in particular, 28 pages that were never publicly released.

Those pages, we are told, contained highly sensitive material on Saudi Arabia, the country from which Osama bin Laden and a majority of the alleged 9/11 hijackers came.

We watched the program with interest, and imagine that you may have, too. We also hope you will visit, or revisit, work we have done on this and related topics — all of which point to the fact that the authorities are not leveling with us about 9/11, that the Saudi angle deserves further scrutiny, and that much more work needs to be done, in a host of areas.

Here’s a long investigative article we did revealing previously unknown, deep  connections between highly placed Saudis — and the hijackers themselves. It’s worth taking the time to carefully read and ponder the material.

Here’s a piece about FBI efforts to deflect evidence in the above article that the FBI itself discovered Saudi 9/11 links, and had to hide and deny what it found.

And here’s a story on how the government is so terribly worried about the Saudi angle being revealed that it will even threaten and intimidate top former government officials to silence them.

As public support for our investigative inquiries grows, we will be able to continue digging.

Where else do you see journalism of this quality and value?

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12 responses to “9/11, the Saudis and those 28 Pages — a WhoWhatWhy Backgrounder”

  1. Avatar U3O8 says:

    Risible. The whole 9/11 narrative doesn’t even remotely pass muster or smell test as credible.

    It’s easy to be a Prophet when your the one writing the program or script …..

  2. (Comment by @JanRavensbergen) about time for some #truth

  3. Avatar Antony Wong says:

    not good

  4. Avatar Tilt Bean says:

    It is amazing, the degree to which even ‘free thinkers’ do not think. The following is my opinion; If there were 28 pages left out of the ‘Official Report’, and contained within those pages, one could find the answer to the ‘Who really did 9/11?’, question, do you honestly believe the public would be informed that they existed? And assuming they did exist, do you think that any member of Congress who wanted to see them would be allowed, under the condition that they could not reveal who the true perpetrators were? And, most importantly, even though no average citizen has seen them, and considering that the members of the House and Senate are sworn to secrecy, how has it become ‘common knowledge’ that those pages implicate Saudi Arabia? Every time I hear about these papers, it is just stated, in the same breath, that Saudi Arabia are the culprits. How could this information be so available, when the few people who have read them are sworn, under the threat of prosecution, to say nothing? Can anyone provide me with even the slightest motive Saudi Arabia would have had to commit these crimes? Anything? They are brown. That is the only thing that I can find to tie them to this crime. And so, in my opinion, these pages are completely fabricated. I think they exist, but I do not believe, for one second, that they are authentic. Here’s how this works; you introduce, to the American public, that suddenly, documents that reveal the truth about the perpetrators of Sep. 11, exist. You feed the press this story and, at the same time, you reveal that members of Congress are allowed to review them. Soon after, you start to include S.Arabia are our boogeyman. Absolutely no one has any idea how this was leaked, but as long as the Intellectual prostitutes in mass media repeat it enough, it goes unquestioned and is accepted as truth. Who needs to see these pages when, thanks to someone, we already know what is contained within them. If you believe any of this, I’ve got a bridge in New York I’d love to sell you. Listen; either these pages are entirely constructed as a work of fiction to divert attention from the real terrorist state responsible for the attacks, or there are no 28 pages and the Senators who claim to have read them are doing so to cover for their friends, our allies, who have funded the campaigns of many an American politician. If something like this existed you would never hear about it, or, on the off chance that they are real, Saudi Arabia has simply been pencilled in to the spaces left empty where the name of the true terrorist state that perpetrated these acts of absolute wickedness, previously existed. If you know anything about who really controls your every thought, via media, television, Hollywood, Print media, etc., you will know who did these things. Most certainly not the first time these individuals have engaged in unbelievable espionage, from behind the scenes, with no regard for human life.

  5. Avatar laurie adkins says:

    Yet another cover-up.

  6. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    Sen. Bob Kerrey, 9/11 Commission: “In general the 9/11 Commission did
    not get every single detail of the conspiracy, we didn’t, we didn’t have
    the time, we didn’t have the resources” (CBS 60 Minutes interview

    The 9/11 Commission, like the Warren Commission, was a complete whitewash and cover-up of the crimes of 9/11. They ignored the details of insider trading, symmetrical free-fall collapse of 47 story WTC Building 7, and the anthrax boondoggle.

    We have to connect the dots ourselves because apparently CBS’ 60 Minutes has no interest in doing so. Never Forget! Remember 9/11. 9/11 Changed Everything. Support the Troops.

  7. Avatar Trends1 says:

    We were told the torture program was a desperate effort to get crucial intelligence. How does that make any sense when direct leads to the plot were covered up or never fully investigated? Then again we were told the CIA was extremely worried about an attack in the summer of ’01. How does that make any sense when they were protecting two al Qaeda guys at the same time?

    Media bigshots like 60 Minutes get access to powerful officials yet for some reason they never use their access to get answers to obvious questions about 9/11. In the recent story about the 28 pages 60 Minutes mentions the 9/11 victims families and how long they have sought to have the Saudi information released. The families have also wanted to know why US officials acted so strangely in the lead up to 9/11. 60 Minutes as a powerful news program could get those answers but has chosen not to.

  8. Avatar Quest says:

    Apparently anything and everything goes in an election battle year…60 wasted minutes of propaganda BS just to raise viewer ratings.

  9. Avatar Zack Hines says:

    I find it somewhat…odd…( to say the least) that 60 Minutes, one of the worst elements of corporate media (see NSA piece, plus their interrview of Comey and piece where they compared Chelsea Manning to the navy yard shooter) is suddenly so interested in the 28 pages.

    I wonder, and this is probably an uneducated guess, if maybe the government/deep state is attempting to use these pages as leverage. I hear that Saudi-US relations are somewhat rocky and so was just curious about that so maybe it’s a warning to stay in line or face major embarrassment deal?

  10. Avatar zodiac12 says:

    Interestingly, the article mentions binLaden but I remember him denying any involvement in 9/11 and when asked, he did condemn the perpetrators. I can’t imagine a denial if one was complicit in such a phenomenal crime.

  11. Avatar TJTruth2 says:

    President Bush classified the 28 pages in 2002 and in 2005 was famously photographed holding hands with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, so Saudi Arabia’s involvement in 9/11 obviously didn’t disturb or surprise Bush in the least. ~ “The truth? You can’t handle the truth!”

  12. Avatar philip.dennany says:

    I doubt that Saudis had no meaningful connection to 9-11. The pages were held back simply to further confuse the evidence and the 9-11 commission’s official whitewash.

    • Avatar russbaker says:

      Could you at least read our piece on the Sarasota connection? There is a link right in the piece. Dont be so lazy! We are looking for a readership that is open minded and thoughtful, not one seeking to justify any preconceived notions.

    • Avatar WeAllWin says:

      It‘s funny that your avatar is an image depicting Presidents Bush and Obama in prison, yet mindlessly you dismiss the 28 pages, when both Bush and Obama have committed treasonN by withholding the 28 pages (protecting 9/11 co-conspirators). Treason’s punishable by death, but at minimum, if plea bargained: life sentence.