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Connecting the Dots on….US Failure to Stop Saudi Hijackers

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Suqami-passport-US-visa-and-immigration-stampsHow wacky, really, are those who don’t think we’ve gotten the full story on 9/11? Consider a speech and an editorial by individuals with immaculate establishment credentials, which raise questions about what the Bush administration knew before the 9/11 attacks

See this speech by former US consular official, in which he alleges that the CIA overrode his efforts to block suspicious Saudis from coming to the US before 9/11:


Also read this article by a former New York Times reporter saying that the Bush administration had many more—and more dramatic—warnings of an imminent domestic terror attack than they have acknowledged.

(Thanks to reader Jim G. for this)


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41 responses to “Connecting the Dots on….US Failure to Stop Saudi Hijackers”

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  2. 14 years now, and nothing has been done.

  3. Avatar spktruth200 says:

    The 911 OMISSION Commission hearing revealed that the “reason we were attacked was because of the ongoing brutual attack of Israelies towards Palestinans”. That was in the hearing but never made it into the OMission Commission Report. Why was Bush and Cheney not put under oath and permitted to testify together? To keep their lies straight?

  4. Avatar lofty1 says:

    Have any CIA whistleblowers that served during George Tenet’s tenure prior to 9/11 addressed any of this?

  5. Avatar lofty1 says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    It is up to the good people of this world to keep after this story until the absolute truth comes out, no matter how long it takes or what obstacles are thrown in the path.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      It ain’t about good. It’s about the ability to use one’s brain for something other that keeping one’s skull from collapsing. And that goes for people who write, “How wacky, really, are those who don’t think we’ve gotten the full story on 9/11?” Is this guy living under a rock? In his little universe, does it take some respected authority to tell him what’s true and what’s not true? Have we come no further than this since since the Church stopped burning people at the stake for disagreeing with Aristotle?

    • Avatar Floridatexan says:

      More than likely, similar to lots of people who don’t buy the “official story”, lofty 1 has been ridiculed for questioning the obviously bogus 9/11 Commission Report and the lies that were told in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, and the lies that continue to be spread by those who would be brought to justice if enough people saw through them. And very few people seem to grasp that the events of that day were, in fact, a conspiracy, by definition. The question remains: whose conspiracy? As for how much we’ve progressed as a species, sometimes it seems we’ve gone nowhere at all. Peace.

  6. Avatar Rob says:

    That passport you have pictured above is the one belonging to Satam Al Suqami that was “found” minutes after AA flight 11 struck the North Tower and then handed off to a New York City Police Detective. The detective was handed the passport by someone who then promptly ran off.
    How is it that this passport, allegedly soaked in jet fuel, manages to survive the crash, float down to the street about 90 stories below and then into the hands of NYPD only minutes later? This question is left unanswered by the 9/11 Commission. So naturally anyone who asks it now is just one of those crazy conspiracy theorists.
    This is one of the key pieces of evidence that the official story of the 19 hijackers rests upon. I’m not saying there were no hijackers. It would just be nice to have some real evidence to show who they were, how they got on the planes, and most importantly, how in the world they managed to elude the world’s most sophisticated air defense system, not once, but 3 times, and fly these planes with pinpoint precision into their targets.
    Call this line of thinking conspiracy theory if you will, but these questions were never adequately answered. Only an obviously preposterous explanation was ever given for how this could have happened. How these guys were issued visas and got into the country is also important to know. The answers that WhoWhatWhy have been finding certainly seem to shed light on issues largely ignored, which is great. In terms of the complete story of these hijackers though, its just the tip of the iceberg, as far as I can see.

    • Avatar 2cents says:

      I very much doubt that the world will ever know all the facts about 9/11.There are many unanswered questions and not enough answers.The official explanation hardly covers the story.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      The only important unanswered question is why no one was hanged on the National Mall for bloody treason and the events televised on global TV. There are no other important unanswered questions. The events of 911 were staged in order to justify a couple of major gloriously profitable wars carried out by the stooges who run the United States and find profitable employment in the defense industry when they leave office. Everything else is candy cotton.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      The real smoking gun was the “man in the street” interview with the so-called “Harley shirt guy,” giving the official story line before any investigation had been done and later identified as a Canadian actor. Imagine if someone had been interviewed on the Grassy Knoll who said, “Well, it must have been Lee Harvey Oswald shooting from the corner window on the 6th floor.” Would anyone have taken anything after that seriously?

    • Avatar Rob says:

      Ah yes, the “and then I witnessed both towers collapse, first one and then the other, mostly due to structural failure because the fires were just too intense.” guy.

      Funny how the reporter doesn’t bother to ask any follow up questions for this guy, such as “how intense were the fires you witnessed?” Or how about “why do you have a hat and t-shirt on that don’t have so much as a fleck of dust on them, you who was so close to the action?”
      This general lack of inquisitiveness is all too typical with MSM reporters.

      The best example of this is when Peter Jennings interviews Rudy Giuliani who states that he was told the buildings were going to collapse, and then they did collapse. No follow up questions of any kind come out of Jennings’ mouth. Not in that interview, not later that day, that week, that year, never. Not from him, and not from anyone else. Who told him this? I guess we’ll never know since apparently, no one in the media seems to think its important enough to follow up on.

      I wish I could say that this was limited to the media, but sadly it seems to be an epidemic. I don’t bring this up in conversation much, simply because very few people I ever talk to about these things really seem to care. Its not like its hard to find good information out there on this subject. People don’t know because they don’t want to know. So I leave them be. I’m not going to hit them over the head with this. If they really care about learning the truth, or at least when it comes to 9/11, what most likely isn’t true, they can do their due diligence. Unfortunately, most people seem to be comfortable just being spoon fed without having to think too much about what they are being told.

    • Avatar Floridatexan says:

      It’s cognitive dissonance. They don’t want to believe their government would do this.

  7. Avatar sgtdoom says:

    On the day prior to 9/11, the Pentagon’s comptroller announces that $2.3 trillion is unaccounted for.

    On the morning of 9/11, the auditing team which discovered this, the DIA’s Financial Management staff, is almost completely killed by an aircraft crashing into the Pentagon’s west wall.

    Spread amongst those passengers aboard those four airliners that day were three unique groups, and three unique, and most likely connected, individuals: (the three groups) developers of remote piloting hardware/software, some of the investigators involved in the Flight 800 incident, the creators of the original counter terrorist scenario, remarkably similar to the events which transpired on 9/11; (three individuals) wife number three of Bush’s solicitor general, who would quickly move on to wife number four once the insurance settlement arrived, a lovely female attorned, rumored to be the mistress of a married partner at Rein and Fielding, the conservative law firm, and Bush donor, and an investigator into Flight 800, and a physicist and manager at the Naval Surface Weapons Center’s Directed Energy Office.

    (A most interesting recent vid . . . .)

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Beyond the official fairy tale, what evidence do you have that an airplane crashed into the Pentagon? Need I point out that not one single part, what few there were, was ever associated by its part number with the plane that supposedly crashed?

      As for the people you mention who supposedly died, need I point out that those are precisely the kind of people that could be trusted to keep the secret that they weren’t dead? As opposed to some of the supposed 19 hijackers who could not be trusted to pretend that they were dead and spilled the beans about still being alive?

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      You’re right, dood, life is just like all those TV shows you spend all your time viewing (and the movies, and Entertainment Tonight, etc.) where nobody really dies, and the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus and angelic creatures really exist!

      Nobdy ever dies in your fantasy world, do they dood?

      What a complete idiot! Please don’t ever comment on these subjects, you give the rest of us a very bad reputation, which is probably why they pay you to sound like a complete simpleton!

      I personally ID’d one of the bodies (or what was left of it) from one of those four airliners that day, you jackhole!

    • Avatar Floridatexan says:

      Would you care to name which one of the airliners you identified a body from, and how you did so? No doubt people died that day, and many have died in the aftermath. The point he was trying to make apparently got lost to you in your grief. Some of the people on some of those flights are still alive. Some of them were planted on those flights. None of those planes hit any target; they were mere diversions. They were replaced in mid-flight by drones. The Twin Towers were pre-wired to explode. There is documentation, and if that didn’t suffice, there are numerous pictures available to prove that the Towers were imploded…the materials turned to dust, the steel melted from a temperature that couldn’t have been reached by fuel from the planes; the building was shut down for several days for “improvements”; the businesses and military were actively involved in investigations of missing funds Firemen, police and building security heard what they referred to as explosions in the basement levels almost simultaneously with the impact of the “planes”. None of the science matches up with the story sold to the American public.

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      Your comments are so moronic and not worthy of reply. You demonstrate complete incomprehension of my original comment. You concentrate on the trivial to the exclusion of the provable and easily verified. With individuals like you, it’s no wonder people scoff at those attempting to explain the truth . . . .

    • Avatar Floridatexan says:

      In other words, you’ve got nothing.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      How could he have anything? There is nothing to have. The names of the folks who were supposedly on the planes were taken from passenger lists that had no Arabs on them. This entire series of “events” is riddled with holes that make Swiss cheese look uniform.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Thank you.

      Let me just point out that there was thermal IR imaging of one of the towers, and it got no where near the temperature necessary to melt steel.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      I do not watch those TV programs you mention, so right off the bat, you are incorrect in at least one of your statements. Neither am I an “idiot.” Though I may not be as bright as I was at 21 (128 California, 154 Cattell), I am still quite intelligent and suspect I could beat the pants off of you on an IQ test, and I am the author of a web site on ancient chronology, so again, you are wrong on a second point (I’m being gracious here–I doubt much whether your statements rise to the level of logical points). I will not try to disabuse you of your illusions and delusions–after all, what’s the point?–it won’t change anything. I will, however, point out two simple facts for the benefit of those in the audience who do not quite understand the magnitude of the fraud at the Pentagon–of course there are many others:

      (1) From the research does ON THE GROUND by the folks at Citizen Investigation Team (CIT), the plane seen by the winesses was in the wrong place to have done the damage it was supposed to have done–wrong place to knock down the lamp posts, wrong place to hit the building from the direction indicated by the explosive charges that simulated a crash, in the wrong place to have knocked a pole through Lloyde England’s windshield.

      (2) The black box supposedly taken from the airplane shows that the cockpit door, at least on whatever plane was used to generate the phony black box, was never opened. I’ll give to a moment to digest that fact and its implications . . . .

      . . . .no hijacking and thus no Arab hijackers. But of course we already knew that because at least some of them have come out of the woodwork and are very much alive.

      And, by the way, calling people names does not constitute a valid method of discourse, even on the internet. Perhaps you have this website confused with your favorite watering hole?

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      (2) The black box supposedly taken from the airplane shows that the
      cockpit door, at least on whatever plane was used to generate the phony
      black box, was never opened. I’ll give to a moment to digest that fact
      and its implications

      Yes, I’m fully aware of that, but your following remarks fully prove your continuing ignorance — of typical intel ops by US intel agencies: as has been previously mentioned soooo many times, cutouts were most likely used, and the three planes that day were remotely piloted. (One of the three unique groups spread among the passengers of those four airliners was the group of individuals responsible for developing remote piloting hardware/software (Raytheon Aerospace and several of its subcontractors, which was then owned by Veritas Capital — research how the founder/owner of that private equity/LBO firm died awhile back — by self-strangulation????) Do some real research, familiarize yourself with intel operations, as you’ve certainly no experience in those matters, and you won’t sound like some narrow-minded, 12-year old vapid TV-watcher……

  8. Avatar larrypayne says:

    Who cares how the Saudi patsies got into this country?
    Those of us who understand the laws of physics know the planes didn’t bring the three buildings down. Insiders allowed the towers to be rigged with explosives. Larry Silverstein controlled access to all three towers. He collected over $4 billion in insurance from the attacks. He and his two children who work in the towers did not show up for work that day.

    • Avatar lofty1 says:

      I care. It points towards who was involved in setting up the official story. It’s another layer of involvement to how it was all pulled off.

    • Avatar payne100 says:

      But don’t you see that these secondary questions only cloud the real evidence which is available for everyone to see? The absolute proof that 9/11 was an inside job is the videos of the 3 towers coming down. If that evidence is not accepted by the public and the mainstream media, what evidence will be accepted? Read Kevin Ryan’s “Another Nineteen” if you want to get into details about the foot soldiers involved in the operation.

    • Avatar lofty1 says:

      I do see that the secondary questions are being used to cloud the evidence. That is precisely why I think they need to be answered and explained. I did not say to ignore the “absolute proof”. Not everyone believes the absolute proof because they used many innocent people along the way. The argument used to cloud the absolute proof is how could so many people be involved and keep it secret? Or why would Americans do this to their own country? I think it’s important to know every step of how it came about. I do not need to be convinced it was an inside job. I believe it was. I just think everyone will believe it when they know explicitly how they were able to do it and who the truly guilty parties are.

    • Avatar ddearborn says:


      Over 50,000 people worked on the Manhattan project and it remained a secret until the day the bomb was dropped. 9-11 did not require even a fraction of that number of people. And only those at the very top would have known the ultimate objectives of the operation.

      Obviously Israel know all about it. They sent men with video cameras (which were set up BEFORE the attacks) These same men later where on Israeli TV and stated they had been sent to “document the event” by the Israeli government. How much more do you need ? A signed confession perhaps?

      There has been zero evidence to date regarding the identities of the hijackers presented publicly. As pointed out above the passport being found actually tends to disprove the Saudi connection. And of course the now infamous “cell phone calls” that the FBI touted and the media gave massive coverage to was proven a physical impossibility. And the 3 towers all stuck in entirely different ways all falling the same way into their own foot print all at free fall speed. The only physical possibility is that they were demoed. There simply is no other explanation. And if they were “demoed” the likelihood that it was an inside job jumps to nearly 100%. Add to that the fact that the most heavily defended airspace in America couldn’t manage to get a single fighter even close to the 3 planes given the massive time they were off course before they crashed pretty much cinches it.

    • Avatar russbaker says:

      If you are going to assert these thing, please document them with links. For example, your assertion that some men present at the scene later appeared on Israeli television and made that statement. Please post proof– our rules require that statements of purported fact be documented.

    • Avatar ddearborn says:


      You have got to be kidding right? The “dancing Israelis”, the BBC reporting Tower 7 coming down 27 minutes before it happened and the phony phone calls are 3 of the most well documented “gaffs” from that day. I suggest that even a few seconds searching the internet will provide ample collaboration. Look a little harder and I believe the actual broadcast is online. In fact I have copy somewhere on a back up disk. It does require translation. Good grief.

      but here is a link took less than 2 seconds literally. Google lists hundreds of citations

    • Avatar russbaker says:

      First of all, that person whose website you link to is virulently anti-semitic. Anyone can see that by reviewing some of his remarks. Second of all, your assertion that “document the event” necessarily means they were admitting to advance knowledge makes little sense, and in fact there are loads of uses of that term for Hiroshima and other traumas. I personally ran down to the Twin Towers to “document the event” for a major news organization. Nobody says they knew about it in advance, and if they did, what kind of plotters would they be? For more on this blatant misrepresentation of translated remarks, see

      Bottom line: we don’t believe that intelligence officers as a practice go on tv and admit their role in catastrophes, unless they themselves have become dissidents, and even then hardly ever.

      In any case, we are not about to let this site deteriorate into a platform for those who have an agenda, rather than healthy open-minded curiosity, to put up poorly documented and inherently illogical accusations–whether or not those accusations have taken on purported “credibility” in the poster’s mind by their widespread repetition of those similarly disposed.

    • Avatar ddearborn says:

      We are debating the existence of a copy of a broadcast made by 3 Israelis in the aftermath of 9-11 on Israeli TV that they were in NY to “document the event” That video has been broadly disseminated on the internet. This is a copy of it.
      We are not debating the merits of the website. Even if I do agree with you.
      These men were arrested on 9-11 by NYPD. They were witnessed setting up a video camera on top of a van Prior to the attacks. This is definitive proof of prior knowledge. It has also been established that these men had ties to Israeli intelligence.
      The location of their van provided them a perfect viewing angle of both towers. They set up the camera on top of the van BEFORE the attacks. They were seen celebrating after the attacks. The van they were driving had traces of explosives inside.
      Now obviously lots of people were sent to NY to “document the attack” but I don’t believe anybody else had their camera’s set up and pointing at the towers before the planes struck. Do you?
      The semantics of the “translation” can be used to stir debate until the cows come home. The relevant fact is that they were Israelis and they had set up the camera before the attacks. And they stated on camera that they had been sent to document the event.

    • Avatar russbaker says:

      Actually, other cameras were certainly trained on the buildings around the time of the attacks, or we wouldn’t have the famous footage of the planes hitting the buildings. In any case, my objection is that you and the other people who post the same thing again and again do so without respecting or even acknowledging the content in the article itself. The claims you make have been made thousands of times all of the Internet, are new to no one, and there are many places where you can debate that. But this article was not about anything but what was contained in it–and that is self explanatory.

    • Avatar ddearborn says:


      You are right that this article is not about a confession by Israeli agents about prior knowledge of the 9-11 attacks. This article and the literally thousands like it are an attempt to instill in the minds of the public that it was Arab Muslims that were responsible for 9-11. And what the comments have been ably proving is that the all the evidence points straight to Israel being responsible. And further that there is no credible evidence what so ever that points to any other party, group or country.

      Your assertion in the comment above is that the Dancing Israelis are merely an urban legion is of course untrue. For the record 5 Israelis in 2 white vans were arrested that day. The second van with 2 Israelis in it was stopped on a ramp leading to the George Washington Bridge. That Van was filled with high explosives. Now these FACTS were widely reported by the various agencies in the US government. And these facts including the fact that they were Mossad agents was also widely reported by dozens of news agencies. This included the Jerusalem Post.
      These 3 men in the Van allegedly worked for a “Moving Company” which later was found to be a Mossad Front Company. The day after 9-11 the entire company folded and all employees not under arrest fled the country. Therefore these men had absolutely NO reason to randomly be standing on top a Van with a video camera at 8:00 in the Morning of 9-11 pointed directly at the towers. Nor was it normal for them to be cheering, clapping and celebrating as the towers went down. As for the 2 Israelis in the other Van filled with high explosives trying to drive onto a major bridge. Don’t even try to explain that one. I am sure you don’t want to go into why the treasonous dual citizen Israeli Michael Chertoff let all these criminals go home to Israel. No gitmo and no torture for them.
      My only questions for you at this point is this: are you in fact an Israeli citizen? And are you in fact working for or representing the State of Israel in any official, unoffical or paid capacity?
      Much of the World at large and now thankfully more and more of the American people know that Israel is responsible for 9-11. They have finally woken up to the fact that Israel is our enemy not the Muslim world as people like you try so hard to convince us with articles like this.
      Have great day

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      As Webster Tarpley points out at every opportunity, there were numerous drills going on that day and everything that happened that day–EVERYTHING–was part of one or another of those drills, so that all of the planning could be carried out without anyone suspecting that something illegal was afoot. Therefore, unlike the A-bomb, no one beyond a few well positioned perpetrators even suspected that they were engaged in a secret project. It’s even possible that the guys who planted the actual explosives didn’t realize they were real.

      As for all of this Saudi nonsense, I’m not a big fan of the idea of limited hangouts, but this whole site is starting to smell to me like one big limited hangout. I mean, really, has this guy ever broken a story about anything that hadn’t already been, at the very least, suggested by someone else? What’s his next big story going to be, FLASH! The Spanish government didn’t really sink the Maine?

    • Avatar lofty1 says:

      You are preaching to the choir. I do not need to be convinced. I think this video on Christopher Bollyn’s blog is the Israeli show that had the “dancing Israelis” on after their return to Israel.

      You may be interested to hear the cop that pulled them over on Sept. 11th.

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      9-11 did not require even a fraction of that number of people.

      Although I really and truly get fatigued with repeating the same obvious point over and over and over again, it is important enough to repeat:

      Simply look into the backgrounds of a number of passengers spread out among those four aircraft involved that day — that is all one need do, then trace it back financially.

      Always, always follow the money . . . .

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Perhaps it’s not as obvious as you think it is.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Unfortunately, the ability of the American people to misunderstand what they are looking at is legendary. I still remember watching a horror film when I was young–it may have been Godzilla or some such–and they were actually using old black and white footage of controlled demolitions, and it really seemed not to bother anyone in the theater how phony it all looked.

      Along the same lines, I was listening to some “author” of a book on 911 being interviewed on some radio show. Someone called in and asked this dodo about the building falling at freefall speed. His reply? “How do you know that?” Apparently the guy had never heard of Galileo and stop watches. That’s the level of stupidity we are facing here, and it’s that level of stupidity on which the bastards depend.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      “Larry Silverstein controlled access to all three towers. He collected over $4 billion in insurance from the attacks.”

      And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Think of how much he saved not having to remove the asbestos from both of the twin towers? And there’s also the matter of a substantial amount of gold bullion that magically disappeared that day. But then, a lot of folks made a lot of money off of the events of 911, most importantly, the defense contractors who are still rolling in dough from the Afghan and Iraq Wars instituted as a result of the supposed terrorist attack.

      The real question is, why does RB think this is a story? Is he living inside of a bubble, or is this just another limited hangout?