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“Boston Strong”—A Feel-Good Distraction From A Darker Truth?

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Portland, OR, Solidarity Run by Don Park

Portland, OR, Solidarity Run by Don Park

Consumers of mass media nowadays get their information from a diverse menu of outlets—ranging from old-school newspapers to the latest Internet apps. Unfortunately, all these platforms tend to follow the same story lines on the big news of the day, not unlike the chorus of state-approved propaganda in the old Soviet Union.

A case in point: the “Boston Strong” line being put out on the anniversary of the tragic events of April 15, 2013.

While the mass media, and even much of the “alternative” media, parrots this feel-good meme, the WhoWhatWhy audience has been regularly exposed to the more disturbing facts of the matter.

In the service of truth telling, we have resisted both the official story and wild speculation from those who assume the worst about everything the establishment does and says. Instead, we have painstakingly investigated what happened, in some cases taking months to produce a single article.

If you’re new to our site, and not familiar with our coverage, here is a sampling of the kinds of original investigation and analysis we’ve been bringing to our readers:

–       Our “risky” week-one article—published while every media outlet was piling on the instant verdict—raising cautions about this rush to judgment (more than 18,000 Facebook shares, and not a single inquiry from even the “alternative” media)

–       Follow-up questions, one month after the bombing

–       An early rumination on hints that Tamerlan Tsarnaev may have been an FBI informant

–       The FBI’s disturbingly harsh treatment of potential witnesses

–       Examination of the extreme official secrecy surrounding the case

–       Our two-part series pointing out major discrepancies in the story of the still-anonymous carjacking victim, who claimed that Tamerlan Tsarnaev confessed to him his role in both the Boston bombing and the death of MIT officer Sean Collier.

–       Our look at serious questions about what really happened to Officer Collier

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IMAGE: Portland Oregon Solidarity Run by Don Park

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6 responses to ““Boston Strong”—A Feel-Good Distraction From A Darker Truth?”

  1. Title

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  2. Avatar Taylor says:

    Bulgaria will exit NATO and the EU by 2022. 300,000 Russians now own property in Bulgaria. That number will double. Bulgarian politicians like Stanishev and Siderov are Russian stooges. Moscow is spending millions influencing public opinion against the EU through a non-transparent media. Bulgaria is becoming more dependent on Moscow with deals like South Stream and inexplicably balked at shale exploration. The Bulgarians would never and frankly couldn’t put up any resistance against Russian forces. Bulgaria was never able to break away from the old order like Poland and the Czech Republic and establish democracies. Corruption and lack of opportunities will lead Bulgaria right back into the old Russian fold. They never really had a chance.

  3. Avatar Pablo says:

    A couple of thoughts:

    1) We were told that these supposed terrorists always want to do the maximum damage. So, then why did they wait until ALL the elite runners and 90% of the spectators and photographers had left?

    2) Why the “Rush To Judgment” against the two brothers? It seems to me that WHENEVER the USGov “Rushes To Judgement” it’s because it is NOT interested in a fair and impartial investigation (JFK, 911, Boston, others).

    Please keep up the great work.

  4. Avatar Ralph Hornsby says:

    The boat note will be thrown out and not used. The prosecution has
    always known this, but made sure it was leaked to the media. On pg. 9
    the court doc, from May 16 by the prosecution (Doc 312; Govt Opposition
    to Defendant’s Motion Concerning Alleged Leaks and Public Comments by
    Law Enforcement ) the prosecution admits the boat was left unguarded for
    several days
    before the note was discovered. Anyone could have wrote the note. The
    bright red ‘blood stain’ dripping down is laughable, especially since it
    wasn’t discovered for several days. And of course, ABC, CNN or Boston
    Globe won’t report this truth. Court doc: http://www.scribd.com/doc/224637664/Doc-312-Govt-Opposition-to-Defendant-s-Motion-Concerning-Alleged-Leaks-and-Public-Comments-by-Law-Enforcement-051614

    Good article talking about how the FBI and local law enforcement left boat with note unattended for several days after capture: http://thebostonmarathonbombings.weebly.com/leaks-weak-arguments-and-staggering-admissions.html

  5. Avatar Sarastro92 says:

    Is there any forensic/ ballistic evidence tying a weapon in the possession of the Tsarnaevs to the Collier murder? I can’t find any reports that there is.

    The only evidence to date is “Danny’s” testimony; and an FBI agents claim that a video he saw slows on of the Tsarnaevs in possession of a back that exploded. The public has never seen that footage.

    On the other side there’s the assassination of Todashev, the Tsarnaev friend in Florida and the deportation of other acquaintances.

    • Avatar Jazzee says:

      and why did they kill Collier?????? it makes no sense first they said to get his weapon true or not?
      OH yes the assassination in Florida..never heard another word about it how clever