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Does US “Death Sentence” in Boston Case Equal Silence?

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1On January 30, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government would seek the death penalty against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bombing suspect. The media by and large did not seem to find the move worth scrutinizing.

At WhoWhatWhy, we disagree.  Since the first week following the tragedy, we’ve been raising issues about the way in which a story riddled with improbabilities, anomalies and question marks (see, for example, this, this, this, and this.) was turned quickly into a “solved crime” and a done deal—with nary a question about whether a government that has lied to the American people time and again over the years could possibly be up to something.

One thing we pointed out: We ought to be wary of claims that the brothers should be given the ubiquitous moniker of “lone wolves”—even if it is proven that they planted the bombs. This is especially true, given the confirmed pre-Marathon interactions between the Tsarnaev family and the federal government (including contacts with the FBI), an uncle tied to the CIA, Russian intelligence interest, complaints from the parents that their children were set up, and more.

We also noted how the only people who could shed light on what actually happened were being silenced, by fate or design. First, Tamerlan Tsarnaev died in a hail of gunfire. Then his brother Dzhokhar was nearly killed in a massive strafing of the boat in which he was hiding, unarmed. Then a friend of Tamerlan’s, Ibragim Todashev, was killed in a still-unexplained shooting while unarmed and in FBI custody. Then Todashev’s girlfriend and friends were told to stop talking about what had happened or be deported, and then harassed, and, in at least her case, actually deported.

The bottom line is that the official story put out through leaks to friendly media during the early hours and days after the bombing has become the unquestioned account, with no apparent serious and open-minded investigation having followed, as best as we can tell. Legal authorities have blocked public disclosure of documents that normally should see the light of day.

This leaves only Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to tell us his story and that of his brother and this remarkable set of events, one of the most bizarre, profound, and consequential episodes in recent American history, and the biggest “terrorist” incident since September 11, more than a decade before.

But will Dzhokhar ever get to tell his story? The government’s announcement that it is seeking the death penalty suggests that it wishes to bury the matter—figuratively, if not literally.

Dzhokhar’s options for avoiding the death penalty are to go on trial and try to beat the collective might of the US security establishment and predetermined public opinion or to simply admit guilt and plea bargain for a lesser punishment.  We wonder if he will ever be allowed to testify. Even if the death penalty strategy leads to a guilty plea on a lesser charge, Tsarnaev will most likely never be released from prison, and could be put into isolation where he can never tell his story—as has been done with the “American Taliban” John Lindh. This treatment is usually justified in such situations as necessary to either “protect” the prisoner or to prevent him from communicating with “other” terrorists—although the latter would be a stretch in the case of Tsarnaev, who is being presented as essentially “acting alone” with only his dead brother as a collaborator.

Even if he does testify, would it be a matter of dutifully confirming the official narrative in return for a lesser punishment?

A Stacked Deck

The government holds all the cards, and so is unlikely to lose in any case. But its advantageous position is further enhanced by the nature of juries in capital cases. They are pre-screened so that all members are on record as being willing to vote for the death penalty under the right circumstances. Those citizens who believe the death penalty should never or rarely be used–or who worry aloud about the long tradition of wrongful convictions—are excluded from the start. The jurors therefore tend to be politically conservative, people who believe the testimony of law enforcement officials, who have an antipathy towards the notion of “innocent until proven guilty,” and who generally favor the prosecution at trial.

The only right thing, for the American people and for defendants in our system of jurisprudence, is a real trial, presented to a truly impartial jury of Tsarnaev’s peers, with the defense given every opportunity to tell an alternative story. But the federal government seems determined not to allow that to happen. Thus, the ploy with “death penalty or silence”.

As for Obama, his general position on the death penalty has “evolved” over the years since 1996, when he declared his unilateral opposition to it. He became more sympathetic to the method as his political star rose.

But as we have noted, some things are too big for mere mortals. And, given the indications that a massive cover-up of some kind is afoot yet again, it is clear that this is one of those situations.

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0 responses to “Does US “Death Sentence” in Boston Case Equal Silence?”

  1. Avatar SRVES339 says:

    A little late finding this story, but I understand Snowden copied his files many months before going public (just a couple of months after the bombing). I have no proof of course, but what are the chances the NSA didn’t know someone had downloaded all that data.

    If they did know about the NSA breach, the police state needed a “terrorist attack” stat… and the brothers were an easy set up and an easy target. The wall to wall mass media coverage is yet another dead give away… clearly orchestrated by the CIA/FBI contacts in the board rooms of every one of the US mass media corporations.

    And of course… the truth will never see the light of day irrespective of how many must be sacrificed to keep it hidden… “something wicked this way comes” indeed!

  2. Avatar Nigel Westwood says:

    OK I will not go on about false flags or go into detail about the dancing isreilis involvement in 911 demolition .,”kill two birds with one stone “event, or was it ” Conquer six nations with two steel birds and a few passports “.
    All I am able to say with conviction is we the people are fully entitled to know the truth ,and the accused should be entitled to a public trial on something this major ,not slaughtered right after claimed confession.
    A trial under controlled conditions using lie detectors ,also the right for the accused to call for thier accusers to answer questions not just under oath but wired to see if they have things to hide.
    We know that voice analysis of all obhama speeches have shown the man to be a constant deceiver ,and even a voice analysis of bill Clinton’s Lewinsky denials indicated he was lying like a president.
    Making use of polygraph to protect people the govt fits up is long overdue ,i don’t advocate that they prove 100% truth but they are very clear indicators when deception is being attempted.I doubt any politician could deny having done anything deemed corrupt without sending the needles off the scale.

  3. Avatar Whoopsiedoo says:

    Came to this site through Russ Baker’s appearance with Rooney on WGBH.

    Without doubt the best coverage of of events surrounding the Boston bombings that I have seen bar none and I have been following this story since day one.

    I will be visiting this site frequently. Thank you WHO.

  4. Avatar Mike G says:

    This is an old article (relatively), but I can’t help but notice the other kid in that picture……who is he? Am I wrong to wonder if that might not be the supposed car jacking victim, “Danny”? I could be way off, but I just thought it was an interesting thing.

    • “Danny” is reportedly a Chinese national, studying in Cambridge, as this fellow could conceivably be, but there is no suggestion that they knew each other prior to the car jacking.

      The frailty of the various versions of that story has been amply parsed out by WhoWhatWhy as well.

  5. Avatar ryder2084 says:

    Dzhokhar posted a comment on an article posted August 19, 2011. Very ironic…and sad:
    The article is Here with his comment # attached:

    (University of Mass – reading group)

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

    August 31, 2011 at 11:42 pm

    In this case it would have been hard to protect or defend these
    young boys if the whole town exclaimed in happiness at the arrest. Also,
    to go against the authorities isn’t the easiest thing to do. Don’t get
    me wrong though, I am appalled at the situation but I think that the
    town was scared and desperate to blame someone. It’s because of stories
    like this and such occurrences that make a positive change in this
    world. I’m pretty sure there won’t be anymore similar tales like this.
    In any case, if they do, people won’t stand quiet, i hope.

  6. Avatar ryder2084 says:

    “There are people that know the truth but stay silent & there are people that speak the truth but we don’t hear them cuz they’re the minority”. written by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 15th April 2013

  7. Avatar ryder2084 says:

    This is really sick and frustrating to watch a young kid have to go thru this. It is sad about those who died. But the American people are more interested in having someone to blame than in finding the painful truth.

  8. Avatar blueskybigstar says:

    Immediately after the bombing, posted photos of the real people planting the bombs and the strange presence of some kind of Seal Team there. Why would they take the life of his unarmed friend and try to make up a story about him attacking them unless they have a lot to hide. Arrest the prosecution.

  9. Avatar leefactcheck says:

    There is no evidence that Dzhokhar is alive or that the man they showed in court was actually him. He couldn’t be able to speak because the FBI cut the front of his throat when he was on his back after coming out of the boat. How quickly we forget! The photo of the agent kneeling from behind, over Dzhokhar’s head was all over the internet in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon. Please see my whole comment under your story about Todashev.

  10. Avatar undrgrndgirl says:

    of course it means silence. just like tim mcveigh.

  11. Avatar polfilmblog says:

    More Tsarnaev / CIA connections:

    Uncle Ruslan Tsarni May Have Funded Terrorists

    Is This the Man Who “Radicalized” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

    Censored 2nd Russian Warning: Tamerlan Tsarnaev

  12. Avatar Caveat says:

    In a liberal state during a liberal presidency, why would prosecutors seek the death penalty? Because dead men tell no tales?

  13. Avatar kiki davis says:

    I’m curious to know who is the carjacked victim? I know he likes to be called Danny,but i read his real name is Jaing Lanton,in the indictment against Jahar they refere to him only as DM…why not JL who is DM Daniel Morley? The parells between the offical story on evidence against Jahar and the story about Daniel Morleys arrest are unbelievable.And yet he is locked away in a psychiatric ward and they arent even considering he could actually be the real bomber.I’m sure they know this.I wonder if Jahars lawyers will be allowed to bring this up at trial,if nothing else it causes reasonable doubt.

  14. Avatar jcbrook says:

    The Boston bombings were an intel op that had 2 goals: to get anyone and everyone to stop questioning President Drone Bomber’s assassination of American citizens al-Awlaki and his son (which the official story has accomplished), and to stage a giant test of martial law in an urban environment. Put those 2 things together and what’s coming down the pike at us that has already been planned and that will be bigger than 9/11?

    • Avatar Sarastro92 says:

      jc: you wrote “what’s coming down the pike at us that has already been planned and that will be bigger than 9/11?”

      Yeah, I believe, as you say, Boston was a dry run for imposing martial law. There are desperate crises brewing, especially the economy which is sinking fast after years of stagnation in which martial law will prevail on a national scale.

      A line has been crossed with severe Food Stamp cuts and unemployment insurance terminations, and further cuts could entail civil unrest.

      Given all the chatter, I would expect that a large scale “false flag” cyber attack that kills a lot of people will occur. That could take the form of a nuclear plant engineered meltdown; collapse of a dam or water system; mid-air collision… something big and spectacular that can be called a cyber attack and blamed on some shady entity.

      That will justify US military governance. The operational capability to do that exist, along with all the legal formalities.

    • Avatar edwardrynearson says:

      We are at the mandatory reset phase of our fractional reserve banking system

  15. Avatar Rob says:

    Why do you reckon unarmed bin Laden was shot and dumped rather than brought to trial? For that matter why are “suspected terrorists” missiled to death instead of being arrested and tried?

  16. Avatar Me says:

    ITS ALL BS!!!!!

  17. Avatar ra wo says:

    We the public must unite behind the demands:

    – the testimony of the heretofore anonymous “Danny,” the only link between the brothers and the murder of Collier, (Tamerlan: “I just killed a policeman in Cambridge.”)

    – That the defense reveal that there was another gunman on the loose in Cambridge, approximate time and place:

    – Ask why the FBI pretended to not know who they were from clear photos when Tam was on at least 2 watched lists, placed there by the Boston office itself. This shows law enforcement lack of candor.

    – Why in addition to lighting up the boat Dzhokhar was in, did they cut his throat, as the leaked photos show him coming out of the boat without the knife wound to the neck the SWAT officer told about.

    He would have exhibited the clutch reaction and been in shock, with massive blood loss on his clothes. He climbed out with only his face bloody then suddenly is reported in critical condition.

    – Demand Dzhokhar be allowed to testify.

    Nothing less than these will be a fair trial, which is all we are asking for.

  18. Avatar Scale Lily says:

    The truth should always come before verdict but I think in this case guilt is already understood. It is curious though, has the boy expressed the underlying thoughts and choices here to sufficiently help us recognize a possible trend.

  19. Avatar Suze O says:

    I still have not heard: Was Dzhokhar Tsarnaev even able to talk after that gunshot wound to the throat? The text of the pre-Miranda questioning indicates that he is motioning, nodding, etc. But did he get his speech back? If not, any other info he has is silenced anyway.

    This case also reminds me of another one years ago: Patty Hearst. Under the influence of the people who surrounded her (the SLA), she began to side with them, and even assisted them with a crime. Things like that are called the Stockholm Syndrome. If Dzhokhar was so influenced by a BROTHER whom he looked up to, is the Stockholm Syndrome even considered here? Of course, he doesn’t have a wealthy family to buy him out of trouble.

    • Avatar cityspeak says:

      If you get a chance i recommend reading Season of the Witch by David Talbot. He covers the Hearst kidnapping in great detail. His research points to a “deep politic action” over the whole affair.
      If that was the case then what is to say that isn’t the case now? Killing this young man is to silence him and making certain that the whole story will be shoved down the memory hole. I’m certain they would love him to plead guilty as they know that a majority people hearing this will close their minds to looking into it. It worked really well with James Earl Ray. A majority of people on hearing someone pleads guilty think it true as they don’t know how our justice system works.

    • Avatar ra wo says:

      Correction, recall the SWAT team officer saying in a press conference that neck wound was a knife wound, to the apparent surprise of other officers at the presser. This Youtube chronicler points out the reaction of the other officers when the chief says “knife wound,” so it’s easy to read between the lines. Obviously coming out of the boat Dzhokhar had no major wound to the neck or throat, as revealed by the leaked photos that the cop got fired for leaking. The reason they were so furious when he talked out of school was that he inadvertently revealed the attempted murder of Dzhokhar.

      Any significant wound to the neck or throat is accompanied by the clutch reaction and massive loss of blood/shock. Dzhokhar would not be standing holding up his shirt as commanded to show he had no bombs. When your neck or throat is cut the body screams to clutch it and hold together this most sensitive and vital area.

      Conclusion: Dzhokar was basically alright when he climbed out of the boat, except for blood loss not massive enough to lose consciousness. Somewhere between the take-down and the hospital, someone cut his throat, and did a bad job of it, and in the hospital he is suddenly fighting for his life. That is why the SWAT officers exchange curious glances when the chief reveals the knife wound. The glances say: “Neck knife wound? We didn’t see any knife wound. What’s he talking about?” But the knife wound was delivered later.

      Any defense which does not exploit the cop’s photo leak, which he did only to make Tsarnaev look bad, is an incompetent defense. In trying to make Dzhokhar look bad after the Rolling Stone cover the dumb cop let the cat out of the bag. That’s why they came down on him full force, rather than just a reprimand.

  20. Avatar patrickhenry says:

    Criminal inside man Eric Holder is pressuring Dhzokar to plead guilty in exchange for life, with a fall back of a full press trial and then execution. E.C. is the criminal lynchpin in this wheel of fraud that is the criminal illegitimate U.S. government.

    The boys are totally innocent. The BPD simply wasted Tamerlan, beating and running him over as reported live on the radio by eyewitnesses.

    • Avatar barbara henninger says:

      I believe the young Watertown Policeman, Tim Merton, admitted shooting Tamerlan, who was unarmed by that time. There is a two part TV interview with the Watertown policemen available on Youtube. He justified doing that to prevent Tamerlan from hurting other people.

  21. Avatar onetree says:

    What is it that allows such hate in someone’s mind and heart? What if this young person (who isn’t even legally an adult) was cruelly used, shot at, injured, blamed, scapegoated, beaten, abused, and God knows what else because the people who are responsible needed a patsy? What if the people who are really responsible for the bombing and the injuries and deaths have all the money and connections they need to fake any sort of crime and blame it on someone who happens to be convenient? What if these brothers were groomed over time for just this purpose of being someone they could blame for an event that was long planned? What if those real perpetrators are even now at this time grooming other potential scapegoats using our tax dollars?

    Sounds like all that horror would be okay with you because you’d rather have someone to blame that you don’t know than find out what really happened and hold the real perpetrators accountable. And you get jollies from thinking about what further insult you’d like to add to his injuries. If this boy is innocent and has suffered all he has suffered, what does your hatred and mean spirited thoughts make you?

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      And if it were a planned Simulation, what better to make it REAL than a REAL criminal to lynch?

    • Avatar onetree says:

      I’m very sorry if I misunderstood your intention. I assumed your first paragraph was sincere until I read the following paragraphs which convinced me that it was not. Again, I apologize if I misinterpreted.

  22. Avatar onetree says:

    You’re absolutely correct on this one and I hope you will continue your questioning as I will until the truth is known!

  23. Avatar ICFubar says:

    The remaining Tsarnev will be executed or will commit “suicide”. “How many “lone wolves” do we have to see before we realize that they aren’t alone?”, to borrow a Dr.Jim Willie line. Patsies with officially shortened life spans all of them if they know too much, otherwise it’s the slammer for ever. But heah, 700,000 “good Americans” out for a football victory parade to prove herding can be done easier than saying Jack Robinson. A country composed of lazy citizens being herded like the stupid animals they are. What other conclusion is there when a sports game draws more than the destruction of the fourth and fifth amendments with on going destruction of the first? This undeserving group of nincompoops will in the end get their just deserts!

  24. Avatar patfromuk says:

    Justice is not about cruelty (are you aware that torture is illegal?) … Maybe you want the same standards in America’s jails as the ones they deliver in third world countries? Poor judgement on your part

  25. Avatar carly Bervoets says:

    I wish stories on here could be shared with tumblr! Or I would. I don’t have a twitter of facebook.

  26. Avatar 7th Pillar says:

    And folks wonder why I’ve decided to leave the States…

    The Boot-Strap Expat

  27. Avatar whatwaysup says:

    the mainstream narrative contains the ‘strategies of tension’ in a locked down scrubbed scripted and never ending controlled zone. A 24/7
    production line where the microphone is a PROTECTED object.
    Nobody gets to speak without the script.
    Mathew MILLS broke that narrative. Illuminating a moment .
    He got TWO sentences IN. ‘Investigate 911″ . “911 was perpetrated by members of our own government”.
    Thats all he had TIME for. About as long as WTC7 magic bolt freefall. 2.25 seconds . cracked that code.

    I celebrate Mathew Mills tonight.

    • Avatar onetree says:

      I just wonder if those two sentences had any effect whatsoever on people who don’t believe in “conspiracy theories.” I hope it did.

    • Avatar whatwaysup says:

      TY. MILLS’s act is stark reminder of mainstream ‘communication’ being a conduit under guard.

    • Avatar ra wo says:

      I think Mills’ choice of messgae was quite brilliant and packed a lot into the small space he knew he had. Rather than just yell “9/11 was an inside job!” like a lot of truthers might have, he:

      – Made a clear demand, a course of action, “investigate 9/11”

      – Cut to the chase for people who are victim to the disnfo about 9/11, and are not clear what it is about. “9/11 was perpetrated by people within our own government.” Concise and on-point.

      The beauty is the media, in reporting the “crazy truther,” must repeat the entire message because it is short. You can’t buy advertising like that.

  28. Avatar Love-UR-Country says:

    Its funny reading this today because I was getting a pizza last night picked up the Boston Magazine, In this edition it had the pictures released by the state cop(photographer) the guy got in trouble, It did show him coming from the the boat with no Gun shot wound to the throat. Something is really funny about that photo and I think the photo’s should be released because the tax payers paid for the pictures period.

  29. Avatar John Gregor says:

    If it is proven that he did, and most certainly did. I would like to see the perp getting the death sentance, even though I am against the DP. But would likely be more wise to put him in a Supermax, rather then let him be a martyr. This was an especially disturbing terrorist attack as the extremists went after largely healthy middle class people. I like to do 3 to 4 marathons or more per year. There likely are other people who knew them and maybe even some government officials who may have been too incompetent to stop them or did not care. If the creep dies information may be lost. They went after innocent people with a kitchen implement. How can kitchen implements be controlled? With all the taxes being paid and spent: A couple of unemployables inflicted alot damage. The only part I thought was positive is 78 year old man was knocked down at the end, but recovered from the cuts and scratches.

  30. Avatar triliberty says:

    The War on Terror the Pentagon-CIA-FBI manufactured replacement for the Cold War. These boys got set up and they had not a clue to what they were used for until it was too late. Just read the writing on the wall……….the Kennedy Assassination, Oklahoma City Bombing and 911…..enters in Boston Bombing and all the rest of the government created Terrorists.

  31. Avatar Jim Maas says:

    Why isn’t setting off an explosive pressure cooker in Boston a state crime? Feds were not attacked. What federal crime is involved?

    • Avatar barbara henninger says:

      Here’s one article about that, Jim. Seems to be a matter of “interstate commerce”, but they way it’s put in the indictment, just about any crime could be spun as affecting interstate commerce.

    • Avatar tomherzog says:

      Excellent question, Jim Maas. The feds probably found some Federal law eminating from the Constitutional “Commerce Clause”. Something like “…traveling on interstate highways with an intent to ultimately maim or cause death or great bodily harm…will be punishable under Federal jurisdiction…”
      Since about 30 years ago with the Supreme Court’s increasingly broad interpretation of the “Commerce Clause” virtually any crime can be “federalized”.

    • Avatar edwardrynearson says:

      Why did the FBI investigate Senator Paul Wellstone’s airplane crash?

  32. Avatar hotrod4d says:

    The government killed the Oklahoma City bomber quickly too.

  33. Avatar Platos Cave says:

    Can someone please put this in the context of all the documented cases of “captured terrorists” who were basically crackpots encouraged to engage in criminal acts by undercover agents.

  34. Avatar Christo says:

    Are we at all sure that the Boston bombing was what we think it was? Google David McGowen’s “Center for an informed America” or the You tube videos of mumofgravypie, orJames Tracy’s” Memory Hole Blog”, and make up your own mind.

  35. Avatar MissaJim says:

    He’ll be silenced just like the Oklahoma City bomber. Truth is the enemy of tyranny.

    • Avatar onetree says:

      Except that there are more of paying attention these days. We’ve been through so many of these by now that we believe nothing the government authorities or media say. And in fact we can see the same M.O. over and over again with only slight, if any, variations.

  36. Avatar LibertyBill_1776 says:

    Truth? What is truth? Truth is what WE say it IS!
    …your friendly gov’t stooge

  37. Avatar Jethro says:

    The most shocking thing about this case isn’t that our illustrious Uncle Sam was playing puppet master once again, it is the fact that the citizens of Boston laid down for their overlord’s gestapo exercise. Mission accomplished.

    • Avatar furtive says:

      Martial law drill in a small manageable city as a prototype &’trial run.

      Obama is “lying”in wait to call up the tanks & hollow point bullets.


    • Avatar onetree says:

      Somehow I think there is some PTSD for the people of Boston who were shocked out of their senses. I don’t blame them, but I do wish they’d pull themselves together and look at the facts instead of allowing their trusted authorities to spoon feed lies to them. I’m not sure whether time passing will help or not.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      The Catholic Church got them first so they are susceptible to brainwashing.

  38. Avatar GlomOnToMe says:

    I think he will be “silenced” in prison before the trial. They don’t want this kid mentioning the drill that he worked on with the USGovt. He’s the last loose end to tie up.

  39. Avatar HomerRamone says:

    I’m from (Greater) Boston. I posted an excerpt and link to this on Democratic Underground. It got locked as “disruptive, hurtful, rude, insensitive, over-the-top, or otherwise inappropriate; too much tin foil; it links to a conspiracy theory site.” It isn’t just the mainstream media that swallows official stories unquestioned…

  40. Avatar Guest says:

    This entire case has been a sham from the very beginning from the agents standing on the roof of the buildings to the Todashev murder. There are many many questions that need to be answered. When will the media at least acknowledge these things instead of fearing being labeled as “anti-American”. Thanks for the article Russ.

    • Avatar Harold Smith says:

      The “media” will never acknowledge anything of the kind because there is actually no “media”; only a “government/media complex”. IOW, the same “people” that own the “media” also own the “government”.

    • Avatar kensat says:

      What really happened when the FBI agent killed Todashev while he was firmly in their custody (with several officers present). It should have been a big story, but the MSM buried it after a few days. There was supposed to be a big investigation. What happened to it? The FBI’s explanation that Todashev attacked an officer (after several hours of questioning), so they had to kill him, does not pass the smell test.

  41. Avatar barbara henninger says:

    I have read that death penalty prosecutions in non-death penalty jurisdictions ( like Massachusetts) by the federal government tend to fail. The US government is, indeed, a juggernaut, that seems impossible to stand against when they’re bent on the destruction of human beings. But, thanks to reporting like yours, and research by ordinary people, the cracks in the official story are becoming apparent. Maybe, together, we can save the life of this one, innocent man. God willing.

  42. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    The Boston Bombing was another in a long line of false flag terrorism attacks and an extension of the age old strategy of tension or Operation Gladio to control and affect populations. Disaster Capitalism and Shock Doctrine Politics are very alive and well in this country and society. Look into it.

  43. Avatar Cory Koff says:

    Okay I met this kid and this is EXACTLY what is going on. The government was behind this and is trying to cover up the drill that caused all this. They are giving Jahar death so that he can never get his side of the story out. Believe or not it is all up to you as the people to see this. But do your research!!!!! Don’t listen to the media’s claims one minded because they only point that one picture of Dzhokhar and not the picture of who he REALLY WAS!!!!

    • Avatar Guest says:

      you met this kid? in what circumstances were you able to meet him? Are you able to provide any insight into the case against him?

    • Avatar Bella says:

      Cory is a liar and a fangurl

    • Avatar Cloudchopper says:

      I watched the entire thing on TV unfold and could not believe what was happening. The media had all kinds of different incorrect (or correct) stories in the beginning. Only after hours and hours did they all come to the same page. All of a sudden CNN, Fox and MSNBC were all dancing the same tunes with minor variations.

      There was very little follow up afterwards by anyone except parading out someone who was hurt wanting revenge under all circumstances.

      I am sure they all have a cheering section ready after he is put to death, just like they had a champagne cheering section ready after the death of the wrong Bin Laden. The real Bin Laden was already dead for a few years before that.

    • Avatar Love-UR-Country says:

      Barbara Starr was interviewed just after bombing and in Watertown not saying she is Barbara Starr

    • Avatar Magua1952 says:

      Is it your belief that the “government” planted bombs to blow the legs off runners and spectators at the Marathon? It would be nice to see some evidence of this scheme. What would the government gain by this action?

    • Avatar RJ O'Guillory says:

      …well…try this as “evidence”…go on to the web and find the photo of the poor guy who had his “legs blown off” by the supposed bombs…in the photo the “EMT folks” are supposedly evacuating the man…as he sits up in a wheelchair…with his supposedly bloody stumps sticking out?

      Ask yourself a question…since when do they evacuate a badly injured man with his legs blown off…while sitting up in a wheelchair? ‘

      How many people could even hold themselves up in a sitting position…after having their legs blown off?

      And lastly…research the man in the wheelchair …and you will discover that he is a Iraq War Veteran who lost his legs in Iraq five or six years ago…and he is now employed as an actor in disaster films/scenarios….

      I was a Federally Protected Whistle Blower for over two decades with your corrupt US Government …and you have no idea what you are talking about…please do some research and understand what historic actions have been / are being taken to destroy your country … it will help you to stop embarrassing yourself.

      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    • Avatar barbara henninger says:

      I hate bullies, too. Whoever hurts innocent people and children should be kept away from society for many years – no argument. But, we have only gotten one side of the story. The prosecution which represents the US Government, can publish the worst possible scenario, and the defense must keep silent. People believe there is plenty of evidence, because the government says so. For example they say they have a film of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev laying down a backpack with a bomb. Let us see it so we can examine that evidence,ourselves. Making a judgement based on only one side of the story, isn’t rational, and we need to wait for the trial to see what comes out. If there’s a fair trial, with nothing unlawfully held back, the truth will emerge.

    • Avatar payne100 says:

      You’ve made a very good point about the absence of evidence. The media is now the prosecution, judge and jury who needs no concrete evidence to make a case.

      Where are those security videos that prove guilt? Why haven’t they been shown?

      It’s been 19 years and the public still hasn’t been allowed to see the security videos that would prove Timothy McVeigh was alone when the truck bomb was placed at Oklahoma City.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      1. If it had been the government or some shadow government, then the bombs would’ve been placed @ the Start Line and the bombs would’ve been placed 3-5 ft off the ground. The Start Line is in the boonies,with no access to major trauma centers, bleeders would’ve bled out and the start line is thee most densely packed location ideal for the multiplying effect for those type IEDs.
      2. These loons insist there was a drill. Sure was, it was scheduled for weeks after the Race-it is open source. All the “drill talk” was a red herring.
      3. The loons insist the Brothers were patsies. If they were patsies then their addresses would’ve been known . No way an agency would permit these brothers to live past 9PM on the 15th, never mind give them a free pass for days. The brothers had access to motor vehicles and pen/paper, to the worldwide press as well as the internet and cell phones for days. The little one drove from Boston down to Fall River, then Fall River to Boston. DUH!
      4. Now the loons are saying the government is using capital punishment as a “silencer”. They had the kid since the boat. They would’ve announced he succumbed to the injuries way back in April. Not a single one of their worst fears survive the most basic of stink tests, never mind smell test.

    • Avatar furtive says:

      You are the loon. All the camera coverage one runner at a time is at the finish line.

      With people like you who read ” FALSE FLAGS FOR DUMMIES”, most of us have lost our liberties..a GOD GIVEN privilege not initially a right.


      “Anonymous 04/15/13(Mon)18:42 No. 15795252
      WARNING: laws being written to screw you.

      I work on a security commission and I’ve just received word to start campaigning on a campaign we’ve been working on for the last two months and now it all makes sense.

      I’ll keep it as short as I can.

      They’re going to pin this even on a male late teens to early 20s and say he did it because he is unstable. They are going to find firearms and a NRA book in his home. They are going to say he used reloading powder for the explosion and that reloading powder shouldn’t be for sale to the public.

      —->”They are then going to say that because the powder in ammunition can be used for explosions that the number of rounds you can buy should be limited and taxed to help pay for these events.”<——

      I can’t do anything or I’ll lose my job and possibly face criminal charges. Please don’t let them get away with it. They won’t find the suspect till later this week and the raid is issued to occur on Friday. This was a staged event. The people hurt are real but the event was planned. Don’t let them hurt our rights.

      I’m at work so I used a copy of the picture from another thread. Also please don’t mention me. It will seriously hurt me."

    • Avatar RealityCheck says:

      Your entire argument loses credibility when you repeatedly use demeaning labels like “loons” to describe those with whom you disagree.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      My proffer is the post found below this one. The poster named leefactcheck Q. ” There is no evidence that Dzhokhar is alive or that the man they showed in court was actually him. “e. My argument stands unchallenged, including the proper use of the word “loons”. You did not challenge anything. All you managed to squeeze from your tube was a squirt of words to the effect…I don’t like when you call out absurdities. That sure will move the needle named reality.

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Proffer : leefactcheck Q. ” There is no evidence that Dzhokhar is alive or that the man they showed in court was actually him. He couldn’t be able to speak because the FBI cut the front of his throat when he was on his back after coming out of the boat. e.” =
      Inference Body Double- his own Mother does know her own child’s voice, to include cadence and inflections + his two sisters are either going along with the ruse or are blind and deaf. Lunacy!

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      Do you know why birds of a feather flock together?

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      WWW deletes = badge of Honor

    • Avatar Shadowcloud ba'cho says:

      To: WWW

  44. Avatar OCCUPY FEARRINGTON says:

    Jack Ruby silenced. Manning in solitary confinement, Oswald silenced. Michael Hastings silenced. Philip Marshall silenced. Assange threatened. John Lennon silenced. The USA has a history of disappearing witnesses.

  45. Avatar John Corrigan says:

    The lack of main stream media investigative journalism is frustrating, but not surprising. Media consolidation leads to never questioning the company line. Russ, thank you for shining a light on this event. The Uncle/CIA connection should be an obvious red flag. But hey, how about that Super Bowl and the strong sense of American nationalism. The main stream media is good at one thing. Chasing ambulances.