“Boston Strong”—A Feel-Good Distraction From A Darker Truth?

Portland, OR, Solidarity Run by Don Park

Portland, OR, Solidarity Run by Don Park

Consumers of mass media nowadays get their information from a diverse menu of outlets—ranging from old-school newspapers to the latest Internet apps. Unfortunately, all these platforms tend to follow the same story lines on the big news of the day, not unlike the chorus of state-approved propaganda in the old Soviet Union.

A case in point: the “Boston Strong” line being put out on the anniversary of the tragic events of April 15, 2013.

While the mass media, and even much of the “alternative” media, parrots this feel-good meme, the WhoWhatWhy audience has been regularly exposed to the more disturbing facts of the matter.

In the service of truth telling, we have resisted both the official story and wild speculation from those who assume the worst about everything the establishment does and says. Instead, we have painstakingly investigated what happened, in some cases taking months to produce a single article.

If you’re new to our site, and not familiar with our coverage, here is a sampling of the kinds of original investigation and analysis we’ve been bringing to our readers:

–       Our “risky” week-one article—published while every media outlet was piling on the instant verdict—raising cautions about this rush to judgment (more than 18,000 Facebook shares, and not a single inquiry from even the “alternative” media)

–       Follow-up questions, one month after the bombing

–       An early rumination on hints that Tamerlan Tsarnaev may have been an FBI informant

–       The FBI’s disturbingly harsh treatment of potential witnesses

–       Examination of the extreme official secrecy surrounding the case

–       Our two-part series pointing out major discrepancies in the story of the still-anonymous carjacking victim, who claimed that Tamerlan Tsarnaev confessed to him his role in both the Boston bombing and the death of MIT officer Sean Collier.

–       Our look at serious questions about what really happened to Officer Collier

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IMAGE: Portland Oregon Solidarity Run by Don Park

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  • Mccain

    ” the same story lines on the big news of the day, not unlike the chorus of state-approved propaganda in the old Soviet Union”

    Gore Vidal on American censorship:

    “I went to moscow a few times before the Soviet Union collapsed and I was always amazed with all that censorship they had problems on I said how is it that most the russians and I talk to intellectual no more about what’s going on in the world than the average american with are tons and tons of newsprint and TV know they said it’s a trick you learn it when your kid you learn how to read pravda which ironically is Russian for the word truth sir like this you hold the paper up like hat until it’s nearly upside down than in the lower left right hand corner you get a little bit her the truth and then you go like that to the back page and you have to know where to go they’d worked it out like a picture puzzle little very well-informed being constantly lied to”

    The late Gore Vidal on Family of Secrets :
    ” that was a cautionary tale is a wonderful book by the way I’m reading called the Family of Secrets by its name again I is guys for a second rice bake Baker russ Baker – not the one we knew from the new york times…

  • trigon400

    We were shown photos of the Kraft Intl uniformed goons early on after the bombing, along with their black backpacks with its little white rectangular design, then poof! Flushed down the memory hole!
    This bombing was to further the agenda of “we must keep invading Muslim boogeymen” in order to keep their national oil sales in petrodollars.
    Sandy Hoax was another agenda of trying to remove the most effective tools we have for defense; our mil pattern rifles.
    The two hoaxes are tied together since once the petrodollar dies, everyone will need an assault rifle for defense from their government!

  • Horatio

    Russ: I believe Danny was interviewed on 60 minutes on 13 April. He was testifying of his amazing escape from the brothers. Also GlobalResearch.ca had an interesting article a few weeks ago about a professor at UMass Dartmouth who has a possible connection to the Russian Republics.

  • esquimaux

    From Hopkinton to Heartbreak Hill to Comm Ave through Brighton into Boston, the Marathon may prove to be a paean to state worship and an orgy of self-congratulation. Easy to be “strong” when thousands of armed law enforcement officers are on the scene to detain anyone who might look or act suspicious or say something verboten.

    “Kayvon” Edson’s mother (I suppose the kid might be called the confetti bomber), herself a marathon runner, published a statement in the Globe, I think, or it may have been the Herald, pleading that her mentally ill son not be lynched, in effect. She also mentioned the “woefully inadequate” mental health services afforded to her son and those in similar straits.

    My left-wing, liberal friends (which is my background too) are merciless in their condemnation, calling for the guy to be toodled off to prison for as long as the law will allow. Since what the guy did is stupid, hurtful and deeply offensive and has the effect of mocking those who’ve suffered, his stupidity and clownishness, for that reason, should, they say, be considered criminal and he should be severely punished notwithstanding his mental illness.These are the folks who praised — and admired — the Watertown lockdown. What distresses me is that this is coming from left liberals and not from right wing reactionaries.

    I’m wondering if the DOJ is offering Dzhokar (spelling?) a deal: plead guilty and it’s a death sentence; plead not guilty, let us have our catharsis and outpouring of righteousness in the form of a trial and it’s life without parole. Cynical, I know, but, as this site has pointed out, there are more holes in the Boston Marathon Bombing narrative than there are in a colander full of rinsed lettuce leaves.

  • Salmagundi

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…so many unanswered questions. Take even the little things, like parking. It’s hard to find parking on an ordinary day in Boston let alone a day when there are tens of thousands more people in town. So, I wonder, where in the world did the Tsarneavs park? Where was the getaway car? Obviously, there was no parking on Boylston; and Newbury is two-hour (and they are fierce about ticketing). Can’t recall St James but I’m pretty sure it’s local (sticker) parking only, as is most of Back Bay. And if they used the lot at the Common, they’d have been picked up on surveillance. So where did they park? In the final picture that was released, it shows them (what looks to be) rounding the corner of Fairfield (walking past Anthropologie) heading in the direction of Newbury. So my guess is Newbury, but that street has dozens of high end art galleries and upscale designer boutiques–so there are many cameras. But we have no footage of them getting into a car??? So…did they take the T? again cameras everywhere. I’m sure it’s been addressed, right? Like all those interactive timelines you see. But I can’t for the life of me find anything about their escape route. Leaves me to believe, someone met them and gave them a ride. Anyone know?

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    • furtive

      Breaking. Federal judge is considering motion by defense to use Todashev’s dressed phony confession before he was shot I the head appoint blank range!

      DZHOKHAR needs a real legal team. This is a diversion & a danger to a fair trial.
      ““The fact is — and it is a fact — Tamerlan Tsarnaev slit the throats of three helpless people,” renowned death-row attorney David I. Bruck, making his first court appearance today for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s legal team, told U.S. District Court Judge George A. O’Toole Jr. “Whether the defendant ever learned of it or not is clearly an important part of the story in terms of who was the leading active participant later.”

      Secret language on the record to justfy Conrad’s motive to plead:
      • pointedly assured Dzhokhar attorney Miriam Conrad, who said the defense may not be ready to go to trial in seven months, “I’ll make you a believer.”

      See Russ—I am reading inferences now!


      • Crime Reporter

        Saw that on David Frank’s Twitter feed. I’ll tell you this, if the judge rush’s this case, it can and will be appealed (or should be).

        I’ve covered non-DP murder cases that took at least two years to go to trial. DP cases take three to five. That the judge is pushing this on to 18 months is ridiculous. Attorneys in DP cases are effectively preparing for TWO cases: the guilt phase and the sentencing phase, so it should take longer to prepare than any non-DP case.

    • Mccain

      Censorship continues: “Not one American paper or magazine was willing to print Hersh’s last story, so it was finally published in the most recent issue of theLondon Review of Books:


      • James

        WOW. Great article, thanks.

    • Sullen Boy

      Would like to see a deep retrospective on the actions, career, etc. of Ed Davis from the time he was at the Lowell Police Department through and including his involvement with drills and exercises there, the interactions he may have had with the boxers and their acquaintances, the meeting with other Federal officials, his rise to the BPD, and his deep interactions before Patriots Day. I suspect there is something there. Look into the Dept. of Justice Office of Emergency Preparedness and any connections that may exist with drills, exercises, and acting within them.

      • furtive

        He testified last week in front of the homeland security committee ( mcCaul chair) it is on cspan.
        He is not the brightest bulb on the streets of Watertown.

        Someone on the committee slipped up and said he saw the exploded trash cans.

        Sunday night on GEO there is a doc on the inside “FBI Investigation” showing how DZHOKHAR. “Dropped his backpack with the explosives & they got it on tape”.

        Is it the trash can or a back pack?

        The initial report showed a demolished trash can.

    • furtive

      Todashev’s mother in law interviewed on podcast:


    • snowiegeorgie

      It’s worse if you live in the Boston area. The endless news coverage, starting almost two weeks ago, and still on-going, is offensive to anyone who can think clearly and independently.

      Local news media — well, I should call them local “news” readers, are clearly quite stupid and completely under government control. THE ENDLESS REHASHING OF THE STANDARD PROPAGANDA SPIEL, makes it impossible to listen to these idiots.

      You would not believe the air-play that some poor deluded soul got, for running bare-foot in the chilly rain, somewhat ridiculously garbed, who dropped a backpack ( or some kind of package ) containing what he said is a rice-cooker, on the finish line. On the “anniversary” day of the bombing..

      They hauled the poor guy up in court, for very some serious charges at first, now reduced to uttering a hoax. A felony punishable by a twenty year sentence. All for being a little bit deluded, and pranking the “police”..

      The coverage this got was serious, endless, and way over the top. SCARE THE CITIZENS TO ASSURE COMPLIANCE.

      It’s is well past time to (1) re-read the Declaration of Independence, and (2) DO WHAT IT SAYS MUST BE DONE.



      • furtive

        I feel for you. I read the comments in the herald & globe & they have no interest in the rules of court. It is the OX bow incident,

        The entire metro area is hypnotized like zombies.
        Wait til Monday. Sunday nite is a doc on GEO to taint the public.

      • Sullen Boy

        I fully agree, and live in the area. Indeed, I stayed up all night during the infamous manhunt for the express purpose of tracking and logging the media commentary and the “news”, the most interesting element of which was when the CEO of the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital stepped forward to commandeer the press conference by the emergency/trauma docs on the condition of the wounded patsy and alerted authorities that he stood ready to cooperate and accept further casualties in the ongoing mass casualty incident.

        What we see now — even on places liek the ABC-owned ESPN — is the purposeful merging of sports/regional identity to acceptance of the authoritarian line.

        • Libertymike

          How about the incessant propagation of the same by WEEI and 98.5, The Sports Hub?

          • Sullen Boy

            Ownership of WEEI traces back to ESPN /ABC and Walt Disney, part of the Big 6 media conglomerate and very tied into the powers that be, as are most sports outlets including the Red Sox and MLB itself. That conglomerate also includes Comcast and NECN. There is a driven mindset that one cannot question authority or the official story about anything or the power structure.

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    • archer

      The same thing happened after the Newton school shootings, the men that were detained on site were never identified or mentioned even once after the incident.

    • furtive
    • furtive

      It was a rehearsed interview john miller CIA intelligence covert agent led him in every answer.

      Russ did a 2-part story on him posted on this site.
      Here is the interview. Make your own observations.


    • solar toad

      On comment boards for articles relating to the Boston Bombing, ABC News, Yahoo News, and others are seriously using Government Shills (paid) and even the Automated Responses. Especially on the Automated Responses, they are usually real short comments and ALWAYS a small variation of the same message and theme.
      I don’t recall the article but it was on the 15th at Yahoo News where I saw tons of these automated responses. I discovered that it is pointless to try to make your point in these places. They’re entire objective is to make it look like a consensus that the young kid did it. AND so many times with all that anti-muslim hate.

      • Ezra

        @1:24:00 Big Ed Davis says at Harvard Kennedy School, we’re talking about getting college students engaged in putting “proper” information out on the web to counter extremist propaganda on social media. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQSriwsxwOw&list=HL1397799437

    • furtive
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    • Guest

      The post continues the pro Zionist pro Neocon narrative of this site. The Neocons have pumped five Billion dollars into destabilzing the Ukraine as confirmed by Victoria Nuland. They have aligned with Neo Nazi groups Right Sector and Svoboda to achieve this undemocratic coup and install a Junta style government. It’s delusional to think the Neocons and NATO have the interests of the Ukraine at heart. Look to Iraq, Aghanistan et al for proof of integrity.

    • Ladislav

      If western countries helped to build Ukrainian and Bulgarian economies .instead of robbing them ,population of those countries wouldn’t want anything to do with Russia.

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    • furtive

      On Easter Sunday night the FBI HAS CONTRACTED A PRODUCTION COMPANY to televise the INSIDE INVESTIGATION OF THE TSARNAEVS on GEO ( national geographic)

      CONSIDER, IF YOU WILL, THAT THE PHOTGRAPH STILLS OF THE TSARNAEVS ACTUAL LOCATIONS HAVE BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED INTO THE EDITING, just as BARI Malik SHABBAZ “father” & “grandparents” photos with him, as well as his PDF on line birth certificate has.

      When you get away with deception you continue ….until you are caught.
      “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time” Abraham Lincoln.


      Mean while here is a readers digest version of what really happened on April 15,

    • Samantha

      This article seems out of place on WhoWhaWhy.com. I hope the author is not a staff member. He seems to have been overly influenced by the MainStreamMedia’s fabricated narrative on Ukraine. RT’s Abby Martin fell victim to the brainwashing, but I hoped for more careful analysis from WhoWhatWhy.com.
      Why is “senior fellow and head of the European Council on Foreign Relations’ Bulgarian office, Dimitar Bechev” allowed to frame Russia’s actions as either intimidation or bribery? Why are his unproven assertions used as the basis for much of the article? NATO and the US are the ones trying to intimidate by making threats upon threats, and Nuland boasted about spending $5 BILLION on Ukraine.
      It also seems odd to speak breathlessly of Bulgaria as the next crisis before the situation in Ukraine has been properly researched and reported.

      • Stefan Tsarev

        I am a Bulgarian and I am old enough to see what actually happened in 1997. My family had nearly $10,000 saved in the bank for more than 20 years which, however, were in levs and turned into pennies over a couple of months. Before that the conversion of lev/dollar was 1.19/1, and after that it was 3000/1. Do the math.
        This article is very well-written and explains what the situation really is. You will not hear this from newspapers and news, because no one wants to say how the USA and the EU indirectly destroyed an entire country’s economy by mistrusting a bunch of oligarchs who by the way remain unpunished for 25 years. Truth is that the Bulgaria politicians have played a “double-agent” game with both USA/EU and Russia, which at the end will end with the turning of both sides’ backs on us. Also, the EU promised 11 billion Euros of help for Ukraine, which never came true. Since 2007 the salaries in Bulgaria remain pretty much under the line of poverty. Why? Because the prices raised in times since then. Bulgaria has amazing potential for development, but the continuous robbing from the government and no support from the EU put the country in agony. Something must be changed.

    • onedavide

      I wonder what would be the chance of putting together a constitutional amendment, along the lines of President Harry Truman’s letter to the editor (published only once, in the early edition of the washington post), of 22 December 1963, one month following JFK’s assassination; where he opined that the CIA had gotten way off the path from it’s original mission & his intention of it, being primarily an organization that centralized information … by honing down what was the most important information the president needs to act upon. He said the agency had gotten into dark things he never intended, of a cloak and dagger nature, that he was sure was not in the best interest of the country.

      So i would put this 2nd in priority, in “We the People,” getting our country back, after successfully passing a constitutional amendment stating – “Corporations are not natural persons & money does not equal free speech.” I note that project is currently about double as far as they had projected for this date, and it enjoys bipartisan support, with over 80% of the public in favor. Only the upper .10 of the 1% and most of our representatives in DC are opposed to it. It seems the logical tool given us by the true, “greatest generation,” our founders.

      What do you folks think??

    • Bryce

      Russ, you should write a piece on the recently exposed essays of Mark Gorton. How refreshing! He writes a great summary.

    • Ezra

      Other possibilities: bicycle, foot – 2.6 miles from the finish line to Tsarnaev’s, Inman Sq. Cambridge. Who was with the baby?

    • Alexander British

      Most people in Britain cannot understand why any country would want to join, or remain part of, the EU.
      For years, all polls state that most Brits want our Country out of the EU.

      We have millions of unemployed and a £1.3 trillion public debt. This debt has increased by 80% since May 2010 when the current Coalition entered Parliament. The official figure for private debts is also around £1.3 trillion, although in reality it is much higher.

      My view is, Bulgaria would do well to quit the European Union today.
      To stay in means sheer bankruptcy and prolonged suffering.

    • furtive

      Turn on NGEO NOW – 11:00 am EST
      FBI PRODUCTION:”Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers”

    • furtive

      The “distraction” has arrived.. Sad it had to occur…the FBI SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN & mueller charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

      BAUMAN ( aka vogt ) & actor ARRENDO are first out of the fate….psychopathy on display;


    • Jimmy Solomon

      While you are keeping yourselves away from “wild speculation” it would behoove Who What Why to try and debunk the crisis actor/no real bomb theories like those of Dave McGowan. I don’t want to believe it it is so crazy but what I’ve read is compelling and if you could show me and the many others we are wrong to believe it then you’d be doing a truth a good service.

    • furtive

      A retrospective filled with details:


    • Nota Conspiracy

      I absolutely hate conspiracy theory idiots. You are so disrespectful to those hurt, killed, and injured. Stop whatever you are smoking and wake up. Idiots!

    • TOssman

      Syria May yet be the Next US-Russia Flashpoint:

      Youtube leak exposes Turkey’s False Flag Operation involving al Qaeda directed at Syria leaked:


      The BBC (and the rest of the sock puppets ) do some damage control: the leaked tape just exposes Turkish officials “discussing Syria”

      Turkey shut down YouTube and Twitter last month

    • T Ossman

      Syria May yet be the Next US-Russia Flashpoint:

      Youtube leak exposes Turkey’s False Flag Operation to Start a War with Syria

      The BBC (and the rest of the sock puppets ) did some damage control: the leaked tape just exposes Turkish officials “discussing Syria”

      Turkey shut down YouTube and Twitter last month

    • Rebel without a Pause

      I was listening to the radio the at 1 a.m. night that Tamerlan was taken into custody. The reporter was live, real time. The incident started with a male wearing a jogging suit, blue w/ white strips face down on the street with his hands straight out. He was made to strip naked. I went to the internet and saw that it was Tamerlan. When he was being placed in the police car, his face was lighted by the tv cameras. Tamerlan’s nose is quite distinctive and I recognized him from previous tv news photos. As he walked towards the police car, one clearly saw that he had the build and muscles of a wrestler. He appeared to be on the short side, maybe 5ft 6. I never heard what happened to the ‘citizen’ who was taken into custody and even wrote on Thom Hartmann’s blog to try to get a name. Tamerlan was reported to have been run over by his brother. Another time I heard that he died in a shootout with police. When I Googled “suspected Boston bomber stripped naked” the sites I had visited no longer came up. Unfortunately, I threw away my notes that gave the exact street corner (in front of house w/ picket fence) and the other info because I couldn’t find any info until I heard Russ Baker on our local radio with Mike McCormick.

    • Torstentopp

      There is a lot going on under the surface….Whowhatwhy is an intriguing site

    • Elim

      I found this to be intriguing. Don’t know what it means, though, except that there is some fakery going on.


    • Jeff Grotke

      Russ, the thing that I want to know is whether or not the ouster of the Ukrainian government was a CIA action, or was it a genuine movement of Ukrainians? If this was a typical CIA thing, they have also typically involved us in supporting right wing fascists and giving them power. In that case Putin is right to intervene and restore the status quo.

    • furtive

      If officer donoghue of Watertown, Ma. almost bled to death with no pulse from 3/4 ” wound,

      How does one explain the consciousness & rapid recovery , of the actor , Jeff Bauman, double amputee with a pencil for a tibia?

    • Sarastro92

      Is there any forensic/ ballistic evidence tying a weapon in the possession of the Tsarnaevs to the Collier murder? I can’t find any reports that there is.

      The only evidence to date is “Danny’s” testimony; and an FBI agents claim that a video he saw slows on of the Tsarnaevs in possession of a back that exploded. The public has never seen that footage.

      On the other side there’s the assassination of Todashev, the Tsarnaev friend in Florida and the deportation of other acquaintances.

      • Jazzee

        and why did they kill Collier?????? it makes no sense first they said to get his weapon true or not?
        OH yes the assassination in Florida..never heard another word about it how clever

    • Ralph Hornsby

      The boat note will be thrown out and not used. The prosecution has
      always known this, but made sure it was leaked to the media. On pg. 9
      the court doc, from May 16 by the prosecution (Doc 312; Govt Opposition
      to Defendant’s Motion Concerning Alleged Leaks and Public Comments by
      Law Enforcement ) the prosecution admits the boat was left unguarded for
      several days
      before the note was discovered. Anyone could have wrote the note. The
      bright red ‘blood stain’ dripping down is laughable, especially since it
      wasn’t discovered for several days. And of course, ABC, CNN or Boston
      Globe won’t report this truth. Court doc: http://www.scribd.com/doc/224637664/Doc-312-Govt-Opposition-to-Defendant-s-Motion-Concerning-Alleged-Leaks-and-Public-Comments-by-Law-Enforcement-051614

      Good article talking about how the FBI and local law enforcement left boat with note unattended for several days after capture: http://thebostonmarathonbombings.weebly.com/leaks-weak-arguments-and-staggering-admissions.html

    • Pablo

      A couple of thoughts:

      1) We were told that these supposed terrorists always want to do the maximum damage. So, then why did they wait until ALL the elite runners and 90% of the spectators and photographers had left?

      2) Why the “Rush To Judgment” against the two brothers? It seems to me that WHENEVER the USGov “Rushes To Judgement” it’s because it is NOT interested in a fair and impartial investigation (JFK, 911, Boston, others).

      Please keep up the great work.

    • Taylor

      Bulgaria will exit NATO and the EU by 2022. 300,000 Russians now own property in Bulgaria. That number will double. Bulgarian politicians like Stanishev and Siderov are Russian stooges. Moscow is spending millions influencing public opinion against the EU through a non-transparent media. Bulgaria is becoming more dependent on Moscow with deals like South Stream and inexplicably balked at shale exploration. The Bulgarians would never and frankly couldn’t put up any resistance against Russian forces. Bulgaria was never able to break away from the old order like Poland and the Czech Republic and establish democracies. Corruption and lack of opportunities will lead Bulgaria right back into the old Russian fold. They never really had a chance.

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  • Elim

    Shut up, you unquestioning fool.