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Photo Credits: Steven Melkisethian/Flickr CAPTION: The shooting of Michael Brown sparked protests and rallies in Ferguson and beyond, including this one hosted by the Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Ferguson Report. Part 1: Breathing While Black, and Other Offenses

It has been said that African-Americans are often arrested for “driving while black.” In fact, African-Americans seem to be arrested for walking, talking—or just breathing—while black. Here we present excerpts from The Ferguson Report, an astonishing catalog of grinding daily harassments, humiliations—and worse—by a police department intent on keeping a people “in their place” while earning revenue for the city by writing as many tickets as possible.

The Ferguson Report. Department of Justice Investigation into the Ferguson Police Department. US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division. The New Press, New York, London. 2015

Jon Stewart’s White House Link, Trumping Trump On Immigration & Killer Robots: July 28, 2015

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy New Study Trumps Trump: Shocking Decline in Mexican Immigration By Russ Baker Donald Trump is the leading Republican candidate, largely because of his tough talk over Mexican immigration. There’s just one problem: a new report shows he’s way off base. But almost no one is covering it. WHO Jon Stewart’s Secret White Read More

Photo credit: Anatoly Terentiev / Wikimedia

Ten Indications Iran Wants Business Not Bombs

Longtime Middle East correspondent Charles Glass offers his droll, insightful, and entertaining personal take on the much-debated threat presented by Iran. He sees every indication that the country is much more interested in business than in war.


Podcast: Russ Baker on the Bushes–Past, Present and Future

WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker returns to Denver’s KNUS (July 24). Tune in to this wide-ranging interview with Peter Boyles to hear Russ go deep on the Bush family’s true impact, the folly of wars sold under false pretenses, the family’s business practices, the Military-Industrial Complex and Homeland Security Complex, and general dastardliness of our elites and media. Full of surprises.

The Truth About El Chapo, Investigating Hillary & Nuclear Daisies: July 24, 2015

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy RadioWhoWhatWhy: “If you think you know what’s going on in Mexico, you’re misinformed.” By Guillermo Jimenez There’s more to the second prison break by Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo than meets the eye. A podcast. WHO Criminal Inquiry Is Sought in Clinton Email Account  Two inspectors general requested a Justice Department inquiry Read More

The Pope’s Odd Company, The F-35 Boondoggle & The Ghost of Judith Miller: July 22, 2015

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy Pope, with Green Reforms, Keeps Odd Company By Carmelo Ruiz Will the Pope’s courageous stand on the environment extend to challenging those who hypocritically associate themselves with it? WHO The US military’s Trillion-Dollar Boondoggle Scott Beauchamp takes a hard look at the costly, disastrous F-35 “fighter” jet. Many think “the most expensive weapons Read More