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Boston Marathon Bombing Trial: Live Updates and Unvarnished Analysis

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2016 Presidential Race: WhoWhatWhy Curates the Best of the Media Stream

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Some Surprising and Hopeful Signs: Muslims Defend Jews, Jews Defend Muslims

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Will Mexico’s Oil Give the U.S. Another Excuse for Covert Intervention?

Dun “Danny” Meng makes his escape from the Tsarnaev brothers.
Boston Bombing Investigation

Tsarnaev Carjacking Victim’s Escape Video a Microcosm of Why a Closer Look Is Warranted

March 25, 2015 by

The video of Dun “Danny” Meng’s escape is a microcosm of what’s frustrating about the Boston bombing trial: It features cherry-picked prosecution evidence, inconsistencies that were uncovered pre-trial and a defense solely interested in trying to avoid the death penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. So the video raises more questions than it answers, and no one’s asking those questions.


RadioWHO Ep. 8: Danny Schechter the News Dissector R.I.P.

March 24, 2015 by

Pioneering author, filmmaker and media reform activist Danny Schechter saw the dystopian future of the corporate media long before it became a reality. RadioWHO host Jeff Schechtman spoke with “the News Dissector,” who died last week at the age of 72, in 1998. It will surprise you just how much of that conversation is still relevant. Here’s a tribute to a friend of WhoWhatWhy—and the truth.

Daily Roundup

The United States of Surveillance, Oil Bets & Life Under ISIS‏: Mar. 19, 2015

March 19, 2015 by

NOW LIVE ON WhoWhatWhy Surveillance and Oppression We Can Believe In by DonkeyHotey and Dan Engelke Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words. With evidence the Obama Administration is the most tight-lipped ever, here’s a picture to complete the story. DonkeyHotey and Dan Engelke show you the score. In Tsarnaev Trial, Prosecutors Turn Hostile Toward Own Witness Read More