Think we don’t have a shooting war on American soil?

Tune in for the premiere of the RadioWHO podcast, where you’ll learn all about that quiet war from WhoWhatWhy reporter Douglas Lucas.

Host Guillermo Jimenez and Lucas discuss how the drug war on the Mexican border has morphed into a counterinsurgency war that has Mexican and American forces crossing into each other’s territory with surprising frequency. Lucas walks through his reporting and how he discovered new information about the scope of this facet of the drug war.

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Later, he describes what it felt like to be the subject of obvious—and suspicious—surveillance at a recent hacker conference, at which his phone was remotely hacked. As a journalist who has reported extensively on the case of Barrett Brown, Lucas is only too aware of the risks reporters face when their work is perceived as a challenge to the national security apparatus.

RadioWHO host Guillermo Jimenez (L) and Douglas Lucas

RadioWHO host Guillermo Jimenez (L) and Douglas Lucas

The expanding security state is also a specialty of Guillermo Jimenez, who’s producing and hosting the RadioWho podcast in addition to his Traces of Reality podcast. A new feature to our site, RadioWHO will appear twice a month with unique insight from Guillermo Jimenez and his guests.

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Frank von Winkhorst
Frank von Winkhorst
7 years ago

Same here. I was curious how Guillermo pronounced his name. It sounded
like “Hiermo,” but I wanted to rewind to find out. Then this brain dead
mixcloud popup tells me I can’t rewind because the blinking music is
licensed. I could care less about the music. Let them block the first 10
seconds if they want to protect the music. Leave the rest of the show
alone. I’ll tell you; I am fed up with the insane level of greed that is
driving the internet right now.

By the way, the work-around is ridiculously simple. Forward to the end of the program and then restart it.

7 years ago

I was listening at the beginning and I thought I heard Guillermo mention it was the inaugural episode of his new podcast at WhoWhatWhy. I tried to rewind to make sure I heard that correctly but got a message saying essentially that rewind isn’t permitted in my country (link below).

Russ – any chance you can use a media player that does allow this? Or at least download so I can rewind on my local player of choice? Sorry to make requests of you but I think rewind is important for people trying to make sure they understand the information you’re passing on to us (which I want to emphasize I am grateful for).

7 years ago
Reply to  kevin

Thanks, Kevin. Passed on to our tech team

4 years ago


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