Why We Fight With the Pen
by Russ Baker
The Boston Marathon bombing and trial has not been covered responsibly by the media, which has allowed the case to proceed and the trial to near its end with many important questions unanswered and unexplored.


GOP Hawks Set to Ruin Rand Paul’s Big Day
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) joined the GOP’s presidential scrum, but the scrum’s puppet-masters are already trying to kick him out. The Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America—a “non-profit corporation”—is slamming Sen. Paul with a $1 million ad buy that calls him “dangerous” on national security and links him to President Obama’s Iran deal. It’s a serious challenge to Sen. Paul, who is already struggling to create daylight between himself and his controversial father.

Arab Nations’ Donations to Clinton Foundation: Curing World’s Ills or Currying Favor?
Here’s an interesting dichotomy: Since 2001, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates gave about $40 million to the Clinton Foundation… but six leading NGOs engaged in similar work collected zippo-nada-nothing from those same countries. They did fork over a paltry $6.82 million to the International Committee for the Red Cross. But why did they feel so charitable to the Clinton Foundation, even as they were skinflints to other worthy causes? This is not a trick question.

Meet Anonymous International, the Hackers Taking on the Kremlin
Russian hackers Anonymous International may be the most famous hacker group in a country known for its hacking groups. And they’ve targeted the Kremlin’s power elite—cracking open Twitter accounts, releasing documents and battling Putin’s army of online trolls. But they are not quite revolutionaries. Rather, they are “hired guns” willing to hack just about anyone or anything for a price… starting at $30,000.


The Inside Story of the Civil War For the Soul of NBC News
At the heart of this Vanity Fair exposé is embattled Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and his strange inability to say the words “I lied” after Stars and Stripes exposed his mendacity. But, as Bryan Burrough explains, the trouble at NBC runs far deeper and traces back to its merger with Comcast in 2011. Since that profitable corporate coupling it has become harder and harder to distinguish between NBC News and NBC-no-evil.

The Mind of Those Who Kill, and Kill Themselves
Against the backdrop of the Germanwings crash, the New York Times examines the phenomenon of suicide-murder. Recent studies are piecing together a profile that includes extreme narcissism, a sense of grievance and a desire for infamy. Although “depression” is often bandied about in the media, these characteristics set suicide-killers apart from those suffering common forms of depression.


Is This New Gold Mine of Baby Galaxies a Missing Cosmic Link?
Scientists may have figured out why some galaxies cluster together into “cosmic clubs.” Telescopes that peer into the far reaches and distant past of the universe indicate that newborn galaxies are born from stunning, copious bursts of star clusters. The telescopes gather light from galaxies 10 billion to 11 billion light-years away. That means we are seeing those galaxies as they were some 10 billion to 11 billion years ago… when the universe was still just 2 or 3 billion years old.

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