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PUBLICITY NOTES: We’re getting more requests all the time for Russ and others to appear on radio shows and podcasts. In addition, we see our articles frequently picked up, cited, or linked to. For example, Daily Kos featured a postabout the “Black Lives Matter” movement and Hillary Clinton, and the first article they link to is ours, about the death of the youth Kalief Browder, by Ralph Lopez.


How the Bush Team Crushed Clinton’s FEMA
By Russ Baker
In Part 4 of this series, we learn how Bush’s hand-picked team set about dismantling the competent, engaged FEMA team installed under Bill Clinton.

Eyewitness Account of Hurricane Katrina from a WhoWhatWhy Editor
By Klaus Marre
A journalist describes the post-apocalyptic alternate reality that characterized New Orleans in the days after Katrina.


Meet the Liberals Who Love Trump
Liberal activists have found common cause with The Donald. Trump attacks Jeb Bush by saying he’ll be a “puppet” of his donors. Trump talks daily about the problem of lobbying and its influence on politics. So, in the greatest of ironies, a self-funding billionaire Republican is hammering home an important message about the corrupting influence of money on American democracy. And some on the left really hope it sticks.

North Dakota Allows Cops To Arm Their Drones With Tasers And Tear Gas
North Dakota’s police have been given the green light to arm their drones with Tasers, tear gas, beanbag cannons, and other “less-lethal” weapons. Even though Tasers are not Hellfire missiles, they can still be deadly.

Whose War in Yemen?
The media’s indifference to the grinding war in Yemen is striking given US material support for the deadly Saudi-led offensive. Even worse, the paltry coverage frames it all as a sectarian proxy war between Saudi liberators and Iranian expansionists. But that convenient, simplistic framework belies the truth about the aggressive, US-backed Saudi war on its impoverished neighbor.


NASA: World ‘Locked Into’ at Least 3 Feet of Sea Level Rise
New research has reset earlier predictions about the rise of sea levels due to climate change. In 2013, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted a rise of 1 to 3 feet. Now, NASA’s new data indicates a rise of “at least” 3 feet (and likely more) sometime over the next century.


Welcome to the Naked City: Sun, Swingers and Very Little Shoplifting
The Guardian visited the world’s biggest nude town — Cap d’Agde in France. It’s a self-described “naturist village” that swells to 40,000 people every summer. Although it has long fought the perception that it’s a seedy meat market, the fact is that the naturists and the swingers co-exist with little fanfare. And this little city within a city has become a model of decorum and functionality. May I help you with that package, monsieur?

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