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Russ Baker on the Security State and our State of Mind — 90 Minutes of Blunt Talk
By Russ Baker
WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker on “The Ripple Effect” Podcast. Russ talks about the mysterious crash that killed the investigative journalist Michael Hastings. He also presents his most detailed analysis yet of the Boston Marathon Bombing case. Even after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death, the questions and doubts about the case are thicker than ever. He explores the out-of-control American Homeland Security State — the screwups, the cover-ups, the recklessness, the hidden agendas; and the cowardice and laziness of the media in failing to pursue the real story. 90 minutes of blunt talk.


The Spy Satellite Secrets in Hillary’s Emails
Hillary’s email woes just got worse and it’s freaking out Democrats. Most troubling is her apparent mendacity regarding the handling of classified information on her infamous private server. Although her campaign has steadfastly denied mishandling classified material through the server, new revelations indicate that the exact opposite is true. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has surged ahead of Hillary in the latest New Hampshire poll.

Give Bibi the Nobel Peace Prize
Bibi Netanyahu should get the Peace Prize for almost singlehandedly making the Iran Nuclear Deal a reality. That’s the argument Aaron David Miller makes in Foreign Policy. Basically, Bibi’s myopic, two decade-long obsession with Iran’s nukes so inflated the issue, and he “cried wolf” so many times, that he paved the way for the deal to happen. Now, he is failing to deliver on his dire war`nings to Congress and Obama seems to have secured support for a likely veto of Congressional efforts to torpedo the deal.

Even If You Hate Me, Please Don’t Take Labour Over The Cliff Edge
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is one of the Britain’s most ridiculed leaders. After lap-dogging his way into Iraq, he’s gone on to a profitable post-PM’ship. It’s made him a persona non grata amongst many Labour loyalists. Now, the architect of “New Labour” is imploring his party to defeat old-style Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the party’s forthcoming leadership election. The anti-war, pro-Palestinian, pro-socialist Corbyn is the anti-Blair. He’s even called for Blair to be tried for war crimes.


The Great Mellowing
The Texas Observer examines the influence of country music icon and marijuana evangelist Willie Nelson on changing attitudes toward pot legalization in the Lone Star state. Willie’s legendary status is at the nexus of Texas politics and culture and his influence may be translating into a growing left-right coalition that will finally lead to a revolution in Texas’ draconian drug laws.


Why the New Ebola Vaccine Is a Minor Miracle
Today’s big vaccination news is about the progress being made against chickenpox. But perhaps more impressive is the recent arrival of an apparently-effective Ebola vaccine. It’s a “minor miracle” that it was developed so quickly in response to the outbreak in West Africa. It’s a good indication that public health institutions are more nimble than previously thought.

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