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Russ Baker on the Security State and Our State of Mind — 90 Minutes of Blunt Talk

Photo credit: Russ Baker (WhoWhatWhy), Ricky Varandas (The Ripple Effect Podcast / Twitter)
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WhoWhatWhy’s Russ Baker on “The Ripple Effect” Podcast. Russ talks about the mysterious crash that killed the investigative journalist Michael Hastings. He also presents his most detailed analysis yet of the Boston Marathon Bombing case. Even after Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death, the questions and doubts about the case are thicker than ever. He explores the out-of-control American Homeland Security State —  the screwups,  the cover-ups, the recklessness, the hidden agendas; and the cowardice and laziness of the media in failing to pursue the real story. 90 minutes of blunt talk.


Related front page panorama photo credit: Bush Family (National Archives / Wikimedia), Michael Hastings (Facebook), Boston Marathon Street Scene – (Aaron Tang / Wikimedia)

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16 responses to “Russ Baker on the Security State and Our State of Mind — 90 Minutes of Blunt Talk”

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  2. (Comment from reader @Evgeni_Gonzalez) Great episode. I fully support what Rick Varandas is doing. He’s an average Joe following his heart.

  3. VoxFox says:

    Russ exposes the “Confirmation principle” at work. People need to feel that we all agree on our view of the world, which is so reassuring that we understand reality. Doubters raise mental conflict that needs to answered; easier to just agree.
    In reality, this all boils down to the universal fear of personal death that cannot be denied.

  4. (Comment from reader @Wise_Owl24) #SAMSisTORTURE

  5. (Comment from reader @BostonPsyOp) I think we’ve established that the FBI has a strong relationship with the Tsarnaevs. ;)

  6. Ricky Varandas says:

    If you enjoyed this podcast check out more great episodes of The Ripple Effect Podcast.

  7. starlight says:

    Another great interview with Russ. Always so much more to learn about. The patterns REALLY jump out at me. I think humans are pattern-seeking creatures… except those who are fast asleep. The underlying pattern here is one of psychopathy. The upside-down, inside-out quality of life now is an artifact of pathological thinking. Good info out there on this problem. POLITICAL PONEROLOGY by Andrew Lobacziewski . Ponerology is the term used to describe the process of pathologizing humans. Of converting normal people to hold pathological ideas (aka brain washing). Psychopaths/sociopaths are able to glibly coerce normal-thinking/feeling humans into holding and acting upon pathological ideas (think Wall Street; Germany 1933; etc). The issue of a psychologically defective elite using persuasion, bribing, threat or enticement to turn normal into abnormal behavior really needs deep analysis. Awareness of this can be personal protection against being a victim of the human predators.
    Our empire is a pathocracy.
    Other source data: THE MASK OF SANITY (free online pdf); WITHOUT CONSCIENCE by Robert Hare; THE SOCIOPATH NEXT DOOR by Martha Stout; SNAKES IN SUITS by Babiak and Hare. Please learn about this underlying dynamic.

  8. Kevin says:

    It’s interesting to me that the host (Ricky Varandas) put down Alex Jones yet mentioned how fortunate he was to have James Corbett on his show. I believe James has credited Alex Jones helping wake him up (trying to disprove what he heard AJ say and being surprised at what he found). Also related, Russ expressed frustration that people are not waking up despite the info he presents. I think Alex Jones tries to get people out of that trance (of not processing info) with his in-your-face style.

    I might be one of the few people who appreciates both Russ and AJ. To me, you need all types of approaches to appeal to people. One thing I like to do is find people on YouTube who I think might be open to hearing truth info and sending them messages of things to check out. One person responded to me months later and told me she appreciated what I sent but that (paraphrasing) didn’t “speak to” her. So again, I think the way the message is conveyed is important. I know Russ touched on this with his “I’m not a psychologist but…” conversation (which I really found interesting). My own opinion is that we all just need to do what we feel fits most naturally w/ our own style, trust our instincts, and do the best we can. Hopefully an audience will follow (whether today or even down the road). I always try to “plant seeds” in people in hopes they’ll eventually come around. I’ve heard a theory that it takes hearing something 3 times before you start to pay attention. No idea if it’s true but in my own experience (from when I was starting to wake up), I think there might be truth to it.

    In any case, I love when Russ does these interviews. I always find them fascinating. Thanks for all the great work!

    • Ricky Varandas says:

      Alex Jones def deserves a lot of credit for being one of the 1st & loudest voices questioning OKC, Waco, 9/11 and many more. His films & radio show is responsible for helping a lot of people question more & exposing a lot of corruption.

      With that said, its unfortunate that he is also a little responsible for anyone who questions the official story to be called a conspiracy theorist. He sells a lot of fear porn. Every story is the 1st step to the end of the world or a complete police state (I am being a little sarcastic). And he also connects a lot of dots, not like Russ Baker who as a journalist just reports the facts, but he connects dots by sometimes exaggerating the facts.

      All & all, we are all lucky that people like AJ, Corbett & Russ Baker exist because we are all much better informed because of it, but we dont have to agree with everything AJ does, and the way he does it, to acknowledged he has still done much more good than bad.

    • Kevin says:

      “With that said, its unfortunate that he is also a little responsible for anyone who questions the official story to be called a
      conspiracy theorist”

      A couple of points:

      1) Check the article below (and I think Russ has talked about this as well). The phrase “conspiracy theorist” is used to try to discredit people who question the “official narrative”. If AJ is associated w/ that phrase, maybe it’s because he’s doing that.

      2) You give credit to AJ for being one of the first and loudest voices on “OKC, Waco, 9/11 and many more” yet criticize him for selling fear porn. I guess it can be argued he sees conspiracy in everything but if he’s been the first and loudest to question/expose at least 3 very big incidents then I say he deserves the benefit of the doubt. He has repeated a famous quotation on his show before (and I’m probably doing a bad job at parphrasing) that initially it’s dangerous (and scorn-provoking) to question things but, as momentum builds, it gets easier and easier for people to jump on that bandwagon. He’s trying to do the initial heavy lifting to make it easier for people to get on that bandwagon. On top of that, he’s said that he wants to inspire others (and he’s said “there are plenty of people smarter than me”) to start their own shows, spread the truth, etc. To me, is one outstanding example of that. Let’s not forget that AJ also has had Russ on his show (though as Russ has said, his appearence on a show is not an endorsement of that person’s show – and I don’t think he does “endorse” AJ’s views).
      While I do agree w/ you that AJ exaggerates at times (and I wish he didn’t), I’ll take the bad w/ the good. Obviously AJ’s work isn’t the quality of Russ’ forensic journalism but, again, I think both have their place.

  9. (Comment from reader @JohnStauber).@whowhatwhy is a lone brave voice for investigation of #MichaelHastings death. His hip #watchdog buddies? #Posers!

  10. weilunion says:

    Good interview. Deep state, false flags. America has been infiltrated by the CIA, NSA and FBI for decades. Now the chickens come home to roost

  11. JED says:

    Thanks for posting this conversation. I always try to catch when Russ does one of these. I didn’t hear anything new here but is always good to hear like minded folks trying to make sense of it all.
    I can really hear the outrage in Russ’s voice. It’s the same outrage that I feel. Everything is backwards….
    The Marathon case… a few points
    I’m not sure Russ has made this case as clear as possible but if(not a question) the FBI knew and were aware of the brothers & family, surely they could’ve ID’ed these guys without the help of the public. So then why did they release the photos of them and basically get the whole shooting match started. I mean, Russ makes this point in a more round about way. Is it possible the FBI couldn’t ID’ed them thru those photos? Hardly seems possible. For me, that is the big tip
    off that the FBI is not being honest here.
    Also, soon after the bombing I had heard reports(I’m from suburban Boston) that race officials were telling runners before the start of the race that not to worry about extra security because they were running “drills” regarding a simulated incident. Just wondering if WWW ever heard about that.
    Which also brings to mind the extra security at the finish line – the private security “officials” who are clearly seen in the footage. These are the folks that were immediately pointed to as the real culprits by the reactionary theorists out there at the time. I believe it was narrowed down to the private security firm – Craft International. Has anyone at WWW been able to get a handle on the WHY we see these paramilitary types present at the marathon. Have they been hired in previous years of the marathon?
    Anyway, thanks again,

  12. Mark says:

    Can anyone open this podcast? It won’t open for me.