Baker on Jeb! and Michael Hastings’ Mysterious Death
By Russ Baker
Russ Baker back on with popular Denver radio host Peter Boyles, talking about Jeb Bush dropping his last name for campaign purposes—and the mysterious, fiery death two years ago of journalist Michael Hastings.

Statistician: Data Point to “Multiple Agents” Manipulating Election
By Jimmy Chin
How many 2016 presidential candidates have thwarted the law through their campaigning efforts?


Will Humans Survive the Sixth Great Extinction?
Noted journalist Elizabeth Kolbert literally wrote the book on the Sixth Great Extinction. So, National Geographic quizzed her about the recent study detailing the dire pace of human-caused extinction and what, if anything, can be done to abate it. Crucial to the question, according to Kolbert, is to stop debating whether or not it is actually happening. By the time that question is settled, she said, “three-quarters of all species on Earth could be gone.”

Homegrown Radicals More Deadly Than Jihadis in US
It’s only taken 19 attacks by non-Muslim extremists since the War on Terror began for the United States to wake up to the possibility that “terrorism” is not simply a euphemism for “Muslim.” The massacre in Charleston has shifted attention to Right-wing radicals who, according to law enforcement, pose a greater risk than jihadists. One expert said that there is (finally) an acceptance that “the threat from jihadi terrorism in the United States has been overblown.”

The Middle Class is Struggling to Make the Rent
Here are the latest updates from “The Recovery”… home ownership just hit a new low, CEO pay just hit new highs, the economy contracted a little bit and a new Harvard study shows that one in five “renter households” making $45,000-$75,000 spend more than approximately one-third of their total income on rent. That makes these middle class families officially “cost burdened” as the price of rent outpaces growth in wages. I know… you’re saying, “What growth in wages?” Exactly.


Facial Recognition Is The New Normal, Even When Your Face Is Covered
NEWS FLASH: There is officially no place to hide. Facebook has developed a new algorithm that can identify faces, even when they are being obscured. And facial recognition software is popping up everywhere. US Customs and Border Protection recently tested it at Dulles International Airport. Churches are using it to pick out new parishioners. Google added it to its Photos app. Google also found a sneaky way to record everything you do without you knowing it. Hey, everyone is doing it.


The Terrifying Truth About Air Pollution and Dementia
Climate change dominates the debate over humans’ use and abuse of hydrocarbons. However, many years ago the main issue was air pollution. Laws and technologies slowly cleared the air of the visible effects of burning fossil fuels. But there are still lingering, nearly invisible problems clouding the air, the lungs and, according to this stunning story from Mother Jones, the minds of Americans who unwittingly inhale particulate pollution.

The Majority of Catholic Republicans Believe in Climate Change
Apparently, Pope Francis is sowing the seeds of environmental change in fertile ground. That’s according to the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication. They found that Republican Catholics are more convinced by climate science than their Evangelical cohorts. A majority (51%) believes it is actually happening and 71% support policies designed to address the issue. As for their non-Catholic brethren? I guess you just gotta have faith that they’ll come around before it’s too late.

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