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Beth Clarkson, Kris Kobach

Kansas Election Verification Foe Labels ACLU “Communists”

Reading Time: < 1 minute WhoWhatWhy readers will recognize the Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach as the antagonist in election activist Beth Clarkson’s fight for voting transparency.But Kobach isn’t just opposed to verifying election results. He is also no fan of commies and has a pretty broad definition of who is included in that group.In a speech to reporters Read More

Fighting for Election Transparency — With Science

Reading Time: 5 minutes Our automated vote recording and tabulation system cannot be trusted. At least that’s what one statistician thinks, and she is not staying silent about it. Here is the story of how one person took on the bureaucracy in order to protect the integrity of our democracy.

Foreigners Could Hack US Elections, Experts Say

Reading Time: 7 minutes When people think of election theft, many assume that means individuals taking measures up to and including the moment that votes are cast. However, experts agree that thanks to the increasing reliance on electronic voting and vote-counting, the very infrastructure itself is also vulnerable — to attacks from the outside. This could include foreign powers pursuing their own agenda.