FIFA Soccer Corruption Probe Could Spell Trouble for Putin, Qatar
by Klaus Marre
With both the US and Switzerland launching investigations of alleged corruption in the most powerful body in global sports, FIFA’s seemingly untouchable president may be toast. But both Russia and Qatar, sites of upcoming World Cups, are on the hot seat too.


Scientists Warn to Expect More Weather Extremes
It’s often said that “denial is a river in Egypt.” Climate denial, on the other hand, is located deep in the heart of America’s Petrostate. While Texas is still searching for the dead amid epic downpours, denial is flowing out of the National Review like a surging stream of consciousness. Although scientists predict more extreme, unpredictable weather, the venerable conservative mag says scientists don’t really know what they are talking about and that human beings have plenty of time to adapt to climate change.

Clinton Foundation Paid Blumenthal $10K Per Month While He Advised On Libya
As more light shines on the Clintons’ shadowy deals, it looks more and more like they ran a shadow government along the seam between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s State Department. Longtime Clintonista was being paid a handsome sum while also “advising” then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and lobbying for contractors seeking a piece of the post-Gaddafi pie—a claim his lawyer is now denying.

Jeb Bush’s Busy Role On Corporate Boards Could Become Issue In 2016 Presidential Campaign
Speaking of scrutiny… The Next Bush In Line is sweating a bit under the bright lights after the Associated Press dug deep into his “dizzying array of corporate connections” that included positions with 15 different companies and nonprofits. He quickly padded his portfolio after leaving the Florida Governor’s office in 2007, earning tidy $3.9 million from just four companies. The lion’s share came from Tenet Healthcare Corp., which forked over $2,375,870 in pay and stock. Ka-ching!

75% of US Schools Use Surveillance Cameras; 70% Perform Campus Shooting Drills
School’s almost out for the summer. No more pencils, no more books. No more teachers’ dirty looks… and no more surveillance cameras or active shooter drills? Yup, according to a new report, schools are rapidly adopting surveillance cameras and running more active shooter drills. Oddly enough, the rate of violent incidents in public schools declined from 74% to 65% over the last few years. So, in spite of the decline, it’s probably still a good idea to invest in surveillance camera companies.


Can Train, Plane And Automobile Noise Make Us Gain Weight?
Researchers in Sweden have found a direct correlation between noise pollution and obesity. According to their long-term study—which tracked noise from cars, trains and planes—scientists found that those exposed to one source of noise at 45 decibels were 25% more likely to have a spare tire. That likelihood doubled for people exposed to all three sources—which may explain the Michelin Man’s long struggle with his weight.


Killer Fungus That’s Devastating Bats May Have Met Its Match
Bats play a vital role in pest control, pollination and agriculture—to the tune of many billions of dollars each year. Alas, they get a bad rap because of rabies and horror films… and they’ve been facing the twin pressures of habitat loss and a deadly fungus called White Nose Syndrome, which has felled millions of our flying friends since it was first detected in 2006. But now there is a ray of hope hidden in a cloud of chemicals given off by a strain of the Rhodococcus rhodochrous bacteria that could kill or slow down the deadly fungus.

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