Rescuers prepare to fly ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh to the hospital

Rescuers prepare to fly ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh to the hospital

Recently, we reported on an Aug. 25 one-car crash involving the long-time former FBI director, Louis Freeh. Considering Freeh’s prominence and tenure in the national security apparatus, the incident has received surprisingly little media attention and virtually no serious scrutiny.

But we think that journalistic rigor warrants a close look at misfortune befalling people in sensitive positions, even when there is a reasonable possibility that there is nothing more to learn. You can read our first article here.

Now, we’d like to update you on two key points, and then on some other curiosities.

First: local Vermont media are reporting that, just prior to his crash along a relatively straight and flat portion of a rural stretch of Vermont Highway 12, Freeh, 64, nearly took out three motorists, whose evasive actions saved themselves.

Second: a still unidentified FBI agent quickly materialized at the scene of the crash.

Freeh Wheeling

Vermont’s largest newspaper, the Burlington Free Press, provided the following coverage, citing one of the drivers whose quick action saved their lives:

The driver, Van Coleman, gave a written statement to a Windsor County deputy sheriff, who was the first police officer on the scene of the Aug. 25 crash of Freeh’s vehicle. Deputy Sheriff Justin Hoyt said he gave the eyewitness report to state police.

A motorcyclist and two cars needed to swerve into the left lane when Freeh’s vehicle crossed the center line on Vermont 12 in Barnard and headed at the trio at a high rate of speed, Coleman told the Burlington Free Press.

Freeh “was doing about 60 to 65 miles per hour and was on the left side of the road,” Coleman said. The speed limit was 50 mph.

Coleman said the northbound motorcyclist, who was first in line, moved to the left to avoid the SUV coming in the wrong lane. Another car also swerved left before Coleman followed suit in his Honda, he said.

None of this information about Freeh’s behavior has been provided to the public by the government—so we have the local media to thank for its diligence.

The Free Press provides claims by various Vermont officials that they themselves did not have the information to release.

State police were criticized for trying to keep the crash under wraps for 24 hours. A video crew for Fox44/ABC 22 in Colchester and a photographer from a local weekly newspaper in Woodstock were at the scene, but they were told a news release would be issued the following day.

Instead, FBI sources in Washington told NBC News that Freeh had been in a Vermont crash. The Vermont State Police issued a news release more than eight hours after the wreck and only after multiple calls by local and national media.

Mystery G-Man Rushes to Scene

A still unidentified FBI agent was one of the first people to arrive at the accident scene, according to police. He was apparently from out of state. What he was doing there is still not clear. Police believed him to be off-duty, but could not say with certainty.

Students of history will note the many instances in which FBI have shown up at sensitive accident/crash scenes with great haste—sometimes seemingly surmounting formidable obstacles, and sometimes arriving in force that would seem impossible based on actual local staffing.

One of many examples where FBI swarmed a crash scene was the 1972 Chicago plane crash that killed Dorothy Hunt, a former CIA officer and wife of the embattled CIA officer and Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt, while she was cooperating with a journalist on inquiries into Watergate. The FBI took over the investigation, prompting complaints from the National Transportation Safety Board, which has statutory responsibility for such air disaster probes. (A detailed review of the incident can be found in Carl Oglesby’s Yankee and Cowboy War.)

Freeh himself was involved in a similar accident scene takeover, following the downing/crash of TWA flight 800 over Long Island. Freeh commandeered the investigation from the National Transportation Safety Board right after the incident in July 1996. Once the FBI took over, the NTSB was denied access to witnesses (see Aviation Week, Dec. 15, 1997; paywall).  That August, chemists at the FBI crime lab found traces of PETN, a component of bombs and surface-to-air missiles.  Yet, in November 1997, the FBI closed the investigation for good, claiming no evidence of a criminal act had been found.  There has never been a follow-up investigation of this case. (For more, see the documentary by WhoWhatWhy contributor Kristina Borjesson.)

“His Head Was Down”

What happened to Freeh on August 25 when his 2010 SUV left the highway, and hit a tree? Here’s the Free Press again:

“His head was down, so I thought he had fallen asleep,” Coleman, the witness, said as he reflected on what he saw before Freeh crashed.

“I think he was totally out. He made no attempt to stop,” said Coleman, who spoke initially to the News & Citizen newspaper, a weekly in Morristown.

It’s important to remember that this happened shortly after noon, and not terribly far from Freeh’s vacation home, not typical circumstances for a driver to have fallen asleep.

Freeh and his staff have been mum on the whole thing; the FBI has provided no details or explanation. And law enforcement has not appeared to be especially zealous in figuring out what happened. As the Free Press reported on Sept 3:

Earlier state police had said there was no evidence that drugs or alcohol were a factor in the Aug. 25 crash.  That was based on personal observation, no probable cause and a lack of suspicion,” Keefe said in explaining why no test was administered.

And AP reported on Sept 4:

State Police Capt. Ray Keefe said police did not consider if Freeh was using a cellphone before the crash, and did not examine his phone, because the accident was not consistent with one of a distracted driver; no brake or swerve marks were left on the road.

The Vermont State Police said they found no sign that his car had been tampered with. That is also what police said about the one-car crash of national security journalist Michael Hastings. Of course, police see more accidents than most people and rarely say a car has been tampered with. That’s mainly because most cars are not involved in accidents because of tampering.

Freeh is, or was, under armed guard at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, a hospital in neighboring New Hampshire that is considered among the top hospitals. It routinely has very tight security, so the reason for the extra precautions is not clear.

There is the possibility that the law enforcement agencies involved with Freeh’s car crash are treating it with kid gloves because Freeh was one of their own. Although it happens less and less nowadays, there is ample history of fellow law officers giving special treatment to cases involving someone else who carries a badge. The fact that Freeh once held the biggest badge in the land could also be playing a factor.

Freeh, with his knowledge of details concerning controversial major security events that have not been, in many people’s minds, satisfactorily explained—including 9/11, TWA Flight 800, Oklahoma City, Ruby Ridge, Waco, investigations of the Clintons and more—is in a sensitive position. If his accident was, in the opinion of the FBI, not an accident, then they would conceivably have a reason to be concerned for his safety.

Ultimately, however, Freeh, a man who headed an agency famous for being tight-lipped, is unlikely to share his thoughts.

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  • Russ Baker is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in exploring power dynamics behind major events.

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Since when has the FBI ever been on the up and up about anything?


How about they did away with in Orlando?

Steven M Tenneshaw



FBI plot. Now what?


A heart attack or stroke would help to explain the situation, but no information even about that…


No toxicology report? No charges? Does anybody believe that any of us would be afforded that treatment?

Harry Calhoun

I have MS. About 5 years ago, I was involved in a minor mishap. My Corvette was rear ended. No serious damage, but we pulled off the road. I got out of the Vette, stumbled a bit, first words out of the cops mouth. Have you been drinking ? Even before he got close enough to make any sort of assessment. Sheesh. Thank god my daughter was with me. She stood up for me. If she wasnt with me, god only knows what they would or could do to me.


Try having an accident in which you run three people off the road and end up hitting a mailbox and your car halfway up a tree and see how quick the cops would be to test for drugs and alcohol. Also — they’d be checking the cell phone to see if you were talking or texting. Nice how the “special” people can get away with anything and everything. Disgraceful.


If u b head of FIB they go to tier two set of rules and laws…the tier one set of course for all us Joe 6paks out here… Nothing to c here, move along…


A coworker was fiddling with her CD player and ran off the road, took out a telephone pole. Nobody was injured, only the car/pole were damaged, she was completely aware, lucid, etc. The police practically forced her to take a drug/alcohol test, even though it was completely obvious she had not been drinking. This accident is much worse, yet they don’t “see the need” to take any tests. And they say we’re all “equal” under “democracy.”


I’ll second that ! And provide proof. But you won’t like what you read.Our democratic Republic was dead or mortally wounded shortly after it got started !


Our origin as a constitutional republic was a good start but has been subverted to the best government money can buy. Totally corrupted and beyond redemption unless we stop drinking the koolaid being dispensed by the MSM.


Just to add to the pile…the eff bee eye arrived at the Wellstone crash site within two hours of the crash…nearest eff bee eye office, five hour drive.


Good point. They don’t even try to make themselves look legit anymore. That’s power run amok.


Fake Bombs Inc. was at the scene of the Judi Barry bombing within minutes. I think they were standing around the corner with their fingers in their ears


And why is he under armed guard as reported by NPR? Is that protocol?


In case he tries to escape?

Nah, just kidding.


I think it’s to keep the witnesses out in case they try to finish the job.

barbara henninger

So reporters can’t see him until he sobers up?


The hospital would have taken blood and done a toxicology screening on his arrival in the ER, even if the police didn’t request one — which would be highly unusual in this type of MVA.


Having seen the lies of the FBI with respect to TWA 800, Waco, and Oklahoma City, I wouldn’t take their word for “Good Morning”.


I don’t know what his drunk driving history might be, but I do know that my stepmother, a normally fastidious person and careful driver, had the embarrassing experience of taking out a line of parked cars and crashing into the opposite curb when she suffered a brief stroke. She recovered for a short time, but this was really the end for her, and the next time she never woke up. Is it possible this was, as in her case, a Transcient Ischemic Attack (TIA)? If so, the secrecy may be about how far gone he is.


The saying “Something Rotten in Denmark ” doesn’t even cover it . The stench can be smelt a mile off .

democrat CockRoach

So the NWO itself is being taken out. Just amazing.


Can you image the bar room stories he could tell ?


Opus Dei connection?

Tim Berton

If it is a medical condition that caused him to fall asleep or faint, then that could explain the secrecy because of doctor-patient confidentiality. Several medical conditions can cause a person to fall asleep or faint at any time of the day. Some are treated with a pace-maker.

Ssa aaron hotchner

Louie has 24/7 security, provided by the feebs! Aka, damage control party. No one cares about what secrets he holds as his position as director receives only information passed up through a mile long line of the game telephone. What people are scared of is that he will grow a pair, get a conscience, and begin telling the truths he does know!

barbara henninger

Freeh was also CIA Director at the time JFK Jr.’s death. The FBI immediately took over and botched the search for the plane. A very good documentary was done by John Hankey.


The Devil eats his own children.


If his head was down, he was probably texting (or sexting).


Louis Freeh, the former FBI director appointed to investigate fraud in the BP oil spill claims program, has been replaced as head of his law firm amid questions about his work.

Freeh prepared a report in 2013 at US Judge Carl Barbers’ direction looking at ethical violations regarding the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The report found corruption allegations of “fraud, money laundering, conspiracy or perjury” and recommended a criminal investigation of ecological disaster claims processors: married attorneys Lionel Sutton & Christine Reitano and two other lawyers, as well as reviews by their bar associations.

Former Penn State president Graham Spanier filed a defamation suit against Freeh, who found culpability by a number of university officials, including Spanier, in his his 2012 report commissioned by the university after the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

Accident Suspects #1: Married attorneys Lionel Sutton & Christine Reitano face disbarment & prison
Accident Suspect #2: Graham Spanier. faces perjury and conspiracy charges

See: centre daillytimes report 10-2-14-FREEH replaced as chair at pepper Hamilton LLP

Spruce Cycle

“That’s mainly because most cars are not involved in accidents because of tampering.”, insane, incoherent sentence brought to you no doubt by the same moron who cannot define what a zero day is.