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President Donald Trump. Photo credit: Shealah Craighead / The White House

Decades from now, students and college professors will be studying President Donald Trump’s tweets as part of their political science curriculum. Let that sink in.

The holiday season is upon us, and 2017 is coming to a close. It’s a special time when we can reflect on another year ending and all that it has meant for us. A time to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate with friends and family. And to…

… review the 45th President of the United States’s most remarkable tweets.

That’s right, it’s time to once again open up the Trump Tweet Treasury. (Please see here for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.)

The former reality television star turned commander-in-chief is nothing if not a fan of Twitter. Hardly a day goes by without the president tweeting out to the world what’s on his mind and in his heart. But Twitter could also be kind of a release valve for Trump. Everyone knows that being the president is a stressful job — just look what it did to President Barack Obama’s hair.

But the president has his own coping mechanisms: the New York Times reported that Trump watches four to eight hours of television per day, and drinks up to 12 Diet Cokes. With all that media watching and caffeine dosage, who’s surprised that the president wants a quick and easy mouthpiece — especially one with no fact checker?

Now of course, sometimes Trump’s Twitter habits have been known to get him into a tad bit of trouble.

Like when he retweeted a right-wing extremist hate video and caused a diplomatic scandal with the UK. Or when he faulted Scotland Yard for not catching a terrorist in time. Or when he tweeted 39 times about sports players not standing for the National Anthem while Puerto Rico was in shambles. Or when he threatened possible nuclear war with North Korea and repeatedly called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man.” Or when he retweeted a GIF of himself hitting a golf ball and knocking over Hillary Clinton. Or when he tweeted about the wrong mass shooting (hey, there are so many), or tweeted at the wrong Theresa May. Or when…

Well, we all have our faults, don’t we?

What’s important is that the president is able to use his Twitter platform to bypass what he calls the #FakeNews media and talk directly to the world — unfiltered, uncensored, unhinged.

And just in case you forgot, please bear in mind that the White House has confirmed that the president’s tweets are to be taken as “official statements” (lest you thought this was one giant reality TV show).

Happy Holidays, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

We couldn’t resist this oldie but goodie:

Related front page panorama photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Donald Trump signing (The White House) and White House (The White House).

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