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Dear Reader,

Some of you supported Donald Trump. Others are paralyzed with concern over what his presidency will bring.

Whatever your sentiment about the election and the future, almost all of you come to WhoWhatWhy for thoughtful, post-partisan inquiry: including, notably, deep dives into the “Deep State” — those institutions, networks, organizations, companies, and individuals that wield power on a long-term, though constantly shifting, basis, shaping America’s course in ways often missed by most of the media.

We’re talking about financial interests. We’re talking about powerful individuals with self-serving worldviews who don’t much welcome the meddling of “ordinary folks.” We’re talking about the military-industrial complex, which has exploded in size since President Eisenhower warned us about it.

That’s our target: the unelected power structure that defines and controls so many of the government’s actions and our political “choices.”

One thing clear about President-elect Trump: notwithstanding his “outsider” rhetoric, he has quickly embraced many aspects of the Deep State — perhaps without even knowing the concept. Indeed, we see no indication that Trump has longstanding ties to the Deep State. But he would not be the first president who ended up ceding power to these elements while in office — or, by resisting their influence, found himself out of power one way or another.

To cover this challenge requires people who understand it. That’s us. We have reported, almost alone among media, how — after attacking the Bush family throughout the election campaign — Trump has brought many Bush associates into his administration.

We pointed out the Deep State’s influence in Hillary Clinton’s campaign. We also examined its ability, in varying degrees, to call the shots in the Obama administration. The results included growing the unaccountable national security and homeland security apparatus, reducing privacy protections, and forgiving Wall Street recklessness. Deep Staters also pushed Obama toward wars in Libya and Syria — wars that were otherwise totally avoidable — and blocked his initial efforts to pull out of Afghanistan. All of this was couched in publicly acceptable justifications such as “human rights violations” that masked raw resource plays.

More than ever, it is imperative that some brave news organization investigate and reveal the ramifications of the Deep State.

WhoWhatWhy is uniquely equipped to do that.

But we cannot do it without your help.

Please take a moment now, if you have not already, to fund our work going into the new year.

Donate $10, $25, $100, $1000 — please give as much as you can, but we’re grateful for whatever you can give.

With deep appreciation,

Russ Baker
Founder and Editor-in-Chief

P.S. Nobody else is going to meaningfully cover the Deep State, so it is up to us. Please join our effort.

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4 years ago

Just found this site, is this Infowars for people who know how to read?

4 years ago

Si, #RussBaker is Fearless and unbought.

4 years ago

I often read the term “Deep State’ as applied to extra governmental forces holding sway over policy and events but have never read a clear analysis of the extent of the “Deep State.” I have read some postulations that this ‘state’ encompasses the totality of [commercial] law which has spawned the debt in perpetuity monetary system we all toil under along with the corporatization of all entities which operate within the modern human economy, all fabricated and interlocking to perpetuate a hierarchical system ruled at the top by a very small group we might call the Apex Elites. These elites know the entirety of the system dynamics that they maintain and seek to expand, and that this system is self perpetuating through both expansion and collapse while acting as a containment field of the entire population that funnels all human endeavor as debt slaves and as chattel property into this system for its benefit.Perhaps an in depth diagnosis of what this ‘Deep State’ actually comprises would give us a better understanding of that which we often cite but have little definition of? It makes me think of Ned Beatty’s soliloquy in the film ‘Network’ as an understatement.

4 years ago

Hi Guys: great analyses. Please interview (or at least review) “White Trash” by historian Nancy Isenberg. Her book documents how the social attitudes of the English Ruling Class were readily adopted by the New Colonists in 1600 and formed the core of modern American society. She also describes the hypocritical contributions of American ‘hero’ John Locke, who was typical of the clever boys recruited by the Rich & Powerful to maintain their position; he was an early example of those “clever types” recruited to create the modern Deep state.

4 years ago

Re “Deep Politics,” the term “Conspiracy Theorist” was an admittedly clever CIA invention which had unfortunately succeeded in discrediting those “With Eyes to See” that the “Official LI(n)E” is, in the cases of JFK, the USS Liberty, and most atrociously, 9/11, False/BS.

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