FBI Director, James B. Comey

FBI Director, James B. Comey

For more than six months, WhoWhatWhy has been asking questions about the Boston Marathon bombing and aftermath, pursuing our constitutionally protected duty. By and large, reaction from official sources has been mute.

Is the FBI conducting an honest investigation or working diligently on a cover-up? It’s impossible to know.

But the Bureau’s silence should be a red flag, since the FBI and other secretive U.S. agencies have a well-known record of duplicity when left to operate in the shadows.

Secrecy has become the rule. In Boston, the prosecutor of accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has asked the judge to withhold filings from the media. The FBI won’t even identify the agent who shot and killed a key witness in the investigation in Orlando, Florida, let alone clear up the muddy circumstances around the shooting. And the Bureau has ordered the sealing of a county coroner’s completed autopsy report of that killing.

And it’s not only the media that is being stonewalled. Politicians are being shut out, as well.

U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley, a reliably conservative Republican from Iowa, is now demanding answers from the FBI about its bombing investigation. In a letter to bureau Director James Comey, Grassley criticized the FBI’s lack of transparency and asked for answers to a series of questions about the bombing he first asked in June.

Three months ago, U.S. Rep. William Keating, a Massachusetts Democrat, asked his own questions in a scathing letter to Comey.


Favored Reporters Are Fed Leaks

The information blackout of the past six months stands in stark contrast to the FBI’s river of leaks to pet reporters during the week following the April 15 bombing.

This tactic of handing out selective “scoops” gave the FBI control of the narrative as it steered public opinion toward viewing the Boston Bombing as an open-and-shut case against the Tsarnaev brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar.

As part of the quid pro quo for these scoops, favored journalists are not likely to press the government for answers to discomfiting questions.

But don’t take our word for it.

CBS News correspondent John Miller enjoys most-favored-journalist status as a former flack for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. He explained the scoops-for-softballs system in an interview with David Bauder of the Associated Press.

“I am reluctant to criticize authorities,” Miller said. “My interpretation of when they need to be (criticized) and somebody else’s might be different…If you’ve been there and you know how that works and what it’s like, and how easy it is to take potshots from the outside, your criticism is more measured, your analysis of what is worthy of criticism and what isn’t is slightly different.”

Our Pursuit of a Police Report

According to the official narrative, the Tsarnaev brothers were “self-radicalized” Muslims who hatched the bomb plot unassisted, constructed rather sophisticated bombs on their own, killed university police Officer Sean Collier for his gun (which they somehow did not take), and carjacked the still-anonymous “Danny” (who either escaped or was let go).

And in order to catch the Tsarnaevs, the Boston region was in essence locked down under martial law.

In scrutinizing the prevailing narrative, WhoWhatWhy has found it instructive to follow one of the many loose threads.

We sought a copy of a Cambridge, Massachusetts police report related to the “Danny” carjacking in Cambridge on the night the Tsarnaev brothers were revealed as suspects. We hoped to clear up some conflicting information.

We know the report exists. The Wall Street Journal published a story based on the document. The reporter, Pervaiz Shallwani, claims to have been given access to the official document.

Police incident reports are considered public information. Since the report had already been released to a Wall Street Journal reporter, we thought it would be a simple matter to get a copy for WhoWhatWhy.

Report Withheld; ‘Ongoing Investigation’

We called Daniel Riviello, a Cambridge police communications specialist, to ask for the report. He replied that he would have to find out whether it was available for release.

Later that day, he replied by email that the report was being withheld under an exemption of the Massachusetts Public Records Law because it was part of an ongoing investigation.

That’s a broad exemption. It is hard to conceive of a fresh police report that is not part of an ongoing investigation.

We pointed out to Riviello that the report already had been released to the Wall Street Journal, and we sent him a link to the story. We asked him to explain what had changed in the release status of the police report since that reporter was given access.

Riviello replied by email:

I do not know how the Wall Street Journal (reportedly) obtained a copy of the report in question as it was not released by my office. My office is responsible for all releases to the media and this report was not released to the WSJ or any other outlets.

So we called Journal reporter Shallwani. He said he got the report from “a law enforcement source,” although he would not elaborate. He said the narrative section of the report included the name of the police officer who interviewed “Danny,” but the carjacking victim’s real name was blacked out.

Later, Cambridge police said the report had been forwarded to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Boston, which is prosecuting the bombing case. We contacted Christina Dilorio-Sterling, the prosecutor’s spokeswoman, many times. She hasn’t replied.

‘Wide Swaths of Records Omitted’

WhoWhatWhy and the two skeptical politicians are not alone in wondering why law enforcement agencies are refusing to allow access to information about the Boston Marathon bombing.

Gatehouse Media, which publishes the Quincy Patriot Ledger, the Fall River Herald News and other papers in the Boston area, complained in a letter to the federal district court in Boston about the unprecedented lock on information about the bombing investigation.

Gatehouse alleges violations of the public’s constitutionally guaranteed right to scrutinize legal proceedings. The Herald News reported in late August that 48 entries were missing from the court file related to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, which the publisher says is a violation of the First Amendment.

The article quoted from the letter:

Wide swaths of court records have been omitted in their entirety from the docket listings. The incomplete public docket sheet maintained in this case … does not accurately reflect the materials on file with the Court. As a result, the Newspapers’ constitutionally protected newsgathering and reporting efforts have been frustrated.

The fact that the circumstances culminating in Mr. Tsarnaev’s arrest and the charges against him have received extensive media attention is simply not enough to seal allegedly prejudicial information, (attorney Michael) Grygiel said, arguing that the high-profile nature of the case requires more transparency, not less, because justice must not only be done, it must be perceived as being done.

And, it turns out, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense team is facing the same obstacles.

A motion filed in court by the defense team lists numerous requests for exculpatory information that have either been denied or provided incompletely during discovery.

The Rush to Judgment In 1996

“Discovery” is a good idea, whether it’s part of a legal compact between adversarial attorneys or the often-contentious relationship between law enforcement and a robust, skeptical media.

Rushing to judgment, after all, is certifiably foolish.

One egregious media stampede involved Richard Jewell, the luckless security guard on whom was pinned the Atlanta Olympics bombing of July 27, 1996. The media circus was triggered by a scurrilous “extra edition” scoop in the Atlanta Journal, based largely on the reporting of an intern.

Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell

The article said Jewell “fits the profile of the lone bomber,” and the rush to judgment commenced. The FBI pursued Jewell relentlessly after the bombing, which killed two and injured 111 people.

Ultimately, it became clear that Jewell could not possibly have perpetrated the bombing. The FBI and the media were forced to admit their mistakes after tormenting Jewell and his family for months.

A decade later, Eric Rudolph, a violent anti-abortionist activist, was identified as the Olympic bomber. Jewell died of complications from diabetes not long after the true bomber was outed.

Eric Rudolph

Eric Rudolph

Simplistic View of Complicated Events

Would the investigation of Jewell have developed any differently today?  And how would we have reacted to the false accusation of this man today?  If anything, we seem even quicker now to accept simplistic views of complicated events—at least in part because we are kept in the dark by law enforcement.

In Connecticut, for example, the Hartford Courant continues to argue for release of the full state report on the massacre last December at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Are there details in the report that might help stop future atrocities?

We may never know.

The timely release of detailed information related to complicated criminal investigations – the Kennedy assassinations, Sandy Hook, the Atlanta and Boston bombings–is one thing that makes open societies different from closed ones, democracies from oligarchies.

In all such cases, the media has a simple imperative: disclosure to the full extent possible. To do this, we must ask tough questions in the name of a public that has the right, and the need, to know the truth.

[box]WhoWhatWhy plans to continue doing this kind of groundbreaking original reporting. You can count on it. But can we count on you? We cannot do our work without your support.

Please click here to donate; it’s tax deductible. And it packs a punch.[/box]

IMAGE: James Comey   IMAGE: Obama and Comey   IMAGE: Richard Jewell   IMAGE: Eric Rudolph

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Charlie Primero

Excellent summary of the official deceptions.


How much $$$$$$$$$$$$$ are all these deceptions costing the taxpayer while all these government people including the court commit crimes with impunity??

Shadowcloud ba'cho

From the “article” :

Q. “Is the FBI conducting an honest investigation or working diligently on a cover-up? It’s impossible to know. “e.
Textbook Fallacy of the False Dichotomy. Either Or, excludes the middle. Either Or reveals the authors/editors to be binary “thinkers”.

Q. “And in order to catch the Tsarnaevs, the Boston region was in essence locked down under martial law. ” e.
Textbook conflation aka Fallacy of False Equivalency.
Shelter in Place ( 100% voluntary) is not Same~Same with Martial Law ( 100% involuntary).

Q. “Favored Reporters Are Fed Leaks. e”
Equal parts unremarkable and professional envy.
One must earn the title of professional. One must earn the title of investigative journalist. [WWW] Saying so does not make it so. What unremarkable reporting and professional envy are in Semiotics:


Selectively leaking incriminating information that bolsters the narrative that the government is trying to promote to the public may be normal behavior, but it does not allow the public to form their own opinions. Instead, it allows for only one opinion to be formed. Therefore, it smacks of propaganda rather than the full dissemination of information.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

You and your ilk ( Conspiracists) are the post-modern answer to the timeless philosophical question ( and all its renditions) of:

“”How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”


I’m not as philosophical as you. I do think it’s quite valuable to determine whether our government is engaging in propaganda and disinformation and why they would do so.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. ” I’m not as philosophical as you. I do think it’s quite valuable to determine whether our government is engaging in propaganda and disinformation and why they would do so.”e.
I respectfully request you look into the meaning(s) of dancing on the head of a pin. I respectfully request you take a long and deep look at Occam’s Razor. I write the following respectfully: What you think is of no interest to me. What you know and what you don’t know is. How can you arrive at a determination ( the 2 you enumerated) without a process to include unfettered access and a seat at the table? Show me in the Constitution where you are authorized to make such a determination and the process laid out for you to do so. Hint: The Framers laid out the Authority and the Process. The Courts and Congress ( oversight). With all due respect, your attempt at extra-constitutional measures is a fool’s errand.
Propaganda is a Fallacy, the Fallacy of an Emotive appeal. Disinformation is a vital tool to all Governments to all Militaries and yes can be a weaponized. I see no instances nor any evidence of Government disinformation. I am aware of unintentional Media misinformation due to the 24-7 Cable News Cycle. Ironically, WWW and many here still rely on the erroneous early reporting. I say again, chaos and carnage ( not exclusive to the Boston Marathon Bombings) have an adverse effect on reporting. All early reporting should begin with a qualifier. Most did. That is when qualifiers in reporting are valid. For this article to smear Mr Miller with the pejorative of a “flack” rather than list his professional bona fides is an element of yellow journalism. If this WWW did not CC Mr Miller ( both the common and professional courtesy) , then they are snake bellies.
Reminds me of Momma Tsarnaev and Rennnni( the spelling is an inside “joke”) smearing America without once having contacted the Bombing Victims or their Families. Same with Todashev’s Father. He never contacted the victims of his son’s violent rages. None of the aforementioned have any cred because they started where they wanted, where they directed others to look- that dear TycheSD is textbook propaganda laced with disinformation.
I know the distinction with a difference between a storytell and a narrative. Right now, you only think you do.


Pardon me, but I see you as trying to sound like an intellectual, but I am truly wondering if you are, in fact, off your rocker.

I’m sharing my own perceptions of how I viewed the government and the media acting after the Boston bombing.

As for Mr. Miller, prior to working for CBS, he was assistant director for the Office of Public Affairs for the FBI. As such, he knows what kind of information the FBI would want to release to the public, and how to make it sound plausible.

Like I may have stated somewhere else here, I think the people who don’t question the government’s official stories are the ones who are on the wrong track.

And, if the Tsarnaev family doesn’t believe their sons are guilty, why would they apologize to the Boston bombing victims?

Why would Reni Todashev contact the Boston bombing victims when neither she nor her husband had anything to do with their suffering?

Regarding Mr. Todashev, how often do parents of adult children apologize to people their children had altercations with?

Shadowcloud ba'cho

My feet are firmly planted on terra firma and my head is where it belongs, in the clouds. I am not into trying, I am into doing.
I erred in including Renni to the BMB. My bad. My intent was to marry her up with Todashev’s father. I failed. I saw it later, coulda’ have edited. Instead I left it for you. I am human, I admit my mistakes then move on. Todashev was not a child when he inflicted facial injuries onto others, in all 3 instances he was charged with criminal conduct.
Perhaps in your SD- culture, one does not reach out to victims of crimes. Sorta like Mt Rushmore on hallowed ground- adding insult to injury seems to be the SD way. That too will pass as a new Monument restores its rightful place as towering over a falsehood.
I know Boston’s culture. Parents do reach out to victims because they feel responsible, hence act responsibly.
The Family Tsarnaev has 2 distinct branches. The responsible one stood and took the heat, then condemned the actions of his nephews. He coulda’ stopped there. He didn’t. He told the world the shame his nephews brought to the family name. That took courage. Momma was in Russia because she had pending legal charges here. She fled- no courage. Then she ranted and made wildly irresponsible charges. No courage. Then she told the world she and her spouse were coming to retrieve her first born- over and over to any media she could find. she abandoned her children TWICE. What Mother does such a thing? Her word is good for nothing- just like her.
Questioning the government is good. You have no questions that I’ve come across. What I’ve read ( and please correct me again) you level charges- explicitly and implicitly, then to add insult to injury, you ( and your ilk) demand the Government prove a negative.
So much with “thinking”. Thinking without thinking XYZ through is not thinking, it is a series of public brain farts mixed with mental masturbation. A nice cocktail for the weak minded.
You may think I am not intelligent, as I said what you think is irrelevant. I know you are not intelligent.
No reasonable or rational person has stepped forward to kiss the Conspiracy pig. That is your first clue. The second clue is Glenn Beck and Alex Jones French kissed the Conspiracy Pig.
The third is neither Brother stayed to help the victims. They both were located where the bombs went off. Neither stayed to help the wounded and neither stayed with one another. Ja Haha tweeted mashallah soon after fleeing the scene. Speedbump departed from another egress point yet both came in sorta together as one would expect from Brothers. Who doesn’t look for their brother when bombs go off? Then again what kind of Brother runs his own Brother with a motor vehicle? With Ja Haha latest legal maneuver, strategy and tactics, it is clear he hasn’t any problem running back over his own ( deceased) Brother again.


You do not question authority. I do. We’re not going to have any common ground on this obviously, so I yield the floor.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. “You do not question authority. I do. We’re not going to have any common ground on this obviously, so I yield the floor. e.”
I challenge “authority”. Challenge is a higher standard than questioning. You do not challenge, nor question “authority”. Instead you and the other White Rabbits levy anonymous, unfounded and irresponsible accusations of criminal activity.
Your white flag of surrender is noted.

Edwin Mangum

TycheSD, do not waste your valuable time conversing with a paid shill, who only wants to distract all conversation to him or herself. Not worth it.


Go to hell, you know-all! I said that once, and I’ll repeat it over and over again: my nephews didn’t bomb your marathon, they were set up. They didn’t go to that marathon at that certain day of April, 15, 2013. They didn’t shoot at anybody at that night of so-called “stand off with the LE”. The naked man was Tamerlan, and the FBI killed him. Dzhokhar was left barely alive (if he is alive at all) for only single reason, to clear dirty asses of those, who masterminded that drill.

William Quina

seriously, do you have any friends?


That area was in full lockdown. Cops don’t go door to door, swat patrols everywhere, arresting people, screaming and hollering, pushing them about ,cuffing/ziptying, when its voluntary. Get real…..

Shadowcloud ba'cho

That area? LMAO. Your ability to dismiss details which do not comport to your narrative is foolishly transparent. ” That area” was under Shelter In Place. That is the fact. Facts matter, you don’t!

William Quina

do you have any friends?

Woody Box

Excellent article, James! A wholehearted Thank you.

It’s amazing that the FBI’s finding that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was the second bomber is based solely on the surveillance video showing Tsarnaev dropping his bag.

It’s even more amazing that the video is probably the best proof for his innocence.

Ten Theses on the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev surveillance video:



Hello WB.
Which surveillance video are you referring to ? Do you have a link ? Please post it if you do, I’m very interested in seeing it..


That’s just it, there is no video!!!


Exactly. Specific mention in the CC of 14:41, 14:42, describing the movements of the brothers. That was at Whiskey’s and Back Bay social club. After that they seemed to disappear. Interesting that the timestamp was 3 minutes fast. if there’d been all that purported surveillance footage to compare it with, the error would have surfaced very quickly and very obviously. Looks like Genck & co . were unaware of the error….. As for the stills…..it’s clear what’s happened there.


They know how to manufacture one. Check the video of the brothers working out at the gym three days before the event and note Tamerlan no longer has long sideburns as he does in the pictures and videos at the Marathon. All the pictures and videos were manufactured evidence.

The analysis is unquestionable and why the tax payer supports this farce is beyond me. The AUSA who worked on all this fraudulent crap in, both, criminal cases during a government shut down should be criminally charged. That would be a good start!


You are absolutely right, on both, fake video and criminal charges, that would be an awesome start.


In my opinion the following link is concerning! Perhaps some will use the knowledge to do legitimate law enforcement but others will use the knowledge to perfect their fabrication of evidence skills.



Very interesting. Thanks. I just wish I could attend that event.


google [ dhs + redtree + margie sullivan + vogt + dunning + mcconnell + Boston ] and compare to the Sandy Hook google [ napolitano + dhs + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + mcconnell ]

DHS and DoJ are very sloppy in the false flag productions of late
Navy Yard, Kenya Mall, LAX airport, next up? Mobile-Chicago-Goodyear AZ-Assumption Parrish or (redacted)?


Not everything bad happening in the USA is a false flag production, but Boston surely fits that bill. I simply could not believe the whole media circus, plus the martial law, plus the erroneous reporting, plus the many lies, corrections, pile ons etc. It was something to behold.

The Interrogator

And, what is sad is that a YOUNG MECHANICAL ENGINEERING STUDENT named Dzhokhar (who had nothing to gain by participating in such a stunt) is suffering for the Military Industrial Complex shenanigans, all in an effort to continue their gains towards a Totalitarian Regime.


Actually, I think Tamerlan wanted to be an engineer and I think Dzhokhar was in some sort of health studies.


Benghazi? Another false flag arranged by Egypt’s former President Morsi and the village idiot. Google this pairing:

[ benghazi + chorizo + cornhole + vaginagate + hillary ]


Were there not arms, from Croatia, being funneled through Benghazi, with the help of the Turks, to the present jihadist lunatics in Syria? All the while our ever lying president and fellow travelers calling for simply humanitarian aid {yeah. right.}. This would paint the deceased, now sanctified, ambassador as the rotten SOB that he was. You can’t go around having people corn-holed and murdered without blowback eventually catching up to you. I’m not shedding any tears over it. Bottom line is that there is far more to this sordid tale than meets the eye.


Question why the sharp shooter got out of position at the very end refusing to tap the last suspect with out a face to face with the mysterious Victor 2(congressman with oversight maybe) and why the hit could only take place when a certain satellite passed by(darknight,I forget the name that came over system)? Victor called it all off at the last moment. There is so much more going on here and wish you all would get it together,it was all recorded live,nothing was really hidden.


This story is so important. It’s obvious that it was an intelligence op. Nothing about the official story makes sense. Thanks for continuing to pursue it. Watch out next for GridEx II on 11/13/13. I’ll be amazed if the Saudis or Israelis don’t take advantage of that cyber security drill.


This is an absolutely wonderful little piece on a subject that is beyond critically important. Sign me up, if you are running a newsletter. Yes, I can come up with a little something monthly
to help out.

2LT Dennis Morrisseau USArmy [armor – Vietnam era] retired.
W Pawlet, VT 802 645 9727 dmorso1@netzero.net


A simple method to eliminate conspiracy theories is to not routinely hide information and to be open and above board. But that escapes the minds of our government employees who use secrecy more for self protection than societal protection.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. ” simple method to eliminate conspiracy theories …”e.
{ Edit}- Your abuse of the term” Conspiracy theories” renders it to be an oxymoron. Conspiracy Conjecture does not reach the level of [a]”theory”. A theory ( edit inc. conspiracy) must be laid out in its entirety, rather than to be tweezed or backfilled in. Only then will first requirement of Falsifiability be met. Tis only the first!
Read: The many voices in your head are not the framework or building blocks of Theory, rather that of Madness.
Be Well


Interesting. I don’t know whether to give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down, so I will skip that nicety. I didn’t choose the term “conspiracy theory” and in fact, like your term “conspiracy conjecture”. But I don’t expect it to catch on.
But in either case, excessive, obsessive secrecy is a foundational building block of conjecture. People’s minds will fill in the missing pieces, especially after a history of being lied to. Add to that that their imaginations are often far more creative and worse than reality.And you have the recipe for … conspiracy conjecture.
Paranoia is, after all, the thinking man’s mental illness.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. “Paranoia is, after all, the thinking man’s mental illness. ”

“Thinking” is in itself, far short of and isn’t a valid substitute for well-thought out. In your quote you’ve inferred (by conflation) they are same-same.

One indisputable attribute of a Conspiracist is conflation. First and foremost the Conspiracist conflates self to the same level of a professional investigator, to a forensic photographer and on and on and on.
Secondly, the Conspiracist conflates self above and beyond a citizen to a super-citizen. That super-citizen then is licensed to demand X, Y & Z under the super-citizens extra-constitutional authority. Refusal to comply with the imaginary super-citizen’s extra-constitutional authority is met with a slew of imaginary accusations of nefarious illegal activities.

The above is the Conspiracists “Thinking” Cycle. Thinking & Thinking Well, never shall the twain meet My Friend. Same goes for Living and Living Well. Seeing and Seeing Well.

Skepticism is healthy. Skepticism is exercise of the mind. Paranoia is a result of an unhealthy mind.

The Patriot’s Day Boston Marathon Bombing was perpetrated by 2 unremarkable humans. Their Storytell is unremarkable for it is founded in a dysfunctional family of 6. There is nothing new nor remarkable about the Crimes or its accompanying Storytell. History is replete with unremarkable people perpertrating spectacular crimes. Only Conspiracists find the need to conflate then invent a formula to achieve balance. There is no such formula to put into balance.
Unremarkable people can and do the spectacular and do so everyday and have done so pre-dating written history. That My Friend, is the Rule, rather than the exception. This case is not an exception by any metric known to a healthy mind.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

In my previous post I addressed ” Conspiracists” utilizing your reply to me. I did so with purpose in mind, that being the broader reading audience.
Now on to the crux of your concern- ” excessive obsessive secrecy”.
Throwing out the term “excessive, obsessive secrecy” without establishing a foundation for doing so, concerns me. Where is the nexus to the Boston Marathon Bombing matter?
It is you keeping your foundation and nexus secret. How many descriptors does the word secrecy require? I find the word secrecy to be plain. You invoked 2 descriptors to bolster a plain word – secrecy- yet proffered exactly 0 words to support your assertion.

[In argument] Non-essential Descriptors do not add weight, they subtract value. Non-essential Descriptors are subjective accessories. I dismiss argument laden with such descriptors because subjective accessories are not argument, they are editorials.

My critique of you is not destructive criticism , it is constructive observation. You think before you write. Most here write before they think. Your construct ( logic) needs tightening. Your know-well ( knowledge) needs more depth and breadth to conclude with wisdom rather than mere word play.


I’ve come to the point now that when someone quips “Conspiracy theory” that I say, “Theory? What theory are you talking about? I’m not aware of any and if there is one would you please lay it out for me.” It’s not that I’m so close-minded that I won’t take the time to listen with respect but the use of these words is the equivalent of someone telling you to shut the hell up because what you have to say is tickling their cognitive dissonance.


” the use of these words [Conspiracy theory] is the equivalent of someone tell you to shut the hell up”
Well put.


Just about the same thing happened with the OKC Murrah bldg. bombing. Video shows McVeigh exiting the Ryder truck. Defense team wanted the entire video, but it was “lost” as usual.


Didn’t someone say something to the effect that “i’m not interested in conspiracy theories but in the facts of conspiracy”? What resonates with me is just how rapidly an over-hyped media circus rolled into action 24/7 over something as blatantly suspicious as this. Just the other night another piece of propaganda was broadcast showing another marathon and people “supporting” the Boston victims and how we would not be “intimidated” by so-called terrorists. I started to shout at the tube and finally caught myself realizing the boob who was babbling his inanities had to be clueless. Clearly the blind leading the blind.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. …”What resonates with me is just how rapidly an over-hyped media circus rolled into action 24/7 over something as blatantly suspicious as this…”e.

“Sounds” sooooo good, or does it?…To be precise, your post sounds good to 9 posters. To paraphrase your post’s conclusion : ” you’re the duh blind leadin’ duh blind”.

Since when and under whose authority, did the word “this” become “blatantly suspicious”?

Your entire post is scrambled like eggs and corny like flakes!

The Interrogator

“Are there details in the report that might help stop future atrocities?” The only DETAIL that will stop future “atrocities” is the TRUTH, and with a Mafiosa Fascist Government bent on “controlling” and “getting their way” in everything from A-Z, etc., and with their TOTAL OWNERSHIP of the MEDIA, well,what chance do we have?

This whole regime in D.C. is beginning to feel 100% like the Nazi Regime in Germany. Of course, all their nefarious plans will be implemented in a numbing slow way to get the public “used to” these Nazi-like changes. I am so sickened by all this. And, to think this FBI-controlled Judge had no real evidence to even bring charges against Dzhokhar is really beneath contempt….no video evidence, no nothing, and certainly no photo evidence of the Craft International man who had the exact same type of backpack (the one that exploded near Dzhokhar) with the white patch on his back, then, was PHOTOGRAPHED leaving the scene of the crime WITHOUT his backpack on.

Dzhokhar’s backpack was not even close to that color, and the videos they paraded in front of the cameras PROVE that!


The ACLU filed a motion requesting leave to file “A friend of the Court” filing to advocate for Jahar’s 6th Amendment rights and how these “SAM” restrictive measures are unwarranted and in violation of his rights. The filing was DENIED the very next day with an electronic order entered by the Judge’s docket clerk. Interesting that the denial was an electronic order since the ACLU attorney that made the filing is not a listed notice of electronic filing participant in this case so no formal notification to the ACLU was rendered and the order included removal of the proposed filing from the docket.

The ACLU request to file an Amicus Curiae and the denial made it no where into the mainstream media.

The Document


The Denial – hit link directly to make big!!


An electronic order was then rendered by the Deputy Clerk that gave the Defense more time to file a reply response to the government’s opposition to defense’s motion compel discovery. An electronic order was rendered by the docket clerk giving the government permission to file more pages to oppose the Defense’s motion to compel discovery and was entered just prior to Denial of the ACLU filing; that opposition was filed on 10/21/2013.

Interesting that the more benign electronic order was by the Deputy Clerk but the DENIED ACLU electronic order and permission to file extra pages per a government motion from 10/21/2013 was by the docket clerk who has no authority per the court’s administrative policy regarding the electronic filing system to enter electronic orders.



N. Orders and Judgments

1. The assigned judge, chambers staff or deputy clerk shall electronically file all signed orders. Any order signed electronically has the same force and effect as if the judge had affixed his/her signature to a paper copy of the order and it had been entered on the docket conventionally.

2. When mailing paper copies of an electronically filed order to a party who is not a registered participant in ECF, the clerk’s office will include the NEF to provide the non-participant with proof of the filing.

3. A judge, or deputy clerk, if appropriate, may grant routine orders by a text-only entry upon the docket entitled “Electronic Order”. In such cases, no PDF document will issue; the text-only entry shall constitute the court’s only order on the matter and counsel will receive a system generated NEF.

theostides praxes

The FBI’s stonewalling, in the powerful Boston FBI field office, put there by Hoover himself, and given wider latitude than many other offices, the Whitey Bulger incident as prime example, and failure to disclose to Congress, pertinent information regarding our right to scrutinize details, is done solely to cover-up their outright execution in Florida of a, “relevant source,” of information, and, “confidential informant,” regarding the Boston incident, by several of their best goons. I mean really folks, come on, if the best thugs that your tax dollars can buy, can’t even get one of their best cheese eaters to turn over, because the lie is that big of a steaming pile, and must, instead, resort to executing same said cheese eater, while handcuffed and lying on the floor of his FBI purchased home, and, only after 8 hours of intense, “cajoling,” by same said goon, why should you and I be given opportunity to scoff at the same said steaming pile as the cheese eater. Once an informant, always an informant, no matter how big the house, or how many promises that this will be, “the last one, we really mean it this time.”


“There really aren’t many coincidences in life . and to call coincidence after coincidence after coincidence a coincidence is just plain stupid.” FBI profiler Ed Sulzbach.
“Your’e a detective now. You don’t get to believe in coincidence.” Policed Commissioner James Gordon ‘Dark Knight Rising’
Our ‘reality’ more and more resembles many apocalyptic novels & films…for example, how coincidental that members of ‘the Craft’ were there and on their ball caps their logo..a skull…hmm…same theme if not as ‘smart’ in a fashion sense to the SS ‘Totenkoph’ divisions. Don’t you just love all these coincidences? I’ve got my popcorn ready for this blockbuster movie..especially if we all have to ‘shelter in place’ (what a wonderful euphemism for martial law!) as the next events unfold! Food riots? Fuk-U-Shima? financial collapse? Infra-structure collapse? Weather? Military Coup? I’m betting Corporate Coup and it has already happened..so…Stay tuned! 50 years later, we seemed to have done nothing about the fabulous ‘magic’ bullet! Do we live in a Fiction or a Reality?


i’m not going to attempt to prove this because i don’t think it is possible in this format to prove anything > i’m a sharing my opinion based upon many hours of research > all of the domestic “terrorist” attacks since 9/11/2001 have been coordinated by the FBI > the first bombing of the WTC in 1993 was coordinatied by the FBI per the New York Times > throw in the OKC bombings and Waco > all are part of an extended “operation gladio” like campaign to apply the type of cultural shock therapy Naomi Klein writes about > to make us more infantile and more likely to accept right wing police state type governments which will “protect” us at our nation’s airports (one example)

Shadowcloud ba'cho

edwardrynearson ‘s Q. ” i’m not going to attempt to prove this because i don’t think it is possible in this format to prove anything > i’m a sharing my opinion based upon many hours of research > all of the domestic “terrorist” attacks since 9/11/2001 have been coordinated by the FBI.” e.

You managed to demonstrate , then prove self to be quite the “researcher”. Many hours? Research involves months if not years.

Here is ” some thing” for you to factor into your research and its flawed conclusion:

Source with additional sources included within:


Opening paragraph:

” BOSTON — Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev befriended a brain-damaged anti-U.S. government conspiracy theorist through their mother’s health care aide job years before the deadly attack, a lawyer said Tuesday. ”

Note: “…brain-damaged anti-U.S. government conspiracy theorist…” Is the textbook book definition of Redundancy! The article is the answer to the question:
Why [exactly] do birds of a feather flock together?


that was an excellent read. been following the story and I have to say that the more they keep this longer without clarity, the faster will people begin to doubt. the public deserves the right to know and this is the responsibility of the authorities. trust is breaking by the day. the people needs to open their eyes to th truth and not focus on their anger for justification.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

The subtext of WWW ( to include the entire LooniSphere) & the underwhelming preponderance of pedestrian posters in one statement:

Just because not a single one, nor their combinations & hybrids, of anti-US Gubermint Konjecture Konspiracies can be demonstrated, never mind proven to work~ in Practice , that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t work~ in Theory.


Just as with Boston bombings, the LAX shootings were also drilled. The LAPD police chief announced that they had practiced this exact scenario just 3 weeks before…. and how “we played out” the same scenario today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4-ZMxwdibs

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Q. …drill… e.”

Tis what LE, the Military, Trauma Centers, HazMat Personnel, First Responders & First Graders perform each and every day. BTW: This is not exclusive to the USA. So, I don’t see/hear/read your point.

Perhaps you can drill down on the association & the relationship that is not a coincidence in the article found below the fold. Ironically they present as the textbook definition of correlation. 4 ( inc. surviving spouse)Tsarnev with the Konspiracy Kook Harding ( any relationship to Tanya is not relevant.) It comes as no surprise that soooo many posters “relate” to the bombers!

READ: Quit comparing UNLIKE events while ignoring the pre-existing Associations which in turn lead to the form of Bisociation required to noodle through not only investigations but anything requiring a higher level of thought.
Attribution: http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2013/08/meet-man-who-gave-tamerlan-tsarnaev-his-right-wing-literature/68020/

Alleged Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev become absorbed in magazines about wild conspiracy theories, mass killings and white supremacy, all courtesy of a convalescent older gentleman who has trouble facing “the realities of the world,” according to his lawyer.

Yesterday, the BBC program Panorama reported on the telling reading material authorities found in the dead Tsarnaev brother’s apartment. There were, for example, magazines that sympathized with Hitler, promoted a white supremacist agenda, and outlined how other mass murderers had performed their crimes.

The Wall Street Journal tracked down the individual who gave those magazines to Tsarnaev: 67-year-old Donald Larking. Larking was a client of Zubeidat Tsarnaev, ( the 2 become the metaphorical FlufferNutter) who made a living in the U.S. caring for the elderly. Larking had been left with disabilities after surviving being shot in the face during a robbery at his job 40 years ago.

Larking subsequently became interested in magazines that pushed right-wing conspiracy theories about 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombings, and the Newtown school massacre. Tsarnaev, already a fan of conspiracy sites like InfoWars and Islamist websites, became close with the older man:

Ms. Tsarnaev began asking Tamerlan Tsarnaev or his brother to care for Mr. Larking when she wasn’t available to work. Mr. Larking’s wife, Rosemary, a quadriplegic, also needed help at home. Mr. Tsarnaev seemed to have found a kindred spirit in Mr. Larking. They became friends and had animated talks about politics, people close to the Larking family said.

Tamerlan started reading the anti-Semitic American Free Press and absorbed the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. He also reportedly became interested in hypnosis and methods of seduction, taking interest in a course called “How To Create an Instantaneous Sexual Attraction in Any Woman You Meet.”

The relationship between the two men grew even stronger when Tsarnaev started bringing Larkin to his mosque regularly, supposedly just to get him out of the house.

After the bombings, Larkin called the authorities as soon as he recognized images of the Tsarnaev brothers from the television. But now, months later, Larkin has apparently “sunken into anger and depression.” He believes the Boston bombings were also a conspiracy.


The police announcing that they drilled this exact scenario less than 3 weeks before is only part of my concern about the LAX event. The LAPD chief then corrected himself to say it was the exact scenario that “WE PLAYED OUT” today…. at which point 2 other people standing with him threw their hands to their forehead in disbelief as if he had just blown it. (More coincidence, Shadowcloud?)

The second red flag is that the ‘shooting victim’ in the wheelchair appears to be a dummy — a crisis dummy of some kind — and not a real person. Note the right leg bending back and flopping around and the total lack of blood. Do you honestly believe this is a real person??? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAOZWeo6Geo
For a closer look at the dummy, take a look at the video embedded here. It shows the “victim” as its first being brought out.


The other aspect of the LAX shooting that leads me to think it was staged is the photograph of the shooter released by the New York Post. This is supposed to be Ciancia in a pool of his own blood, however the blood is clearly not real. Why is there fake blood beside the shooter in a non-drilled “real” scenario? Shadowcloud, do you honestly believe this is real blood? Click the image to enlarge.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Tis a pic from a drill-dill! Try staying in the present & in touch with reality! Thanks!
Joltwagon in a nutshell: “Just because everything I’ve t’ought, t’unk, had wet dreams about and “rote” on the endless anti-US Gubermint Konjecture Konspiracies in me-head, has been proven completely false doesn’t mean it’s not true.”
Be Well!


Try knowing what you’re talking about before personally disparaging someone, Shadowguy. This is a picture of the LA shooter Paul Ciancia according to various news outlets who released it. I’ll furnish the links for you. Take care.

(Simply click the link to the “graphic” image)

Here’s the same picture released by the NY Daily News of the killer.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

[Tabloid] Pics sans authentication are not proffers. Jeez!


You just declared the pic to be from a “drill-drill” and now you say it can’t be authenticated. lol. Lack of authentication IS the problem in general with all of these official media narratives. (OBL raid, BB, and LAX shooting, etc).

The wheelchair dummy was broadcast live on the networks that day, so that speaks to the authenticity of the official story — if this is in fact a dummy, it’s a staged attack. I noticed you didn’t dealt with that. You are forced to say that it’s a real person if you want to believe the media. So far everyone who I’ve shown it too has said it’s a dummy. I not talking about ‘truthers’ or govt. skeptics either– I’m talking about everyday salt of the earth people say it’s fake.

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Authentication- ( not non-scientific random sampling of salty-earthy laypersons aka the textbook Fallacy of Argument by the Small Number) of a dummy or of a human travels the same journey. Duh!
You are incapable of putting your words in my mouth. You can hardly get them out of your own without first succumbing to rumination ( in both physiological and in psychological meanings).
Bon Chance!

Shadowcloud ba'cho

Joltwagon Q. ” Try knowing what you’re talking about …” e.
On “knowing”:

1. I know~well. Know~well is both knowledge and epistemology My know~well is rooted in my indigenous culture and is rooted in the ancient ones, specifically Aristotle. Know~well includes Plain Sight, or if you prefer the West’s title: Occam’s Razor. Know~well leads to Vision, vision leads to wisdom, wisdom to Truth. Tis a Journey, rather than some epiphany.

2. [Post-modern] Rational humans do not cite tabloids as proffers. Nor do rational humans cite the LooniSphere’s ( “I read it, I viewed it on the Internets so it must be true”) as valid sourcing.

3. Another poster asserted that I blindly accept Authority-Authorities. I refuted her/his claim by stating I challenge Authority & Authorities. She/he missed that which was plain in my rebuttal statement: I accept the existence of Authority & Authorities ( the paleo & neo classical Tripartite.)

4. Anti-US Gubermint Konjecture Konspiracy Kooks & Klowns have no such acceptance of the existence of Authority-Authorities. They instead conflate self to be the ultimate Authority-Authorities.

5. Anti-US Gubermint Konjecture Konspiracy Kooks & Klowns “t’ink & believe” their sources are impeachable- because they verified the source with~self. Their “faxts & evid3nce” are indisputable because they self-validated the facts, then affirmed their veracity to and through ~self.

6. The juxtaposition of the rational and the irrational is plain. One has the potential of [successfully] unwinding a ball of string ( history and its components of time, people, places, events) v. the irrational who gets the ball all knotted up because they fail to begin at the beginning. The irrational begin by impetuously yanking at any piece of string they come in contact- visually or physically.

7. [Successfully] Unwinding a ball of string is a form of prophecy. Getting all knotted up forces the irrational to cut and pull at more and more “seemingly” loose strings. Some are cut away, then discarded. Others re-attached willy-nilly resulting in a clusterfuck strewn all over the fuckin place, leading no where. Once the Anti-US Gubermint Konjecture Konspiracy Kooks & Klowns come to the self-realization their ball of string is much smaller than the original, they seek out various other strings to make up for the difference. Instead of a form of prophecy ( insight & vision), the irrational are left with the same old Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

8. Tis why Anti-US Gubermint Konjecture Konspiracy Kooks & Klowns present “r-guments” of “Boston” tethered to 911, JFK’s Assassination, Waco, LAX, Sandy Hook, The Olympic Bombing ( that be you WWW), 93 WTC Bombing, Aurora, Columbine. Read: Anything but “Boston”.
9.Tis why Anti-US Gubermint Konjecture Konspiracy Kooks & Klowns cannot document “theory” leaving them no alternative than to reject the existence, the requirement, the very authority of Theory.
10. In plain language , this poster ( me) along with a few others ( 2 of note are Guest-a well-reasoned Attorney in another thread & the sharp witted fieldmcdowell)- not only returned your bullshit sandwiches with the retort of thanks, but no thanks, all managed to feed you and your ilk, one razor-blade sandwich after another. Both of which you and your ilk gleefully consumed ( self-validation). The operative word for you and your ilk is: consumed! Consumed to up to the point of being dysfunctional in both thought and action. Eventually, you and your ilk dig, then sink ( the Law of Gravity) to find comfort in the E(cho) Chamber built by burrowing White Rabbits.
What a sorry legacy, indeed and in-deed!
Be Well.
Live Well.
Fare thee Well!
(“K”oogle them up, them add them up)


Wow. This looks exactly like cheesy work by the national security complex terror factory. This seems so fake.


One of my biggest issues in the story is how when the city was in “lockdown” and the authorities got in a shootout with the brothers how on earth did the other one drive off into the sunset apparently for another day or so when the city was plastered with police on the ground and in helicopt
ers and he was the only civilian driving on the roads? Sounds like a Hollywood script to me


Need to clear some things up. The city was NOT in lockdown when the shoot out happened around 11pm/12am on the night of April 18th. Johar took off by foot from the shootout–not in a car–and sheltered in the boat. On the morning of April 19th, many people made it into work before hearing the city was in lock down around 8 or 9am. Travel restrictions were lifted as the day went on, and Johar was found in the boat around 7:30pm–less than 24 hours.

barbara henninger

Thank you for a very interesting article, Mr. Henry. “Danny” is obviously a crucial witness for the prosecution since he stated that Tamerlan confessed to him the bombing as well as the murder of Sean Collier. Were you ever able to get any further response to your request for the police report, and did the WSJ reporter, Pervais Shallwani tell you the name of the officer who interviewed “Danny”?


This is the only site I’ve visited that discusses this repression in such detail and in context. Many thanks for your work.


This is great work. Long after all the “conspiracy theorists” have been summarily dismissed, ridicules, minimized, marginalized, derided, by trolls who swiftly attempt to put all rational discussion in the past, there shines a light of reason and fact, thank you. One day we will connect these dots. I am not the journo so I can say for myself that I think there have been several false flags created by our national security state used to start wars and create terrornoia and this is how they do it. This has been the MO for thousands of years.


No One in this country will Ever take responsibility for their actions, or should I say inaction? Least of all, our law enforcement officials, especially our law enforcement officials!
That is just how it is, here, in America!


Tough questions? There are no other kinds.


Operation Gladio continues

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