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Grassley on Boston Bombing

Reading Time: 2 minutesSen. Chuck Grassley

In case you missed it (as did most of the national media), here’s a link to U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley’s letter taking the FBI to task for its troubling lack of transparency in the Boston Bombing investigation.

Grassley, a senior Republican from Iowa and a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is peeved because the Bureau and Director James Comey have stonewalled him on a series of questions he asked in June about the bombing.

In his letter, Grassley hints that Cambridge, Mass., police believe the FBI had identified the Tsarnaev brothers as suspects and had a large team of agents on stakeout for them at Cambridge’s Central Square without sharing the information with local authorities.

Grassley wrote to Comey, “Continued reluctance on the part of the FBI to share information with local law enforcement…would be extremely troubling.”

An FBI flack replied through the media that the agents were in Cambridge as part of an investigation unrelated to the bombing. So in other words, as thousands of federal, state and local law enforcers were frantically engaged in the country’s highest-priority terrorism investigation since 9/11, the FBI claims that it peeled off a squad of agents to chase another crime in the same locale.

Yeah, right.

With the letter, Grassley—a persistent FBI gadfly—joins his congressional colleague U.S. Rep. William Keating, a Massachusetts Democrat sent his own scathing letter to Comey in July, as America’s leading political skeptics of the FBI’s opaque account of the bombing and its aftermath.

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95 responses to “Grassley on Boston Bombing”

  1. […] Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Judiciary Committee which oversees the FBI, wrote a scathing letter to then-Director James Comey complaining about a lack of transparency to his oversight […]

  2. Avatar fallngman says:

    This author missed the other revelation by Grassley’s questions. He questioned those photos. He never would have asked that line of questioning without his staff and the intell comiittee staff vetting that information. Is someone leaking information?

  3. Avatar happel says:

    The real question he should have been asking was what was Craft International doing there and why were they conducting ‘bomb drills’?

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      That Committee has oversight authority over the FBI. The Craft question is a good one but they need to be asking it to the FBI. Their letters and claimed attempts to get the FBI before them are not genuine.

      This is why: the sounds from two raw videos validate the time the second video initiated which is Blast Site 2 after the blast.

      The first video starts 1 minute before the blast. The firetrucks coming on site can be heard in both videos. Comparing the sounds in both videos determined the second video started 2:37 minutes after the bast. The crowd in front of the Forum in the second video has no less than ten undercover FBI agents present.

      The agents in the video have been identified by matching their features in media pictures that ID them as FBI Agents.

      The graphic shows them in closer proximity for analysis. You need to click this link directly to make the graphic bigger.

      After playing this little game at Blast Site 2, the FBI released a fabricated picture of the crowd they wanted the public to believe present at the Forum at the time of the blast. Interestingly, it is the people in the fabricated crowd, who are no where present in the raw video, that claimed victim status. The injured person in the road, IMO as a healthcare professional, is a mannequin.

      Bill Richard and his older “son” can be seen leaving the blast site in the first video at about 5 minutes after the blast and before any ambulance is on site. The characters that have lied to us that show up in the video where most are exiting the blast site are for another discussion and further explain the lies regarding little “Jane”.

      We have been lied to!!

      Where there are groups of Agents in the pic it does not mean every agent in the group pic is at the site – refer to the graphic. The camouflage group pic is referring to the man on the right and without a shirt seen relaxing in the shopped pic where civilians are are giving “Lu” CPR while all rescue stand around. The still pic is determined to be a fabrication as in the video, which would be the same time span, the crowd and activity are not the same.

      The Agent in the graphic with grey hair, bloody and standing wearing a T-Shirt in the video was identified in an AP video that is not posted here.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      son, you expect anyone to read this you gotta take Michael Hastings advice – every sentence must contain a fact.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      What exactly did you need clarification on?The videos are there to confirm the time when each video initiated and validate that the FBI was present in front of the Forum at the time of the blast. Some language to help with the pictures. The videos and pictures are your facts. Very little reading!

      Here is the time line.

      To enlarge the picture you have to hit the link directly;

      Down thread 6 days ago addresses the fabricated picture.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      I dont doubt your data, but I am sure you have heard – “brevity is the soul of wit.”
      Make it quick and snappy – otherwise your readers fall asleep.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      I’m not trying to be witty; I’m try to support my allegations of a racketeering conspiracy, multiple acts of fraud and the US Government terrorizing its own population then murdering people to cover up their crimes with supporting evidence. And include how the evidence supports collusion between the three federal branches and a slew of state and private sector alleged criminals while a very nice young man is being subjected to simulated criminal proceedings to further cover their sorry butts. It takes a lot of type!! ;)

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      fair enough – LOL – but I doubt that young man thinks it is a simulated criminal proceeding… He’s got holes and broken bones – nothing simulated about that.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      I’m sure he has no idea that the criminal proceedings against him are simulated- guilty plea is the governments pre-determined outcome. I cannot profile this young man and come up with he is a cooperating accomplice; he is a victim of the corrupt elite who need him to take the fall to save their own skin. The court is corrupt and the court record in his case and the case against his three buddies support that allegation to be a FACT !!

    • Avatar happel says:

      Thank you for the posts public servant watch. The other question I have been asked: “Why did ‘they’ do this? [to what end did it serve]” And my reply is as simple: a test. The test on how easily the American public would react to and accept martial law and military forces patrolling our streets in name of defending freedoms. That is always the most clever and devious way to remove freedoms, by claiming to defend them while abrogating them from us.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      You are correct! I would only add that they also enjoy robbing us blind by passing appropriation bills based on lies. The Military Industrial Complex is the root evil. The war on terror is never meant to end because it is a cash cow; they felt the need to reinforce the threat.

      Also they had an opportunity with this event to reinforce the covert weapon prejudice and have the media shoots the bullets while running a sheep barometer for their next move based on lies which was Syria. Thankfully too many had awaken and they were unable to pull that off. The puppets serve their masters!

      We have no representation; they all serve their handlers who fill their campaign chest and pockets. We the people and our inalienable rights are collateral damage

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      They are after us, their own citizens, more than Syria.

    • Avatar happel says:

      Fear is a powerful emotion to fuel people’s irrational decisions. Although, I disagree. This is a slow, methodical process. It is far more complex than a comment space here can wrap up in a paragraph. If you (in the genitive tense) are watching mass media and buying their stories, you are part of the problem. The wonderful thing about free media/information outlets (ie. Internet) is the ability for more and more people to awaken from their slumber. Cognitive dissonance is a natural reaction and most aren’t willing to shake themselves from their comfort of iGadgets and reality TV. Those with an interest for the future of their nation and their families are slowing growing in numbers. We will inevitably prevail over our overlords, but it will take time, patience and perseverance.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      1. I don’t have a TV.
      2. We will not prevail unless we understand that we are trying to “dance in chains.” (Nietzsche)

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Your slow methodical process is Baudrillard’s The Perfect Crime.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      That’s my speculation also. Then just recently we got Miriam Carey gunned down, murdered as she got out of her car unarmed. This one was more than a just noticeable difference in upping the ante. Broad daylight in front of witnesses and little outrage and commentary on it by the media. So from April to October they have moved far and fast.This should put fear in the hearts of the brave even.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      In Simulated Reality all is speculation based on credibility. No true and no false, just credibility. In this case it is so mixed no one can really know, not even those who think they know.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      You don’t understand about Simulated Reality. Think The Hunger Games. The capitol Panem is Simulated Reality. The Games themselves are Virtual Reality. At the capitol Events the children are interviewed, applauded, gambled on,feted even though everyone knows that only one will survive. In the Games the tribunes cannot know what is real and what is simulated at any time. Who is pretending to be friend or foe. So a simulated bombing can easily murder or maim a participant who either knows it is simulated, suspects it is simulated, or is not aware it is simulated at all. The result will still be the same: murder and maiming.

  4. Avatar Susan J. Barretta says:

    Yet another instance in which the government knew in advance of the danger, then uses the ensuing crisis to expand its reach (e.g., TSA going to “scope and grope” after the Underwear Bomber, who was also known to be a danger beforehand; TSA on Utah trains for the Utah marathon, which was held just after the Boston bombing even though there was no specific information about a threat).

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      The government was and still is the danger; they don’t tattle tale on themselves!!

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Much of it is Deterrence to deflect our attention when something more important is happening at the same time. The tabloids were occupied with the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Saunders “cheating” scandal when LIBOR was going on. And LIBOR was worse than the derivative crash in terms of its effect on all of us.

  5. Avatar SO says:

    Why do I think the FBI allowed the bombing to happen? They wanted a diversion so they could remove an item from the JFK Library. What was that item?

    Paris to Die For

    by Maxine Kenneth

    3.18 of 5 stars 3.18 · rating details · 183 ratings · 49 reviews

    Inspired by an actual letter in the John F. Kennedy Library written by Jackie and revealing her job offer from the newly formed CIA

  6. Avatar SO says:

    Instead of focusing on Tsarnaev’s supposed innocence, one ought to study the FBI’s guilt. When the is fully elucidated, then the question of Tsarnaev’s guilt or innocence will be answered.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      I understand what you are saying – and that is all well and good for a conversation over a mug – but the government isnt the one on trial. Mr Tsarnaev is on trial and no matter what that cannot be lost sight of.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      That’s exactly the way they want you to think about it. That is the official narrative. But to those of us who are more and more consistently using the method of inversion the truth of the situation appears more clearly and quicker. “The Event is not the meaning. The meaning of the Event is inside the Event.” John Caputo The Insistance of God: A Theology of Perhaps

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      This is exactly what Jim Garrison was trying to do in Dallas after JFK’s assassination. They ruined him over it and only now have the conspiracy theorists seen how correct he was. It is fairly mainstream now when it no longer matters in terms of emotional outrage. Whereas back then it would have. Gore Vidal wrote that it was a silent coup d’etat in the US. Correct I think.

  7. Avatar SO says:

    The fact that the FBI is a conniving and murderous organization does not mean that Dzokhar Tsarnaev is an angel of the Lord. It seems more likely to me that the scum would tend to collect together and that Dzohar is probably not really all that nice a boy.

  8. Avatar $79411163 says:

    Oh this is rich. All of you sound like a freegin echo chamber. Should I check my brain at the door before entering? Hope the little animal frys in his own juices…

  9. Avatar Not Bob says:

    Its all another FBI sting, the FBI set these two brothers up and when they wouldn’t go through with it the fbi did it themselves and pinned it on the brothers. Its so obvious and incredibly craven of the FBI that its really depressing.

    • Avatar Bruce Lewis says:

      Dzokhar is going to be “tried” for something that he either didn’t do, or was only peripherally involved in. If concerned citizens don’t act to get him an actual defense, it will be either a “show trial,” or a quick plea-bargain process to remove him from the public’s attention. I suggest that ALL of us writing here should mount a campaign to find him an actual counsel–somebody who will NOT “cooperate” with the Feds to frame him. Dzokhar’s trial could be the one event that might force the unraveling of the “national security state”–along with the Snowden and Manning affairs.

    • Avatar $79411163 says:

      I am already bored.

    • Avatar Not Bob says:

      Why do you bother to not take your own life every day ? If your government killing its own citizens to entrap some innocents in a plot to justify further expansion of the police state bores you there isnt much that would entertain you so just be done already !

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      It’s conditioned helplessness. Hopelessness.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      We have been taught to feel indifference because our govt is so indifferent to us that we mirror it. Indifference hides something else.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      boy, that is uncalled for. Can you just move along to those little girl magazine sites where your mental powers are better suited?

    • Avatar guest says:

      An excellent point, Bruce. Thus far Dzokhar’s pre-trial process has proceeded in an irregular and corrupt manner. Hand-picked judges; no defense counsel. C’mon, all you defense lawyers out there! Why aren’t you coming forward to defend this man?! I agree with Bruce that disproving the Fed’s case against Dzokhar could be the slingshot that trips Goliath up.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Defense lawyers have a lot to lose. Patricularly those politically involved and motivated.

    • Avatar patfromuk says:

      Where do we start? There are a lot of people feeling this way, yet fear of being labelled a “terrorist suporter” has kept this from becoming a serious movement …just a few internet sites that are dying down. Need a one proper campaign that unit people toghether.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      I’m not afraid but that’s probably because I have nothing left to lose as Dylan says. Above I suggested Dee Wampler, a graduate of Drury University in Springfield MO and a well reknown criminal lawyer of a curiously spiritual integrity. I can well imagine he was influenced by Clarence Darrow. How do we set this thing up? There is one for Snowden I read on Glenn Greenwald on twitter.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      I would suggest Dee Wampler of Springfield MO who is a criminal lawyer of integrity and has done some very interesting cases. Here’s a quote about Foucault and TRUTH.

      “So, before 1980, the concept of regime of truth clearly refers to the well-known circularity Foucault establishes between power and knowledge: we should speak of a ‘regime’ of truth because truth is produced, sustained, valorized and regulated by a series of mechanisms, techniques and procedures that are ‘political’ – if we understand this term the way Foucault does: politics has to do not only with institutions, but with the complex and constitutive field of power relations within which we ordinarily live –, and at the same time truth itself reinforces and induces effects of power. A regime of truth is thus the strategic field within which truth is produced and becomes a tactical element in the functioning of a certain number of power relations.”

      We all too often equate truth with the “courtroom” pattern of establishing evidence, guilt and innocence, with the scientific paradigm of Discourse.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      so you got an action item there – right?
      when can we hear back from you what the response was from Sampler?

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      I am just putting Dee Wampler’s name out here and on twitter. If there were enough retweets that he finally heard about it, might he consider? IDK. But he is the only criminal lawyer I have ever heard of that is his own man. He is revered by the far Christian right for the correct reasons. Besides that he defends very questionable clients on the basis of Constitutional Rights. He is big on the Constitution. He has written books for clients and readers on conducting yourself within this mess we call the Justice System. Knowing your rights is all important. If you don’t know them and behave accordingly, you might as well not have them. He has a recent one out I have not read. Yet. His advice on what to do when served a warrant should be memorized. “Everything you say can and will be used against you.” Everything you say will be distorted, interpreted and used against you.”

      It is my opinion that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s case could be a turning point to stop the paranoia against Muslims – not to be confused with Islamists – and could bring a unity in challenging the mendacity of the US Justice System, which would prohibit pitting the two religions against each other. This time they are fighting on the same side as are true radical liberals and the conservative far right. When I am in the same bed as Glenn Beck i know things are swirling.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      doesnt Tsarnaev have a legal fund?

    • Avatar $79411163 says:

      oh so original

    • Avatar Not Bob says:

      Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. [Opens a pillbox, empties the contents into his palms, and outstretches his hands] This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill [opens his right hand, to reveal a translucent blue pill], the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill [opens his left hand, revealing a similarly translucent red pill], you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. [Neo reaches for the red pill] Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      The Matrix is loosely based on Baudrillard’s book Simulation and Simulacra.

  10. Avatar Bill says:

    Um, …I’m still waiting to see any evidence of the carnage from the second bomb. You know, the one that went off a block before the finish line? We got all the doubtful pictures of crisis actors from the bomb at the finish line, what happened to all the crisis actors at the other bomb site?

    Where are the media reports – or government lies – about that site?

  11. Avatar Man on the street says:

    The idea of freedom of the press that we built our democracy on in order to assure transparency by our politician has been lost for decades. Is there a chance to regain vigorous investigative reporting back? Very unlikely!

    So, what can be done to expose our government mistakes/corruptions? For now, our only heroes are the leakers, who are considered criminals by our government? Too many established gangs in the Washington machinery, who are going to resist any free press drive.

    • Avatar $79411163 says:

      and then baby bear said, “‘der, der somebody has been sleeping in my bed.”

    • Avatar guest says:

      Why don’t you delete the comments of Archondrivel? They seek only to ridicule and intimidate. You and your staff have deleted other comments for less.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Don’t ask that. Archondrivel serves a very important function here. That of indifference. Apathy. It needs to be addressed. I have been there all day.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      cute – but no cigar man…make a point for gosh sakes! be credible instead of a little phantom.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      I like what Cody Wilson just did by using open source to design the “forbidden” part of the gun – its magazine – to be downloaded and printed out 3-D. This completely nullifies all the gun laws pro and con. It takes the whole argument out of the Dominating Discourse of opposition. He himself in interviews ducks the Dominating Discourse as adroitly as Russell Brand in his own completely creative way. In his interview with Glenn Beck, Beck cannot get him in the frame of the Dominating Discourse no matter how hard he tries, and he ends up winning the respect of Beck. To find myself bedfellows with Beck is something I hadn’t anticipated. What Wilson has done is take Foucault (which he advises Beck to read – Discipline and Punish – as Beck is often consistent with Foucault without knowing his work) taking Foucault to the edge of the abyss – now into Baudrillard/Nietzsche – and implode the whole gun argument govt perpetuates for the benefit of Capital – read corporate military industrial complex. It just dissoves into liquid jello when anyone can download for free and print out a gun part to assemble their own gun.

  12. Avatar public_servant_watch says:

    “SHOW” letters, hearings, trips and criminal proceedings?

    Rep Keating’s “scathing” letter was never entered into the Congressional record; he sits for two committees where entry on the record would have shown a legitimate effort and actual investigative intent. House Homeland Security Committee and the Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats which is under the House Committee on Foreign Affairs have no record of this letter nor is there any documentation regarding the findings by a Congressional Delegation that went to Russia at the end of May in any Congressional record; this trip to Russia has its own set of peculiarities as these Representatives set out on their own “investigation” into the radicalization of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

    The Delegation chose to use the services of actor Steven Seagal instead of the State Department for this trip and purportedly Seagal arranged for them to meet with the FSB. Per a July 24th article in Huff Post Politics: According to Rep Rohrabacher, head of the Congressional Delegation, engaging Seagal helped to avoid the experience of past foreign trips when all of the meetings had been arranged by the U.S. Embassy. “You know what we got? We got the State Department controlling all the information that we heard,” Rohrabacher said. “You think that’s good for democracy? No way!”

    What’s interesting is that Rep Keating reports that Russian officials showed him a letter they sent to the FBI in March 2011, warning that Tsarnaev had plans to join insurgents in Chechnya but that the Russians refused to provide him a copy of the letter.

    More interesting is the trip appeared to occur via photoshop showing the Congressmen in underground Pushkin Square at the site commemorating the victims of a terrorist attack on Aug. 8, 2000. The photoshop trip allegation with the pictures supporting the allegation made way to the comment section of several news articles in the first part of June.

    Two months after the purported trip a video emerged showing the Congressional Delegation at the underground site; the “scathing” letter to Director Comey from Rep Keating was announced in the article that had this new video. Most peculiar, once again, the background to the underground site had changed.

    Rep Keating letter:

    The few Congressional and Senate Hearings that took place regarding the Boston Marathon publicly condemned the Tsarnaevs as guilty before any due process of law. The random assignment of a US District Judge where the younger brother has been charged with capital crimes did not even occur until after the indictment; prior to that late June date and without random draw the case initially was assigned the same Magistrate Judge who signed for the FBI search warrant on April 21st, and as soon as the US District Judge was assigned an immediate referral back to the same Magistrate occurred; again, the court order was entered only on the case docket and did not make it to the court’s all recent orders master docket.

    The Magistrate referral to the public eye was withdrawn just before the September 23rd status conference. This was a fraudulent electronic order entered only on the case docket, and never entered on the all recent orders master docket; the case record still has the Magistrate referral as active. No defense attorney has filed the required notice of appearance in the case. To date the court record indicates complete and unquestionable simulated criminal proceedings.

    4/25/13 Senator Grassley addresses information failure: “What warning signs were missed about the brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon?” The Senator chose to leave out allegedly!

    I watched every Committee hearing that was scheduled to address the events of April 15th. What I witnessed was unwarranted praise of incompetence and unquestionable “show” hearings where corruption was being covered up. The only hot moment was when Rep. Louie Gohmert had a heated exchange with FBI Director Mueller at a House Judiciary Hearing; a lack of investigation by the FBI into the Mosque because of who headed the Mosque Tamerlan attended was the subject of the heated exchange. Considering there is no actual legitimate evidence that Tamerlan had become radicalized, the exchange was more than apparent for “show”.

    The hearing was scheduled after the NSA spying was outed by Snowden. Hearing Title: Oversight Hearing on the Federal Bureau of Investigation Thursday 6/13/2013.

    This was the last Congressional Committee hearing Mueller attended before he retired as Director of the FBI. Footnote 4 of Senator Grassley’s letter to Director Comey refers to Director Mueller’s testimony at this hearing.
    The video is still available.

    The Senate Committee on the Judiciary “Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation” hearing was June 19, 2013 and this was Director Mueller’s last appearance before this committee. There is no available transcript of the hearing but the hearing video is still available. Here is Senator Grassley’s statement where he breezes over the Marathon Bombing with praise to Director Mueller.
    There are no follow up questions on the record by Senator Grassley following this June 19, 2013 hearing as stated in his letter to Dr. Comey.

    Both, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs were sent official complaint letters on how this more than apparent government orchestrated event was a slap in the face to the taxpayer not only because it occurred on April 15th but because it occurred during a
    sequestration. Supporting evidence that the injuries were a lie, that the FBI was present at Blast Site 2, and that the brothers had been photoshopped into a crime scene was submitted. No response has been rendered.

    There is unquestionable collusion between our three branches of government to ensure guilt for this young man; the population of the USA was, without question, terrorized by the United States government and thus far impunity prevails as they continue to rob us blind. Keep in mind the event happened just before multiple appropriation bills were passed.

    An extensive search of the GPO does not return either letter to Director Comey. THE SHOW GOES ON!!

    The Congressional Delegation: Michele Bachmann (no picture of her regarding this trip anywhere) Dana Rohrabacher, William Keating, Steve King, Paul Cook and Steven Cohen.


    Notice the ceiling pipe on the right side of the pictures. Notice in picture of Rep Rohrabacher where the man is standing below the pipe that the sign is missing on the wall below the pipe that shows in the picture with the five Representatives.

    The Officer present in the set of pictures that were released with articles that came out at the time of the trip to Russia is not present in the video that came out two months after the trip.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Beautiful run down of the show goes on. We are about where Lenin was after he took over in Oct 1917 and only 1 to 2 years later did the show trials begin. Solzhenitsyn has the history intact for us as well as the very first Gulag being established at an age old monastery where the monks grew huge huge cabbages. They threw them all out and that was the first Gulag. From there they took prisoners to dig and build the next one and so on.

      It’s not likely Americans are going to read Foucault on this in Discipline and Punish, nor Solzhenitsyn. People will not wake up until everyone has someone incarcerated that means something to them.

    • Avatar $79411163 says:

      You write more than everyone else combined and say twice as less. How do I say all that I want in as few words as possible? BORING!

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Obviously you are not as bored as you say since you are still here reading. Good.

    • Avatar fallngman says:

      did you read what the man had to say? until you comment with a reasoned argument for or against, why should anyone listen to your claptrap?

  13. Avatar Hoser says:

    It’s Grassley. He hasn’t indicted anyone as far back as I can remember. Even the criminals who lied under oath. Grassley is “One of Them!”

  14. Avatar SO says:

    A fire, and possible explosion, reported at the John F. Kennedy Library in Dorchester, Mass., is being investigated for a potential connection to the blasts that went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday just before 3 p.m.

    A Boston Police spokesperson told Talking Points Memo on Monday that an explosive device had gone off at the library. This information was later clarified on Twitter by BPD Public Information Bureau Chief Cheryl Fiandaca, who described the incident as “fire related.”

  15. Avatar voltaic says:

    The security state has no need for truth or transparency, since they need all to be secret to continue to bastardize the Constitution.

  16. Avatar SO says:

    How likely is it that a fire just happens to start at the JFK Library at the same time the bombs go off? That’s what happened. And the official explanation for that fire evolved from one silly story to another until finally unnamed officials said that it was started by carelessly discarded smoking materials in the HVAC system. That is not a real explanation.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Look if they can gun down and murder Miriam Carey in broad daylight in front of witnesses at the Capitol and have it cause not a ripple, they can do anything they want. Now they know it and we know it, they know we know, and we know they know we know, but all Americans don’t believe it yet.

    • Avatar SO says:

      The fact is that the masses need to be led. They know it. That’s why they don’t care about us. We’re just blabbing internet kooks. Perhaps our babbling even helps them in some way.

    • Avatar Man on the street says:

      The majority of the US citizen are programmed ROBOTS! They must be told by the presstitudes to be outraged at certain things before they can react. If the mainstream media (the presstitudes) did not initiate the call for outrage, THERE WILL BE NO OUTRAGE, except of the few less robotic Internet bloggers.

  17. Avatar Glacier One says:

    Don’t try to hold the FBI or the CIA accountable for anything. More is known than being admitted. Criminals are not necessarily overseas. Don’t forget the presence of Craft International working in conjunction with either of these two agencies.
    Tsarnaev’s are the Oswalds, Ray’s, Sirhan’s, Hinckley;s etc;s of today. Hey wasn’t Hinckley’s dad a good friend of Poppy Bush and wasn’t he connected to the CIA at one time? Odd, huh?

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Yes and Bush senior was spending the evening with Hinckley’s dad the night before.

    • Avatar Chris T. says:

      actuall, it was one of the Bush Boys (Neal me thinks, who was later involved in the Keating scandal) and one of Hinkleys brothers.

      Some coincidence that the man who stood most to benefit from a successful shooting has even this connection. But then look at all of his actions on 11-22-63..

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Bush I was CIA then during 63 and was certainly involved in JFK’s assassination as it was the govt. Garrison knew this, wanted to bring suit against them and he was ruined over it even tho he was correct. It’s still the same with the Boston Bombing and the murder of Miriam Carey.

  18. Avatar public_servant_watch says:

    Just a reminder; it was the FBI at Blast Site 2 at the time of the Blast and not the Defendant or any of the people the FBI wanted us to believe were the Forum crowd. The Forum crowd picture that the FBI led the public to believe was the crowd just before the blast is an, in whole, fabrication.

    The little girl we were told lost a leg because of the blast is in the 7 News picture that was taken purportedly one hour before the blast; she has the same flower in her hair as she leaves the memorial service for “Martin Richard” by wheelchair on June 10th. No member of the Richard family is standing with her in the 7 news picture. Her image in the FBI purported Forum crowd validates that this picture is a fabrication. She has problems but they are not related to the events of April 15th. Google the latest showing of this child who we were told sang with a group of other children at a recent Red Sox game. You decide if it’s the same child; you decide how appropriate it was that of the entire group this was the only child in shorts.

    Clearly other authentic crowd pictures were used to build the fabricated crowd. There are people in the fabricated crowd that, as of yet, have not appeared in any of the pre blast photos including Martin Richard, Denise Richard and Lu. The people in the fabricated picture are not seen in the raw video of blast site 2.

    The gore is fake and anyone who does not believe it to be so is either in a very deep state of cognitive dissonance or a government operative still trying to promote the official lies.

    Hit all links directly to make the pics bigger.

    This beautiful child has been exploited by the government to carry a crime against the American people; they also exploited disabled Americans.

    Example of how they used other crowd pictures to build the fabricated crowd. The ladies with the blanket were in a picture taken purportedly around the noon hour.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      I suggest someone contact B Blake at allthingsforum1.blogspot as she is an expert at who the people are in the crowd pictures. I couldn’t get her to do it for me.

  19. Avatar public_servant_watch says:

    Just another ploy to pacify the public. The letter just like Rep Keating’s letter was not entered in the official record.

  20. Avatar Orangutan. says:

    Look up the Strategy of Tension and Operation Gladio for reference and context…

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      I don’t think there is much question to the allegation that the US Government is terrorizing its own population. Frightening times. Google The Truth Seeker and this subject to view an excellent overview of all the evidence that shows they have been doing this to us for decades. The biggest concern is we know that they know we know! And they don’t care!

    • Avatar Orangutan. says:

      Agreed with that analysis! Now what do we do now? What is our next move. They are confident as can be and I agree they don’t care we know. They must think they have all ends wrapped up. If they don’t, what can we do at this point? Peace.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      I think we need to try and find and contact an honest US District, Circuit or Supreme Court Judge. Getting past corrupt court staff is the challenge. The stench of treason is present. All three federal branches are carrying this fraud.

      Just yesterday, I discovered that the administrator for the One Fund and Eric Holder, both, made an elite top 500 lawyer list. I don’t think there is an attorney in the country that would risk his or her own security in helping us get our country back. Unrepresented parties in the US Courts only get to pay the fee – there is no legitimate process.

      Jahar’s criminal case has had no legitimate process. The House Home Land Security Committee drafted a bill on 4/12/2013 that formed the premise for the failure to avert which is information share failure by the FBI. They know the FBI was the Blast 2 crowd; they ignore the information. The letters to Comey are “Show” letters.

    • Avatar Orangutan. says:

      Well Vincent Bugliosi is trash in my opinion. His new book supporting the Warren Commission, etc. I know Col. Lawrence Wilkerson has agreed to testify under oath that the Bush Administration knew the people in Guantanamo Bay were innocent. So I guess there are reasons to be optimistic. Max Cleland is also a person how could be coaxed to be honorable under these conditions. Hopefully we find a way eventually. They’ve get things pretty wrapped up though with those DA firings under Bush and the constant spying on everyone in power now.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      And the game is played by holding whatever they have over one another’s head. We need to find the person with the best hand at this given moment!!

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      It can’t be done this way, that I know. A creative way must be found.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      If you read the Warren Commission Report you can see what doe does congress is made up of just by the questions they ask. The Warren Commission cannot be supported.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      Judges have families and as Orson Scott Card says, “you are hostage to those you love.” They have you. What can we do? IDK but I think about it all the time.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      I agree they know we know and don’t care. Miriam Carey’s murder in broad daylight in front of witnesses in front of the capitol was like a finger in our face.

  21. Avatar cat_black says:

    Let’s not forget Republican Stella Tremblay who ended up resigning over her view that the Boston Bombing was a government run operation. People just don’t believe the lies anymore if they are paying any kind of attention at all. They might not know exactly what is wrong but they know something is.

    • Avatar public_servant_watch says:

      Rep Tremblay might be able to help with process to take action. Can we find a way to contact her? She is a very brave woman with good character and she is honest; clearly she was not suitable for self-serving/self-enrichment/self-preservation politics but she is more than suitable to serve the people.

    • Avatar abbeysbooks says:

      She has family. That’s why she resigned.