Freeh’s Wrecked Vehicle. Courtesy WFFF/WVNY

Freeh’s Wrecked Vehicle. Courtesy WFFF/WVNY

Any serious student of history is on alert for “interesting accidents.” Because sometimes they are accidents. Sometimes, they’re not.

We have no opinion at the moment on the one-car-wreck that left former FBI director Louis Freeh badly injured around noon on August 25, other than to note some curious facts: the police were hours late informing the office of the governor of Vermont; Freeh was flown by helicopter to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital in New Hampshire under armed guard, and has remained under armed guard; the hospital has refused to confirm that he is a patient, even after reports of two surgeries; at least for the first few days no one has answered the phones at his company, Freeh Group International.

The Crash

From news reports available at press time, Freeh

was headed south on Vermont 12 in his 2010 GMC Yukon when he drove off the east side of the road. The vehicle struck a mailbox and a row of shrubs, then came to rest against the side of a tree, police said…

Louis Freeh

Louis Freeh epitomizes the risks attendant in a president’s decision to demonstrate bipartisanship by appointing or re-appointing figures associated with the opposing political party and/or prior regime. He also embodies the troubled legacy of the Bureau from its earliest days. (For a look at how the U.S. media cooperated with the Bureau to misleadingly burnish its image, see this)

Louis Freeh was appointed by George H.W. Bush to the federal bench in 1991. In the first year of Bill Clinton’s presidency, Clinton named Freeh head of the FBI.

Right from the start, the Freeh FBI was drenched in controversy. The “screw-ups” were legion—from the exposure of fraudulent FBI crime lab results to the wrongful blaming of an innocent man for the bombings at the Atlanta Olympics—to the bloody standoff and shootout at Ruby Ridge.

Freeh vs the Clintons

In order to move the heat off himself and his agency, Freeh made political peace with Newt Gingrich and his firebrand GOP Congressional operation, deflecting the political pressure back onto the White House. He did this via a Campaign Finance Task Force under the auspices of his parent agency, the Justice Department, established in December of 1996 after Clinton’s re-election. This became, prior to 9/11, what some say was the largest federal investigation in U.S. history.

Over 300 FBI agents were assigned to the investigation, which targeted both Clinton and Gore. No one was ever indicted but a steady drip of leaked stories pounded Gore particularly—feeding the damaging story line that he was a captive of the China Lobby and possibly even compromised by certain foreign intelligence services. This long-simmering PR crisis did serious damage to Al Gore’s prospects in 2000, and thereby aided the campaign of George W. Bush, son of Freeh’s original sponsor.

Freeh, the Saudis and Terrorism

Even more fraught was Freeh’s behavior during the investigation of the massive bombing of U.S. military facilities at the Khobar Towers development in Saudi Arabia. According to the former counterintelligence officials Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon in the book The Age of Sacred Terror, Clinton foreign policy officials felt that Freeh was deeply influenced by the Saudi power structure.

Eventually, Freeh, according to the authors, called the elder Bush and asked him to intervene with Crown Prince Abdullah to allow FBI agents to watch through a one-way mirror while Saudi agents questioned Khobar bombing suspects. They allege that he ignored the chain of command and Clinton’s National Security Council in bringing Bush Sr. into these sensitive negotiations.

In his memoirs, Freeh claimed that Clinton suspected the Saudis, while suggesting that he himself was convinced that Iranian operatives had executed the bombing. (It’s important here to note the Bush family’s long and close ties to the Saudi royal family and the political agenda at work in shifting blame to the hated Iranians.)

Freeh also curtailed FBI agent John P. O’Neill’s investigation into a possible Al Qaeda role in the Khobar bombing and the later attacks on the USS Cole in Yemen. Freeh even pulled O’Neill out of Yemen during the Cole investigation. By transferring O’Neill to New York City, Freeh sided with U.S. Ambassador Barbara Bodine, a Clinton holdover in the new Bush administration, and with Saudi officials who wanted O’Neill out of their way. The aim, it appears, was to shield certain suspects (and any possible sponsors) from over-zealous American investigators. Later, Freeh thwarted O’Neill’s efforts to become head of the FBI NYC field office.

In an extraordinary turn of events, John O’Neill died in the destruction of the Twin Towers—which were allegedly brought down by a group of hijackers dominated by Saudi nationals.


If he dared, Louis Freeh could shed a great deal of light on two decades of frequent security emergencies that have led to the greatest buildup of state power in the history of the United States—and limited Americans’ freedom and privacy as never before. Freeh’s strange crash—like most such incidents (see the bizarre one-car crash that killed national security reporter Michael Hastings) – will almost certainly be explained as a flukish accident.

And Freeh, the lucky survivor, is unlikely to volunteer to spread truth about the crash, or any of the other curious events in which he has been involved as the consummate intelligence-establishment insider.

(Please click here to read our follow-up report on Freeh’s crash.)

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Remote controlled cars are not science fiction.


Why Louis Freeh Should Be Investigated For 9/11

By Kevin Ryan

In the summer of 2001, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent Robert Wright, a counterterrorism expert from the Chicago office, made some startling claims about the Bureau in a written statement outlining the difficulties he had doing his job. Three months before 9/11, he wrote: “The FBI has proven for the past decade it cannot identify and prevent acts of terrorism against the United States and its citizens at home and abroad. Even worse, there is virtually no effort on the part of the FBI’s International Terrorism Unit to neutralize known and suspected terrorists residing within the United States.”

Frank Hastings

What a Crock .


Still waiting for the meat of your refutation. I’m assuming you’re taking your time with carefully documented notes. Or is this just Tourettes?

Frank Hastings

I don’t waste my time talking with idiots .
Paul Redmond is a family friend and I think he has a pretty good handle on the subject of counterterrorism .


And because he is a “family friend” he tells you the absolute truth 100% of the time and would never lie, by commission, omission, and/or other means or reasons, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum. And you “know” he would never do anything… “untoward”. (or illegal, or unethical, or….) gmafb

Frank Hastings

The unfortunate thing about sites like this is that riff raff pseudo intellectuals like yourself are allowed access . No further responses will be forthcoming .


LOLOL That’s very convenient for you. What kind of extreme moron pulls out the “pseudo-intellectual” card for a post like mine? Is that really the best that you can do? Your BS misdirection non-response may work with you and your ilk (TRUE pseudo-intellectuals, AT BEST), but the rest of us see that you didn’t respond to any points I made BECAUSE YOU CANNOT. Your original (non-) argument was completely nonsensical from the start. In the future you should take Mark Twain’s advice a la “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”


That is because the US counterintelligence agencies
were neutralized at the end of 1992 by Cheney,then
Sec.of Defense. FBI agents could not even use the
internet. Prior to that the counterintelligence agencies
worked together and coordinated responses to warnings
and indications world wide. They were very effective. i hear things improved by the end of Clinton’s administration due to the rise of Al Qae-da but what
happened under Bush’s watch is fairly well known.
The WH had disconnected from the intelligence reports
all around. Facts did not appear to matter and the world
is run now by illusion and perception. It was the North
Koreans who hung on so long because they had mastered the art of the illusion which trumped an
historical treasure trove of intelligence estimates and
facts in Washington.


Sounds like an unfortunate accident as the crash was unlike Hasting’s crash if that is the comparison to be made. Freeh at age 64 is a known quantity to those that “count” and is unlikely to draw scripted attention at this late date unless he was suddenly about to “talk” and this became a known, but never the less interesting.


It’s too bad he was in an accident, but I’m not a fan. His investigation into Penn State’s Football program falsely accused coach Joe Paterno of being involved in a coverup of Sandusky’s molestations, and worse, said there was a cult among PSUs alumni. The report was full of allegations passed on as truths. What a fraud.

Steve Steel

I’m glad to see others hold this belief, poor Joe. Slandered by the media and the University heads who wanted him gone and couldn’t fire him.

Jim Mooney

Freeh was probably just smoking dope. Most of our “leaders” do, then jail everyone else for doing it, to enrich prison industry.


I keep wondering when “knowing too much” is such a well-known death sentence that recruitment for the alphabet agencies begins to suffer. Who wants a job where simply carrying out your duties can get you whacked, or if you wander off the reservation, gets you whacked even sooner? Only total openness and truthfulness, expected and delivered, from our government officials, will save themselves from a spiral of murder of their own making.


I suspect it’s not much different than some of the more cutthroat organized crime organizations. They know they could get whacked, even by one of their own guys, but it’s still worth it to them.
I think, for a lot of these corrupt people in government, the motivation is sexual. They have access to sex slaves (frequently children and adolescents) (see the Boy’s Town documentary for a mild example) and that alone makes it all worthwhile for them.


you mean they’re possesed?

Michael Deloatch

What else are you going to pursue then, a career in middle management at a big bank? Hahahaha…


In this instance, any bystander, a waitress, or a janitor can know too much.

Fred Smith

I’ve been in the car business for decades, but I’ve NEVER seen a Yukon (or it sibling the Suburban) get its roof and right rear tire ripped off (see accident photo), just from hitting “a mailbox and a row of shrubs”.

Man of Reason

I believe the police stated they had to cut the roof off to extract him. Plus, I think the mailbox and shrubs probably saved his life. That tree that finally stopped him would have destroyed any truck or SUV if it was going full speed. Big trees like that don’t move.

409 4ever

Freeh is a shady character. He has a reputation of false accusations (Richard Jewell, Joe Paterno, Jack Warner) and 9/11 happened under his watch. I have no sympathy for him

Man of Reason

Anyone ever hear of Ray Gricar? He was the District Attorney that cleared Jerry Sandusky of child molestation in the 1998 investigation, against the objections of his assistant DA and the Penn State Police Department, under pressure from higher ups in the Pennsylvania state Government. He knew where all the skeletons were hid in that case. Sandusky worked for The Second Mile which was a charity and child care agency monitored and overseen by the Pennsylvania State Attorney General’s Office. Gricar mysteriously went missing in 2005 somewhere at the bottom of the Susquhanna River, never to be seen again. Only his separated laptop and unreadable harddrive were ever recovered from the river. Enter Louie Freeh. Freeh was on the verge of being deposed in the Paterno Lawsuit, and was fighting a defamation lawsuit against Graham Spanier. Freeh had a huge past conflict of interest with Sandusky’s employer, the Second Mile, and obviously tried to deflect the blame from them and the Pa State Attorney General’s Office in his “Report”. From what I understand, the Paternos and Spanier have the goods on Freeh. If he does in fact get deposed or has to testify, he, like Gricar, probably knows where lots of the skeletons in the Pennsylvania State Government (read former Attorney General and current State Governor Tom Corbett) are buried with respect to Sandusky and The Second Mile. Ironically, Spanier and the Paternos want him to be healthy and be able to lucidly testify and be deposed at all costs. They want him alive and well. Some of Freeh’s “friends” may not. He knows WAY too much and Corbett is in a political fight for his life in Pennsylvania. I must say, the way this is being handled is very suspicious.




Just looked up Ray Gricar. The net is overflowing with speculation about what really happened to him. Needless to say, it does NOT look good. These things don’t “just happen.”
Agreed; Freeh knows WAY too much for his own good. I would be very surprised to see him walk out of that hospital alive.

omar cluck

Sometimes an accident is just an accident. Maybe a deer or cow wandered onto the road and Freeh had to swerve, maybe Freeh had one too many martinis and drove off the road, maybe Freeh had a hooker onboard and she was fooling with his junk and he got distracted, maybe lights from Martian spaceships blinded Freeh and he lost control of his vehicle, you know, not everything that happens is a conspiracy…..


Of course, and that is why the article opens with the statement: “We have no opinion at the moment on the one-car-wreck that left former FBI director Louis Freeh badly injured around noon on August 25, other than to note some curious facts.”

The other 99.9999999% of the media can report it as an accident with no possibility of foul play.


You forgot to mention that Louis Freeh was also sent to lead the cover-up -er, “investigate” the pedophile ring involved with the Sandusky scandal; mainly to oversee damage control by protecting the powerful pedophilia community from being exposed to the public.

Not to mention that Louis Freeh’s rise to power within the FBI coincided with the FBI’s “investigation” of the Franklin Scandal. an “investigation” which cleared GOP pedophiles, like Bush Sr, of their heinous pedophile crimes -mainly by intimidating witnesses and victims into retracting their testimonies with death threats against their families. Only two of the victims refused to submit to the FBI’s pressure to recant their testimony against the GOP pedophiles.

Who were those FBI agents threatening the victims of GOP pedophilia to recant their testimony? Where was Louis Freeh in all this?


“This became, prior to 9/11, what some say was the largest federal investigation in U.S. history. ”

Wasn’t Clinton’s Lewinsky prior and much $Larger than 911?

“The official inquiry into the 9/11 attack on America ( The 9/11 Commission ) cost $15m. This pales in comparison to the various investigations into Clinton’s Whitewater, Lewinsky and other dealings: which totaled about $80 million, according to CNN.”


“nick: don’t forget the OKC bombing and this recent development:”

Also don’t forget USAF Brig. General Ben Partin:


This, coupled with this article: makes me wonder a lot about what is going on and who really owns the USG. To be honest, i was a supporter of ‘W’. I started wondering about things a few years after I actually read some of the stuff in the pseudo-Patriot act (Aka, support your local war effort or be deemed a terrorist). I’ll be the first to tell you I was completely asleep at the wheel. I woke up and am seeing what is happening. I heard stories of the Saudi’s being behind 9-11 and threw them in the woods out of partisianship (because I figured the people doing the screaming were liberals or 9-11 truthers…which most were). The House of Saud may not have a direct tie to terrorists but I do know they drop a sizable amount of cash to the terrorists groups for two purposes: 1) To prevent attacks on their territory (and likely take out anyone who goes against the House) and 2) To conduct terrorist operations in order to get the US people behind any action they tell the USG to conduct. Wake up, smell the damned oil fire burning in our back yard. The House of Saud is behind it and the pseudo-conservation movement to prevent the US from having cheap oil production (we have more than they do and yet we are still importing the drug).


High Ranking US Major General Exposes 911 official
version untrue

Christ is Lord

Dead men don’t tell..on 7/27/14 The Freedom of Information Act lawsuit was brought by attorney Jesse Trentadue against the FBI re: OKC Bombing 


Maybe this is the kind of thing that can happen when the ex-head of the FBI becomes the devil’s advocate.


There are a few things that strike me as odd. First, Freeh is under 24/7 armed guard protection. Why? If he or anyone else wanted his identity protected, they could have admitted him as Joe Blow and nobody would have known the difference. Cover story: Because of his knowledge of terrorism. What?!? Most likely, very probable, is that Freeh has tons of skeletons in the closet. Flight 800, OKC, Ruby Ridge, 9-11, etc etc. He probably knows this was a botched assassination attempt and might be tempted to talk. 24/7 armed guards take care of that. Second, the Vermont State Police say there was no evidence his car was tampered with. So what? California State Police said the same about Michael Hastings.

Finally, I know Dartmouth-Hitchcock personally. They are one of the best hospitals in the world, never mind the Northeast, with some of the greatest minds in numerous fields of medicine. Just because they’re in northern NH doesn’t make them a hack outfit. Is Dartmouth College, five miles up the road, a hack outfit? DHMC knows their stuff. You need a referral off a referral off a referral to get them to see you as a patient. Why? Because they know what the hell they’re doing and everyone knows it. They take the toughest of the tough cases. I’ve seen the standard security they have in place. It’s awesome. You cannot get in there without being questioned as to the purpose of your visit. Trust me.on that one.

If I were Freeh, I’d be a) happy to be alive and b) wanting to get the hell out ASAP, before the inevitable “It was a tragedy, he died of unexpected post-surgery complications” story pops up.


We will probably never know the details on this. Freeh was a connected man, an insider, and, therefore, privy to many types of sensitive, top-secret information. That alone would make him a marked man.


Louis Freeh said to have most likely fallen asleep at the wheel.
Didn’t this accident take place around 12 noon?


Lots of people take an afternoon nap, just not while driving…


Louis Freeh now on a long list of mysterious incidents. Also on that list are John Wheeler, Barnaby Jack and Michael Hastings

Mike Flores

I called for his firing along with CIA head Tenet 2 weeks after 911 for the greatest Intel failure in history. They of course made a bee line to Bush to tell him Iraq and al Qaeda were working together, which is what Bush wanted to hear. Meanwhile the left told me it wasn’t a failure at all, that 911 was the greatest Intel black flag operation in American history, and they were brilliant Machiavellian leaders. They also said Bush was stupid, which at the time seemed like a gross generalization to me. Stupid, but brilliant beyond any other President?
Wikileaks cleared Bush and Cheney last month of lying, and any involvement with 911 was cleared by them some time ago. Which raises an interesting question, why do Democrats keep this classified and let people think the worse?
I don’t know what’s worse, blaming an innocent person for a crime they did not do, or babbling away with no idea how spy cells work on Intel.
The number of people who have wasted years of their life on dead end conspiracy theories as if they were computer games, is sickening. I could have used your help throwing Freeh out, instead of hearing what a genius he was to organize something he did not.


google: “JFK witness accidents.”


Let’s see some follow-up. Has he been released? What’s his condition? That’s what drives me nuts about following the news. Balls are dropped on the 2 yard line all the time.