What possible connection could there have been between George H.W. Bush and the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Or between the C.I.A. and the assassination? Or between Bush and the C.I.A.? For some people, apparently, making such connections was as dangerous as letting one live wire touch another.   Here, in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination in November, is the third part of a ten-part series of excerpts from WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker’s bestseller, Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.  The story is a real-life thriller.

Note:  Although these excerpts do not contain footnotes, the book itself is heavily footnoted and exhaustively sourced. (The excerpts in Part 3 come from Chapter 4 of the book, and the titles and subtitles have been changed for this publication.)

For Part 1, please go here, for Part 2, go here.


“Somewhere in Texas”

George H. W. Bush may be one of the few Americans of his generation who cannot recall exactly where he was when John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

At times he has said that he was “somewhere in Texas.” Bush was indeed “somewhere” in Texas. And he had every reason to remember. At the time Bush was the thirty-nine-year-old chairman of the Harris County (Houston) Republican Party and an outspoken critic of the president. He was also actively campaigning for a seat in the U.S. Senate at exactly the time Kennedy was assassinated right in Bush’s own state. The story behind Bush’s apparent evasiveness is complicated. Yet it is crucial to an understanding not just of the Bush family, but also of a tragic chapter in the nation’s history.

Who Wanted Kennedy Dead?

The two and a half years leading up to November 22, 1963, had been tumultuous ones. The Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961, designed to dislodge Fidel Castro and his Cuban revolution from its headquarters ninety miles off the Florida Keys, was an embarrassing foreign policy failure. Certainly in terms of lives lost and men captured, it was also a human disaster. But within the ruling American elite it was seen primarily as a jolt to the old boys’ network – a humiliating debacle, and a rebuke of the supposedly infallible CIA. For John Kennedy it also presented an opportunity. He had been impressed with the CIA at first, and depended on its counterinsurgency against Communists and nationalists in the third world. But the Bay of Pigs disaster gave him pause. Whatever Kennedy’s own role in the invasion fiasco, it had been planned on Dwight Eisenhower’s watch. Kennedy had been asked to green-light it shortly after taking office, and in retrospect he felt the agency had deceived him in several key respects.

The most critical involved Cubans’ true feelings toward Castro. The CIA had predicted that the island population would rise up to support the invaders. When this did not happen, the agency, Air Force, Army, and Navy all put pressure on the young president to authorize the open use of U.S. armed forces. In effect they wanted to turn a supposed effort of armed Cuban “exiles” to reclaim their homeland into a full-fledged U.S. invasion. But Kennedy would not go along. The success of the operation had been predicated on something – a popular uprising – that hadn’t happened, and Kennedy concluded it would be foolish to get in deeper.

Following the disaster, CIA director Allen Dulles mounted a counteroffensive against criticism of the agency. Dulles denied that the plan had been dependent on a popular insurrection. Just weeks after the calamity, he offered this account on Meet the Press: “I wouldn’t say we expected a popular uprising. We were expecting something else to happen in Cuba . . . something that didn’t materialize.” For his part Kennedy was furious at Dulles for this self-serving explanation. He also was deeply frustrated about the CIA’s poor intelligence and suspected that the CIA had sought to force him into an invasion from the very beginning.

bayThe president told his advisers he wanted “to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” Within weeks of the invasion disaster, Washington was speculating on Dulles’s departure. By autumn, he was gone, along with his lieutenants Charles Cabell and Richard Bissell. But in the end, it was not the CIA but rather John F. Kennedy who was destroyed.

The assassination of JFK has fathered a thousand theories, and nearly as many books and studies. Through it all, no consensus has emerged. Most “respectable” academics, journalists, and news organizations don’t want to get near the matter, lest they be labeled conspiracy nuts. Most Americans harbor an overwhelming psychic resistance to what retired UC Berkeley professor and author Peter Dale Scott has called the “deep politics” surrounding the assassination. Few of us care to contemplate the awful prospect that the forces we depend upon for security and order could themselves be subverted.

When the Kennedy assassination is mentioned, the inquiry tends to focus on the almost impossible task of determining who fired how many shots and from where. This obsession with the gun or guns bypasses the more basic – and therefore more dangerous questions: Who wanted Kennedy dead, and why? And what did they hope to gain?

Earl Warren to LBJ: “I’ll just do whatever you say.”

The years since the first assassination investigation was hastily concluded in September 1964 have not been kind to the Warren Commission. Subsequent inquiries have found the commission’s process, and the resulting report, horrendously flawed. And there are lingering questions about the very origins of the commission. First, all the members were appointed by Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, who was – stark as this may sound – a chief beneficiary of the assassination, having immediately replaced the dead president to become the thirty-sixth president of the United States.

The commission’s chairman was the presiding chief justice of the Supreme Court. Earl Warren was the perfect choice because he was seen by the public as an honest, incorruptible man of substance. Warren’s involvement gave the commission a certain credibility and convinced major newspapers like the New York Times to continue supporting the commission report over the years.

Warren resisted LBJ’s call to service, but finally acquiesced, leading the panel to the conclusions it reached.  To get Warren to say yes, Johnson had warned the justice that Oswald might be tied, through an alleged Mexico City visit, to the Soviets and Cubans. He implied that this could lead to nuclear war if level heads did not prevail.

As Johnson explained in a taped telephone conversation with Senator Richard Russell, himself reluctant to join the panel:

Warren told me he wouldn’t do it under any circumstances . . . He came down here and told me no – twice. And I just pulled out what [FBI director] Hoover told me about a little incident in Mexico City . . . And he started crying and he said, “I won’t turn you down. I’ll just do whatever you say.”

And that got Warren— and the public trust he brought— on board.

Allen Dulles, the member who asked the most questions, would have been himself considered a prime suspect by any standard police methodology. Moreover, he was expert not only in assassinations but also in deception and camouflage.

Dulles’s animus toward Kennedy was never overt, but it was incontrovertible. In ousting him, Kennedy was showing the door to a man who had spent his entire adult life in spy work. Behind the pipe-smoking, professorial mien, Allen Dulles was a ruthless, calculating man with blood on his hands. Certainly, the veteran master spy, director since 1953, could not have expected to stay on under Kennedy indefinitely. But to be forced out after what seemed to him a glorious decade of covert operations (including successful coups in Guatemala and Iran) – and on account of what he considered Kennedy’s failure of nerve regarding the Bay of Pigs invasion – must have been galling. Dulles was, according to his subordinate E. Howard Hunt, a “remarkable man whose long career of government service had been destroyed unjustly by men who were laboring unceasingly to preserve their own public images.”


“I have never forgiven them.”

Among those infuriated with the Kennedys was none other than Dulles’s good friend Senator Prescott Bush. In 1961, when Dulles brought his successor, John McCone, to a dinner at Prescott’s home, the senator recalled that he “tried to make a pleasant evening of it, but I was sick at heart, and angry too, for it was the Kennedy’s [sic] that brot [sic] about the [Bay of Pigs] fiasco.”

He expressed this anger in a condolence letter to Allen Dulles’s widow in 1969, discovered among Dulles’s papers at Princeton University. Prescott’s next line is particularly memorable: “I have never forgiven them.” The expression of such lingering resentment, six years after JFK’s death, was doubly chilling because it came just months after a second Kennedy, Robert, had been gunned down under mysterious circumstances, once again by a seemingly unstable lone gunman.

Clearing the Way for Poppy

In the spring of 1962, about six months after Dulles’s departure from the Kennedy administration, both Prescott Bush and his son Poppy made some considerable and rather abrupt changes to their lives. Prescott Bush, having already begun his reelection campaign and opened his headquarters, surprised virtually everyone by reversing himself and announcing that he would not seek a new term after all. The reason he gave was that he was tired and physically not well enough to endure another six years. This decision struck people as curious, in part because Prescott so dearly loved his life in Washington, and in part because he would turn out to be physically robust for a number of years afterward, and would even express his deep regret at having chosen to leave the Senate. Whatever took him away from Washington seems to have been pressing.

Just as Prescott was leaving the political arena, his son was entering it at high speed. Poppy, who until then had been barely involved with local Houston politics, suddenly became consumed with them. Conventional accounts treat Bush’s new interest as simply the next step in the life of an ambitious man, but for the Bush family, there was an almost inexplicable urgency. At a Washington political gathering, Prescott pulled aside the Harris County (Houston) GOP chairman, James Bertron, and demanded that Bertron find a place in his organization for Poppy. “Senator,” replied Bertron, “I’m trying. We’re all trying.”

This pressure quickly paid off. In the fall of 1962, Poppy was named finance co-chair of the Harris County Republican Party, a position which likely entailed visiting wealthy oilmen and asking them for money. Just a few months later, in early 1963, James Bertron abruptly announced his intention to retire and move to Florida, and Poppy announced his intention to succeed him. A party activist who had expressed his desire for the position suddenly abandoned his candidacy, and Bush won the position by acclamation. Now he had a plausible reason not only to be visiting with wealthy oilmen, but also to be building an operational team, ostensibly for political purposes.

Oiling the Rest of the Way for Poppy

That summer of 1963, right in the middle of his move out of the oil business into politics, Poppy Bush embarked on a busy itinerary of foreign business travel for Zapata Offshore. The trip seemed ambitious, especially when one considers the realistic opportunities for a firm with just a few rigs.

Upon his return, Poppy’s new lust for political power hit warp speed: now he had decided to seek a U.S. Senate seat. In less than a year he had gone from uninvolved to finance co-chair to county chairman to U.S. Senate hopeful. As a businessman engaged in offshore drilling, Poppy Bush had little reason to be traveling extensively throughout Texas. As Harris County chairman, Poppy had Houston as his bailiwick. But as a Senate candidate, he had every reason to be seen all over the Lone Star State.

Bush’s political work, like his oil work, may have been cover for intelligence activity. But there were political objectives as well, ones that conflicted with those of John Kennedy. In deciding to run for U.S. Senate, Poppy was playing a key role in the Republican effort to unyoke the conservative south from the Democratic wagon it had pulled to victory in 1960. Jack and Bobby Kennedy, meanwhile were busy strategizing exactly how to prevent that –and this was going to be a crucial battle, given JFK’s wafer-thin victory in the previous election. Two states in particular would be battlegrounds: Florida and Texas. In theory, a candidate like Poppy Bush, with his family connections to Wall Street, could be a strong fund-raiser and perhaps contribute to a substantially increased Republican turnout in 1964, even if Bush himself was not elected. To head off this larger threat, it was clear to Kennedy’s political advisers that Jack would have to campaign in Texas, along with Florida. Kennedy was interested in revoking the oil depletion allowance, a decision that would have meant steep losses for Texas oilmen, and he continued voicing his support for civil rights, always a contentious issue in the South.

As a candidate for statewide office, Poppy Bush was on the go in the fall of 1963, moving around Texas and spending time in Dallas, where he opened a headquarters.

Poppy and Barbara, November 3, 1964

Poppy and Barbara, November 3, 1964

Another Memory Lapse

Jack Kennedy’s death in Dallas on November 22, 1963, was one of the most tragically memorable moments in the lives of those who lived through it. So Poppy Bush’s inability or unwillingness to say where he was on that day is extremely odd, to say the least.

His haziness became an issue a quarter century after the assassination – when there emerged yet another good reason for Bush to have recalled that day vividly. On Thursday, August 25, 1988, about six weeks after the Nation published Joseph McBride’s piece on “George Bush of the CIA” – and just a week after George H. W. Bush accepted the Republican presidential nomination – a short article appeared in the San Francisco Examiner, with the intriguing headline: “Documents: Bush Blew Whistle on Rival in JFK Slaying.”  The article began like this:A man who identified himself as George H. W. Bush phoned the FBI in Houston a few hours after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas to report that a right-wing Young Republican had “been talking of killing the president,” FBI documents show.

The FBI, the article goes on to say, promptly followed up on Bush’s tip and interviewed the Young Republican, a man by the name of James Milton Parrott. Parrott claimed he had never threatened Kennedy, and his mother declared that he had been at home with her in Houston all day.

The author of this story, the Examiner’s Miguel Acoca, had been unable to reach Parrott but noted that the FBI report on Bush’s call listed the address of the tipster as 5525 Briar, Houston, Texas – the address of the man who was now, in 1988, vice president of the United States.

Like Bush, Acoca, a Panamanian, had graduated from Yale. He spent the early 1960’s in the Miami area working for Life magazine, where dinners at his Coconut Grove apartment were typically populated by Cuban émigrés and CIA officers managing the war against Castro. While still in Miami, Acoca became interested in the group running the CIA’s JM/WAVE Cuban operations station in the area, and developed a growing obsession with assassinations in general, and JFK’s in particular.

Acoca had placed a call to Bush’s office once he discovered that the vice president had been the tipster back on November 22, 1963. His call brought a familiar response:

Bush’s press office at first said the vice president hadn’t made the call and challenged the authenticity of the FBI reports. Then, several days later, an aide said Bush “does not recall” making the call.

Acoca’s story about Bush didn’t get much attention, running on page A-II of the Examiner. The media reaction was similar to that which greeted journalist Joseph McBride’s earlier revelations: next to nothing. A few newspapers picked up the Examiner piece off the Hearst wire, but not a single paper bothered to assign reporters to follow up.

Thus, neither of two vexing questions – whether George Bush had been a CIA operative in 1963, and whether he had called the FBI on November 22 with purported information related to the JFK assassination – became issues for Bush in 1988 as he sailed into the White House.

By the fall of 1992, though, things were growing uncomfortable for President Bush. Arkansas governor Bill Clinton’s challenge was gaining momentum, the economy was in the doldrums, and now an initiative from Congress and the public posed a new dilemma for Poppy. Oliver Stone’s JFK, released in December 1991, had aroused public interest and helped prod Congress to unanimously pass the President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. It required each federal agency to collect and forward all records about the JFK assassination to the National Archives, which would then make them available to the American people.

The 1988 Acoca article that caused so little stir had been based on a brief FBI summary of Bush’s tip about Parrott. But there was a longer, more detailed memo in the archives, waiting to be unearthed and released.

President George H. W. Bush now found himself in the awkward position of potentially outing himself. Should he veto the politically popular JFK Act just days before voters would go to the polls to choose between him and his surging challenger, Bill Clinton? Bush, with little enthusiasm, signed the bill – though, in a move that his son George W. Bush would use without restraint, Poppy issued a “signing statement” that essentially attached conditions, asserting unilateral executive authority to withhold records on the basis of several concerns, including national security. Still, Poppy couldn’t claim national security about everything, certainly not about documents that some already knew to exist, especially documents that had his own name on them.

Whether he knew it or not, with his signature, Poppy was moving the more detailed “Parrott memo” toward the light of day. In fact, government records show that the complete FBI memo from December 22, 1963, laying out the particulars of Bush’s call to the agency was finally declassified in 1993, along with thousands of other papers – by the Clinton administration.

Wrong Tip at the Wrong Time

That memo, reporting the call that had come in on the day of the assassination to Special Agent Graham W. Kitchel of the Houston FBI bureau, contained some important new identifying information and other details:

[DATE: November 22, 1963]

At 1:45 p.m. Mr. GEORGE H.W. BUSH, President of the Zapata Off-shore Drilling Company, Houston, Texas, residence 5525 Briar, Houston, telephonically furnished the following information to writer by long distance telephone call from Tyler, Texas.

BUSH stated that he wanted to be kept confidential but wanted to furnish hearsay that he recalled hearing in recent weeks, the day and source unknown. He stated that one JAMES PARROTT has been talking of killing the president when he comes to Houston.

BUSH stated that PARROTT is possibly a student at the University of Houston and is active in political matters in this area. He stated that he felt MRS FAWLEY, telephone number SU 2-5239, or ARLENE SMITH, telephone number JA 9-9194 of the Harris County Republican Headquarters would be able to furnish additional information regarding the identity of PARROTT.

BUSH stated that he was proceeding to Dallas, Texas, would remain in the Sheraton-Dallas Hotel and return to his residence on 11-23-63. His office telephone Number is CA 2-0395.

The memo contained several intriguing details, but no news organization picked up on them. Indeed, no one paid any heed to the whereabouts of Poppy Bush at the time of the JFK assassination – except Barbara Bush. In 1994, three decades after Poppy began not remembering where he was on November 22, 1963, it was suddenly Barbara who remembered.

Next:  Part 4.  Barbara’s Hair-Raising Day

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Hi Russ, I in no way mean this in a derogatory manner as I admire your work tremendously, but I see you have reached a slightly different conclusion now with regards to the LBJ “Mexico City” quote about Earl Warren to the one you first presented in your book. I was wondering if there is any actual evidence that the Mexico City reference is regarding Oswald’s supposed visit there? I know he (or a double) is supposed to have gone to Mexico City but is there credible evidence linking LBJ’s mention of Mexico City to this or is it speculative because it’s the same name place? It’s just it still reads like out and out blackmail regarding something Warren got up to there to me. Thanks in advance.


Good question. The overall context of LBJ’s remarks makes clear, I think, that he was indeed laying out a (false and misleading) scenario to future Warren Commission members that gave the impression Oswald had been in Mexico City interacting with the Soviets–and that this meant an uncontrolled investigation of Kennedy’s death could lead to nuclear war. In the same conversation, he is explicit about this. In other words, I now do not see the Mexico City “incident” LBJ mentioned to Warren being anything besides relating to Oswald.


What is the implication of LBJ laying out a false and misleading scenario to avoid an uncontrolled investigation, only one week after the assassination? If it false, and presumably LBJ knew it is false, then what is the explanation? Or, is that ground a little too tough on the old shovel? Is it a credible idea that LBJ didn’t know it was false? Was LBJ merely the blind and stupid puppet of the mysterious dark forces who murdered JFK? Hoover too? And, if the obvious is true, that Hoover and LBJ were themselves involved, what does that mean? Doesn’t it mean that the murderers had infiltrated our government at the highest level, years before Bush even became president to consolidate this infiltration? And what does it mean that we have since had 12 years of Bush? Does it not mean that the federal government is firmly in their control? Can President Barack Obama, even if he is not one of them, do a thing about it? Please excuse me. It’s just my atrocious upbringing acting up again.


It also is fun to consider the impact of the LBJ presidency on the agendas of the two parties of our system, and the implications of that. The Democrats were unnaturally split at the time because of post-Civil War politics, but simplistically, they are the liberals, and under LBJ’s Great Society, they never had it so good. It was a liberal’s wet dream come true. And the Republicans got their orgy of war against the evils of communism in Vietnam. Both sides were paid off handsomely, even extravagantly. What is the implication of this “payoff” for the JFK assassination? Is not this obvious implication re-enforced by the government’s inability to be honest about November 22? Could not all these folks, more appropriately than the namesake’s precedent, be called the “November Criminals?”

Steve Gothard

The FBI memo is supposed to dated November 22, 1963 so why is it dated November 23, 1963?

Steve Gothard

I just looked at the orgiinal FBI memo and it was dated November 22, 1963 so it is a typo here that it is dated November 23, 1963.


Right you are. Good catch. Will get it fixed.


I never heard Papa Bush being referred to as George H.W. Bush until his son became president and it was necessary to differentiate between the two. Maybe that’s SOP for FBI memos, but none of the other names in it include initials.


If the implication that the other “Mr. George Bush” of the CIA was supposed to be a decoy, then GHW would want it to be clear that this was indeed he who was calling from Tyler. You don’t want your own ruse to backfire on you. BTW, during the 1988 election, he was mockingly referred to by all of his names by some Democrat, I forget who, to highlight his wealthy status. At this time, he was also said to have been “born with a silver foot in his mouth.” Ted Kennedy, also in this period, at the Democratic convention, asked the question, “Where was George,” though he presumably was not referring to his brother’s assassination. GWH Bush, to those of us who are old enough to remember, is “George Bush,” and the Shrub is W.


And, oddly, JFK Jr. called his magazine, “George.” That may have been a mistake.

SO What?

After JFK Jr. died, his magazine was purchased by Hachette Filipacchi. If you read their Wikipedia blurb, you will notice a similarity of this company’s history to some of the corporations described in Baker’s book, much wheeling and dealing in the magazine biz. They ceased publication after George W. took office, a few months before 9/11, with this final cover:


If one were inclined to interpretation, one might note the legal definition of “issue”: 1) n. a person’s children or other lineal descendants such as grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In this sense, JFK Jr. was the issue of JFK. Hence the creepy interpretation, “Farewell, issue…George.” Isn’t this fun?


As in George Washington…the father of our country. Come onnnnn.

News Nag

Governor Ann Richards of Texas is your answer.


She spoke Poppy’s full name? Thank you.


Yes, but she was referring to “W” about the silver foot in his mouth, not his father.


Well, that’s good to see.


Very interesting, very well written. Thanks.


President Kennedy had issued an Executive Order getting rid of the Federal Reserve. He also was making every effort to ensure that israel never got WMD.

On the plane carrying his body back from Dallas to DC, Johnson rescinded the Executive Order and we still have the Fed. israel got their WMD.

Johnson then went on to recall the rescue ships after he discovered that the USS Liberty was actually attacked by israel rather than Egypt.

I know who I think killed Kennedy and why. I don’t know what Poppy Bush’s role was.

Ricarrdo estavans

The federal reserve bank is/was controlled by the Rockefeller crime family. Herbert Walker (Poppy Bush’s grandpa) was in the banking business, Prescott Bush (Poppy Bush’s daddy) had banking and oil interests. All connected to the JP Morgans, Rockefellers etc. Poppy bush I am sure was loyal to those interests also and also had ties to the CIA. Poppy bush went on to become CIA Director under Gerald Ford or Nixon. (Im too lazy to look it up). Reagan was strong armed to select Poppy bush as his running mate.One related event, coincidence? Maybe. Dozens? Coincidence? I think not!!!

Ricarrdo estavans

Look up Executive order #11110 May or June 1963. The federal reserve bank is a private bank which loans money to the government (you and me). The federal reserve has made Billions since its inception around 1913. Loaning money for WW1 WW11 Korean War, Vietnam, Funding the Cold war arsenal. etc. Screw with their billions and your a dead man. Also the Rothschild and Rockefellers control all the relevant media, ie. Reuters. So we have been spoon fed lies for decades.


O, CIA heroin Poppy Bush did it AlRight, with his conspiracy of Company Mafia, Cuban, NixOn and Plumber subsidiaries.

Ricarrdo estavans

Follow the MONEY. What about Kennedys signing executive order #11110. This dismantled the Corrupt thieving American Central Bank AKA The Federal Reserve. Herbert Walker “Poppy” Bushs Grandpappy, was a banker tied to interest with the Rockefeller crime family, and Prescott Bush “poppys” daddy was into the oil business another Rockefeller crony. The Kennedys were no angels either. The assiassnation was a gang hit. The Bush/Rockefeller crime family against the Kennedy crime family.

Ricarrdo estavans

The Rockefellers ordered the hit, the bush family/CIA organized the hit and their connections in the underworld pulled the triggers.


I agree about Bush and their mob connections….just not sure about the Rockefellers. Not too much evidence pointing in their direction.


Larry Hancock, Jim DiEuginio and E, Howard Hunt (in his confession) have a William Harvey, David Morales and David Atlee Phillips tangent going. It would be ineresting to place Poppy within the CIA organizational structure. I read somewhere that he was involved in recruitment for Operation 40 (One of its members-Rodriguez- ) was later captured in the Iran Contra scandal (another Poppy adventure)

Tarry Faster

How about, “A picture is worth a thousand words:”


That copy is blurred I’ll try and get details blown-up.

Now I can see why there is a question mark (GHWB?) on your link

This should open easy


Can you open this? I think if you put in in your browser window it will come up and to me the man on the left looks in his late 20’s not late 30’s has a plaid sport jacket, shorter nose and chin and looks like he even has that college style pin under the tie knot that brings the collar tight around the tie. His hair is thick and almost curly… Bush has thiner and greasy looking hair even in the photo with Ike.

I used to think it was Bush too but not now.


Tarry Faster

Jim, clothing comparisons are irrelevant and age or facial features are purely subjective.

What REALLY bothers me, is that he has NEVER addressed the issue of where he was on that day. I’ve never met anyone, who was of age, that can’t recall where they were when JFK was killed. Can you believe that a political animal, like Bush, Sr., truly has a memory blank about that day?


I can answer that “memory blank” from first hand experience. But first, If it was Bush he could say, “I called the FBI and went to Dallas to get some facts and see if maybe James Parrot was there.” So he would be a hero.

But he can’t be a hero with inside knowledge because he wasn’t there but he did show up on the Shadow Hootenanny tour bus in Houston with Barbara and was talking to Hoover.

Now also getting on this same chartered Trailways bus starting at the air strip in Houston getting on and off at different times was the Corsican brothers and they were announced by someone who knew. At one point Sarti was sitting across the isle from me. Also two uniformed Dallas cops with an Oswald look-alike with tears in his eyes was in their custody and Bush was talking to FBI Hoover and for some strange reason they basically kidnapped me and forced me onto that 2nd tour bus to be a witness to all of that… and somebody screwed up for doing that and I am still pissed but feeling better as more truth comes out.

I was afraid I would be killed so I shut my mouth like I was told before the trip began in LA late October when I told the tour managers that I heard Kennedy would be killed in the South and was warned not to go but was told, “We know and that is why we want you to go, but don’t write anything down or interfere… it is too dangerous”

So you see this is why he could not remember and Hoover was never asked where he was either.

Bush probably wished he was standing around in Dealey because many people CIA/Mob/FBI knew the hit was on and even JFK was warned not to go to Dallas. But I was there in Texas and you can report me to the FBI but I already did in Aug, 91 When I was the first to run against Poppy as a Florida dark horse write-in candidate way before Clinton and the rest decided he could be beat.

But believe what you want ~ everybody else does.

Tarry Faster

Jim, are you the Jim Glover who is a folk singing, Socialist/activist?


Yep Tarry, and Phil Ochs taught me his Ballad of Bille Sol a few months before Dallas.

This is how I sang it at a secret base in the Florida Keys around Nov 17 or 18th while The Tampa Hit was called off probably because Dallas was the preferred Town to get away with it and Trafficante was no dummy.

“Well, Bobby Baker cried and Orville Freeman sighed, they said everyone around was fair and Square
But they were no more convincin’ than Ezra Taft Benson as resignations cropped up everywhere.”

(To the tune of Jesse James)

Chorus: Stand tall Bille Sol we don’t know you at all, so take down those pictures from the wall, Cause we don’t want to handle an agriculture scandle, we have got face elections in the Fall.

Phil knew too and we were working together to find out more about the plot. The word was on the street.



Bull. Bush feared no one, he was the head of the CIA for God’s sake. He was never in any danger.


Unlike the Bush family the Kennedy children were unable to stay in politics. One is dead and the other withdrew from her candidacy in New York. I don’t know the name of the Secret Service man I heard on an interview who said that just before the shots ring out he was called back twice, and away from the motorcade. In other words there was absolutely no one around to cover.
As for Obama I heard that his white grandfather was connected to the CIA and a Communist ??

Tarry Faster

My client, Mr. Estes, has authorized me to make this reply to your letter of May 29, 1984. Mr. Estes was a member of a four-member group, headed by Lyndon Johnson, which committed criminal acts in Texas in the 1960’s. The other two, besides Mr. Estes and LBJ, were Cliff Carter and Mac Wallace. Mr. Estes is willing to disclose his knowledge concerning the following criminal offenses:

I. Murders

1. The killing of Henry Marshall
2. The killing of George Krutilek
3. The killing of Ike Rogers and his secretary
4. The killing of Harold Orr
5. The killing of Coleman Wade
6. The killing of Josefa Johnson
7. The killing of John Kinser
8. The killing of President J. F. Kennedy.

Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders. In the cases of murders nos. 1-7, Mr. Estes’ knowledge of the precise details concerning the way the murders were executed stems from conversations he had shortly after each event with Cliff Carter and Mac Wallace.


Now this I believe… thanks.


Nope. If Bush isn’t involved …nobody is. He is in it up to his eye balls.


Anyone who knows anything about assassinations or “hits” is aware that “triangulation” assures the success of such an operation. JFK was such a target as evidenced by Zapruder’s film and all testing in followup credible investigations. Jackie was probably the most aware of the direction of the fatal tally that day.


The JFK assassination is studied as a model at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

david t. krall

from: david t. krall


Great stuff here !!! I salute you…If the past, THE REAL and TRUE
PAST is any measure, the true facts and nature needs to be exposed, dealt with and confronted, no matter how ugly…
we didn’t ignore an action from a foreign power or entity
(12/7/41 or 0/11/01) against our nation in the past, so why was & is it so difficult to recognize a corrupt hi-level well placed and equally well positioned network of cleaver and devious traitors within our own shores? Besides, isn’t that we were told and are
continuing to be told by our own Gov and their corp. allies
since the end of WWII, first with and dealing with The USSR and Red China, and then we are told an equally large international radical Islamic conspiracy, “look under your beds,
in your your neighbors…” Oh yea! I forgot
but the NSA, CIA etc is telling us they are spying on us to
AWAY IN SUCH A SLOW, DELIBERATE & MANIPULATIVE MANNER!!! Once a President tried to temper, slow “them” down, then try to
control “them” all, to be accountable…he lost….and lost his life
trying…and we as a nation and as citizens of Democratic Republic are the long-term losers for not pushing hard enough
to find our who killed a President on 11/22/63…
The next time we may not be so lucky…and judging from all
thel of exposures of hi-level corruption and abuse the last
50 years…we have not been very lucky…a slow
simmering boil…Keep this data coming…the truth like the
sunlight is best enemy of deceit and cleaver treason…
I salute you !!!
from: david t. krall

david t. krall

from: david t. krall

As I said before I have your book as part of my research library.
My specialty is CIA/Military/Corp connections to 11/22/63
via same links to LBJ and RMN, e.g. sponsors, backers, allies
and “friends”.
I have some questons, perhaps and hopefully can be answered by you or anyone out there who reads this;
questions 1-6 can pertain to any events BEFORE 11/22/63:
1) any photographic or historical documented connection/link
between GHWB/41 (aka “41”) and VP RMN and/or Sen.
Majority Leader LBJ from 1959 to 1961;
2) any links between “41” &, CIA and Military Officers involved
in training, logistics/support/supplying/recruiting for “Bay Of Pigs” operation/enterprise what could also be called a “November Surprise” planned to take place between RMN’s anticipated & expected election and follow-up inauguration;
3) record/historical documentation of visits to Washington, D.C of “41” to see/visit his father, Prescott Bush, (no fan of JFK
either !) who probably “opened some doors” and links
for and to “41” (e.g. Allen Dulles,Cabell, RMN, LBJ , etc);
4) record of “travels” of “41” in late 1959, 1960 & upto mid- April 1961: Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatamala, Florida
(any record of any association at this time with George
DeMohrenschildt and/or Carlos Marcello?) ?
5) as an extension to #4, any record of meeting with
military aides/associates of LBJ and RMN, e.g. Burris,
Cushman, Walters, or others…in 1960 & upto mid 1961?
6) regarding the intricate Caribbean Banking ( and pol/intel)
“complex” (I assume a joint intra/inter-related “complex”
most certainly existed in SE Asia/Pacific area)-
Did “41” ever meet or associate with Paul Halliwell, or other
CIA “accountants” like him?
7) I have recently become intrigued and curious about an individual by the name of Robert Parrott (or Parrot?). From What I recall he was around the same age as LHO and was somehow affiliated or connected (?)/linked to “4!” and
may have had “some falling out” where/when “41” told
or (falsely?) “informed” either local police or SS/FBI about
some type of “threat” that pertained to and involved Parrott.
I believe I have seen a picture of him in a coffee table book in my library, I think the title is :The Way We Were: Remembering
1963″, (or something similar) which has some very interesting photos for Oct. and Nov. of 1963. Parrott connected to CIA and/or Military Intel and/or FBI?; Part of “LHO/frame-up” portion of plot?
Great Info…keep it coming !!! Thank You !
from: david t. krall


I know many know this but what was glaring to me when I found out was LBJ was being investigated for his criminal past, and knowing the atmosphere of hate between the attorney general RFK and LBJ, prison was a possibility for LBJ.
I think this needs to be expanded for when I realized this compulsive and obsessed old man LBJ could go have gone to prison for numerous murders, fraud and other criminal acts it simply all came together. Never trusted LBJ anyway. When he reversed course on much of what JFK had gotten accomplished, I knew right hen, right there he was part of the killing of our president. Thank You Mr. Baker and the others for your work on this tragedy. Please touch in this LBJ angle.


No. The idea that LBJ was involved is just a distraction. He more than likely covered it up, however; but he did not have THAT kind of power. Additionally, had he been as entitled and evil (like Bush) then he would not have bowed out from running for president after his first term. We all know he wanted to be president, but it appears he didn’t love it to the point of all else. This sets him apart from the Bushes of the world. He also tried to stop the Vietnam war and was then thwarted by Nixon. The LBJ angle does not hold water and only confuses the situation and shields the true facts of the story, namely GHWB, who even Hoover fingered before he left the FBI.


If you are interested google and look up:

Bobby Baker
TFX program
Billie Sol Estes

James Henry Fetzer

For more on GHWB, see John Hankey, “Was George H.W. Bush involved in the assassination of JFK?”, and Richard Hooke, “Did George H.W. Bush coordinate a JFK hit team?”, on Veterans Today, where the answer to both questions appears to be “Yes!”

B Not Deceived

There are photos of him with George Jr. on the streets that very day. There are questions about his bailing out of the plane and two Americans dying – not a hero!


Someone posted a pic of a young Dubya (17 y.o.) walking in Dealey Plaza, in the JFK Critical Assassination FB page. Can someone shed more light on that please?

Norah Black

Probably untrue. It was his father who was there with Barbara, and she admits this in one of her books.


Check out that F.B. page. Could’ve been posted by Richard Hooke.


I’ve seen the George H.W. Bush look-a-like but after further analysis with subsequent photos, it’s a police detective. The George Jr. though walking in D.P. looks interesting!

James Henry Fetzer

And for a veritable “rogues gallery” of assassins and their cohorts, see Ole Dammegard, “Unexpected links in the murders of JFK, John Lennon and Olof Palme”, which sheds light on a wide range of conspiracies and assassinations, including the role of GHWB.


Regarding this article on Bush, one question glaringly comes to mind that hasn’t been discussed…What about Jeb in 2016!?!
I just finished reading JFK and The Unspeakable by James W. Douglas. Another well documented book.
For years I realized there are those who are convinced there couldn’t possibly be a “conspiracy of plausible deniability and citizen denial” that enveloped our government, our media, our academic institutions, and virtually our entire society from November 22, 1963, to the present. For those who reamin in doubt, all that is needed is to simply consider what Mr. Douglass presents…”the unspeakable”… this hypnotic collective denial of the obvious, sustained by a mass-media whose repeated message makes us feel as if the truth about such significant events is beyond our grasp.
Mr. Douglass presents a formidable amount of well documented evidence in such a logical and persuasive manner that any fair-minded reader will question what they thought they knew. To his credit, he gives us a different vantage point by successfully linking this evidence directly to JFK’s actions on behalf of peace.

david t. krall

from: david t. krall
I suggest also, “Thy Will Be Done”, as large portions
of that book lay out specifically “the beast”
that JFK was up against and struck on 1122/63.
(covert ops/unaccountable and out of control banks,
US corps, and elements of the Defense/Intel sectors)
YES !!! I gave also thought about Jeb Bush in 2016 !!!
I have no doubt he and his team, an inturn big $ backers, are laying the groundwork for a very serious run…I suspect he may have considered 2012 awhile back, but not as events played out and unfolded and not against an incumbent, who had appeared as a strong formidable re-election candidate….also it might have been (maybe?) too recent to or from “43”…I believe it is highly possible that we may see a mega- election between Jeb Bush (running mate?—probably somebody from the west or mid-west) and Hillary Clinton (running mate?from deep south?no ! CA?maybe, or perhaps IL or Michigan) I thinks it will a bruising battle in the beginning in the GOP nomination race and for Hillary she may tangle with some, as of now unforeseen opponents in the early going…but like RMN or JFK in 1960, it is Clinton’s and Bush’s to lose for the GOP & DEMO Nominations…
The only wild card that could really split the democrats
or maybe derail (or slow down) Mrs. Clinton is JOE BIDEN….A cleaver ploy…Question: can a loyal and popular VP, even after having served 8 (or even 4)
years as VP, be offered and nominated in that same position by that party’s newly (different) nominated
candidate for president for that coming/next election???
Would a Clinton/Biden ticket be constitutionally legal?
I know a PRESIDENT cannot serve for more than 2 terms/ 8 years and/or a maximum of 10 years, but where does it say a VP cannot serve in the same VP
seator capacity for more than 2 terms and/or with a different or new President??? This is a fascinating possibility?! If possible, that to keep unity if a meg split at some point erupts between the Biden and Clinton Forces and the President Obama’s own staff, allies and his own backers should become split themselves???
But then again…VP Biden may just decide to ride off
into the sunset…maybe…maybe not….
from: david t krall


. .. I came here after listening to Jeb Bush. Something about that Bush family is really bad. It is also very strange that Joe Biden is taking a backseat: Justice Scalia is found dead and they are refusing to do an autopsy. Joe Biden says he regrets not running. I’m just plain scared.

Naptown man

Mr. Krall- reading your post after the 2016 election, you were spot-on. They tried to serve up a Bush vs. Clinton, and nobody showed up for that debacle.

Frank von Winkhorst

The problem with all of this Texas theorizing is that Kennedy had to cancel a trip to Chicago on November 2 because the landlady in a rooming house told the FBI about a group of four men with high powered rifles. Upon investigation, it turned out that there was an almost identical scenario planned out:

1) A sharp lefthand turn,
2) A tall building,
3) And a card carrying member of the American Communist Party for a patsy.


yes we all know that. And that in no way causes a “problem with all this Texas theorizing.” You’re a bit of an arrogant sort–and with no justification for that superiority, based on your other quotes.


You never disappoint, Russ. Thanks for everything you do to enlighten the curious.


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james MILTON parrott? Mass birthplace of H..
no coincidence.


Care to translate that cryptic comment for the rest of us?


I have no problem believing this. There is a reason they are referred to as ‘The Bush Crime Family’


I remember George Bush making the comment “if the (public) knew the things we’ve done, they’d hang us from the lamp posts”


Several years ago I watched a program about the origins of ‘Air Force One’, hosted by Charleton Heston. Bush was president and gave Heston an interview to offer his observations about the aircraft. During the conversation Heston said to Bush: Mr. President; Jack Kennedy said after inspection of the airplane – “it’s magnificent, I’ll take it”. When Heston mentioned Kennedy, Bush for a moment – showed nervous discomfort. I recall it vividly.


Very interesting, a person that would act that nervous obviously has/had something bothering him about that person, and I would offer a guess it’s called “assassination”.


I recently finished Russ Baker’s book about the Bush dynasty. I was blown away by the false narrative America has been fed for decades. It certainly appears George HW Bush was involved in the murder of JFK. Thank you, Mr. Baker, for informing the American people of the truth. May the truth continue to be brought into the light of day. The future of our once great nation depends on it.

james warren

It’s a compelling, riveting book. I recommend it.


The entire Bush Clan has been involved with plots to change and/or manipulate our government for a few generations at least. Prescott Bush was involved with the plotted coup of our Government with the intent to remove the Democratically Elected President and installing a Fascist style Government, heavily influenced by Oligarchs. Only Gen. Smedley Butler prevented it, as he was propositioned to lead the coup, ( approximately 40 times) but instead, being a Patriot, he reported it to the President.
P. Bush was part a clique of ultra wealthy Bankers, Oil & Industrial Barrons and major Wall Street Investors that were involved. The term “Too big to Fail and Jail” came out of that failed plot. Had the President Jailed those involved and seized their assets, as he could have by law, it would have caused a Financial Disaster if not a total collapse in America, because collectively, they owned and operated the bulk of Industries and Financial institutions in America.
So yea, Bush was involved in the Murder..assassination..of JFK and the Bush Family has been involved in other major events in our recent history.
If you look at the definition of Fascism, ..” an ideal or form of Government, by ONE PARTY that is opposed to Democracy and Liberalism”, often led by a Dictator or Military Officer,… you can see what Trump is aiming for. Trump (and the GOP Congress) has demonstrated his/their desire and intent for a Fascist State by his policies and proposals, his disregard for the Constitution, Ethics and the Law, his attacks on those who oppose or criticize him, his attacks on the Media, Demonizing it, even calling the Media the “Enemy of the People”, as well as his attempts to subvert the Vote and Electoral System in this Country, via his “Election Integrity Committee” and the attempted collection of ALL voter data into ONE CENTRAL Place…(why would he need to do that?)
But I digress, thanks for the mention of Russ Baker’s book, I’ll have to read that one.

George Hayduke

Dressed in drag as the Babushka Lady?

Bob Gibson

I know this might sound crazy but I remember being at a family friend’s wedding party around 1970 and these people we knew for a fact were mafia people. I overheard a conversation where a woman was used to lure JFK into the open so they would have a target to shoot at since JFK was a well known womanizer. JFK and His Brother Bobby Kennedy were putting a lot of Pressure on the mafia when JFK was President. After JFK was dead I heard that pressure on the mafia was stopped.

Bob Gibson

I know this might sound crazy but I remember being at a Family Friends Wedding Party around 1970 and we knew for a fact that these People were in the MAFIA. I overheard there was a Woman used to lure JFK into the open so they would have a Target to shoot at since JFK was a well known Womanizer. JFK and His Brother Bobby were putting a lot of Pressure on the MAFIA when JFK was President! After JFK was dead I heard that Pressure on the MAFIA was stopped. The Name of that MAFIA Family was TIMBARIO and they were in the Norristown PA area.


Most “respectable” academics, journalists, and news organizations don’t want to get near the matter, lest they be labeled conspiracy nuts.

james warren

The term “conspiracy theorists” was deliberately used by the CIA to begin to label people who disagreed with the Warren Commission….

Jonathan Acworth

Oswald was a CIA agent flown in that week to try to stop the shooting from taking place he and few other people had got wind of an attempt onJFK’s life. Oswald therefore should be given a full pardon and buried with military honours. It’s well known (see James files video in 2003) that other forces were involved in the hit. Oswald was just used as a decoy to throw investigators. Finding out the real truth thanks to photos investigators can pinpoint exactly where the shots came from. 2 men standing behind the knoll seen by 51 whitnesses and a team in the dal tex building proves that shots didn’t come from the book depository the case must be reopened now and several key players as listed above put on trial for the murder of JFK.

Jonathan Acworth

What I would like to see happen is the FBI bring in the above and put on trial for the shooting of JFK and reopen the case. JFK’s body must be exhumed and a full proper autopsy on the remains carried out. This hasn’t properly been done, and traces of the bullet will still be found even now.

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