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GHW Bush & JFK Hit

CIA, Director, George H.W. Bush
CIA Director George H.W. Bush in the lobby of the CIA building. Photo credit: Unknown
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What possible connection could there have been between George H.W. Bush and the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Or between the C.I.A. and the assassination? Or between Bush and the C.I.A.? For some people, apparently, making such connections was as dangerous as letting one live wire touch another.   Here, in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination in November, is the first part of a ten-part series of excerpts from WhoWhatWhy editor Russ Baker’s bestseller, Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years.  The story is a real-life thriller.

Note: Although these excerpts do not contain footnotes, the book itself is heavily footnoted and exhaustively sourced. (The excerpts in Part 1 come from Chapter 2 of the book, and the titles and subtitles have been changed for this publication.)  

Poppy’s Secret

When Joseph McBride came upon the document about George H. W. Bush’s double life, he was not looking for it.  It was 1985, and McBride, a former Daily Variety writer, was in the library of California State University San Bernardino, researching a book about the movie director Frank Capra.  Like many good reporters, McBride took off on a “slight,” if time-consuming, tangent – spending day after day poring over reels of microfilmed documents related to the FBI and the JFK assassination.  McBride had been a volunteer on Kennedy’s campaign, and since 1963 had been intrigued by the unanswered questions surrounding that most singular of American tragedies.

A particular memo caught his eye, and he leaned in for a closer look. Practically jumping off the screen was a memorandum from FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, dated November 29, 1963.  Under the subject heading “Assassination of President John F. Kennedy,” Hoover reported that, on the day after JFK’s murder, the bureau had provided two individuals with briefings.  One was “Captain William Edwards of the Defense Intelligence Agency.”  The other: “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency.”


Bureau of Intelligence and Research
Department of State

[We have been] advised that the Department of State feels some misguided anti-Castro group might capitalize on the present situation and undertake an unauthorized raid against Cuba, believing that the assassination of President John F. Kennedy might herald a change in U.S. policy… [Our] sources know of no [such] plans…  The substance of the foregoing information was orally furnished to Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency and Captain William Edwards of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

McBride shook his head. George H. W. Bush? In the CIA in 1963? Dealing with Cubans and the JFK assassination? Could this be the same man who was now vice president of the United States? Even when Bush was named CIA director in 1976 amid much agency-bashing, his primary asset had been the fact that he was not a part of the agency during the coups, attempted coups, and murder plots in Iran, Cuba, Chile, and other hot spots about which embarrassing information was being disclosed every day in Senate hearings.

For CIA director Bush, there had been much damage to control. The decade from 1963 to 1973 had seen one confidence-shaking crisis after another. There was the Kennedy assassination and the dubious accounting of it by the Warren Commission. Then came the revelations of how the CIA had used private foundations to channel funds to organizations inside the United States, such as the National Student Association. Then came Watergate, with its penumbra of CIA operatives such as E. Howard Hunt and their shadowy misdoings. Americans were getting the sense of a kind of sanctioned underground organization, operating outside the law and yet protected by it. Then President Gerald Ford, who had ascended to that office when Richard Nixon resigned, fired William Colby, the director of the CIA, who was perceived by hard-liners as too accommodating to congressional investigators and would-be intelligence reformers.

Now Ford had named George H. W. Bush to take over the CIA. But Bush seemed wholly unqualified for such a position – especially at a time when the agency was under maximum scrutiny. He had been U.N. ambassador, Republican National Committee chairman, and the U.S. envoy to Beijing, where both Nixon and Henry Kissinger had regarded him as a lightweight and worked around him. What experience did he have in the world of intelligence and spying? How would he restore public confidence in a tarnished spy agency? No one seemed to know. Or did Gerald Ford realize something most others didn’t?

Bush served at the CIA for one year, from early 1976 to early 1977. He worked quietly to reverse the Watergate-era reforms of CIA practices, moving as many operations as possible offshore and beyond accountability. Although a short stint, it nevertheless created an image problem in 1980 when Bush ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination against former California governor Ronald Reagan. Some critics warned of the dangerous precedent in elevating someone who had led the CIA, with its legacy of dark secrets and covert plots, blackmail and murder, to preside over the United States government.

“Must be another George Bush”

In 1985, when McBride found the FBI memo apparently relating to Bush’s past, the reporter did not immediately follow up this curious lead. Bush was now a recently reelected vice president (a famously powerless position), and McBride himself was busy with other things. By 1988, however, the true identity of “Mr. George Bush of the CIA” took on new meaning, as George H. W. Bush prepared to assume his role as Reagan’s heir to the presidency. Joe McBride decided to make the leap from entertainment reportage to politics. He picked up the phone and called the White House.

“May I speak with the vice president?” he asked

McBride had to settle for Stephen Hart, a vice presidential spokesman. Hart denied that his boss had been the man mentioned in the memo, quoting Bush directly. “I was in Houston, Texas, at the time and involved in the independent oil drilling business. And I was running for the Senate in late ’63. I don’t have any idea of what he’s talking about.” Hart concluded with this suggestion: “Must be another George Bush.”

McBride found the response troubling – rather detailed for a ritual non-denial. It almost felt like a cover story that Bush was a bit too eager to trot out. He returned to Hart with more questions for Bush:

  • Did you do any work with or for the CIA prior to the time you became its director?
  • If so, what was the nature of your relationship with the agency, and how long did it last?
  • Did you receive a briefing by a member of the FBI on anti-Castro Cuban activities in the aftermath [of] the assassination of President Kennedy?

Within half an hour, Hart called him back. The spokesman now declared that, though he had not spoken with Bush, he would nevertheless answer the questions himself. Hart said that the answer to the first question was no, and, therefore, the other two were moot.

Undeterred, McBride called the CIA. A spokesman for the agency, Bill Devine, responded: “This is the first time I’ve ever heard this . . . I’ll see what I can find out and call you back.”

The following day, the PR man was tersely formal and opaque: “I can neither confirm nor deny.” It was the standard response the agency gave when it dealt with its sources and methods. Could the agency reveal whether there had been another George Bush in the CIA? Devine replied: “Twenty-seven years ago? I doubt that very much. In any event, we have a standard policy of not confirming that anyone is involved in the CIA.”

“Apparently” George William Bush

But it appears this standard policy was made to be broken. McBride’s revelations appeared in the July 16, 1988, issue of the liberal magazine the Nation, under the headline “The Man Who Wasn’t There, ‘George Bush,’ C.I.A. Operative.” Shortly thereafter, CIA spokeswoman Sharron Basso told the Associated Press that the CIA believed that “the record should be clarified.” She said that the FBI document “apparently” referred to a George William Bush who had worked in 1963 on the night shift at the Langley, Virginia, headquarters, and that “would have been the appropriate place to have received such an FBI report.” George William Bush, she said, had left the CIA in 1964 to join the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Certainly, the article caused George H. W. Bush no major headaches. By the following month, he was triumphantly accepting the GOP’s presidential nomination at its New Orleans convention, unencumbered by tough questions about his past.

CIA can’t find “other” George Bush?

Meanwhile, the CIA’s Basso told reporters that the agency had been unable to locate the “other” George Bush. The assertion was reported by several news outlets, with no comment about the irony of a vaunted intelligence agency – with a staff of thousands and a budget of billions – being unable to locate a former employee within American borders.

Perhaps what the CIA really needed was someone like Joseph McBride. Though not an investigative journalist, McBride had no trouble finding George William Bush. Not only was the man findable; he was still on the U.S. government payroll. By 1988 this George Bush was working as a claims representative for the Social Security Administration. He explained to McBride that he had worked only briefly at the CIA, as a GS-5 probationary civil servant, analyzing documents and photos during the night shift. Moreover, he said, he had never received interagency briefings.

Several years later, in 1991, former Texas Observer editor David Armstrong would track down the other person listed on the Hoover memo, Captain William Edwards. Edwards could confirm that he had been on duty at the Defense Intelligence Agency the day in question. He said he did not remember this briefing, but that he found the memo plausible in reference to a briefing he might have received over the phone while at his desk. While he said he had no idea who the George Bush was who also was briefed, Edward’s rank and experience was certainly far above that of the night clerk George William Bush.

Shortly after McBride’s article appeared in the Nation, the magazine ran a follow-up op-ed, in which the author provided evidence that the Central Intelligence Agency had foisted a lie on the American people. The piece appeared while everyone else was focusing on Bush’s coronation at the Louisiana Superdome.  As with McBride’s previous story, this disclosure was greeted with the equivalent of a collective media yawn. An opportunity was bungled, not only to learn about the true history of the man who would be president, but also to recognize the “George William Bush” diversion for what it was: one in a long series of calculated distractions and disinformation episodes that run through the Bush family history.

George William Bush Deposes

With the election only two months away, and a growing sense of urgency in some quarters, George William Bush acknowledged under oath – as part of a deposition in a lawsuit brought by a nonprofit group seeking records on Bush’s past – that he was the junior officer on a three- to four-man watch shift at CIA headquarters between September 1963 and February 1964, which was on duty when Kennedy was shot. “I do not recognize the contents of the memorandum as information furnished to me orally or otherwise during the time I was at the CIA,” he said. “In fact, during my time at the CIA, I did not receive any oral communications from any government agency of any nature whatsoever. I did not receive any information relating to the Kennedy assassination during my time at the CIA from the FBI. Based on the above, it is my conclusion that I am not the Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency referred to in the memorandum.” . . .

 George H.W. Bush: Spy from the age of 18

Almost a decade would pass between Bush’s election in 1988 and the declassification and release in 1996 of another government document that shed further light on the matter. This declassified document would help to answer some of the questions raised by the ’63 Hoover memo – questions such as, “If George Herbert Walker Bush was already connected with the CIA in 1963, how far back did the relationship go?”

But yet another decade would pass before this second document would be found, read, and revealed to the public. Fast-forward to December 2006, on a day when JFK researcher Jerry Shinley sat, as he did on so many days, glued to his computer, browsing through the digitized database of documents on the Web site of the Mary Ferrell Foundation.

On that December day, Shinley came upon an internal CIA memo that mentioned George H. W. Bush [the Bush designated Director of Central Intelligence (DCI)]. Dated November 29, 1975, it reported, in typically spare terms, the revelation that the man who was about to become the head of the CIA actually had prior ties to the agency. And the connection discussed here, unlike that unearthed by McBride, went back not to 1963, but to 1953 – a full decade earlier. Writing to the chief of the spy section of the analysis and espionage agency, the chief of the “cover and commercial staff” noted:

Through Mr. Gale Allen . . . I learned that Mr. George Bush, DCI designate has prior knowledge of the now terminated project WUBRINY/LPDICTUM which was involved in proprietary commercial operations in Europe. He became aware of this project through Mr. Thomas J. Devine, a former CIA Staff Employee and later, oil-wildcatting associate with Mr. Bush. Their joint activities culminated in the establishment of Zapata Oil [sic] [in 1953] which they eventually sold. After the sale of Zapata Oil, Mr. Bush went into politics, and Mr. Devine became a member of the investment firm of Train, Cabot and Associates, New York . . . The attached memorandum describes the close relationship between Messrs. Devine and Bush in 1967-1968 which, according to Mr. Allen, continued while Mr. Bush was our ambassador to the United Nations.

In typical fashion for the highly compartmentalized and secretive intelligence organization, the memo did not make clear how Bush knew Devine, or whether Devine was simply dropping out of the spy business to become a true entrepreneur. For Devine, who would have been about twenty-seven years old at the time, to “resign” at such a young age, so soon after the CIA had spent a great deal of time and money training him was, at minimum, highly unusual. It would turn out, however, that Devine had a special relationship allowing him to come and go from the agency, enabling him to do other things without really leaving its employ. In fact, CIA history is littered with instances where CIA officers have tendered their “resignation” as a means of creating deniability while continuing to work closely with the agency . . .

Devine’s role in setting up Zapata would remain hidden for more than a decade – until 1965. At that point, as Bush was extricating himself from business to devote his energies to pursuing a congressional seat, Devine’s name suddenly surfaced as a member of the board of Bush’s spin-off company, Zapata Offshore – almost as if it was his function to keep the operation running. To be sure, he and Bush remained joined at the hip . . .

Devine, like the senior George Bush, is now in his eighties and still active in business in New York. When I reached him in the winter of 2007 and told him about recently uncovered CIA memos that related both his agency connections and his longtime ties to Bush, he uttered a dry chuckle, then continued cautiously.

“Tell me who you are working with in the family,” he asked when I informed him I was working on a book about the Bushes. I explained that the book was not exactly an “authorized” biography, and therefore I was not “working” with someone in the family. Moreover, I noted, the Bushes were not known for their responsiveness to journalistic inquiries. “The family policy has been as long as George has been in office, they don’t talk to media,” Devine replied. But he agreed to contact the Bush family seeking clearance. “Well, the answer is, I will inquire. I have your telephone number, and I’ll call you back when I’ve enquired.”

Surprisingly enough, he did call again, two weeks later, having checked in with his old friend in Houston. He explained that he had been told by former president George H.W. Bush not to cooperate. When I spoke to him several months later, he still would not talk about anything – though he did complain that, thanks to an article I had written about him for the Real News Project (, he was now listed in Wikipedia. And then he did offer a few words:

Thomas Devine: I just broke one of the first rules in this game.

Russ Baker:  And what is that?

Thomas Devine:   Do not complain.

In fact, Devine had little to complain about. At the time, although I was aware that he seemed to be confirming that he himself had been in the ”game,” I did not understand the full extent of his activities in conjunction with Bush. Nor did I understand the heightened significance of their relationship during the tumultuous event of 1963, to be discussed in subsequent chapters.

No Business like the Spy Business

Before there was an Office of Strategic Services (July 1942-October 1945) or a Central Intelligence Agency (founded in 1947), corporations and attorneys who represented international businesses often employed associates in their firms as private agents to gather data on competitors and business opportunities abroad. So it was only to be expected that many of the first OSS recruits were taken from the ranks of oil companies, Wall Street banking firms, and Ivy League universities and often equated the interests of their high-powered business partners with the national interest. Such relationships like the one between George H. W. Bush and Thomas Devine thus made perfect sense to the CIA . . .

By the time George H. W. Bush founded his own company, Zapata Petroleum, it was not difficult to line up backers with long-standing ties to industrial espionage activities. The setup with Devine in the oil business provided Bush with a perfect cover to travel abroad and . . . identify potential CIA recruits among foreign nationals . . .

“Poppy” Bush’s own role with intelligence appears to date back as early as the Second World War, when he joined the Navy at age eighteen. On arrival at his training base in Norfolk, Virginia, in the fall of 1942, Bush was trained not only as a pilot of a torpedo bomber but also as a photographic officer, responsible for crucial, highly sensitive aerial surveillance . . .

After mastering the technique of operating the handheld K-20 aerial camera and film processing, Bush recruited and trained other pilots and crewmen. His own flight team became part bomber unit, part spy unit. The information they obtained about the Japanese navy, as well as crucial intelligence on Japanese land-based defenses, was forwarded to the U.S. Navy’s intelligence center at Pearl Harbor and to the Marine Corps for use in planning amphibious landings in order to reduce casualties.

The so-called Operation Snapshot was so hush-hush that, under naval regulations in effect at the time, even revealing its name would lead to court-martial. According to a book by Robert Stinnett, a fellow flier, Admiral Marc Mitscher hit the “bulkhead” when he saw that Bush’s team had filed a report in which they actually referred by name to their top-secret project. The three people above Bush in his command chain were made to take razor blades to the pages of the report and remove the forbidden language.

The lesson was apparently not lost on Bush. From that moment forward, as every Bush researcher has learned, Bush’s life would honor the principle: no names, no paper trail, no fingerprints. If you wanted to know what Bush had done, you had to have the patience of a sleuth yourself.

Next:  Part 2.  Viva Zapata

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  2. […] who figure in the events of 11/22/63 (see also WhoWhatWhy Editor-in-Chief Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets for more on this […]

  3. […] Note: Although the story below does not contain footnotes, the book itself is heavily footnoted and exhaustively sourced. (This excerpt, which was originally posted in 2013, comes from Chapter 3 of the book, and the titles and subtitles have been changed for this publication. For additional excerpts, please start here.) […]

  4. […] Note: Although the story below does not contain footnotes, the book itself is heavily footnoted and exhaustively sourced. (This excerpt, which was originally posted in 2013, comes from Chapter 3 of the book, and the titles and subtitles have been changed for this publication. For additional excerpts, please start here.) […]

  5. […] Note: Although the story below does not contain footnotes, the book itself is heavily footnoted and exhaustively sourced. (This excerpt, which was originally posted in 2013, comes from Chapter 3 of the book, and the titles and subtitles have been changed for this publication. For additional excerpts, please start here.) […]

  6. Avatar michaelbretn says:

    Rather odd these GOP Presidents with today’s release of Iran/CIA coup documents of 1953 (GOP President Eisenhower era). GOP President George H. W. Bush (who followed GOP President Reagan of Iran/Contra infamy and so instrumental in the Iran hostage release) was in power when the initial 1989 document drop on the CIA Coup in Iran came out heavily redacted. These CIA guys were rather shady. Now #45 wants Iran/CIA coup news out in Rex Tillerson’s (yet another oil executive) State Department? Odd indeed.

  7. Avatar sam says:

    it’s very interesting George Bush’s dominance over the political scene . His presidency could’ve started much earlier had Reagan not survived the assassination attempt in 1981 . Then there is Bobby Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Junior and his magazine called George ?

  8. Avatar Rich Hall says:

    Wrong. I’m the last person alive who knows what really happened in the JFK assassination. I’ve been hounded, threatened, intimidated, invited to give lectures and teach classes all because I have the one key secret none of the researchers ever grasped.

    • Avatar Jammers says:

      Soooo….You going to tell US or not? Why not illuminate us all and expose the Truth that so many have been seeking?

    • Avatar Rob says:

      And what’s that, Rich? Perhaps you know as I do that they faked the whole thing… For that matter they faked the entire RFK assassination too… Who are they today? LOL… RFK changed his name to Jimmy Carter and JFK is simply too weird to discuss any further…

      I will say the JFK Jr. faked his death and is now Wyc Grousbeck, co-owner of the Boston Celtics.. Does this sound crazy? Yep… Sometimes the facts are stranger than fiction, and with the Kennedy’s this is always the case… Oh, and Joe Kennedy Sr. Played two other roles upon the worlds clowncracy stage, Harry Truman and then Allen Dulles…

      We do indeed have a clowncracy = A government of, for and by an elite group of clowns who manage the affairs of their notional prankster nation through our individual and collective willingness to believe and ACT for their legal fictions (fairy-tales)… And I’m not kidding… Next up, President Oprah Winfrey… I still think the dude (Jeff Bridges) or Bill Murray would make the best Presidents… I mean if we’re going to have an overtly obvious clowncracy, lets get the best clowns in office…

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  10. Avatar Barbara E Sherrill says:

    You use the name Poppy for Bush Sr. Was that a spy name? Jenna Bush named one of her daughters Poppy and she called her Father Poppy on Hoda & Kathy Lee! She also labeled a current pic of her daughter with Bush Sr., Poppy Lou with Poppy!

  11. Avatar ExtremePacifist says:

    Who killed JFK?
    Who created the CIA?
    Who has been secretly and quietly amassing power and riches in the US throughout its brief history?

    The “Eastern Establishment” Skull and Bones Boys, Nazis, and the CIA, and they were right over the bridge on Jupiter Island the whole time.
    “The unique, bizarre setup on Jupiter Island began in 1931, following the merger of W.A. Harriman & Co. with the British-American firm Brown Brothers.
    The reader will recall Mr. Samuel Pryor, the Merchant of Death. A partner with the Harrimans, Prescott Bush, George Walker and Nazi boss Fritz Thyssen in banking and shipping enterprises, Sam Pryor remained executive committee chairman of Remington Arms. In this period, the Nazi private armies (S.A. and S.S.) were supplied with American arms, most likely by Pryor and his company, as they moved to overthrow the German republic. Such gun-running as an instrument of national policy would later become notorious in the Iran-Contra affair.”
    “Now, Sam Pryor had had property around Hobe Sound, Florida, for some time. In 1931, Joseph and Permelia Pryor Reed bought the entirety of Jupiter Island.
    This is a typically beautiful Atlantic coast barrier island, a half-mile wide and nine miles long. The middle of Jupiter Island lies just off Hobe Sound. The south bridge connects the island with the town of Jupiter, to the north of Palm Beach. It is about 90 minutes by auto from Miami today, a few minutes by helicopter.”

  12. Avatar TXbornTXbred says:

    Bush’s connection is tantamount to his connection with the Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, Bilderberg Group and Skull and Bones. They are all power hungry ego-maniacs with One World Order Globalist aspirations.

  13. Avatar Michael says:

    Wow, excellent article, is there more of this stuff somewhere?

  14. Avatar psi2u2 says:

    I think this is why Jeb can’t get any traction. Even the Republican operatives are scared of this.

  15. Avatar TheRajLOSAngeles says:

    George H.W. Bush is the most powerful politician in this country even today. CIA and black operatives have been “governing” the world since the 60’s.

  16. Avatar agb says:

    Fight the real enemy and don’t vote for Bush administration again! They run on lies and secrecy. And if they had they do it again, they’d do a lot worse than what we saw on the GWB 9/11 conspiracy and all the worst happenings in history.

  17. Avatar V.P. says:

    Another piece of the puzzle could be ‘Executive Order No. 1110, signed by President Kennedy on June, 4, 1963′ – if there was such an order. I came upon a link recently which stated “With the stroke of his pen Mr. Kennedy was on his way to putting the Federal Reserve out of business.” Kennedy ’empowered the U.S. Treasury to issue money without the Federal Reserve.’… and “six months later he was dead.” “”

    In 1999, with a Republican Congress, Bill Clinton signed the legislations to repealed The Glass-Steagall Act and unleashed the bankers to plunder the nation and rig the markets (N.Y. Stock Exchange & Chicago Mercantile Exchange w/wash trades) under G. H. W. Bush’s son… like it was the late 1920’s all over again.

    George W. Bush made sure his father’s presidential papers would not be released in the time frame of other prior administrations.

    I predict that England is going to have a very big head ache in the years ahead as more nations demand banking transparency. The more the U.S. media points it’s finger at Russia, the more the world sees the private club in Washington is spinning it’s wheels to fabricate realities to serve it’s selective members, but it’s not going so.

  18. Avatar Captain says:

    I just read all 10 parts…riveting if only a fraction of it is true. I have always hated Bush (on principal), but now I kinda have a grudging respect for him :) I don’t condone anything hes done, but “What balls he has”, and what a life he’s lived. And he’s probably laughing at us all..What drives people like this?? I read somewhere online that his net worth is like 20 million$…surely that can’t be true?? Thinking he must have money hidden?

  19. Avatar Jeff Grotke says:

    hey russ, i have never heard anything about the money order receipt from the WC, which was either F-509, or exhibit 788. the manlicher was supposed to have been purchased in march of 2013, and yet the receipt is initialled and signed on, um, 11/23/1963? Seriously??? Any clue about this?

    1 min · Like

  20. Avatar Jeff Grotke says:

    did Warren Caster ever show up in your book? LHO said he had a Mauser?

    6:00 – 6:30 P.M. Interrogation, Captain Fritz’s Office

    “In time I will be able to show you that this is not my picture, but I don’t want to answer any more questions. . . . I will not discuss this photograph [which was used on the cover of Feb. 21, 1964 Life magazine] without advice of an attorney. . . . There was another rifle in the building. I have seen it. Warren Caster had two rifles, a 30.06 Mauser and a .22 for his son. . . . That picture is not mine, but the face is mine. The picture has been made by superimposing my face. The other part of the picture is not me at all, and I have never seen this picture before. I understand photography real well, and that, in time, I will be able to show you that is not my picture and that it has been made by someone else. . . . It was entirely possible that the Police Dept. has superimposed this part of the photograph over the body of someone else. . . .

    • Avatar oatwillie says:

      I think W. Caster was a supervisor at the T. Book
      Depository. He did indeed bring the 30.06 to work to show it around . For deer hunting, I believe.

      Not sure about the Mauser being of that caliber, tho’.

  21. Avatar Jeff Grotke says:

    i got my philosophy B.A. AT Cal State San Bernardino, btw…Russ, what do you make of the fact that LBJ’s lawyer, Barr McClellan, who came out with this book fingering LBJ, w/o really discussing Bush, is the father of Scott McClellan? the former spokesman for the George W. Bush???? Is it possible Barr is trying to nuance the conspiracy theories to look away from the CIA/Bushies..?

  22. Avatar akbotay says:

    some of these supposed “links” remind of the seven steps to Kevin Bacon (or whatever it was called) game. So let me get this straight: a 39 year old political newcomer in a state run by the other party, in a country where the same party holds the white house, senate and house, can be a mastermind in the crime of the century, smart enough and with enough power behind him to ensure that he would get away with it, and yet be unable to win the senate election in 1964, and to lose to a nationally unknown hillbilly governor with numerous personal and ethical questions about him?

  23. Avatar Jeff Grotke says:

    Russ I would be interested to know what you think of the suggestion that JFK, jr. was taken out. In particular, there is evidence that the plane was purposely crashed in the same way Egypt air went down, and actually very near the same spot. There was also a perplexing refusal of the authorities to send out any rescue party for 15 hours, and a repressed statement made on television that indicated that JFK jr. contacted the tower right before crashing. In addition his flight log seems to have been pilfered, and George W Bush is said to have been unaccounted for, for those entire three days, even though he was in the middle of a campaign. I have always found the theory far-fetched, but it seems worth investigation?

  24. Avatar Jonathan Mark says:

    Truth will prevail.. even if time runs out.. This issue of Flyby News links to loads of resources on this topic and its connection to other related ones.. JFK Coup d’etat 50, FED 100

  25. Avatar IMPOed says:

    Call me naive, but these “conspiracy theories” will never see the light of day, I, myself, have no doubt JFK was murdered by his own country, but as long as there are trillions of dollars and the most powerful men in the world protecting the lies will anyone, (the multitude of boobs asses) believe otherwise!
    With the new technologies such as the web and instant messaging, maybe the affronts against our humanity will become fewer, but past atrocities will remain hidden forever!

    • Avatar herefornow says:

      The dots are practically connecting themselves at this point. Nothing remains hidden forever.

    • Avatar robert110369 says:

      yep, always comes out in the wash.

    • Avatar Lee Cahalan says:

      IMPOed, It is no secret who killed John Kennedy. Nor should we feel composed of confusion about WHY he was killed. So I disagree with your statement “hidden forever”. Indeed the access to internet and high speed supplied facts/resources assures us that the truth about Bush’s guilt will not only be found and exposed but made available for many generations to come.

      Poppy Bush was intimately involved with the assassination of John Kennedy. It is not only easily provable but the evidence available linking him to the murder IS MORE THAN SUFFICIENT TO GIVE HIM THE DEATH PENALTY in a Texas prison. In fact most persons who receive the death penalty are prosecuted with less evidence that exists with Poppy.

      Most of that which indicts him is his own statements! For more on this matter see my Facebook website here:

    • Avatar Oldcabdriver says:

      How on earth can you make such a bold, unsubstantiated, claim that George Bush was involved “intimately” or otherwise in the death of John Kennedy? You cite no evidence whatsoever to back your pretentious claim. Instead you make groundless statements of conjecture and call them facts. What a disgusting example of a conclusion desperately seeking a way to twist facts to make it so. If it is so easily provable, then prove it and quit acting like an ignorant twit who has nothing of substance to say.

    • Avatar Lee Cahalan says:

      Oldcabdriver is a perfect example of a professional troll. Suggest the moderators here BAN him. Not only has Russ Baker shown enough evidence to both INDICT and CONVICT Poppy Bush but most of those who’ve walked to the gallows have LESS evidence convicting them.Then from what we see on Poppy Bush. Again, from my experience OCD is a hired troll. So? BAN him before he ruins the place.

    • Avatar Oldcabdriver says:

      How cowardly can you get. Are you really that afraid of people who don’t agree with you? If Mr. Baker had enough evidence to indict and convict why is George H.W. Bush still a free man admired by many, and indicted by no one? Your answer is to call me a ‘hired troll” and to silence anyone who has the audacity to disagree with your unproven claims in a public forum? I am a private citizen, a reader of this forum, expressing my own opinion. I thought we were permitted to do that in this country — or is that a myth, to? Your actions are reminiscent of the “burn the books” approach of totalitarian societies that seek to control all information. Do you really want that? You’re living in the wrong country in the wrong century for that approach to freedom of speech and debate of ideas. Write in a public forum, be prepared to read what others write in that same forum that may not agree with you. Oh, and one more thing. I stood five feet from President and Mrs. Kennedy on the runway at Kelly AFB the day before he was assassinated. He smiled at me. Surely that proves I was a co-conspirator — probably the youngest — since I was just 17 years old at the time.

    • Avatar Chris Lewis says:

      Old man bush is most likely the last person alive who knows what really happened. I for one think as stated in prior posts a lot of govt. big shots were involved to include LBJ and bush

    • Avatar Alvy Singer says:

      Since the late 60’s up through the present a strong majority of citizens of the U.S. have believed that there was a conspiracy to murder JFK.

    • Avatar Anthony Hall says:

      3 years later and more people know everyday.
      I took it as a challenge and still do to make sure this does see the light of day.
      All that matters is people know that George senior, E Howard Hunt and six teams of 2 surrounded that plaza in Dallas killing the last truly elected president.
      I question whether Bill Clinton was supposed to win as they chastised him the entire time until his scandal at the end of his Presidency.

    • Avatar IMPOed says:

      “They” are assuring “We” never win another election, period!

  26. Avatar Caveat says:

    The leitmotif that runs through post WWII intrigue is James Jesus Angleton, whom Judge John Tunheim called the greatest criminal mind in US history. (Tunheim chaired the Assassination Records Review Board. Angelton developed human compromise programs.

  27. Avatar damitjoe says:

    wasn’t the mob recruited by the government during WWII to undermine German influence in Italy? what else?

    • Avatar Orwells Ghost says:

      Yes, the OSS/CIA did this specifically. The CIA used the mob on a number of occasions since even before their creation, when they were known as the OSS, from at least as early as the 40’s on up to the 60’s while the FBI and J Edgar Hoover was telling the public there is no such thing as the mafia.

    • Avatar oatwillie says:

      The NY mob fixed the Longshoreman problems on the docks, arranged for “assistance” in the invasion of Sicily,
      and got permission for a Mafia don to return to the US.
      All for “considerations”, of course. Patriots, indeed!

  28. Avatar ANnominus says:

    Some may inquire into Georgy Schraf/f a.k.a Curious George of Dr. ZeUS fame and consider Otto Skorzany and Their DEEP INNER CIRCLE in the Hiltler Klub of Der Fatherland and the likely emanation from Project Paper CLIP that may have Brought Georgy a.k.a G.H.W. from the Brown Harriman Hariman Prescot Bush I.G. Farben Kuhn and Loeb associations to The NEW Frontier for the 5th Reich? NO not Robert? Where did all those SECRET UNDERGROUD Base TechnoCrazies Idiotologics come From?

  29. Avatar MJ12 says:

    Fantastic read! Thank you. We should all be versed in the history of the intelligence agencies. So important…

  30. Avatar JimGlover says:

    Neil Young was Phil’s Friend too.

  31. Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

    I have pointed this out before, but it bears repeating. A gentleman in one of the “three tramps” photos of November 22, 1963, has been identified by both Col. Fletcher Prouty and Gen. Victor Krulak as air force Gen Ed Lansdale, whose assignments for the CIA involved overthrowing foreign governments and planting evidence for believable alternative scenarios.

  32. Avatar Torstentopp says:

    Well Barack Obama’s background is also CIA, so it seems that CIA has run the country for like the last 15 years.

    See here:

    1:30 into the clip. The clip is a talk by the renowned Australian journalist John Pilger.

  33. Avatar Andreas Schlüter says:

    The extremely informative book “Family of Secrets” is included in these
    which really help to understand present day World Politics

    should be “The Price of Inequality by Josepf E.



    Berlin, Germany

  34. Avatar heinrich6666 says:

    The assertion that Nixon and Kissinger thought of H.W. as a lightweight may be true. But I was struck by a passage in Nixon’s memoirs (or a book on Nixon, I don’t recall) that I came across some years ago. When all three were in Beijing, Nixon joked that Bush would be president in 1980. They all laughed. It was not that the comment was funny because it was impossible. Rather, it was the shrewd laughter of old political hands. The sense that I got from reading it was that Nixon thought it was highly likely that Bush would indeed become president.

    • Avatar david t.krall says:

      from : david t. krall

      heinrich6666, this is an excellent point you make…
      not surprised at all by this…my own research for over 4o years continues to give me insights such as yours…
      2 weird things I came across in the last few years or so
      about GHWB aka “41”:
      1) at the time of Richard Nixon’s, I think it was his FIRST
      inaugural of Jan. 1969, GHWB went to Texas INSTEAD of (!!!???) the swearing in and festivities for RMN…Here was a true rising star, one gaining a fast track of notoriety within Republican party circles and the son of a prominent Republican and former Senator with major/mega connections. now keep this in mind…you would think it it would be anticipated that GHWB would be and expected to be in Washington. D.C on Jan 20. 1969, right? Oddly he went to Texas for some reason
      and either as the primary reason or a secondary reason he met with LBJ instead…either way, why???
      2) this is also confirmed as LBJ saw GHWB at the
      airport (!) when he, LBJ, and Lady Bird and the rest of the LBJ entourage arrived in Texas (not sure which airport?)… so he must have been at least very familiar with him,GHWB, to have spotted him out or maybe even to have greeted each other??? Either way what was Bush relaying to LBJ, at almost the very time that RMN was being inaugurated??? Upon seeing / noticing GHWB, LBJ, according to a recent book I read in my library said something to the efffect,…”he did some good things for us…” This is akin to Tom Dewey planning to “quietly go to AC give advise /counsel, and warn (?) LBJ (not that he needed it !) but still “making sure (?)” as to LBJ -NOT- allowing RFK to “stampede” take over the Demo. convention in Atlantic City by allowing the scheduled speech and tribute by RFK for JFK BEFORE LBJ’s confirmed and affirmed Presidential Demo/ Convention Nomination…If there were ever (among many ) 2 ST’ers it was Tom Dewey and GHWB…Many, if not most, of Tom Dewey’s DA & Gov’s staff went to work as intelligence ops in WWII…geeze
      I wonder “who” they worked under?…maybe near Bern,
      Switzerland???…what they learned from “the trade”, when they returned, they combined with their legal “expertise” and this was how events and institutions got “injected and infected” (effected & affected!)
      as the cold war gradually “heated up” and lated exploded in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, among other
      from: david t. krall

  35. Avatar JimGlover says:

    I was the first person to report to anyone who would listen that I saw Poppy Bush talking with Hoover that late afternoon of coup day on the Shadow chartered Hollywood Hootenanny Tour bus. I knew Bush because he wanted me to spy on my family in 52/53 while he was in Cleveland with his son, Little W, I call him Little Bush, when we all played football in the park and on the Golf course in Willowick Ohio. If I wasn’t forced onto the bus soon after i was told President Kennedy was dead, I would have been spared the extra danger of seeing this meeting and much more later. Within weeks in Hollywood My boss Andy Williams asked me what I saw in Texas and I told him it was a government operation. At the time I did not know that Andy was a good Friend of RFK.

    Allen Dulles was pretending to be a Communist by the name of Jack LaBlanc around early 47 with his identifiable cut off right Shoe like a Clubfoot and was giving my dad orders in front of me to burn CPUSA Documents in our basement furnace on 95th St. Cleveland. So I was on the radar of knowing too much and too many people since i was a kid.

    I was first told of the plot months before Dallas by my friend Phil Ochs who was secretly (of course) working for National Security. JFK was warned not to go to Dallas but went anyway.

    Poppy and Barbara got on the bus I was earlier forced onto after a secret pickup at the Hobby (through the fence) Airport in Houston. This airport was about a fifteen minute drive from Bush’s home after the meeting with Hoover.

    I have concluded from the time restraints that the “sensitive” call From Bush in Tyler, where he was speaking about how soft JFK was on Cuba, to the FBI in Houston and left his address in Houston and his hotel in Dallas where he said he was returning was to give Hoover a place like the hotel to exchange messages on how they could hook up when I eyeballed them some time later. I think Hoover knew I knew Bush and wrote both memos because he knew there was a coup and this was a way to make sure Bush would go along with the cover-up.

    Just ask yourself what kind of chance would Bush have in politics if the Warren Commission had asked him to swear to tell the truth… including Hoover who never let the WC know about these memos. I thought I would be killed that day as strangers were celebrating into the night at the Pines Motel in an isolated part of the Sam Houston National Forest right next door to a fenced in National Guard Armory. So about the time I was told JFK was Dead, it was just a short time after my friend Phil was in Dealey Plaza standing in the street on the corner of Elm and Houston as the Limo turned left and passed him as JFK waved in his direction and the first shot was heard. More about that, Bush, Devine, Zapata and John Train here:

    I would love it if the FBI questioned Bush, Barbara and me about where we were that day, what we knew, and when we knew it as a follow up on what I reported to them at FBI headquarters in Tampa when I was running against Poppy as a write-in candidate in 91.

    Russ, have a good time in Dallas and give them my best from an old Jim and Jean/Andy Williams Good Time Singer.

    • Avatar Andreas Schlüter says:

      “Family of Secrets” is included in these
      which really help to understand present day World Politics

      should be “The Price of Inequality by Josepf E.



      Berlin, Germany

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      Russ’s research has helped me connect the dots of what I went through and realize it was real and I am no longer alone in this like I used to feel before the Bush Crime family was investigated.

      I have written to Obama about this and Russia knew all along that I was telling the truth and the plan behind the JFK coup even secretly from LBJ was to keep the cold war going and blame it on the Communists because LBJ at the least knew the coup was on. I grew up as a Cold War kid and have been fighting this all my life and finally I see peace is possible.

      Oleg Kalugin even visited me at 55 Leroy St. in the Village and asked me to spy for Russia and left happy when I said, “I don’t spy for any country, I spy for everybody”.

      They easily could have found out through my Dad’s friend Gus Hall who I talked to about this and my Mom’s folks were from Belarus where Oswald met Marina.

      I don’t believe in coincidences.

  36. Avatar Brian says:

    ‘Family of Secrets’ is hands-down the best book out there regarding the George H.W. Bush connection to JFK’s assassination. Poppy Bush’s hidden life and phony persona is well researched and exposed here, along with a treasure trove of Bush family shenanigans that stretches from W all the way back to his great grandfather, Sam Bush.
    Every American should read this book – it should be taught in every high school in America.

  37. Avatar SO says:

    The message of Baker’s book seems to be that life is just so evil that we might as well accept that the pigs will rule us. After all, our pigs are kinder and gentler than most pigs are to their slaves.

  38. Avatar ceejo says:

    Great book, I’ve owned the hardcover for three years. Anyway, here’s an article that lays out the connections between the Lennon assassination and certain intelligence agencies. It’s unusually located in an audio publication, but here you go:

    • Avatar SO says:

      Yep. I think they killed Lennon, too. It may seem silly to some, but Lennon and the Beatles were an amazing phenomenon and “Working Class Hero” is a call for class warfare. Lennon was making a comeback and these creeps didn’t want him back. Of course they killed him. Poppy was going to be president in a few months; at least, that was the plan. They didn’t need no John lennon rousing the rabble. They already killed the 60’s, and they wanted it to stay dead.

    • Avatar ceejo says:

      It seems to me that your views were not gained from reading the article. So… read it!

    • Avatar SO says:

      I was responding to a comment. Read it.

  39. Avatar Barbaracvm says:

    What angers me more than words can say is: they murdered JFK, no fan of, which set LBJ up to kick into high gear the Southeast Asia (Vietnam) War is the murder of all those in connection with the war. All those in uniform, the civilians, the support people all murdered. They blood is on their heads.
    All those lives lost because of the greed for power and money. I used to have some respect for the Bush’s not now. They are no better the various mobs who did pull the trigger.

  40. Avatar suezz says:

    ““I was in Houston, Texas, at the time and involved in the independent oil drilling business. ”

    Roger Craig a deputy in dallas on Nov 22 1963 partner arrested a man who identified himself as an indpendant oil man from Houston. Almost the exact language and of course Roger Craig committed suicide with a shotgun to the head in the 70’s.

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      I don’t think Roger arrested an oil man from Houston and didn’t arrest Poppy Bush did he? But mob guy, Jim Braden was arrested out side the Dal/tex building and claimed he was an oil man. You may find something here:

      The look -alike standing out side the Book Building was not Bush he was a younger Dallas police detective wearing a plaid sport jacket and much shorter than 6’2” Bush. On close up the detective had an almost pug nose and weak chin which is not Bush who wanted to get elected to the Senate at the time and would never be caught dead at the scene of the crime. One more thing about Bush… he ain’t stupid.

    • Avatar onedavide says:

      ?? compare that pic (the one outside the tsbd, not the one close by where he’s waiting 4 gen. landsdale to finish talking to uniformed police officer) to one of bush early in nixon white house, 5-6 years later, same pose, exactly same facial features. Initially i had same feeling re: pug nose/ weak chin…i’ve determined it’s simply the angle that causes it to appear different.

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      No, the one in front of the Book Depository building where the man is looking to his right had a plaid jacket and looked in his 20’s, in other photos in the crowd there he was average height… Bush is 6’2”.

      Sorry, you can believe what you want to believe. You can even believe he was a German Nazi smuggled into the US to become president too.
      You can believe 9/11 was brought down by drones and just to make sure, the buildings were implanted with Nano Thermite, mini Nukes and the latest is energy directed weapons… But I knew Bush and he is not that stupid to be standing around at the crime scene so that he could be photographed. He wanted to get elected Senator not caught at the crime scene when he was against JFK.

      He wanted to be president in 52/53 when he was working on me… unsuccessfully as I defied him and told my family, friends and teachers at school and the FBI found out but my dad would not talk to them.

      Over reaching helps the Bushes and it always does… Like Dan Rather found out. They give you what you want to believe so that you discredit the real story.

      Barbara said it best, “We have had enough Bushes!”

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Funny, but Ed Lansdale appears to have been stupid enough to have been standing around in Dealey Plaza that day, allowing himself to be photographed. Of course, Lansdale’s problem was different from Bush’s. If Lansdale were in fact running the operation on the ground, he would have had to have been standing around.

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      It could be Lansdale but all you could see was his back not his face. I think David Atlee Phillips ran the operation in Dallas and Chile but he was camera shy too.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Col. Fletcher Prouty and his boss, Gen. Victor Krulak, both of whom worked down the hall from him at the Pentagon, identified the person in the photograph as Lansdale, based on the peculiar shape of his head, his stilted manner of walking, and his ever present school ring. Whether or not there is some subtle interaction going on between Lansdale and the “tramps,” as some have suggested, it’s pretty obvious to me who this guy is. And despite Prouty’s claim that he didn’t know what Lansdale was doing there, that one is fairly obvious.

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      I didn’t say it wasn’t Lansdale and Prouty was great. But Lansdale knew a camera was there and didn’t turn around and face the camera like, “Hi Folks, it’s me!”

      Phil is the only one so far who knew about a plot and wanted to be filmed because he was not there to kill anyone. Everyone knows there were Connected people there.

    • Avatar Jeff Grotke says:

      Jim you are ignoring the fact that ALL of the conspirators had to have blood on their hands. That is why Nixon was flown into town. He knew even though he left he could never say anything because he had been at the meeting. Anybody with any link had to be there, so nobody could deny it and finger the others. Being on the street was a mere formality.

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      Im not ignoring anything… my friend Phil was there as an observer and wanted to be photographed which I Posted below. But, after the cover-up he thought we would be killed if we talked so we were cautious as many witnesses were taken out one way or the other and I had too many close calls for comfort.

      Maybe I must apologize for not bein dead myself.

      They have many ways of putting pressure on you but basically they feel they have impunity when the president and FBI orders the cover-up for “National Security”.

      “Anyone with a link had to be there”???

      I don’t think they would want the public to know anything about what, when, why, or where they were… that is how this is done… no evidence of conspiracy must be let out.

      Hunt was there but was camera shy like David Atlee Philips. Not one shooter showed his face because they were not stupid and they all knew one thing…they had a single patsy all set up. There may be one exception about one man who looks like he is pointing a rifle at the Limo and he is just to the right and in front of Zapruder by the short wall between Zapruder and the steps.

      Beverly Oliver has the slides and I think it is from the Nix film. The British version thinks it is David Ferrie and Beverly thinks it is her friend, Roscoe White, a Dallas Cop.

      This shows the circus nature (Hollywood trip) and the confusion even from the plotters plans. On the Way back to LA Two agents talking on radios in front of me answered my question. I asked “who killed Kennedy?”, and they said they had a meeting with Hoover and were told “it was a test that went bad and it wasn’t the Cubans.”

      I asked them what agency they were with and they said “NASA”. At the time it made no sense and I figured they had to be FBI but they sounded skeptical of what Hoover told them. Recently it has been documented that JFK had a deal to share space information with Russia and on top of that Garrison found most of Lee Oswald’s friends at the Reilly Coffee Company in New Orleans went to work for NASA.

      Nixon got out of town without posing for the camera in Dealey. Believe what you want… that is the idea for cover-up. You think you see something or somebody but hard to prove… yep!

    • Avatar Jeff Grotke says:

      it occurs to me that the only reason that George HW Bush would make that call, purportedly from Tyler, Texas, was that he realized he might have been seen, either photographed, or stopped by the policeman. Otherwise, why say anything at all? He only needed an alibi because he knew there might be questions.

    • Avatar Jeff Grotke says:

      the man in front of the TBSD is taller than several people around him. Also, there are some cinder blocks behind his head, that are cored out. Those blocks could be used as points of reference to establish his height.

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      I don’t see him taller than average and The blocks were points of reference to show that one of the tramps was Howard Hunt and another Frank Sturgis.. but the tramps were not up against the wall and the tramp was not Hunt or Sturgis, although Hunt confessed to being a “bench sitter” in the coup. One key CIA asset witness said Sturgis told her, “You should have been there”.

      Sturgis and Hunt ~ Camera shy too.

      As far as it being Bush, even the texture of the hair is different (thick) and hairline different, nose too short, chin weak in Profile… he looks young, Bush was around 37 at the time. No matter how tall you think he is there is no proof he is 6’2” and there is no match close up only from a distance is there a resemblance… at first many years ago I thought it was Bush but the Blow-up proved me wrong. I wanted to believe too but as a witness to parts of the operation I can’t go with the crowd and be credible.

      Lets say you are right and I am wrong. If it was Bush and he knew he was caught he could say I called the FBI and told them I’m goin to Dallas and get some facts… than he would be a hero right? This proves nothing even if it was him which I know it was not and I would like to believe the crowd. When you are a witness you can’t afford much speculation.

      I have my own belief from memory about Bush as well as research… most research when it comes to identifying guilty people photographed in Dealey is all over the map.

      Believe what you want to believe… everybody else does.

    • Avatar Jeff Grotke says:

      if he is not 6’2″ then the people around him are all midgets.

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      Jeff, I used to think it was Bush too before I really studied it and the Question mark “Is this Bush?” accompanying the photo in it made me think and study it. Then I studied the close up. Also The people around the guy who looks like he is college age are not backed up against the wall for comparing inches in height. So you are guessing.

      Now the shape of the young guys head is elongated from front to back and ones skull does not change shape like that.

      If it was Bush he could be a hero by saying “I told the FBI I was going back to Dallas and decided to look for James Parrot who I reported as a possible assassin”. So you’re insisting that Bush being there does not prove or mean anything as far as being involved because his call to the FBI gave him a good reason to be there if he was but that photo is not Bush. So your comments do not make sense to me but believe what you want ~ everybody else does.

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      So use the blocks and go to Dallas and measure them, nobody is stopping you but even if you could prove the guy is 6’2” that would not prove he is Bush as there are many men 6’2”.

      Besides the chin, nose and hairline, even the shape of the man’s head is different… elongated like what a friend of my sister used to call his little brother “Torpedo Head” for fun.

    • Avatar BenH says:

      MANY think he “is” stupid. The only reason he’s gotten by with all his crimes is Tesla technology and the Looking Glass. Here’s hoping all his crimes come back to him ten-fold.

      The man standing beside the book building is taller than the others, and he looks EXACTLY like Bush to me.

  41. Avatar disqus_eEbPU3IGDU says:

    My father was a lawyer. While he was still alive he remarked to me that there is an old saying among lawyers: “Murder will out.” My father explained to me that this saying means that whenever a serious crime is committed, sooner or later the truth has a way of coming out. Over the long haul it’s pretty difficult to keep serious crimes covered up. It looks like my father was right.

    • Avatar LocalHero says:

      Let’s hope.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      I must say, this business about “solving” the assassination, or whether the truth “will out,” or whether there will be another “honest” investigation, is getting rather old. The assassination has been solved, the truth has come out, and there has been an honest investigation. It is just that all of the above have been carried out by independent civilian researchers and not by governmental “authorities” that the large number of folks with authoritarian personality structures in the U.S. equate with the establishment of truth.
      I would remind you all again that the spherical shape of the earth was not established when the Church finally decided that Aristotle wasn’t always right. It was clear long before that and only the most insect-minded authoritarians required that final admission to stop taking the flat earth theory seriously. Those capable of independent thought had simply taken the work of civilian researchers seriously and incorporated their conclusions into their worldview and gone on from there. I would suggest that we do the same with the matter of the Kennedy assassination and stop pretending that there is still something to be established.
      There is nothing to be established beyond minor details. And there is no “reporting” to be done, as the owner of this website continues to insist. The reporting was long ago done by folks like Mark Lane, Jim Garrison, and Jim DiEugenio. KIndly stop worrying about whether the Church has admitted that the earth is round. Nobody with any sense really cares.

    • Avatar Kelly says:

      Yeah, move along, there’s nothing to see here, keep moving, buddy! Didn’t you hear me, I said move!!!

  42. Avatar jim says:

    Do a search: Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president
    This will curl your toes.

    • Avatar russbaker says:

      The truth is shocking enough, no need for such fiction.

    • Avatar SO says:

      What do you care about truth?

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      He’s a reporter. Truth, in his little world, is determined by whether it has appeared in a major daily newspaper or some online equivalent, which is apparently the goal of this website–to somehow establish the truth by putting it in print. Again, the world didn’t magically become spherical when the news finally appeared in the Vatican Daily Dispatch. I would suggest that at this point in history, the newspapers and their reporters have made themselves totally irrelevant by their continued parroting of governmental lies and mythologies. In short, printed newspapers are no longer good for anything beyond wrapping fish and chips. And their online equivalents? A good laugh and a way of predicting the next illegal foreign invasion.

    • Avatar Jeff Grotke says:

      Russ is hardly a parrot. People like you imagine fantasies and discredit honest research.

    • Avatar LocalHero says:

      How do you know it’s fiction unless you read it and weigh the evidence?

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      How do you know Russ hasn’t seen this?

      I just did the problem is the young man in the navy uniform in the center does not look anything like Poppy Bush and there are photos of Bush when he was young.

      The photo shows a dark hair and a wide shape head and wide shape nose… sorry no match.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      shapeD. wide shapeD.

    • Avatar JimGlover says:

      Why do you think you are a local hero?

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Considering that John Armstrong has unearthed a massive amount of evidence that there were two Lee Harvey Oswalds, I would not off handedly throw out any possibilities in this case, especially those involving substitutions of important personalities.

  43. Avatar Rich Stark says:

    a long standing feud between Joe Kennedy and Prescott Bush over the McCarthy list of communist sympathizers with the Bush name on it and the close relationship with Joe Kennedy and McCarthy.

  44. Avatar Rich Stark says:

    was there a Bush on the grassy knoll?

    • Avatar LocalHero says:

      Don’t think so but there is a pretty convincing photo of him being in Dallas that day.

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      There were many bushes on the Grassy Knoll, behind one of which was the fellow who fired the fatal shot using a high powered rifle, not some war surplus Italian medium powered “humanitarian weapon.” ;-)

  45. Avatar sgtdoom says:

    Ditto on the “great stuff” comments! I had always ignored suggestions on John Lennon’s death, but recently being told that both Chapman (the murder of John Lennon), and Hinckley (the fellow who attempted to assassinate Reagan), both went to a World Vision camp reminded me of Gerard Colby’s outstanding book, Thy Will Be Done, one of the all-time great books out there, along with Mr. B’s Family of Secrets!

    Also, although I disagree with the author’s fundamental premise as to the motivation behind the murder of President Kennedy, this author’s factual writing is sterling:

    Rockefellerocracy: Kennedy, Watergate and the Monopoly of the Philanthropic Foundations, by Richard James DeSocio

    • Avatar Orangutan. says:

      What’s your suggestion as to the motivation behind John F. Kennedy’s assassination? I’m not even sure I remember what Russ said about it. Please expand if that’s okay. Thanks.

      P.S. Sounds like good resources too. I didn’t know about the camp thing. Peace.

    • Avatar russbaker says:

      Family of Secrets has a whole chapter on motivations.

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      While many, many motivations existed (see Mr. B’s book, plus others) and Prof. Gibson has a book which pretty thoroughly runs the gamut on this (Battling Wall Street: The Kennedy Presidency), e.g. JFK’s pumping $4.3 billion directly into the economy via the US Treasury, benefiting the majority, as opposed to the normal passage through the Federal Reserve System, his stands against anti-union and anti-worker, GE and US Steel, the land reform contained with his original proposed Alliance For Progress for Latin America, etc., the subtle but most threatening to the super-rich was his backing of Wright Patman (incredible populist and democratic Representative from Texas) and his study into the hiding of wealth and ownership by the super-rich within foundations and trusts. Patman’s study resulted in a commission to act up this, but since President Kennedy, his supportive power base, had been assassinated, and Nixon elected during that time, Rockefeller lackey Peter G. Peterson was appointed to head said commission, which effectively took no action on Patman’s congressional study/investigation.

      During that study, and the three obvious political assassinations of the 1960s (the Kennedy brothers and Rev. King), there occurred an explosion of offshore tax havens, today referred to as Offshore Finance Centers, thereby allowing the super-rich to offshore much of their wealth and title to ownership, with offshore entities, holding companies, trusts, foundations, etc., etc. (with the unregistered trust form the most egregious to find or research, etc.).

      Today, few if any in America understands, nor even realizes the importance of, the identity of the owners?

      Who owns JPMorgan Chase? Morgan Stanley? GE? AT&T? Bank of America?

      What family was the original financial backers of Intel Corporation and Apple? The major financial stake holder in Martin Marietta (today known as Lockheed Martin)? (Recall that old German pop song with the refrain, Rocka, rocka, Rockefeller?)

      In 1960 the Rockefeller family was worth at least an estimated $30 billion — do you really think their money disappeared, or as Peterson Institute senior fellow, and former IMF stooge, Simon Johnson claims, they gave it all away? (Peterson Institute was founded by David Rockefeller and Peter G. Peterson, to promote the ending of Medicare/Medicaid, and Social Security, and the offshoring of as many American jobs as possible, and the strict adherence of America to the WTO’s Financial Services Agreement.)

      In 1970, the Mellon family was estimated to be the third richest family on the planet: ditto for them and their wealth!

      And whenever you think of Northrop Grumman or the Riggs Bank, think Bush-Walker family!

      And has there ever been a time when a member of the Bush-Walker family wasn’t at Goldman Sachs?

      BTW, Peterson was a co-founder (along with Steven Schwarzman) of the private equity/leveraged buyout firm, the Blackstone Group, which was the broker of the sale of the World Trade Center just months prior to 9/11/01. Blackstone Group was also the mortgage owner of record of Building 7, and they were awarded control over the captive insurance fund ($1 billion) whose monies were set aside to be paid out to victims’ relatives of that attack.

      FYI: Schwarzman was Skull & Bones at Yale. Among the upperclassmen who selected Schwarzman for this frat was one George W. Bush. My oh my how those connections abound, huh?

    • Avatar larrypayne says:

      It also might be of interest that JFK had sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Eshkol only months before the assassination that Israel must allow U.S. scientists to inspect the nuclear facilities at Dimona to make sure Israel wasn’t developing nuclear weapons. It turns out that they were . . . and did.

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      Great book, read it and have spoken with Rev. Douglass (although I thought he was a Protestant minister???). His book is among the top three or five which is required reading, but Prof. Gibson’s book(s) blow away all the revisionism about JFK (for anyone who doesn’t remember nor was alive back then), and explain the radical content of his actions and legislation and presidential directives (ever hear of any other prez promoting land reform in South America, etc.?).

      But all the incredible sources, books, etc. overall point to the top five richest families ordering those assassinations (the Kennedy brothers and Rev. King), led by David Rockefeller and his brother, Nelson.

      They created the American intelligence establishment, and they have profited the most from it!

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      I should just point out that Kennedy came into office as a raving warmonger: see “missile gap,” for example. Even as president, he gave a news conference in which he presented a series of charts showing Communist infiltration of the mythical state of “South Vietnam” and suggesting that we step up the number of our “advisors” operating there. I was “alive back then” and “remember” all of this. Only later did he begin to wind down this militaristic approach, after the Bay of Pigs and then the Cuban missile crisis, which almost turned our dear planet into a radioactive wasteland. Please stop telling me that this guy was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

    • Avatar sgtdoom says:

      The facts speak against your comments. Yes, JFK had to out hawk Eisenhower, the general from WWII, who also, as a colonel, led the assault to disperse the Bonus Marchers from WWI!

      Yes, he was led to believe in the Domino Theory of Southeast Asia, but instead backtracked, and we know from declassified memos to both the US State Department and through the Pentagon’s int’l teletype network, JFK was planning to withdraw all advisors from Vietnam beginning in late November of 1963, before his presidential reelection campaign (I know this from having met a US Navy tech, and an USAF tech, separately, who had both read this memo while in the military.
      We were later reminded of this back when Richard Parker, of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, began his book tour back in the early 2000s, for his biography on John Kenneth Galbraith. (Also, bear in mind that the entire Cuban operation was planned within the Eisenhower administration, with VP Richard Nixon, along wilth Ike’s secretary of defense, among the leaders of the planning group. So too was the Defense Intelligence Agency planned and budgeted within the last part of the Eisenhower administration, timewise it was simply implemented in the early Kennedy administration. It was JFK who altered the original plans, halting the planned assassination during the Bay of Pigs invasion, of Castro, as well as pulling back on full US military support.)

      By today’s standards, President Kennedy was a radical progressive to the max! For all those reasons I previously stated, and you are free to verify at your leisure.

      David Talbot’s Brothers clearly explains this is one book, as does Donald Gibson’s Battling Wall Street: the Kennedy presidency, with sources listed that again can be verified at your leisure.

      I am not a believer in Jesus, so I would follow Voltaire’s pronouncement that “comparisons are odious”!

      Likewise, I don’t follow the revisionist bullcrap on the Kennedy brothers and Rev. King which has become an industry in itself, thanks to certain financing from hedge funds, etc.

      You stand corrected, sir!

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      Jim DiEugenio’s latest revision of Destiny Betrayed goes into motivations as well as, if not better than, Jim Douglass. To keep it country simple, however, as Len Osanic has often said on Black Op Radio, “his enemies killed him.” So it’s just a matter of identifying his worst enemies.

    • Avatar Imsayingnothing says:

      It should be noted that the Hinkley family was very good friends with the Bush family and there was a motive on the part of the Bush family. Nathaniel Blumberg wrote a book about this. I have no idea about Lennon though I’m pretty sure that it was Chapman, political motives would not surprise me, and definitely it was not Stephen King.

  46. Avatar poolahoop says:

    Wow, this is heavy stuff. Gotta get this.

  47. Avatar News Nag says:

    Great stuff here. Thanks for it. I’m going to have to add Family of Secrets to my meager holdings that survive the book purges I make from time to time. Too good not to keep and relish, and as food for thought.

  48. Avatar mithradates says:

    Why not at least acknowledge Bruce Adamson’s precedence in this research? You’ve both done the world a huge favor; you’ve just better synthesized and presented the information more accessibly…

  49. Avatar fromaway46 says:

    Anyone know:
    Bush’s phone call to FBI 11/22/63 at 1:45 PM – was this EST or Texas time, whatever that was?
    Phone call was said to be from Tyler , TX – in 1963 how did FBI know call was actually from Tyler? Phone company? Bushes say so?
    Was James Parrott a real person? Was he investigated?

  50. Avatar Aliza says:

    Thanks Russ for your hard work and fascinating (and extremely unsettling to say the least) discoveries. Thanks for sharing your information and your time… I just finished your book and I feel like I am finally educating myself about what is really happening in politics… Hastings death really woke me up and made me realize that we need to look carefully at what is going on here and thank you for covering that story as well…

    • Avatar Frank von Winkhorst says:

      What bothers me is that all of this praise for Russ Baker seems to exist in a vacuum, as if hundreds of people had not spent the last 50 years investigating the assassination of John F Kennedy. Many fewer people have investigated the murder of J. D. Tippit, but might I suggest Into the Nightmare by Joseph McBride, which discloses a most interesting series of facts about Officer Tippit, including his peculiar behavior after the assassination.