Khairullozhon Matanov. By AP.

Khairullozhon Matanov. By AP.

Another friend of the accused Boston Marathon bombers is claiming brutal treatment at the hands of law enforcement. This time the alleged perpetrators aren’t FBI agents, they’re prison guards.

Tsarnaev friend Khairullozhon Matanov, a 23-year-old immigrant from Kyrgyzstan, was arrested in May on obstruction of justice charges and is currently in federal custody awaiting trial. He’s being held at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He was under law enforcement watch for roughly a year. After the bombing, the authorities stepped it up to include aerial surveillance.

Matanov’s case is wholly peripheral to the Boston Bombing investigation. He is accused of deleting files from his computer and allegedly trying to mislead investigators about his friendship with the Tsarnaevs. The charges against him appear to be “vindictive overreach,” according to the Boston Globe, which has rarely questioned the official narrative of the bombing.

So why do his allegations of abuse matter, above and beyond ordinary concern about the treatment of prisoners? Because they are part of a pattern of intimidation, deportation, punishment and even fatal violence against friends of accused bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev***

In a letter provided to WhoWhatWhy, Matanov claims that, while being restrained by multiple guards, another guard called him a “Muslim terrorist” and kicked him in the head, knocking him unconscious and giving him a concussion. He says this was after guards had already covered him in pepper spray.

And, Matanov alleges, that same particularly brutal guard shoved his finger into his eye, causing it to swell and fill with blood. According to this account, the guards then left him—still coated with pepper spray—restrained in a chair for nearly three hours.

The Plymouth jail is run by the Plymouth County Sheriff’s office. Since Matanov is facing federal charges, however, his imprisonment is the responsibility of the U.S. Marshals Service, which often uses detention centers run by other agencies.

When asked about Matanov’s allegations, U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Kevin Neal told WhoWhatWhy that he “cannot comment on security-related matters.”

 “I Couldn’t Take it Anymore.”

Matanov also complains of general “harassment” from guards and other inmates—although exactly what that consists of is not entirely clear from the letter.

The brutal treatment started, Matanov claims, after he flooded his cell by clogging the toilet and repeatedly flushing it. This was, apparently, an act of desperation. He writes: “They harass me so much I couldn’t take it anymore, and I flood out my cell again [sic].”

Exactly who was tormenting him in this particular instance is not clear.

Matanov claims that “when they [the guards] came to get me in their suits they played the national anthem of the U.S.A.” And they play the anthem, he says, whenever they “have an argument with me.”

After refusing to be handcuffed through an opening in the door—a common security protocol that allows guards to cuff an inmate before opening his or her cell–Matanov was hit twice with pepper spray, he says. He then allowed himself to be handcuffed, and was lying on the floor when he says seven guards “jump on me so badly [sic].”

Matanov’s attorney, Edward Hayden, told WhoWhatWhy that he saw his client the day after the flooding incident, which Hayden said happened Oct. 22. Matanov, he noted, had a black eye and scrapes on his body. The attorney says he was alerted to the incident by a phone call from another inmate.

Pattern of Abuse?

These most recent events culminated a long period of rising tension and duress.. Last July, less than two months into Matanov’s imprisonment, Hayden expressed concern that the conditions of confinement had negatively affected his client’s physical and mental well-being—to the point that Matanov struggled to answer questions lucidly. He characterized his client’s incarceration as “solitary confinement.”

1In a recent interview with Boston Magazine, Hayden generally corroborated what he told WhoWhatWhy— that there have been a series of “problems” at the Plymouth County Correctional Facility with his client and that he has been trying to have him moved elsewhere. However, he didn’t describe for the magazine what those problems were.

Admittedly, jail is not intended to be a pleasant experience. Nonetheless, the apparent treatment of  Matanov—who has not been convicted of any crime, and who had nothing to do with the Boston Marathon bombing—is cause for deep concern if not outright alarm.

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Thanks, James Henry, for writing on this. Just another case of brutality by corrections officers as seen all too often in the US, or something more? Could this be a case of deliberate intimidation, perhaps with a purpose in mind? As this case is related to the bombing of the Boston Marathon, (although, imo, very tenuously), I tend to favor the latter scenario. Either way, this is cause for deep concern and alarm. And why aren’t the msm all over this? Oh yes, of course, silly me…

Gaston Lagaffe

“Could this be a case of deliberate intimidation, perhaps with a purpose in mind?”

Could the purpose be: isolating Dzhokhar’s defence team ? I think so.

Crime Reporter

The defense got dealt another blow today – O’ TOOL (spelling on purpose) ruled they had to turn over their witness list by the end of December. The defense had argued that it’s never done and that their witnesses are being intimidated.

Of course, the prosecution responded by saying that no witnesses had been intimidated.

I guess Todashev and Matanov aren’t “people” and, therefore, can’t be intimidated.


Google: “facebook exposing the big three”
Then “the use of patsies in the boston marathon bombing”

Gaston Lagaffe

The rulings of this ‘judge’ are disturbing. I’m guessing Matanov at least is one of the witnesses the defence is talking about when they claim the FBI intimidates and aggressively requestions people immediately after the defence has contacted them. The defence team are being monitored – creepy and worrying idea!


“Could the purpose be: isolating Dzhokhar’s defence team ?”

That’s certainly one possible scenario, EP. As you are likely aware, Dzhokhar’s defense team allege that they fear potential witnesses for the defense may be intimidated by the FBI. In court today they said that premature disclosure of the identity of their witnesses could lead to the defense actually not having any witnesses willing to testify for the defense at trial. Very disturbing!

Danielle Davito

Well now the ‘victims’ are claiming to be ‘afraid’ of testifying.Afraid of what? Dzhokhar’s ‘witnesses’ keep getting falsely incarcerated, deported,or killed.


Afraid of TRUTH.

Gaston Lagaffe

Very disturbing indeed! I wonder whether the defence’s statement about defence witness harrassment, re/visits and re/questioning by the FBI referred to Matanov – iIt wouldn’t surprise me.


Good point! I think Matanov could well have been one of those indirectly referred to in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense teams statements regarding harassment of potential witnesses for the defense. Judy Clarke mentioned Ibragim Todashev in this context, in court a couple of months ago. She made the point that Todashev, who could have been a valuable witness, was now dead at the hands of the FBI.


Based on letters Karin F. has received from Khair, the “I couldn’t take it anymore” refers to constant degradation and insulting of his religion by the other prisoners, who entertain themselves in this way and are encouraged by the guards who then play the US national anthem repeatedly.

Danielle Davito

I’d like to know how he managed to get this letter out,considering that all incoming,and outgoing mail is scrutinized & ‘read’ by jail/prison personnel before it comes into,or out of jail,to make sure there’s no ‘funny business’.That is one of the main reasons Dzhokhar had the SAMs placed on him;he was receiving over 250 letters per week.They would have had to hire a whole new staff,just to read his mail.


The very definition of cruel and unusual punishment.
Those guards must be so proud of themselves while playing the national anthem. What assholes.


Hayden has filed a motion to sever his representation of Matanov. Matanov wants his personal attorney to represent him.

Interesting article on FBI entrapment here:

Now Robel is a prosecution witness!


“Now Robel is a prosecution witness!”

Sad to see and, imo, in no way serves to get at the truth. Robel will have a patently clear motive for saying whatever he thinks they want to hear, as is always the way when such deals are struck. (Aware that the deal is still a work in progress in this case but it will probably happen.)

Perhaps the government would like to have acquired Khairullozhon Matanov as a witness for the prosecution? Just a thought…



Don’t be shocked if the trial never happens.

The guy who was arraigned was not the real Tsarnaev. He had a thick Russian accent. Tsarnaev speaks standard english with no accent.

His friends told reporters on live TV.

Based upon the judge never ruling in open court, writing a response in favor of the prosecution, I would venture to say, this trial is staged.

This judge had help..lots of help,,.if you get the picture.
They waste the entire status conference arguing over the trial schedule..pathetic.

No discussion of depositions or motions to request any, especially craft international.

This is the Lee Harvey Oswald playbook.

Something will happen when JAHAR is supposed to appear next mo.

Another set-up to dispose of the case…permanently.

Danielle Davito

Again,I ask you.What purpose would a ‘decoy’ serve?They would have just said he died in the boat.The End…


Perhaps, that was the intention, but it fell apart.

Why did they manufacture evidence on the inside of a boat claiming an injured hand could write a message about Islam?

They had to regroup the plan.

If all agents have the intellectual capacity of assassin Aaron Mcfarlane, they mess up all the time.

I still believe this is Lee Harvey Oswald redux, closure for which all of Boston salivates.

Danielle Davito

The ‘intention’ was for him to be killed,along with Tam.No loose ends.Ya it ‘fell apart’,the kid survived the onslaught. What does that have to do with a ‘decoy’?They ‘manufactured’ the so-called Islamic ‘confession’,after I contacted DOJ & Ortiz’s office by phone,and e-mail,pointing out that the ‘Hospital confession’ was null& void.It would be inadmissible due to the fact that the kid was so ‘drugged out’ on opiates at the time,he wouldn’t have known his…from a hole in the ground .The amusing part,is that D had supposedly told the FBI the ‘bombs’ were manufactured at Tam’s Cambridge home,and the FEDs laid claim to this.It was revealed several months ago,that the FBI actually NEVER FOUND any evidence of bombs being made there,or any other such evidence of this in the Tsarnaev’s 3 vehicles. What isn’t amusing,is how this ‘claim’ was used to make Tamerlan look like a Monster,who cared so little for human life,he constructed bombs with his 3 yr. old daughter,Zahira,right there.


The only way this trial is not going to happen is if there is a plea deal and I don’t see that happening.

The “real” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was present at his arraignment in July 2013. The slight speech impediment was likely caused by his extensive facial injuries.

They did not “waste the entire status conference going over the trial schedule.” Analysis of electronic devices, the “Russian Communication”, le’s inappropriate statements to the media and the timing of disclosure of the defense witness lists were all discussed, at some length.


I do not trust this judge nor Judy Clarke.

There are far better criminal trial lawyers who would have taken this case.
There have been no motions for depositions.
For example , CARLOS, the cowboy hat “hero” is an actor, who was in “the prosecution of an American president” film a year earlier starring Vincent Bugliosi. The trailer with him is online.

They also REPRESENT DNI cosmetics & Celebrity Marketing, inc.
Now why is the defense not putting the federal government on trial?

These status conferences are for public consumption, nothing more.
Clarke said case law clearly provides for withholding defense witness lists as well as the precedent for moving the trial to another venue.
If she wanted more time, she could appeal these decisions to a higher court.
Yet she doesn’t.

And O’Toole has never ruled in favor of the defense.
He has all the case law in the motions, yet he defers until after the conference to deny them in a twisted illogical dicta decision.

This case will not go to trial.
Jahar’s safety is a risk for sure, if he even life or death.

I do not believe that person at the arraignment was he.

He had a Russian dialect where none existed.
His friends attested to that to reporters.

This is a ruse.
His family have disappeared. No interviews nothing.
That’s significant.
I am sorry you don’t agree.

Tom Clancy did not write his novels from a creative imagination.
Either did John Grisham.

All were based on non-fiction.


I am actually inclined to trust Judy Clarke but I most certainly do not trust the judge in this case. Imo he may as well be named for the prosecution!
As I have already stated, I do believe that this will go to trial but share your concern for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s, (and indeed Khairullozhon Matanov’s), “safety” in the meantime. And yes, there are some issues we seem to disagree on.

Danielle Davito

For those who ‘believe’ for some odd reason,that a ‘decoy’ was used at Dzhokhar’s Indictment Hearing;I am still waiting for some sort of ‘logic’ to such a claim,& the use of an ‘actor’ that supposedly didn’t look,speak,or behave like D,doesn’t make a lick of sense. I do believe that the boy in court was Dzhokhar.The ‘thick Russian’ accent,may have been exaggerated propaganda,to make him seem more ‘foreign’ (I would certainly like verification that those who made these claims,are really ‘friends’)Or a subconscious manifestation of having the ‘American’ he had proudly become,betrayed in a way his mind couldn’t process.Maybe the thick accent was to emulate Tamerlan,for self comfort.His sudden growth spurt,was probably ‘suggested’ to the media to manipulate American’s perception of his boyish appearance,by making him seem larger,& more menacing.Some are even questioning the ‘quality’ of court artist’s renditions of D,questioning ‘why’ he ‘still’ had a cast on his left arm.Most court artists can’t draw worth a shit,and also have to scribble out their drawings in a rapid manner.I don’t even know why they use them.Probably to keep various court personnel’s ne’er-do-well relatives, employed.His arm was still in a cast,because the bones in his left forearm were shattered,from the 5 bullets that struck it,and it is now being held together with ‘pins’.The ‘hearing’ was postponed to give the authorities the chance to let some of his wounds heal,so no one could see what these Monsters did to him(his attorneys weren’t allowed to take photos either).His being a ‘different guy’ may have something to do with the fact that he had just entered the ‘Twilight Zone’ meets ‘1984’,while on psychedelic pain medications.I’m sure something so traumatic would have that affect on just about anyone.I’m sure he was ‘putting on’ a strong ‘face’ for his sisters’ benefit.Just imagine what he went through,and is continuing to endure. When I go to my kitchen to grab a bite,or sit outside on my back porch,listen to music,talk to someone;I think about his not being able to do any of these things & all that this young man has suffered,and continues to suffer,for something he didn’t do.This is unacceptable;Not in My America.This young man is REAL,there are no decoys,stand-ins,or the like.This so-called proof you claim of such nonsense,was probably ‘planted’ by the FEDs,so people like you would go off the deep end.Discernment.

Danielle Davito

I find Matanov suspicious,and believe he may have played a role in ‘setting-up’ the Tsarnaevs(who are 100% innocent).I recall reading a story,just days after the marathon,mentioning a cab driver(don’t recall if it mentioned driver by name),that stated that he had dropped the Tsarnaevs off at the marathon.He also stated that he had to ‘remind’ Tamerlan to retrieve his backpack,from the trunk of the cab.Oh,ya,duhhh,my bomb,duhhh,I guess I need that to blow people up, duhhh…It sounded odd at the time,and after finding out that this guy(Matanov) was a cabby,and already under police surveillance(right after the marathon(?),and told to stay away from ‘large gatherings’,didn’t sound kosher either.He also supposedly contacted the Tsarnaevs approx. 45 minutes after the explosions,and took them out to eat in Somerville.Hmmmm…I don’t know,but he sounds pretty sketchy to me.He also looks more like the guy that can be ‘seen’ outside of the 7-11,that the Tsarnaevs were originally accused of robbing.The guy in the photo is too short to be Tamerlan.He also has facial hair;Tamerlan was ‘clean-shaven’ the evening of the 18th.


I read that also. It was in Malden at a T stop to Cambridge.

Matanov “Was” a defense witness not an informant.

His name was Duggan age 51 here:

Danielle Davito

No,I checked out numerous stories about this Duggan fellow,and it’s not the same story.He is said to have picked them up on the 14th,and dropped them off near Norfolk,not on the15th.And there is no mention of him of ‘reminding’ Tamerlan to get his backpack from the trunk.The story I am referring to,said the cabbie dropped them off at the marathon.Also,if they are trying to insinuate that they were carrying the bombs around the day before,it’s ludicrous.His description of T’s backpack weight,would prove that Dzhokhar’s 145lb frame,would be incapable of carrying such a bag,especially on only one shoulder.


I believe any “suspicions” you may have are, to say the least, very misguided. Imo you are on the wrong track here! Seeing Matanov as someone whose “crime” is likely a refusal to cooperate with the FBI. He is most certainly the victim of an overly zealous prosecutor. (Carmen Ortiz, of course.)

Danielle Davito

Maybe…but I’m just saying;maybe things aren’t what they seem.As nothing in this whole ‘case’ seems to be.Sure took them long enough to incarcerate this guy.His ‘connection’ to the Tsarnaev’s was ‘said’ to have been known,immediately after the marathon.The Kadyrov connection is troubling,as well.Read about Ruslan Khalidov-Confessed ‘hitman’ for Kadyrov. Kadyrov,and Ras’Putin are buddy-buddy,& have ‘hit lists’ of Chechen’s that fought in the Chechen-Russian Wars,& supporters,to be ‘taken-out’ around the world.An arrest warrant(Russia) was issued,for Muhamad Suleimanov (Zubeidat Tsarnaeva’s brother;T&D’s uncle),for his suspected murder of Col. Yuri Budanov (KGB just like Putin).Budanov had ‘done time’ after convicted of ‘war crimes’,after torturing,raping,& killing an 18 yr. old Chechen girl(cannot verify if Anzor Tsarnaev prosecuted the case).This warrant was issued in early August,2011.Tamerlan’s supposed ‘terrorist-ties’ were ‘passed-on’ by Russia,to U.S. authorities,soon after,in September.The U.S.(Obama administration) decided it would be a worth while venture, becoming involved in a ‘Blood-Feud hit’ on Tsarnaev’s First-Born Son(s).When the photos(photoshopped) of Tsarnaevs ‘at marathon’ were first released,I told my children that Tam& D are not brothers;they are(were) cousins.The morning of April 19th,when their names & ages were first released,the media kept saying Tam was 20,not 26,after supposedly using ‘fingerprint’ identification on Tam.’Cousin’ Hussein Tsarni would have been 20 at the time tho.there are pix of this Hussein on the web,but I believe they may be ‘planted’,and Tam used this name to escape a long,ongoing feud between the Chechen freedom fighters,and the Russian Federation,and he is actually the son of Suleimanov. Kadyrov is considered a ‘turncoat’ by most Chechens,and the Northern Caucus tribes.Uncle Ruslan Tsarni( was a ‘witness’ for the prosecution,for a 6 $billion bank fraud scheme,he helped orchestrate,4 yr. trial held in London.Yet he is still ‘allowed’ to be CIA & Halliburton contractor ).He stated that during a phone call between he,& Tam,just hours before Tam’s death;Tam asked Tsarni if he had “paid his mortgage”,this is an interesting question,’Mortgage’ in some ‘cultures’ is actually used as a reference to a ‘Hit’.


Interesting theory but I’m not sure that all the dots connect…?

Danielle Davito

Which ‘dots’ are you referring to?


Tamerlan being other than whom we’ve been led to believe is something I would question. Seeing nothing to suggest this.

Danielle Davito

Like I stated in previous post,initial reporting of his age,was off by six years!The media reported his age as 20,not 26;that’s a big gap.When the Russians are said to have initially contacted the U.S. about possible terrorist ties,it is claimed that they ‘supplied’ two different possible ‘birth dates’ for Tam.If he were identified by his fingerprints the early morning of the 19th,which is the claimed method,the Russian discrepancy would have been irrelevant. Tamerlan doesn’t bare much of a resemblance to either Anzor,or Zubeidat,the other siblings all look like each other,except for Tam( or maybe the 3rd Tsarnaev daughter,that resides in Chechnya,and is married to a Kadyrovite).Tam was also born the day after A. & Z. wed.I believe it to have been an ‘arranged’ marriage,to mask Tam’s true identity.He was born in North Ossetia-Alania,quite a different area, than the other children.My first inclination has yet to be wrong, & when their pics were first released,I immediately said “they are cousins,not brothers.” I am clairvoyant,and have had ‘knowings’ and premonitions since I was a small child.Go ahead and laugh if you wish,but it would blow your mind if you knew how many things I have ‘pegged’ in this case. Tamerlan also ‘talks’ to me.He has ‘lead’ me to soooo much info.I was originally convinced of their guilt.Two things occurred,that changed my perspective on the whole thing.Since then,I have spent 100’s of hrs. looking into case.My light turns on,T.V. turns off,fan turns on,light goes off;it’s been going on since around the 22nd or 23rd of April,2013 & at 2 different locations.Family & pals have all witnessed it.Sorry for ‘babbling on’.


“Go ahead and laugh if you wish…”

I am absolutely not laughing, Danielle. That being said, we are both fully aware that the majority of readers would likely not credit your claim to “clairvoyance” with any credibility and for this reason I think it wise and intend to abandon this line of discussion.

Danielle Davito

No worries,mate.I couldn’t care less about what the ‘general public’ believes,or thinks about me.The majority of my posts aren’t for ‘them’ anyway.I don’t need the ‘masses’ credentials;only those who have a role to play,in deciding Dzhokhar’s fate.I am sorry if I ‘spooked’ you,or whatever made you recoil.I am a Christian,in case you were ‘concerned’.As a matter of fact,one of the two occurrences that finalized my belief in Tsarnaev’s innocence,was Dzhokhar climbing out of that boat,alive.I had told my son the night before,that I believed D had found refuge in a boat(Henneberry loaded it up at Watertown yacht club,with D in it,they know each other).And lo & behold.Divine Intervention is how that boy survived.Boats play a significant role in the Christian religion.That is when I knew they were innocent.God gave me this ‘gift’ and I am not embarrassed,or ashamed of it.But I will refrain from speaking of it again,to you.Friends have nicknamed me ‘the Oracle’. Young Mr. Tsarnaev is an Oracle as well.Eleven gunshot wounds(one meant to be the ‘kill shot’,his brain stem.Two snipers ended up on the same roof,arguing over whose ‘shot’ it was,and they missed)only 2 bullets pierced the boat,striking him in the ankle,the others were fired when he had his ‘hands up’,evidenced by the bullet pattern. Three(?) heat-seeking percussion grenades,the boat caught fire. ‘They’ even attempted to slice his carotid artery,from back of ear on down,once they had him on the ground,and missed by ‘this much’.If that is not Divine Intervention,then no such thing exists.


Not “spooked” and no offense intended.

Danielle Davito

Oh I failed to mention in post above about my suspicions of Matanov,and ‘hitmen’,that I did a ‘background’ check,and he appears to be related to a ‘Kadyrov’ that resides in Washington D.C.


That cab driver was much older, middle aged, and had an Irish name. Also, that guy made a big deal of how he may have thwarted the BMB attack if he’d driven off with the backpacks. I agree, the story sounds absurd; what fool would put a bomb loaded backpack into the trunk of a city cab.


Does anyone know if Matanov is the same cab driver that was taken into custody early morning on 4/19/13 at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Charlesgate West in Kenmore Sq. in Boston. A suspicious object was also detonated when this person was taken into custody but there was never any follow-up in the news about any of this.


He was arrested in May of this year.


Correct, however, it was stated that the cab driver that was “taken into custody” on 4/19/13 may have been released that day without being arrested, therefore, Matanov could be the same cab driver. A person “taken into custody” is not necessarily arrested. The authorities had been watching Matanov for a year which coincides with the time frame that the cab driver was “taken into custody” in Kenmore Sq. which could mean they did not have enough to arrest him on when initially “taken into custody” on 4/19/13 and/or they may have been trying to get him to work with them to no avail. It is quite possible it’s the same cab driver.


Also, the cab driver taken into custody in Kenmore sq. does resemble Matanov.



barbara henninger

Mr. Matanov said the guards “came in with their suits”. Perhaps he was referring to this kind of protective gear used here by guards at Corcoran State Prison to extract a mentally ill patient from his cell.


Yes, this is “standard procedure”, which is one of the reasons why it would be hard to prove any “wrong-doing” by the corrections officers, and particularly as this was in response to a disciplinary infraction. (i.e. flooding his cell) Of course, I am not saying what happened was in any way “right”, but just that this would be a fairly normal consequence for such behavior. This is the way things are in US jails and prisons.

david krall

from: david t. krall
I have always suspected that there is a much deeper and wider story regarding the Boston Marathon bombing. Starting with the supposed unrelated story of the college student who initially went missing and was later found dead as reported died by drowning who bore a good resemblance to (younger) bomber now in custody to the story I remember hearing (on RT?) about a major terrorist wanted by the Russian Gov. for terror and murder that was living in the Boston.area
geeze I wonder who “moved” him and who still protects him???
This is all part of a press or media-blind backdrop.


Are you speaking of Ilyas Akhmadov as the one wanted by Russia?


I remember the college student who had been reported missing and was found dead, allegedly from drowning, after the bombings and thought it a little odd at the time. His name was Sunil Tripathy. And yes, there was some physical resemblance. Of course I have no idea if this is at all relevant, or simply coincidence. Probably the latter.

Danielle Davito

Sunil Tripathi’s body was found ‘floating’ at India Point Park,Rhode Island,on the 23rd of April,by the coach of Brown University’s(that Sunil attended) rowing team.

david krall

to jane24
Thanks for the reply. Yes, a coincidence, perhaps. but to me
the fact that they looked alike and resembled each other enough that it was even pointed out it media outlets for a brief time as if this student was (mistakenly) assumed to be one of the bombers. And even a major Philly radio talk-show host looked up pictures of him while on the air and was convinced enough that he too believed it was him as well. The fact that they looked alike itself can be passed off as a coincidence. But when one of them (the student) suddenly (?) goes missing, without any indications and his family is puzzled and becomes extremely worried and then he winds up dead as a result of a drowning and the other one is involved in a major terror plan and operation in Boston. And the fact that while they both were students they really were not that far from each other, I have to wonder if either or both of them ever gravitated within or near the same social circles or associations, especially due to their foreign origins? This only makes me wonder more so due to the holes and gaps in the “official narrative” so brilliantly put forth by Russ Baker on this web-site. It just makes me pause and wonder. Regards


those prison guards would have enjoyed working for Hitler’s SS in the 1930’s , they sound like true psychopaths. It’s obvious for those with the ability to think critically for themselves that we haven’t been told the truth. Simple questions remain , just as they do on 9-11, no “conspiracies” , just very simple questions that my 12 year old would ask given what we know.