Jeff Schechtman, host, Peter B. Collins, WhoWhatWhy, Podcast
Jeff Schechtman (right) and Peter B. Collins (inset left), hosts of WhoWhatWhy Podcasts. Photo credit: courtesy of Peter B. Collins and Jeff Schechtman

As we put 2018 behind us, here are a few more of our most important and timely podcasts of the year.

Podcasts are among the fastest-growing features of today’s information-sphere. Here are the final four of our Ten Best of 2018 Podcast series.

WhoWhatWhy delivered over 65 podcasts to our readers and listeners in 2018. The six we re-ran last week offered deep dives into the election integrity crisis, government lying, and the fear of fascism in America.

This week’s final “Best of…” selections look outward to every corner of the planet.  

A conversation with professor and longtime environmental writer Victor Wallis provocatively links global climate change and the centuries-long conflict between socialism and capitalism.

Financier William Browder’s efforts to create the so-called Magnitsky Act made him a public enemy of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchs. Our conversation with Browder shows how “following the money” can help hold foreign dictators accountable for the torture and murders their hired henchmen carry out.

In an age dominated by Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Alibaba, Andrew Keen, a world-traveling author, entrepreneur, and futurist, shares his expert analysis as to why the internet is reflecting both the best and the worst of us.

Finally, Peter B. Collins, in a conversation with journalist Yasha Levine, shines a light on the intertwining of internet giants and the military-industrial complex, as he exposes Google’s secret dealings with the Pentagon.


Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from Evrik and Mets501 / Wikimedia and Rafaelgr / Wikimedia.

Is ‘Ecosocialism’ the Antidote to Black Friday?


An author argues that, love it or hate it, capitalism is making planetary crises worse.

Vladimir Putin. Bill Browder

Russian President Vladimir Putin. Bill Browder (inset). Vladimir Putin named Mr. Browder in his news conference in Helsinki with President Donald Trump. Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from The White House / YouTube and Andrew Scheer / Flickr .

Putin’s Indecent Proposal


Bill Browder talks about being on the top of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most wanted list, his personal safety, and his shock at President Donald Trump’s reaction to Putin’s Helsinki proposal.

Andrew Keen

Andrew Keen speaking at TEDxBerlin in 2015. Photo credit: redonion_TEDx / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Surveillance Capitalism Is Dead


Why the current internet business model of free news, free shipping, free internet, and free searches has to go away — and what has to replace it.

Google’s Deep Involvement With the Pentagon


Google has announced that it will not renew a controversial military contract. But that doesn’t mean that the company will sever the deep ties it has to the Pentagon.


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