Sean-Collier-Red-Sox-4-20-13All one has to do is consider the eyewitness accounts of the shootout in Watertown to realize that the Tsarnaev brothers were almost certainly not—as a surprisingly large number of people posting comments on this site and around the Internet seem to believe—harmless naïfs who did nothing wrong. Whether or not they planted the bombs at the 2013 Boston Marathon, whether or not they acted alone or in concert with others, whether they were ideologues or dupes, it seems evident that they were involved in some kind of violent adventure culminating in the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the shooting and apprehension of his brother Dzhokhar.

I spent Wednesday of this week talking to residents of the streets where the shootouts took place, and there doesn’t seem to be any doubt that both brothers were there, were armed, and threw bombs at police.

Nonetheless, many aspects of the story remain unclear, and decidedly troublesome. And getting to the bottom of this complex story is not just an option—we cannot afford as a society to have large traumas of this sort come and go without clarity. Otherwise, we are all dupes, of one kind or another.

We’ve raised reasonable questions about the events surrounding the Marathon bombing in previous articles,  from the presence of mysterious black-clad security men with well-stuffed backpacks at the race to the FBI and CIA’s awareness of the Tsarnaev family long before April 15, 2013. (See thisthis and this.)

Now, some might say that nothing else matters as long as police got their men. However, it is often in the details, the “weeds,” if you will, where we find that a narrative can be useful as far as it goes and yet terribly misleading in terms of what it all means. As we’ve noted, many much-loved historical narratives turn out to be little more than carefully crafted myths around a few core facts.

Our media and our leading interpreters of events explain everything in terms that the unsophisticated can easily grasp. Yet in the real world, happenings may take place for a welter of reasons that even those directly involved may not be aware of.

It is with this in mind that we’ve been down in the weeds.

The “Confession”

If there’s one thing out of all the “facts” that emerged in the early hours and days after the bombing that cemented the Tsarnaevs’ capital-G Guilt, it was, unquestionably, the killing of MIT police officer Sean Collier on the night of Thursday, April 18, three days after the explosions at the Marathon.

At the time of Collier’s shooting, the FBI had just released video of two unnamed “persons of interest” walking with backpacks—shown amid many other people walking with backpacks. The still-anonymous Tsarnaevs were nothing more than people with whom the FBI wanted to talk. No hard evidence had been released that connected them to the bombing itself.

Within hours of the FBI video release, everything went nuts. First came word of “officer down” at MIT. Then, quickly, news of a carjacking. Then police swarming everywhere. Then a shootout and the death of one suspect, followed by a lull, and then the discovery and near-death of the second suspect.

Soon came the narrative to explain much, if not all. The suspects in the video had been behind both the bombing and the killing of the police officer. We knew that because the carjacking victim had escaped, and told police and later selected media how his captors had confessed to him.

Boston Globe reporter Eric Moskowitz gained cooperation from the still-unnamed hostage (nicknamed “Danny”). Here’s a portion of Danny’s tale, in which the elder Tsarnaev, Tamerlan, confessed during the carjacking:

He asked if [Danny] had followed the news about Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings


“I did that,” said the man, who would later be identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev. “And I just killed a policeman in Cambridge.”

We’ll have more to say about the carjacking in a subsequent article. But for now, the key thing to remember is that in some ways, the shooting of Officer Collier immediately before the carjacking and the alleged confession in the car—to both crimes—were absolutely essential in creating the first profile of the Tsarnaevs as murder-minded individuals, not just two guys on a video wearing backpacks. 

Collier as Officer Tippit

Besides playing a central role in establishing a case against the brothers, Collier’s death also served a powerful symbolic purpose in the official narrative, with a huge memorial service for the MIT officer on April 24, addressed by Vice President Biden. Throughout, the spotlight has been on Collier as Hero—a kind of ritualistic hagiography devoid of any inclination to investigate the actual circumstances of his death.

For students of history, however, this part of the narrative had a familiar ring. Exactly half a century ago, another traumatic event took place: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The big break in that case came several hours later, when a police officer, J.D. Tippit, was shot and killed. Soon, one of the many employees in a tall building on Kennedy’s parade route, Lee Harvey Oswald, was connected to both events. Like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, he had recently spent time in Russia. Like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, he had been under scrutiny by the FBI before the crime.

In both cases, it was the killing of a police officer that turbocharged the police pursuit—and that, once the suspect was apprehended, convinced the public quickly that the police had their man.

Until the shooting of officer Collier, the Tsarnaevs were just two guys seen on a video wearing backpacks. And until the Tippit shooting, Oswald was just one of many employees in a building that most eyewitnesses felt was not even the source of the shots that killed Kennedy.

In both cases, the shooting of the police officer did not make a lot of sense in the context of the “main event” – but nevertheless gave the pursuit a jolt of adrenaline. Only later would crucial details of the narrative be changed—at a time when few would notice.

A Myth

In the case of Oswald, serious doubts would emerge as to whether he had killed Officer Tippit.

In the case of Officer Collier, if we look carefully, we can see that the script was rewritten after most people stopped paying attention.

Early reports left the impression that Collier had some kind of active interaction with his killers.

Here’s the Associated Press from that night:

Cambridge police and the Middlesex District Attorney’s office says the officer was responding to a report of a disturbance when he was shot multiple times.

Here’s the MIT News—the publication of the university’s administration—several days later:

On the evening of Thursday, April 18, MIT Police Officer Sean Collier was shot and killed in the line of duty following an altercation at the corner of Vassar Street and Main Street on the MIT campus.

And here’s the Los Angeles Times on April 23, five days after Collier’s death:

WASHINGTON–Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly shot and killed a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer Thursday because they wanted his service revolver, according to two federal government law enforcement officials who have been briefed on the Boston Marathon manhunt.

They came upon Collier outside a gas station and convenience store near the MIT campus in Cambridge. He was apparently shot multiple times, but had left a safety device on his holster that the suspects could not unlock to retrieve the weapon.

It was unclear which brother shot the officer, the officials said. However, authorities have obtained a surveillance photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, dressed in a gray hoodie, at the store.

This is a false story, circulated days after the events. Collier was not outside a gas station and convenience store. Dzhokhar certainly appears to have gone into a gas station/convenience store later that evening, but Collier was not there and no murder took place at that time. Collier did not respond to a disturbance. He did not approach anyone. In fact, it’s likely he never even knew who shot him.

To this day, hardly anyone in the general public is aware of this glitch in the narrative. Yet it is very important. Because if the initial story had been, “unknown persons came up behind a police officer sitting quietly in his patrol car and shot him for no apparent reason, not even taking his firearm” – that would no doubt have triggered a very different media response.

Keeping up the Hero Story

It was for some reason very important to someone that the death of this police officer be projected on a massive screen. Consider the content and tone of this, from the Boston Herald:

Thousands of students and law enforcement officers from across the country have packed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus to honor fallen MIT Police Officer Sean Collier who was remembered as a joy-filled, caring and compassionate man who believed kindness could change society.

MIT set aside 15,000 seats at Briggs Field and every one was filled, with law enforcement officers making up two-thirds of the heartbroken audience.

Here’s the Atlantic Wire:

MIT held a public memorial service Wednesday afternoon for fallen officer Sean Collier on their Briggs Field, where the 26-year-old university police officer was remembered for his commitment to the school community, his love of country music, and his dedication to his job. Vice President Joe Biden closed the ceremony’s remarks, offering words of condolence to the family from the perspective of someone who had also lost a child—before offering a scathing indictment of the Tsarnaev brothers’ terrorism.

MIT cancelled classes for the service, which brought together members of the MIT community, law enforcement officers, and public officials. A private funeral was held Tuesday. Yesterday, CBS News reported that Collier may have been killed because the Tsarnaev brothers wanted his gun.

Yet, even after it was clear that Collier had done nothing more than sit in his car while someone came up behind him and shot him, the authorities were still feeling it necessary to lay it on thick. On April 25, a week after Collier’s death, the New York Times was reporting

“I [still] consider him a hero,” Boston’s police commissioner, Edward Davis, said in an interview this week. “It was his death that ultimately led to the apprehension. The report of the shot officer led to all those resources being poured in.”

A cop had been shot, “all those resources” were poured into that general vicinity, and a juggernaut had been launched. There was nothing that would reverse it. Indeed, a month after Collier’s death, a Cambridge, MA, brewery announced it was issuing a special “Collier Stout” in his honor.

Why were we more upset over Collier’s death than other deaths of law enforcement personnel? Because it was linked, in the public’s mind, with the assault upon America itself at the Marathon. The killing of Collier, we were told, was an act against us all. “Boston Strong.” “America Strong.” In a sense, when we wore those ribbons, attended those mass ceremonies, we were mourning, yet again, our loss of innocence in the face of a world that seems to be spinning out of control.

Why Was Collier Killed?

Here’s what we were told at the time of that memorial service:

Until now, it is not been clear why the officer – who was laid to rest today at a private funeral service in his hometown of Stoneham, Massachusetts – was shot dead.

The officer was slain execution-style as he sat in his patrol car at the MIT campus in the suburb of Cambridge.

But now, according to CBS News, police believe the officer was ambushed by the Tsarnaev brothers in a botched attempt to take his gun to boost their arsenal of just one real gun and a pellet gun.

We have been told that, perhaps, the brothers wanted his gun.

Yet, they did not take it. The police chief explained that maybe they could not get it out of his holster, because it was found still in the holster. But it is also possible that whoever shot him was not interested in taking his gun.

It is also important to understand that the CBS News coverage—including the dubious claim that Collier was killed in an attempt to get his gun, and the belated story that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev scrawled a confession on the interior walls of a boat while he lay bloody and grievously wounded – is helmed by John Miller, CBS Senior Correspondent, who between journalistic stints served as the top spokesman for the FBI. In other words, it is an FBI insider who is guiding the narrative. Of course, the FBI itself has serious credibility problems, including the fact that it failed to disclose that it knew exactly who the Tsarnaevs were, long before the bombing. (On May 22, an FBI agent shot and killed Ibragim Todashev, another person of Chechen origin connected to the story and the investigation—whom a friend claims had recently warned him that he felt he was in the process of being framed; and who reportedly had, at the time of his death, just confessed.)

As we previously noted, all of these shootings warrant a closer look—including why so many shots were fired at Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as he lay wounded in that boat, firing not a single shot, and given the potential importance of him as a witness.

All of this must be addressed. But for the purposes of this article, let’s stay focused on Officer Collier’s death—and the circumstances surrounding it.

Why Would the Brothers Have Been on the MIT Campus?

Nobody seems to know. Would they have been there because they knew they would find an officer sitting in his car between buildings? If not, it means the brothers randomly passed through this unlikely area and happened upon Collier in his unlikely spot, snuck up behind him, killed him, and then—took nothing.

Why Collier Was Where He Was

Why was Collier even sitting in his police car at that time? According to news accounts, Collier was parked near the intersection of two streets in Cambridge for the purpose of preventing illegal shortcuts through campus. Here’s the Boston Globe’s account:

About 9:30 p.m., Collier was on routine patrol. He was parked by the corner of Vassar and Main streets. It was a spot where motorists would sometimes take a chance, making an illegal shortcut through campus to avoid a red light.

“We ask patrols to sit there,” DiFava explained. It prevents the forbidden cut-throughs and it provides a high-profile presence for the MIT community.

Something crucial is missing from this account. Collier was not parked on the street. He was parked on the pavement, a distance from the corner, between two campus buildings. When I asked students about the scenario Chief DiFava presented, they were baffled. They didn’t recall patrols sitting between those buildings, and it was not apparent how or why anyone would save a minute at a red light by climbing the pavement and driving between buildings.

With crazed terrorist bombers on the loose, why was this officer sitting where he was? I hoped to clear this up with Chief DiFava. Especially since DiFava is not just MIT’s police chief, but also the chief of MIT “facilities operations.” Thus, he had oversight of facilities including the many sensitive research facilities scattered around the campus, some close to where Collier died.

At the campus police station, I was first told that he was…in Guatemala. Why Guatemala? Why go so far away to a foreign country at the very time that everyone most wanted to talk to him? In any case, I was soon informed that he had been in Guatemala, but just returned. But he had left again. Now he was in Washington. Why Washington? Something to do with the case? But again I was told he was back, but out on business off campus.

Then I was told that maybe he was not off campus, but that in any case, he preferred not to talk. I wondered why that would be, when he had already shown a willingness to talk. Then I was told that I needed to go through the MIT central authorities. Was it the chief who did not want to talk, or was he told not to?

I tried to talk to the Emergency Medical Technicians, students who volunteer to handle campus emergencies, and whose colleagues showed up with their ambulance at the scene of the shooting—they declined and I left. And then I got this email from MIT’s Executive Vice President for Communications:

Mr. Baker,

I have heard from a number of people at MIT that you have been on campus today wanting to ask people questions about the week of the marathon.

Your approach—visiting very busy people in person unannounced to ask them about this painful subject—is not productive, and in some cases, it has proved upsetting. I need to ask that you please follow the guidance that my colleague….. gave you over the phone today. You should email her whatever questions you have, and we can go from there.

Can you agree to this, please?

The Video

Significantly, we’ve been assured that the Tsarnaevs were Collier’s killers.

Here’s a report from the afternoon of Friday, April 19, from the Associated Press—probably the major source of information for the nation’s media, essentially stating that the Tsarnaevs committed the shooting:

WATERTOWN, Mass. (AP) — Two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing — identified to The Associated Press as coming from the Russian region near Chechnya — killed an MIT police officer, injured a transit officer in a firefight and threw explosive devices at police during their getaway attempt in a long night of violence that left one of them dead and another still at large Friday, authorities said.

Nine days later, on April 28, we see this from the Boston Globe’s mega-narrative of the sprawling affair:

Authorities say video from a surveillance camera shows the suspects approaching Collier’s car from the rear as he sat in his cruiser. Collier was shot five times, including twice in the head, officials said.

“The suspects.” In a long article about the Tsarnaevs, it is reasonable to conclude that the Globe means the Tsarnaevs.

It is all much more unclear. On April 25, several days before the Globe published the bit above, the New York Times offered a crucial but underplayed distinction:

While there is video of two men approaching Officer Collier’s car, three law enforcement officials said, it does not clearly show their faces. But investigators now believe the brothers killed the officer to get another gun.

The Times reports that the video does not establish with certainty the identity of Collier’s murderers. Yet the next sentence accepts as a certainty that it was the brothers.

Murkier and Murkier

In a story full of weird twists, here’s another: one of the first responders to the scene at MIT was himself later shot in Watertown. In the early accounts, we were told:

One of the first responders to the scene of the officer’s death was police officer Richard Donohue, who had gone through the police academy at the same time as Officer Collier.

A few hours later, he would be critically wounded in the Watertown shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers.

What are the odds? Of all the law enforcement people who could get shot in Watertown, only Donohue was. Unlike Collier, Donohue was a Boston transit policeman—but the two were good friends.

And then, more….We learned later that Donohue was hit not by the Tsarnaevs, but by “friendly fire.” That is, an early witness on the scene of the mysterious shooting of Officer Collier shortly thereafter became himself the victim of a strange shooting— by fellow law enforcement officers.

Donohue survived and, according to the Boston Globe on May 19, is saying nothing about that night because he … can’t:

Officer Richard “Dic” Donohue of the MBTA Transit Police remembers almost
nothing of the night he was shot during chaotic gunfire on a normally quiet
Watertown street, or of the murder of his close friend, MIT police Officer
Sean Collier, hours before in Cambridge.

An editor at The Globe told me they’d received tremendous grief from police for reporting the fact that Donohue had apparently been shot by fellow officers. This despite the fact that the paper hardly focused on that, initially reporting it in an article where it was almost mentioned in passing. Nonetheless—or perhaps because of the sensitivity, we’ve seen surprisingly little coverage of this angle by the local and national media.


I did end up submitting questions to MIT; I received  a short note back that said, in part,

John DiFava is not available to speak with you. But I can give you answers to some of your questions.

John is Director of Facilities Operations and Security and also the Chief of the MIT Police Department.

That was the only answer.  The letter continued:

And regarding your question about the night Officer Collier was killed: I would refer you to the Middlesex DA’s office. As with all homicide investigations in Cambridge, that office is heading up the investigation. Like you, we at MIT seek answers to what happened on that night. Those answers will come once the DA’s office has filed charges.

The Middlesex County DA’s office told me they couldn’t talk because….it’s an “ongoing investigation.”

The truth is, in these kinds of situations, the investigators, AKA the prosecution, has an agenda—to get a conviction—and holds just about all the cards.

We don’t know whether the Tsarnaev brothers did kill Collier, although it would be easy to assume they did. Still, we have trouble coming up with an easy motive or a logical reason for them to have been at that place at that time. We wonder about the lack of candor in this matter. As to whether there is another explanation, the reality is that there may always be others who benefit from chaos and fear.

In any case, if the deaths of people like Sean Collier—or the bombing victims–are truly not to be in vain, it will be because open-minded people work to get to the bottom of things, not because those with an agenda exploit their deaths—or  countenance a possible cover-up of the facts of the case. A clear investigative role exists outside of law enforcement. We’ll do what we can, and we welcome informed tips and insights.

[box]WhoWhatWhy plans to continue doing this kind of groundbreaking original reporting. You can count on it. But can we count on you? We cannot do our work without your support.

Please click here to donate; it’s tax deductible. And it packs a punch.[/box]



  • Russ Baker is Editor-in-Chief of WhoWhatWhy. He is an award-winning investigative journalist who specializes in exploring power dynamics behind major events.

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Jim in LA

Hi Russ,
I would love to see you look into the Dorner case out here in L.A.. There are many things about that case that bother me to this day, including reports that his wallet and badge were found in two separate locations around San Diego. I also have yet to see any evidence put forth from the press to prove that he killed the officer as reported, as well as suspect confessions to the killings of the couple that started the whole manhunt, but no obvious evidence.
Keep up the good work!


Speaking of evidence, Russ is saying the brothers were involved in serious crimes without providing evidence that can be accessed. Who were the eyewitnesses interviewed. The link in that section labeled “accounts” is a link to an ad.

One of the swat team members at the scene of the mysterious boat barrage has said that Dzhokhar’s neck injury looks like a knife wound. Possible vocal cord surgery performed by the FBI on the scene? There is that photo of an FBI associate kneeling over Dzhokhar at the scene with his hands on Dzhokhar’s neck area.


The eyewitness “accounts” link has now been removed. What did the eyewitnesses have to say?
Did they explain how Dzhokhar was able to escape
from all those police with weapons when he most likely had none? Are you sure the eyewitnesses weren’t planted in the area?


Great article, Russ.
I just recently learned yesterday that Tamerlan was a suspect in the triple murder case as well as the other Chechen man in Florida that was shot by an FBI agent after he made a confession to those murders. So it does seem that these Chechen men are certainly no upstanding citizen types. Could it be that the brothers were “flipped” by an unknown US agency to become useful dupes for another agenda?
Also, remember that John Miller was one of the few men to interview Osama bin Laden back in 1998. Small world, isn’t it?


I agree, excellent reporting. Gog, couple of points you might find interesting. In the Orlando slaying of Todashev, I learn from the Guardian that Todashev was being questioned in his home after midnight by an FBI agent, two Massachusetts state police officers and ‘other law enforcement officials’ and was about to sign a ‘confession’. Beggars belief doesn’t it.


Are you aware of any actual evidence that either Tamerlan or Todashev committed those murders in Waltham? How do you know that Todashev confessed? He’s dead and the FBI doesn’t tape their interrogations.


Honestly, I’m not aware of any evidence; just what I’ve read in Mainstream sources.


I find it troubling that news organization are reporting as fact that Tsarnaev and Todashev did the triple murder in 2011. Todashev’s wife says he wasn’t even in the Boston area in Sept. 2011. They may well have done it, but we have no evidence so far, just speculation.


I saw an article today that stated Tamerlan Tsarnaev told Brendan Mess he was being watched by FBI several weeks before the murder in 2011. I have doubts that Tamerlan would have committed these murders if he knew he was being watched. But I do wonder if he was employed by the FBI when Brendan Mess was murdered, and an FBI agent told Tamerlan to stay away from the whole ordeal. They may have said we don’t want you associated with this. That would explain why Tamerlan didn’t go to the funeral. This may have been part of the operation to a future setup imo.

Gary Welsh

Russ, There’s more murkiness and confusion than what you’ve detailed here. The FBI charging affidavit contained a factual error insofar as the location of where the carjacking supposedly took place. The affidavit claims the carjacking occurred in Cambridge, but it actually occurred across the river in Boston according to the victim’s account, who seem to give varying accounts of what happened the more he talked. That’s critical since it was claimed the Tsarnaev brothers conducted the carjacking nearby the location of where Collier was shot and killed and only moments later. They would have had to have headed in the opposite direction (east) and then backtracked to show up on the surveillance cameras at the convenience store and the ATM machine much further west of Cambridge. Additionally, the time line in the affidavit is off about 90 minutes. The surveillance images of the Tsarnaevs the night of the Watertown shootout contain a bit of an anomaly. The images captured at the convenience store showed Tamerlan wearing a hat that is identical in color and style to the one worn by bin Laden in the fake video the CIA put out a couple of years after 9/11; Dzhokhar has his hoody pulled up. The ATM surveillance camera shows Dzhokhar wearing the hat Tamerlan was shown wearing at the convenience store and his hoody left down.
If you can get the live footage shown on the local TV station in Boston that night, I would highly encourage you to review it. I watched it streamed live over the Internet that night. What I saw unfold live was quite different than what was reported later. I would swear that the scene shown live looked more like a set up for filming an action scene in a movie than a real live event unfolding. Most of the cops were acting very relaxed and it was very confusing to follow. The cameraman got separated (his name was Neil Armstrong, I kid you not) from the on-the-scene reporter. When he the cameraman came back, he provided the footage showing the man laying face down in the street. This supposedly happened right as the shootout ended. Yet the cameraman was allowed to walk alongside the police as they approached the suspect we were told had been engaged in the shootout with police. Later, we see a suspect stripped naked being escorted to a police car in handcuff who looked exactly like Tamerlan. I’m convinced that entire shootout in Watertown was staged. It was not real. You should also ask why the first police officer to engage the brothers after Collier’s shooting and after the carjacking victim had been released and alerted the authorities of their whereabouts and the vehicle they were driving was a transit district police officer. A transit cop who just happened to be best friends with Collier, a campus cop. In other words, two wannabe cops, were the first to encounter these two men who were supposedly heavily armed. Only one handgun was retrieved at the scene of the Watertown shooting. Further, there were no bombs that were set off in Watertown, Russ. It never happened. Maybe some firecrackers went off, but there were no bombs exploded. Period.


Nice summary. To clarify one thing, however, Based on scanner reporting that night – it was within a minute after the carjacking was reported that dispatch was already tracing the “lo-jack” pings from the Mercedes – He cleared announced the Mercedes was located at 81 Dexter (which is 3 or 4 blocks up from Laurel) immediately following – officer “16” requests officer “19” if he can go after the car – “19” responds by asking for clarification – “16” explains he use to work in the area and knows it well – “19” affirms. Another officer asks “16” if he needs a ride (weird question) and “16” responds he is already in route. “19” then reminds dispatch to tell everyone responding to be advised the suspects are armed. Then the BOLO is issued for 2 middle eastern men, 5’7″ slender, one dark, the other with facial hair (no hat is mentioned) driving the Mercedes, license # “wanted in connection with MIT shooting” heading for Manhatten. That is repeated again. Moments later all hell breaks loose.


I thought it was interesting that the carjacking victim was a foreigner. I immediately thought to myself…of course the script used someone they could control…threats and such since he wasn’t a citizen. They could pay him or scare him into saying any version of a story. I also can’t get over the fact that “Danny” has stated he sat in the drivers seat with car keys and a cell phone while the 2 brothers loaded items into the back of the vehicle. Why wouldn’t he just speed away? My question may seem like a non-issue to some but it certainly seems like a better get-away than sitting next to the carjacker and having to unclip a seatbelt, opening a door, and running across the street. BUT of course that scenario works better since it allowed the story to portray them using the ATM and discussing their New York plot in all that time before his “dramatic” escape.


This is my first time on the site. Excellent work.

William Shanley

Bravo! Keep going…


The strangeness of this case continues to mount. Donohue, doubly unlucky, twice Johnny-On-The-Spot. Two elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team members involved in the shootout with the Marathon suspects apparently fallen to their deaths from a helicopter in a training exercise. The unraveling circumstances surrounding the (shocking) death in Florida of the Other Chechen. The CIA ties of the Tsaranaev’s Uncle Ruslan. The FBI’s prior monitoring of the brothers hidden from the public. The evidence-free assertions by revolving-door CBS reporter and FBI spokesman Miller. The carefully imprecise reporting of the MSM tendentiously implicating the Tsaranaevs in the slaying of Collier. The unwarranted reticence of Officialdom. Tweets and reports of Drills the day of the bombing. The unexplained presence and behavior of the Craftsmen.

One sour note after another. Is that a Mighty Wurlitzer playing?


Just wanted to know where you saw that the two FBI Hostage Rescue Team members that fell to their deaths in a training exercise were involved in the shootout with the Marathon suspects? I read a few articles about their accident that made no mention of any involvement with Boston Bombing incident.


Ferb71, you are correct, the FBI HRT was not involved in the shootout, they were involved in the arrest of the younger Tsaranaev hiding in the boat. Nor does the article explicitly say which members of the HRT were on the ground in Boston making the arrest, so it is only my assumption the two agents who died were on the scene when the apprehension went down.

12th paragraph:


whatdoesitmean, Thanks, this a very interesting connection!


Nonetheless, while the HRT was not involved in the earlier shootout, they were involved in the subsequent “shoot-at” at the younger brother holed up in the boat who at some point decided it would be a good idea to scribble out his confession either prior to or after being greivously wounded. A fair question: Does the HRT always act as a team–would the fallen agents have been in Boston as a matter of course or is the team regularly divided up and given separate assignments?


He scribbled out a confession (in a style quite unlike his Twitter feed) with a pen that happened to be on hand, while cramped in a boat under a tarp. What was the lighting like under the tarp? Did he have a flashlight? He was probably already wounded, since some of his wounds were attributed to shrapnel, though he may have received additional wounds in the attack on the boat.

Dianne Foster

He used the word “retribution” once and “collateral” in two different sentences. In a dark boat, wounded. Now we see through a glass, darkly.


So you empty a gun to get a gun and draw a bunch of attention to yourself?
I am sure 2 hardcore terrorist would know where to get a gun without going thru all that.


And indeed, they already possessed a very powerful semiautomatic weapon which they unloaded on the streets of Watertown!


I think it’s important not only to unearth facts but also to try to identify the most probable alternative scenario they point toward. Maybe I’m misreading Russ’s piece, but it seems to me the most probable alternative scenario is this: Collier was killed, not by the brothers, but by the very same people at the FBI and law enforcement who had such an urgent interest in pinning the bombing on the brothers. Donohue was shot because he witnessed something at the scene of Collier’s murder that pointed toward FBI/law enforcement as the killers.
Can we prove this alternative scenario? Certainly not conclusively. But we mustn’t forget that we’re dealing in probabilities either way, and that there are low and high probability scenarios.
All the evidence suggests that for the first several days after the bombings, the brothers were calm and went about their everyday business. Yes, they could have behaved this way because they are (or were) psycopaths. But an alternative explanation that makes more sense is that they behaved normally because they had not been responsible for the bombings and did not think they were in any trouble. At some point that week they learn that they are to be blamed for the bombing. Maybe they learned it when they turned on their T.V. and saw their pictures being broadcast by the FBI. Or maybe (as the mother asserts) the FBI called up Tamerlan and said, “We know you did it!” Either way, the brothers learn that they are to be blamed and so they run for it, only to be caught by a fairly vicious manhunt triggered by an improbable/weird police officer murder.


One line in an article stated that MIT Ofc. Sean Collier volunteered at the same gym Tamerlan Tsarnaev used to box at. The owner said it was doubtful they ever crossed paths…but no one has confirmed they didn’t know each other. I keep going back to that statement. If Tamerlan was setup, maybe, just maybe he called someone he thought he could trust (Collier) to help him and in turn Collier was shot (by ??) because he heard the truth. A small but important detail that has never been addressed by anyone yet keeps me wondering.

Dianne Foster

Collier and Donohue knew each other because they both trained together at the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority) academy. I don’t know why Donohue was involved with the showdown with the Tsarnaev’s in Watertown, but Collier was shot as an MIT cop. I don’t think it was ever alleged that Donohue was employed by MIT. Perhaps he found out about Collier’s being taken to Mass General Hospital – there were several Collier siblings there to check up on their brother according to reports – so he might have pursued matters after getting the word about his friend. But I just don’t think we know enough to say that. What could he have known about a connection between the Tsarnaev’s and the shooting at MIT? When could he have known it? Were there other MBTA police on the scene in Watertown? But even though it is plausible he was steamed about what he thought was a set-up, how could he have known at that point that the Tsarnaev’s were set up for the bombing, and therefore the shooting? It’s confusing, unless you just view the whole thing as a fabrication, except perhaps two MBTA-trained guys having been shot, one fatally.


When the carjacking was first reported – dispatch received the code-jack system in the Mercedes and immediately had pings coming back from 81 Dexter Ave. and reported this on air. Officer “16x” whoever that is – responded by requesting from officer “19” to go after the car (at this time it was a simply carjacking). He informed “19” that he had worked in Watertown before and was familiar with the area. “19” affirmed and sent two others. It was maybe 2-3 minutes later “16x” reports visual – dispatch advises him to move in – and then all hell breaks out.


My thoughts exactly! This makes a whole lot more sense than the official stories.


Great work…true investigative reporting, the way it should be. Some facts: Did you know there are only 200 Chechen immigrants in the US? That is a TINY amount , and within that tiny amount you have 3( two brothers and 1 in Florida) people who are tied to terrorist acts. You also have the Uncle of the bombers, Uncle Ruslan, who is related to Graham Fuller, a top CIA official for over 30 years. So out of the 200, 4 Chechens are linked to a terrorist act/connections to the CIA. I’m curious if Ibragim Todashev visited Chechnya with the older brother, maybe attended the same workshops with the JamesTown Foundation in Daegestan? Were they CIA recruits?


Interesting. Do you have supporting evidence for the 200 number?


I saw an article today that stated Tamerlan Tsarnaev told Brendan Mess he was being watched by FBI several weeks before the murder in 2011. I have doubts that Tamerlan would have committed these murders if he knew he was being watched. But I do wonder if he was employed by the FBI when Brendan Mess was murdered, and FBI agent told Tamerlan to stay away from the whole ordeal. They may have said we don’t want you associated with this. That would explain why Tamerlan didn’t go to the funeral. This may have been part of the operation to a future setup imo.


Among the many whacked out things said by Alex Jones – occassionaly he hits on one that might have legs. In connection to the Mess killing, Jones speculates either Russian Mafia, (because they are heavily into drug running etc) or the FBI. His theory is that both would have a motive to do this because they eliminate competition (Russian Mafia) or bad guys (FBI) and both could easily convince Tamerlan (not the brightest bulb) they have manufactured evidence to implicate him and thereby have leverage to blackmail him into working for either. He left for Russia shortly thereafter – after he was already on everybody’s radar – So – I dont buy the “he slipped through the cracks” story at all.
Just two cents –


Where did you get the idea that Tamerlan was not “the brightest bulb”? It’s my understanding he wanted to be an engineer and was thought of by some, including Uncle Ruslan (if you can believe anything he says), as very smart.

Jimmy cracks capricorns

Please keep asking the tough questions. I smells rats all over this event – from the hired goon mercenaries to the FBI knowing about these guys before and somehow they are not on a no fly list, to the Officer Collier murder, and the 500 rounds of ammo shot at two persons who hardly had any way to return fire. The explosive devices were almost certainly firecrackers (m-80 types)…..


Great work, Russ. I also had eery thoughts of Officer Tippit immediately upon hearing the breaking news of a slain MIT police officer. That was my first thought (another Tippit?). I agree that it had the (un?)intended consequence of turbo-charging the convictions of both Oswald and the Tsarnaev brothers.


I second what Erich said. Great work, Russ!

Also, I want to mention to the other readers on here that Russ has held up his end of the bargain by writing this outstanding article. Now it’s now our job to publicize it to social media sites. That is, if we truly want to effect change.


I shared it hours ago. Unfortunately, I don’t think most people can handle the cognitive dissonance for more than a few seconds. “What the hell, this guy’s trying to make me think. Back to CNN. Oh look, tornadoes!”

Ralph Hornsby

Police scanner had Colliers killer as a

120 lb. 5’5 Black Male then as a Hispanic male wearing cowboy hat.


There was 2 eyewitnesses seeing this guy at 15 Vasser and a Marriot employee (down the street from the shooting on Main) who id’d him as well.


In addition, the officers arriving on scene of the MIT shooting reported there were two surveillance cameras overlooking the site. The initial BOLO issued for the shooter was based on the eye witnesses and the surveillance cameras.


Excellent article!


My guess is that it is one of the FBI’s “Nightstalkers” :

Where are the listening devices planted is the question and who is being surveilled and why?


That is some kind of crazy.


What did the bomb scare at the federal courthouse have to do with the Rosebud moment?

Also, simple question: “Dzhokhar, what happened to you in the boat?”


Thank you for giving us this time line of the press releases about particular incident occurring in the context of a national event. It shows us how the official announcements change with time, I also appreciate that you are not jumping in and presuming to supply your own theory as “the truth”. Keep up the good work.


This is the first time I’ve been to this site, and based on this article I’d guess it is a very clever counter intel operation designed to instill doubt in the doubters. The major clues, unquestioned faith in anonymous sources and illogical behavior. A bad script is still a bad script, no matter how many treatments you give it.


Being the first time you’ve been here, you clearly know nothing. Go read Family of Secrets by Russ Baker and get back to us.


Well now I’m confused, the last of the article is much more credible than the opening. Perhaps my initial judgement was hasty based on a writing style.

Ignatius P. Reilly

The lesson here, commenters, is rather simple: Dont comment on an article until you have read it in its entirety–and carefully. Be respectful of writers, and of your fellow readers.


I am going to presume you (Russ) are sitting on the Scanner chatter until you can get a real person to interview – because its clear the brothers didnt shoot the MIT officer – the carjacking location is incorrect and as pointed out below – they were driving around in circles that night in and around Watertown for some reason. Have you been able to determine why the BOLO issued after the carjacker “got away” was for 2 middle eastern men” 5’7″,slender, one dark, one lighter skinned with facial hair? Based on those descriptions, Tamerlan was not at the gas station.


Don’t forget to look into BRIAN GLYN WILLIAMS: “I hope I didn’t contribute to it.” CIA/Jamestown Foundation.


that’s interesting…


This from Russia with love.

The old bear Putin is wagging his finger, looking down his nose with those black old bear eyes and saying “no, no, no, not in my house.”

Not ready to say a picture is emerging from all the dots being collected here, but…the vague outline is


Are the Boston Bombings and the Dagestan/Chechnya connection of the suspects, the recent expulsion of 2 US “diplomats” from Russia -one highly involved in the aging US anti-corruption crusade in Russia and the Maginsky affair related?


I don’t find it that surprising that the Tsarnaev brothers were at MIT, since they lived fairly near there, on Norfolk Street.

What I do find a little odd is that initial reports suggested that the carjacking took place at MIT, when in fact it happened in Allston, which is in Boston and not all that close to the Kendall Square/MIT area. Why did the brothers drive from MIT (if they were at MIT) into Allston if they intended to go to Watertown?

After they highjacked the SUV, they apparently drove back to Cambridge and down Memorial Drive where they stopped at the Shell Station for gas. If they were at MIT, why didn’t they just get onto Memorial Drive from there?

Maybe they were just driving around randomly, but they did go to places that were familiar to them. Tamerlan had trained at a gym in Allston, and they knew people in Watertown.

Anyway, I appreciate this interesting piece.


According to scanner recordings that night – the carjacking is reported to have occured at 1001 Cambridge at Richey’s Shell. According to the carjacking victim they went back to Watertown at least twice. Once to ditch the Green Honda and once to retrieve CD’s from the Honda. The carjacking victim remembers the street sign “Fairfield”. The drove to a Bank of America ATM in Waltham to pull money from the carjacking victims account – the surveillance photo is time stamped as 11:14. They doubled back to the Shell Station on Memorial for gas and lost the carjacking victim – and proceeded back to Watertown – lo-jack picked them up at 81 Dexter. And from there is where all hell breaks loose.


I don’t know where you are getting your information. Much of what was reported early on turned out to be incorrect–including the Cambridge police report. This is the first time I’ve seen anyone claim the route included Cambridge St, which is in the opposite direction from the route the suspects took.

According to the carjacking victim “Danny,” interviewed for the Boston Globe, the highjacking took place on Brighton Ave. in Allston. Link:

They then turned right on Fordham Rd. and then right again on Commonwealth Ave.


As you can see, the Shell station is on the corner of Memorial Dr. and River St. There is a Mobile station on the other side of River St., where “Danny” called 911.

Here’s another Boston Globe article that describes the route they took that night and explains that many of the places the went to were quite familiar to the alleged bombers, especially Tamerlan.


I transcribed the scanner chatter of Boston, MIT and Cambridge PD’s the night of the shootout from 10 mins before the MIT officer was shot to about 2:30 am or so – when the PD’s switched to an encrypted channel. It is crystal clear – the brothers did not shoot the MIT officer, the carjacking is reported at 1001 Cambridge at “Richey’s Shell and more. Its tedious, but if you listen to it all – it is mistakable that the “official” narrative does not follow the scanner reporting from the field – and it is clear LE encountered much more than we are being led to believe. Here is the best recording of that evening I could find (there more – but you have to hunt around for them
this begins at 10:20pm and goes all night – but it gets pretty bureacratic after 3:00 am –


Thanks, but I listened to it that night. In the heat of the moment events often get reported incorrectly. But it sounds like you have your mind made up and aren’t even convinced by the report from the man whose car was highjacked.

Best wishes.


His story doesnt match the scanner feeds. The BOLO issued minutes after officer “19” took his statement and the Shell clerks statement (at Memorial and River) are for 2 middle eastern men 5’7″, slender, one dark, the second lighter with facial hair. Nothing about the White Hat that shows up in the surveillance photos(?) And that description matches JT, but does not come near Tamerlan – who was 6’4″ and 220. The timeline from the carjacking to – letting the carjacker seems a bit out of whack considering how much driving back and forth across town they did – the ATM surveillance photo is time stamped for 11:14 and seems way to early in his story for them to be making a cash run. They had to ditch the Honda in Watertown and retrieve “baggage.” Drive around some more – go back to the Honda to get tapes. Fail at 2 ATM attempts before they score and then go get it gas? The news of the carjacking broke on the scanners at around 12:35 am. That’s 80 minutes – Danny says he was in the car for 90? I have listened and transcribed from three PD’s reporting that night – all three are pretty much in agreement – Fog of War theory applies only to the shoot out – and yet all three PD’s I listened to – agree on the shoot out as well.


“The ATM surveillance photo is time stamped for 11:14” ?? You have a photo with a time stamp? A still shot taken from video surveillance with a time stamp I have never seen –Can you post this please–I want to add it to my collection of the bizarre! Thanks bunches!!


I listened to the scanner the entirety of that night too. Everything was chaos and confusion… We can’t be surprised that a few details don’t line up.


I am inclined to believe that we can apply the “fog of war” theory to the shoot out. But everything from 10:20 pm until 12:50 am when the shoot out began – was simple, and bureacratic, officers doing their job – following up the 7-11 robbery, searching for evidence at MIT, reporting the carjacking – tracing the pings of the lo-jack – simple straight forward.
Further, the three PD’s scanner feeds I transcribed from that night are pretty much in agreement. There was one disagreement over when to release the surveillance photos – between Boston and MIT – but everything else was consistent with each others feeds.
I don’t understand why the “official narrative” differs so much from the real time field reports – but I figure they have their reasons.

Dianne Foster

Don’t you think that just as there are smoke bombs of bombing there can be fog machines of war? You know, like the British psy-op of the “the man who never was”?

I recall seeing television footage of the police and cameramen holding their respective pieces on a kid on the ground with long wavy brown hair topped by a cap. I stayed up until 2 AM watching (I live near Boston). He was near a stone fence-wall lying on the sidewalk of a side street, much like a more distant view seen in another film. To my eye, he could not have been either of the suspects, as he had a heavy build like Tamerlyn’s, but he was not the same in coloration or age – looked younger. You could never see his face. It looked like a case of mistaken identity. Actually, there are cars passing the whole time. The area isn’t really secured. Later, I heard they bused residents out. But how many and where to I don’t know. My brother, who had checked into a Harvard Square hotel that night, although asked to stay inside, went out in his car the next day and toured the area without difficulty – although it was very quiet and residents had opted to stay inside as businesses were closed. He had come on business, from the West Coast, and it wasn’t possible to get anything done so he got on the next plane and left the area.


I dont recall a “cap” but the kid your referring to was detained and later released. He was located at Upland and Mt Auburn – because just above that stone wall you referred is a the funeral home sign Bedrosians or something like that sits on that corner.

Dianne Foster

While it is impossible to remember everything said in news reports during the night of April 18/19, one thing I heard was that these Tsarnaev’s had a place in Watertown. Did you ever hear that? Yes, the mom lived on Norfolk, St., Cambridge, but they had a separate place allegedly. This prompted me to check it out on google maps. I saw that the shoot-out was going on between two Armenian churches. There may have been other venues. It struck me as odd that Chechens (who are Muslims) would have lived in an enclave of people whose forebears survived the Armenian genocide (done by Turks) and who later emigrated to America by way of places like Lebanon. But then to me the boys didn’t look as much like Uncle Ruslan as they did like classic Armenians, those faces with big dark eyes you see in an icon. So I pondered the connection.

Another fact: Watertown has undergone a transformation in recent years. The Arsenal there, actually a series of large brick structures and commanders’ housing used since the Civil War to create weapons, has been transformed (the older renovation is a shopping mall with Home Depot and Marshall’s etc.), with a new gym and also a theatre. The staging area for the vehicles used in the shootout was filled to the brim with emergency vehicles – I believe it was one of the parking lots of the arsenal. The opposite side of the main drag in Watertown contains a mall with the local Mass Department of Motor Vehicles. Suffice it to say that there could have been a mix of first responders and crisis actors on hand, interacting. The number was out of all proportion to the Tsarnaev “threat”. It was in short a second drill.

The “shelter in place” for six towns and Boston was the last part of the drill.

What do I see for Dzokhar up ahead? Some compliant lawyers who will plea bargain him to life imprisonment (it can be no less), and the alleged sentencing to a cell at Devens (formerly known as Fort Devens), a military prison with psychiatric facilities. Will this CIA asset really be kept there? I doubt it. He’s somewhere else probably by now.

Come to think of it, what ever happened to John Walker Lindh, Johnny Taliban, whose father has spook written all over him? I doubt if the actor even looks the same anymore. He’s elsewhere probably too. But the psy-op served its purpose to get the opinions lined up the right way about anyone who’d take a deep interest in Islam and actually try to go there. It always seemed to me that kid looked and sounded like an Israeli. But hey, I’m a hard sell in any case.


Some general clarity comes from Sibel Edmonds->Boston Bombing: The US roots of “Chechen” terrorist In my opinion we have been watching FBI Follies, and episode after episode of “As the Tale Turns”. It all started with a lie called False Flag Gone Crazy. If there were not actual deaths and lives ruined this bull crap could be considered entertainment; however, at this point, I consider it treason from the top down! What happened with Officer Collier will most likely never be known; in my opinion, only the FBI knows the answer. The police scanner cannot be considered an accurate source regarding the turn of events; the one piece of this puzzle that has unquestionable clarity is that tax paid officials have been provided a script in order to present a lie to the American people.


Which police scanner is not accurate, and more importantly WHY? There were several PD’s broadcasting that night – Boston, MIT, Cambridge, Essex and more – all responded – all had their share of domestic calls, fires, robberies etc., interspersed with the calls specific to the MIT shooting, the carjacking and then the shootout. Why would YOU question scanner chatter not be accurate. It is the only real time record – and it is because of that record that so much of the “official” narrative following the shootout has been revised and then revised again. Recently, LE was unnerved enough about questions regarding the scanners, that it was complelled to disavow its own scanner reporting regarding the stolen “State Black SUV” saying they didnt know how their system was hacked, and fake broadcasts were sent out. WTF? The three PD’s I have listened to, all reported that – how did someone hack all three systems?


Your question is answered in my comment. I believe we are dealing with a planned script!! All who would be needed to ensure the script was believable would have been instructed in what part they had to carry!! It’s called intrinsic corruption at every level of government and public service. It is the reason why those who are stuck in denial must WAKE UP! We need those who want our country back to join forces and not bicker among themselves. A sprinkle of truth here and there to carry a conspiracy means nothing.


I try not to speculate as much. I have read, I have listened, I have transcribed – As best I can – I let what I have found dictate the narrative. That the evidence found thus far points to diverging narratives is now a reasonable determination, OR utter incompetence, depraved ass covering and a pile of coincidences that stink to high heaven. What evidence is lacking is a motive for telling tales, and multiple revising of the “official narrative”. There is certainly plenty of circumstantial evidence to make any number of guesses, but nothing thus far that ties it all together. Keep on plugging.

Dianne Foster

I agree that it is intrinsic corruption at every level, including those unwilling to examine the underlying facts of the matter who mindlessly repeat what they are told, and who become very indignant with those questioning such a big lie. The bigger the lie, the more in-your-face, the more it is accepted because to do otherwise implies something truly sinister and scary, potentially life-threatening.

On one level, you might want to ask that had this simply been a Marathon drill without the shoot-out (and without the shut-down of six nearby towns and Boston), how would it have been useful? I imagine the imposition of restrictions on travel and business on Friday 4/19, making a second three-day week-end could be argued as a drill as well. But the legal ramifications, the “solution” of a two year old triple murder case – this bleeds into other areas of government than first responder training and civil defense drill of “shelter in place.” It moves into the press rights and propaganda. It bleeds red stage blood over the whole Constitution, and asserts a power which trumps it in times of government created emergency.

These are the times that try men’s souls.


Seems these false flag attacks are very similar to the attacks that lead up to the patriot act. This time there will be a gun law that will be taken more seriously by gov representatives just like when anthrax was sent to representatives, this time I fear they will have to kill some representatives in a gun violence false attack to pass these laws (courteous cia/black-ops of course).


You ever get the feeling the FBI/CIA/DIA/NSA theme song is a variation on “Something to Talk About” ?

People are talkin, talking ’bout people

I hear them whisper, you won’t believe it

They fear terrorists kept under cover

Try to ignore it, but they keep playing

Stories of ogres and terrorists
Worries of Islamic Jihadists
We stare at FOX a little too long

I think they’re seeing, something we don’t, Darlin’


Let’s give them something to talk about

Let’s give them something to talk about

Let’s give them something to talk about

How about hate?

verse 2

They feel so foolish, they never noticed
They act so nervous, could they be afraid of us?

It took a rumor to make them wonder

Now they’re convinced they’re going under

Thinking ’bout death every day

And fearing us every night

Hoping that they won’t notice us
Hell, now they know it, let’s really show it, Darlin’



Let’s give them something to talk about

A little mystery to figure out

Let’s give them something to talk about

How about fear, and loathing?


Let’s give them something to talk about

Let’s give them something to talk about

Let’s give them something to talk about

How about fear, and loathing?


The weeds are important. Including the weed and maybe other substances that DT appears to have been dealing. Has anyone tried to follow the drugs?


I have seen nothing about dealing – only what everyone else has seen – they were recreational users. B Mess, the friend of TT was the dealer.

Anya This article says JT was just a small time dealer, but small time illegalities make people vulnerable to threats and manipulation by law enforcement officials.


Okay – a little better. But still in a court of law it would be considered hearsay. However, having said that – it still leaves open the possibility. What we know is: that “a known” and “long time” weed dealer like Brendon Mess was murdered in a specific drug culture way – and was a “best friends” with Tamerlan. I just read where Mess’s girl friend at the time said that he (Mess) was beat up pretty bad by his dealer for not making payments on time – and that he bought a gun and took lessons on handling a handgun.
Russian fighters, like Tamerlan (not the brightest bulb) are “muscle” for Russian Mafia. It is speculated on blogs like the one you posted above – that Russian Mafia and the FBI would have motive to knock off a dealer like Mess because they eliminate the competition (Russian Mafia) and/or get the bad guys (FBI) – but they get a “twofor” because they can easily convince Tamerlan they can manufacture evidence against him – and leverage him to play ball for their team.
Remember Uncle Ruslan’s heartfelt condemnation of BOTH brothers – but he was especially nasty about Tamerlan. Could it be Uncle Ruslan recrutied Tamerlan to work for the company – but he showed little initiative and eventually got hooked on his handlers version of Islam and went in another direction altogether? Maybe the leverage was meant to pull him back in – and then ? Who knows what? But now I am speculating – enuff said.


We are all speculating and what you say makes sense as a possibility. My point is only that one needs to take the drug scene into account to understand what was going on. For example, it could explain TT and JT being in the area when Mess and the others were killed, without necessarily implicating them. It could also explain why they panicked and fled when named as persons of interest in the bombing, even if they didn’t do it. And if the FBI/police had a hold over Ibragim Todashev or JT’s young friends who took his backpack, because they were using drugs and were vulnerable to being deported even for a petty crime, those individuals had a motive to follow the script suggested to them when they told their stories.


Agreed. The drug angle suggests LE was operating on a dual track – with the brothers thinking one thing when LE was setting them up for another. It explains why they hung around for three days after the bombing, going to school, taking care of his little girl -like they were not involved with “that”. And then fled as it dawned on them what was happening. It makes that video of them in the shoot out – yelling “we didnt do it” all the more chilling.


What video?


there are (someone correct me) at least 2 and maybe three indpendent videos posted on U-tube of minutes of the shootout taken by residents inside their homes watching the shootout – one in particular is only a couple hundred feet from where the brothers are standing – and you can hear them clearly say “we didnt do it” multiple times – to the point of almost begging. You can hear the people inside the house saying to themselves they are saying they didnt do it. Another one I recall might be Ketzenberg’s room mate (it is approximately the same angle and site line as the Ketzenberg photos – just slightly lower – 2nd floor maybe – again it is pretty clear what you are hearing. And a third – video taken further back away from the shooting – but you see the police cars and hear the yelling – and barely make out they are saying.


There is also a video of a man detained on the ground. The police check his ID and say “It’s him!” and instantly an officer begins flipping lids of trash cans presumably looking for Dzhokhar or “bombs/weapons”. The man on the ground asks repeatedly to be read his rights (in a thick Russian accent) and the cops tell him no.


this is freaking amanzing –
1) this supports (not confirms -yet) the Scanner feeds that officers where shot at on Adams Street by someone driving a stolen State Police SUV (after the Laurel/Dexter shoot out).
2) Once the shooting stopped – a higher up officer requested all officers in the field – who had discharged their firearm to come back to the Armenian church parking lot (also he wanted to clear the traffic jam on the streets as more PD arrived on the scene. He also asked for officers in the field engaged in a crime scene to report in –
3) officers from Laurel & Dexter reported suspect down etc., – officers at Hazel and Dexter reported suspect in custody Naked Man per CNN reporter?) and officer down – officers at Upland and Mt Auburn reported suspect on the ground ascertaining status (this was kid in the brown sweats who was released) – officers at 526 Mt Auburn reported suspect in custody (that was the only time you heard about this arrest and I had assumed it was mistaken with Upland – but this tape clearly shows it was another suspect taken into custody.
This means four suspects at four different locations where stopped/arrested that night. And this does not include Johar(JT) who is on foot after having abandoned his Mercedes at Sprue and Lincoln.
This (for me) confirms the chaos that night on the scanner feeds. Officers were taking on a lot more than we are being led to believe. There was a reason the brothers were circling this neighborhood that night (at least three times that we know of) and there was a reason for the 24 hour colonoscopy of this neighborhood. LE was looking for accomplices and/or handlers.


Do you feel there are more involved than just TT and JT? Or do you feel this was a distraction created by LE or FBI? Or were they just going after all the “Tamerlan” look-alikes out at 2-3am?


I dont really know for sure…I am relaying what I wrote down from the scanner feeds and then step back and draw a conclusion or two based on all the background info from here and elsewhere.

What I know is this:

1) There is scanner feed, photos and Utube video showing and describing a shootout at Laurel and Dexter – with at least 2 suspects and maybe 3 described on air.

2) There is scanner feed, photos, Utube feed of Naked Man arrested and in custody somewhere Hazel and Dexter – oh as well as CNN eyewitness Gabe something or other.
3) There is scanner feed, and CNN video of the kid in the brown sweats face down at Upland and Mt Auburn.
4a.) There is scanner feed of officers being fired upon at Adams Street.
4b.) There is scanner feed of an arrest at 526 Mt Auburn (at Adams Stree) as well as now Utube video above of 2 suspects being taken into custody.
5) there is scanner feed of a suspect on foot following shooting at officers at Spruce and Lincoln.
Since we think Tamerlan is down at Laurel – he cant be any of the others.
Since Johar presumably drove past officers straight down Laurel and continued straight to Spruce (Spruce becomes Laurel) and Lincoln. He cant be any of the others.
That leaves Naked Man, Face Down Man (later released) and the two in the above video being arrested at Mt Auburn and Adams.
I count minimum of 4 suspects – and as many as 6 – possibly 7 if there is more to the confused, reports at Laurel and Dextar.
This is what I think I know. My conclusion at this point is that there is a lot more packed in that time frame of 10:20 pm to 3 am than we have been led to believe – and judging from the raw emotion and confusion of those 10 minutes from 12:45 am to 1:55 am there was more going on than those early responding officers expected.


Here is the article I referenced above – I pulled it from a poster to this site down thread.

Anya Here’s an interesting thread about it positing that they were at the Marathon to deal.


while I am not a big fan of “godlike” I recognize their value. The thread, as far as I can tell, is just guys bs’n – they may or may not be legit – but like I told the other guy who got whacked for bs’n – I try to stick with what I know – and let the narrative dictate itself. If there is an earlier page I can get to that sources what they are talking about – while interesting and points to something else – I have thought of – I will just leave it at that. Moving on to your next post.


I reread the post and read the CNN sources. Hmm? It fits, loosely with something I saw elsewhere as I noted below, but – whew!, thats getting way past my pay grade. I will follow with interested eyes.

Dianne Foster

I imagine I have written this already somewhere, but the probable brother of Brendan Mess (murder victim in Waltham triple murder) is Dylan Mess (white pages lists family members of Brendan in Cambridge), and he was arrested by Boxborough police (blotter Sept. 6, 2010, slightly more than one year before the murders discovered Sept. 12, 2011) because of a faulty tail-light and expired inspection sticker. The Cambridge resident was found in possession of marihuana with intent to sell due to presence of bags and a scale. This suburb is west of Waltham, near the next ring out from Rte. 128 of circumferential highways – Route 495. Whether this connects him with the possible murder house is interesting.


Mess’s girlfriend reports that one of three guys living there (dont think it was his brother though) had been arrested with major stash and cash, served time and was recently released and staying there until he got back on feet.


Anybody catch this one? These guys were both members of an elite FBI team that responded in Boston. A little swan dive from a hello into the Rio de la Pla… Er, the North Atlantic. Needs follow-up: what might they have known?


This article is from the mighty New York Times re: the FBI putting together sting operations to capture the most incompetent, ambivalent, pathetic “terrorists” you ever saw. Maybe Boston wasn’t a “false flag,” but could have been one of these that went all too wrong.
Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the FBI


Interesting how the AP and Fox News reporter scandels are about leaks to the press regarding sting operations, who turn around and report – obviously, embarrassing somebody. The arguement these leaks compromise national security is a real stretch.


That’s my hypothesis. I think the FBI tried to get Tamerlan to be an informer. He may have gotten angry at the harassment (which can be constant–just read The Terror Factory or reports on what they did to Todashev) and when he was even turned down for US citizenship, maybe he decided to do his own bombing.

It could also be that the CIA wanted Tamerlan to report back on terrorists in Dagestan/Chechnya area. That would explain why he was able to flight out of JFK so easily–even when he was on at least two watch lists–and then fly out of Moscow easily again with the Russian FSB constantly keeping tabs on him.

Just some idle thoughts…


Russ, you indicate in the first two paragraphs of this piece that you did investigative work at the scene of the shoot-out. Are you planning to write a detailed account of that event? One is needed before I am ready to conclude (as you apparantly have) that the story we have been told by official sources and the mainstream media about the shoot-out is largely accurate.

I do not find it plausible that the two brothers, upon noting the observation of Officer Joe Reynolds, would decide their best chance of escape was to stand illuminated by the headlights of the mercedes and use their one weapon in a shoot-out with Officer Reynolds and all the responding officers soon on the scene.

It would have been much more “natural” for them to jump into one of the vehicles and proceed down Laurel Street to Dexter. Or run into the darkness of the residential properties.

Yes, at some point police officers were on both ends of Laurel (wasn’t Donohue shot on Dexter?) but not at the start of the encounter.

Those photos of those two men standing in the cone of light created by the mercedes really bother me. It seems an ideal position for those taking photographs but the worst possible position for anyone who is being shot at.


You have nailed it. According to the scanner feeds from officers in the field in real time: 1) almost immediately after dispatch reported shots fired – it is reported by dispatch that the suspects are attempting to turn around and flee – 2) officers in the field then report shots fired, suspects are out car firing their weapons – they are on foot running through backyards (google Laurel and Dexter and you will see those are wide open yards – few fences) 3) its then reported from an officer located at Adams Street – shots fired, shots fired – suspects are driving a stolen “State Police” SUV or truck. Dispatch asks if he needs an ambulance? 4) A different officer reports shots fired and confirms “stolen State Police SUV – he announces officer down at Hazel and Dexter. 5) This all takes place in the span of about 8 minutes – officers report suspect and officer down at Laurel & Dexter – 6) officers report officer down at Hazel and Dexter – officers report at least three suspects in custody and one on foot – one at Laurel and Dexter (guy run over) – one at Dexter and Hazel (naked guy) and one at Upland and Dexter (guy in brown sweats – he is later released).


Has anyone in the media or in government written a detailed account of the shoot-out? If so, please post the link.

The Globe reported that Watertown patrolman Jeff Pugliese fired his weapon at TT “from the side” (meaning from a location between the houses along Laurel), wounding TT as he charged into the withering gunfire from Laurel and Hazel..

How many other law enforcement personnel discharged their weapons in the course of the fire-fight? Which departments did they work for and what weapons did they fire?

Were all located at or near the intersection of Laurel and Hazel? If not, where else were they located?

And can anyone provide a plausible explanation of why the man alleged to be DT tried to escape by executing a 180 degree turn in a narrow street (maybe 20 feet wide) and driving toward the substantial police presence at Hazel and Laurel than driving straight ahead toward Dexter?


1. I have followed this pretty closely – and I have to see a detailed report. Several cursory articles have appeared in the Globe and Harold and elsewhere – none are: definitive, rely much on third party witnesses (admittedly it was dark) and frankly- convincing.

2. However, the scanner feeds diverge from the “official narrative” and I have written about that here already.

3. The Mercedes was id’d by lo-jack (according to dispatch) to be located at 81 Dexter. Officer “16” requested to engage and was affirmed.

4. Initial shootout occurred on Laurel – and is verified by the Ketzenberg photos.

5. Dispatch reports “suspects” are attempting to turn around and flee. Officers on the scene then report “suspects” are out of the car – on foot and firing their weapons. (again this is all on scanner recordings at the address I have supplied above). It is at Laurel and Dexter where the “official narrative” tell us that Tamerlan went down – as well as one officer.

6. Hazel is one block north of Laurel, crossed by Dexter. These three streets form a triangle. This is where officers report “stolen State Police SUV” and shots fired, shots fired….and, “officer down.” This is also where the CNN reporter tells us of the Naked Man in custody.

7. There is also reports and video of someone down at UPland/Dexter and Mt.Auburn. We know this because in the footage you can id the funeral home by its sign in the corner of the yard. This is the kid lying face down in the street wearing the brown sweats. He is later reportedly released.

8. The last reports of shots fired is west along Laurel where Laurel becomes Spruce. At @ Spruce & Lincoln officers report shots fired and “officers pinned down” and they drive off the road into someones backyard. Minutes later, other officers id the Mercedes – its still running – as being empty. They begin a search for JT from there. Interestingly – JT is found not more than a couple hundred yards or so 1 block over.

9. The only reason I can think of JT turning around and running the blockade – is that the shoot out was fairly quick – and there was not a lot of police there at the moment he/they made that decision.
They must have thought they could bust through.
Funny thing, the shoot out was over for several minutes and dispatch was still assigning cars to Watertown. It got so bad that several higher ups had to order cars/officers out of the field and into the Greek church and Armenian Church parking lots off of Mt Auburn/Bigelow to clear streets.

Dean Jackson

The article reads, “Whether or not they planted the bombs at the 2013 Boston Marathon, whether or not they acted alone or in concert with others, whether they were ideologues or dupes, it seems evident that they were involved in some kind of violent adventure culminating in the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the shooting and apprehension of his brother Dzhokhar.”

We know no such thing. What we do know is that if the Tsarnaev brothers were true terrorists they would never have chosen the unusually heavy police presence at the finish line, with bomb sniffing dogs patrolling the area and an announced bomb drill minutes before the end of the marathon.

We then have the ludicrous ten-minute shootout at the O.K. Corral, where not only does backup fail to arrive in that ten-minute time span, but the intersections aren’t cordoned off!

We also have a picture of one of the backpacks supposedly used at the marathon. The backpack belongs no neither of the Tsarnaev brothers, but did match the precise description of another spectator photographed with that precise backpack (right down to the distinctive white patch on the top) on him before the bombs exploded, and he’s photographed after the bombing running from the scene without his backpack!

Conclusion: The Tsarnaev brothers were parties, unaware that a drill would go live, which isn’t to say there were fatalities or injuries. There weren’t. Actors posed as wounded/killed, while the bombs themselves weren’t. The devices were nothing more than smoke bombs.


According to this comprehensive article from the New York Times, an officer told one of their reporters that they have evidence that the suspects “went for” Collier’s gun.

“While there is video of two men approaching Officer Collier’s car, three law enforcement officials said, it does not clearly show their faces. But investigators now believe the brothers killed the officer to get another gun.

‘He had a triple-lock holster, and they could not figure it out,” a law enforcement official said. “There is evidence at the scene to suggest that they were going for his gun.'”


According to the scanner feed from MIT dispatch – the officers gun is reported as missing by officers attending to him on the scene. About 10 minutes later it is reportedly found due west at @ 15 Vasser Street. That same officer also reports an eye witness at or near that location.
A second eye witness is reported down Main street – who claims to have seen the 5’11” 200 lb mexican with dark clothes and the cowboy hat. This individual was also the subject of the earlier BOLO issued following the 7-11 robbery on Mass Ave. According to google maps – from that 7-11 to Building 32 Strata were Collier was shot is about 10 minute walk (down Mass left on Vasser)…?
From the eye witnesses and 2 surveillance cameras overlooking the location of where Collier was shot – LE issued their first BOLO for 5’11” mexican etc. etc., as suspect for the 7-11 robbery and the MIT shooting.
Once the carjacking is reported – and then the descriptions and statements are taken from the “Danny” (carjack victim) and the Shell Station Clerk (River and Memorial) – LE issues BOLO for 2 middle eastern men both 5’7″, slender etc., Heading for Manhatten – CONNECTED TO THE MIT SHOOTING.
It seems they went with the carjacking victims story that the brothers admitted they were the MIT shooters.
Hard to believe – but that is what is reported. My question is how did Danny and the Shell Clerk mistake Tamerlan (6’4” 220) – for a 5’7” runt.


Well, according to several people on Twitter and elsewhere, the suspect was initially thought to be a dark-skinned white male, about 250 pounds wearing a bucket hat who stole Officer Collier’s gun and shot him with it.

On Greta Van Susteren’s show on Fox, it was reported that the suspect was someone fleeing from a robbery. There were also reports of suspect seen getting on the Red Line, suspect being dropped off at a Doubletree Hotel, a suspect jumping over the second floor balcony at a building on the MIT campus, etc. Maybe these were all people calling in to police after seeing suspicious activity.

1. Is there a description of the robber of the 7-Eleven?

2. Has the robber of the 7-Eleven been caught?

3. The MIT shooting occurred sometime around 10:23 p.m. on April 18. Danny, the car-jacking victim, said he was sitting in his car just before midnight texting or reading a text. That’s about an hour and a half between Officer Collier getting shot and the car-jacking. What were police scanners saying during that time period about the description of the suspect in the MIT shooting?


I don’t know about the twitter feeds – I followed the Scanners – the description of the 7-11 robbery was announced on air by dispatch – as a BOLO (be on look out) was the 5″11″ 200 lbs, dark clothes, “mexican” (exact words) with a cowboy hat. Officer Collier’s gun was reported missing by responding officers. About 10 minutes later officer(s) on foot verifed the gun had been found somewhere near/around 15 Vasser Street – which is around the corner from the shooting.

Dont know whether 7-11 robbery is closed.

Openging lines from Boston.Com interview with Danny: The 26-year-old Chinese entrepreneur had just pulled his new Mercedes to the curb on Brighton Avenue to answer a text when an old sedan swerved behind him, slamming on the brakes. A man in dark clothes got out and approached the passenger window. It was nearly 11 p.m. last Thursday.
Collier is heard on air calling for officer down, officer down – 10:28 pm
So – it is actually about 30 minutes between Collier shooting and carjacking – scanner feed during this time is: 1) responding to Collier, 2) calls for backup, 3) setting up perimeter, 4) directing officers to the Red Line – 5) finding the officers missing gun – 6) Id’ing a witness at 15 Vasser (confirms the 7-11 BOLO) 8) two officers at the scene of the shooting say they are going upstairs to review and obtain surveillance from two cameras in “good” locations. 9) id’ing another witness down Main street at the Marriot who confirmed the 7-11 BOLO.
10) based on the witness id’s and the surveillance data (I presume) dispatch airs a BOLO for the 7-11 suspect – also wanted in connection with the MIT shooting. This BOLO was issued at least two more times before the carjacking. Theres a lot more – but that is important stuff I think.
As I have stated elsewhere plenty of times the carjacking narrative is at odds with the scanner feeds that night. Following his interview with Danny and the Shell clerk at roughly 12:35 am -Officer “19” clearly states the carjacking took place at 1001 Cambridge in front of Richey’s Shell. (I googled this and there is shell station there)


Also, do we know whether “Danny” is clearly able to understand English and to speak English? Is it possible that there were misunderstandings in the communication between him and law enforcement?


In an article from 2008, it appears the US “felt” the next attack could occur by white Americans or Europeans. Wow, not surprising that they were “correct” yet let Tamerlan Tsarnaev “slip” through the system. How convenient.

Another coincidence:
One line in an article stated that MIT Ofc. Sean Collier volunteered at the same gym Tamerlan Tsarnaev used to box at. The owner said it was doubtful they ever crossed paths…but no one has confirmed they didn’t know each other. I keep going back to that statement. If Tamerlan was setup, maybe, just maybe he called someone he thought he could trust (Collier) to help him and in turn Collier was shot (by ??) because he heard the truth. A small but important detail that has never been addressed by anyone yet keeps me wondering.


that explains why LE emptied the club of its records and tapes – in the days following. The cowinky dinks keep piling up.


One more thing: why did Tarek Ahmed, the clerk in the Mobile gas station into which car jacking victim “Danny” fled, describe Danny as “white”? Danny’s Chinese identity was immediately apparent to the Tsarnaev brothers according to Danny’s story.

Dean Jackson

Why was my comment deleted?

The following is a partial, and approximate, reconstruction of my deleted comment:

The article says, “…whether or not they acted alone or in concert with others, whether they were ideologues or dupes, it seems evident that they were involved in some kind of violent adventure culminating in the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the shooting and apprehension of his brother Dzhokhar.”

No it isn’t evident. The backpack photographed in tatters on the ground did not belong to either of the Tsarnaev brothers, but did belong to another person photographed wearing it (the backpack had a distinctive white patch on top, which neither backpacks belonging to the Tsarnaev brothers had). After the smoke bombs go off that same person is seen running from the scene minus his backpack!


You may have all seen this, but authorities appeared to be staging a reenactment of the shooting of Officer Collier by driving the Tsarnaevs’ green Honda around MIT a couple of weeks ago.

Assuming Officer Collier was shot with the same gun used by Tamerlan Tsarnaev at the Watertown shootout, wouldn’t the ballistics evidence be enough without having to try to identify the car they were driving on MIT surveillance cameras?


photoshop ops


What do you mean?
And, wouldn’t ballistics evidence be enough to claim that Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s gun was used to kill Officer Collier, if that is what has been found to be true?


I cant think of any other reason to recreate the scene than to photoshop the green Honda into the surveillance tapes. You would think ballistics evidence from TT’s gun would be enough to match to the Collier shooting.
(Unless, of course, the evidence doesn’t match, and nor have they located a matching weapon – and, well, need to make some additional evidence.)


I think you guys either have more vivid imaginations than I do or you’re more paranoid than I am.

It’s my understanding that they have surveillance tapes of the area around MIT on the night of the shooting, and want to see if it matches the green Honda.
Also, I’m wondering if they’re not broadcasting their Collier evidence yet because the potential charges against the remaining brother are State of Massachusetts charges and won’t be presented until after the Feds present their case.


wouldnt license plates do it for them? and anyway – doesnt the current “official narrative” go something like – two guys are seen on foot approaching Colliers car from behind? Anyway I have already posted here several times what the surveillance tapes show and what the two eye witnesses say – based on the scanner feeds that night.


How could police manning the scanners that night have already seen the surveillance tapes? That makes no sense.


This is from the MIT scanner.
Two of the officers who arrived at the scene of the MIT shooting – said that two cameras where perched overhead (I am presuming Building 32 where Collier was shot) and provided a “good” view. They said they were going upstairs to get a look at them. Chatter went on for about 10 minutes related to setting up a perimeter, going to check out Red Line directing arriving officers to fan out etc., (The BOLO for the 7-11 robbery had already went out) An officer reported Colliers missing weapon found and that he had a witness (based on the 7-11 description) – this was at 15 Vasser Street, around the corner and down the street from where the shooting occurred. Several minutes later another officer called in from the Marriot on Main street (south of the shooting) and said he had a witness who had seen the guy in the cowboy hat (7-11 BOLO). He was told to stay with the witness until an investigator arrived (I believe “19” but not sure – “19” was a higher up who directed a lot of what went on that night and officers deferred to him). About 20 -30 minutes later MIT issued a BOLO for 5’11′” 200 lbs “Mexican” dark clothes and cowboy hat – WANTED IN CONNECTION WITH 7-11 ROBBERY AND SHOOTING OF MIT OFFICER – this was repeated a few times. And later issued a couple of more times – before the carjacking.
So- dispatch made the call – But it was at the direction of whoever the investigator was and I am assuming in consultation with the two officers who went upstairs to review the Strata Building 32 cameras video. I cant imagine that any higher up would have directed and issued the BOLO that many times without everyone checking and rechecking their facts.

Dianne Foster

It’s the Stata Center. And I am sure you realize the 7-11 on Main St. wasn’t robbed by any Tsarnaev. Nor were they even in a 7-11. The executives of the company are clear on the fact that the picture purporting to be Dzhokar was not taken in a 7-11 anywhere. So the whole sequence which connects the Tsarnaev’s to the events around the shooting just does not fit, nor even the supposed Third Street Cambridge (Kendall Square) carjacking. It’s such a fabrication that you have to ask why the brothers wind up part of a shootout in Watertown unless it was a movie. Too flimsy the way it all fitted together courtesy of Eric Moskowitz of the Globe, in his interview of Danny, the Chinese carjack victim. By the way, Kevin Cullen of the Globe is also pretty useful – he was in Ireland telling them about how Mr. Richard was chasing his daughter’s lost leg down the street to save it. He tried to relate the bombings to the “Troubles”. But kind of lurid. The Globe people have “fine writing” ambitions and people like Emily Rooney are so impressed with the narrative they don’t stop to ask if it is true. Like who cares, man?


I do wonder if the only gun the Tsarnav brother (Tamerlan) had may turn out to be a BB gun – they did report there was a BB gun found. Have not seen a single piece of evidence to show Dzhokhar had any weapon at any time.


ps – they do look quite similar a Ruger 9mm and BB gun


Plus they’re trying to connect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the Ruger he was using to a gun that was supposedly ripped off from the residence of Brendan Mess, during the alleged triple murder of Mess and his two friends back in 2011. This is the crime that the Orlando FBI shooting victim was allegedly confessing to and implicating Tsarnaev in.

Dianne Foster

Of course now they have DNA from the friend that they killed in Orlando.

Woody Box

“…whether or not they acted alone or in concert with others, whether they were ideologues or dupes, it seems evident that they were involved in some kind of violent adventure culminating in the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev and the shooting and apprehension of his brother Dzhokhar.”

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s backpack was not the second bomb. The epicenter was not at the exact location where DT dropped the backpack – it was about 5 meters away. DT obviously was set up as a scapegoat.

Read more:

Second bomb exploded on Forum restaurant’s patio


After giving it a second look from the perspective of the finish line (early contributor provided excellent footage) – the “crown” of the explosion does seem to emerge from further back off the street. But……
My question is – how then did the metal tube fencing get bent outward? That is 6-10 ft from the patio to the mailbox and obviously from the photos of the aftermath there were a lot people in the way in between. The only way the fence could be bent in that way is for enough of the fence to “hook” to the inside of the mail box ( I am doing this from memory) to grab or hook hold of the mailbox as the explosion is pushing the majority of the remaining fence forward and in to the street. Pictures (again from memory) – show people jumping the fence and sliding the fence around the mail box to clear the way for 1st responders. Pictures before the explosion show the Richard family and many others hanging on the fence seemingly between the fence and the explosion. Just asking? Its late and I cant think this through right now?

Woody Box

The distance between the mailbox and the center of the patio is even bigger, something like 15 ft, but keep in mind that there were several injured people inside the Forum restaurant who were previously on the patio and were blown inside. It is impossible that a bomb at the mailbox could have blown several people through the door inside.

This information together with the pictures makes the patio clearly the epicenter of the blast. I’m sure any expert will confirm this. It has already been confirmed by several witnesses anyway.

The Richard family, btw, has been at bomb site #1. This one picture with Martin and DT in the background is obviousl photshopped.


Yes, agreed.


“The Richard family had been trying to get away from the first explosion when they were caught in the second blast.”

Wouldn’t the above statement contradict any statements or photos out there identifying Dzhokhar setting a backpack down near the Richard family?


th eother story is that they had just come back from getting ice cream. And who was the child blown out into the street. Was it martin? Seemed to be a blonde hair child.


I’ve also heard the version of them just getting ice cream as well. I’m not sure who the blonde is you’re talking about though. I honestly haven’t focused too much on the victims photos at the time of the blast.


if they had come back from ice cream – where is it?

Woody Box

The picture with Martin at the barrier and DT in the background is photoshopped! I’m sure I’ve seen the same DT head on another photo. Also, DT left his bag only ten seconds before the Forum explosion – are we to believe that this photo is taken seconds before the second blast?

The Richards family were at the finish line, the first expolsion site! Martin wanted to congratulate his father (he was a Marathon participant). All these stuff that insinuates that the Richards family was at the Forum is disinformation! Check it yourself by googling.


I don’t have the skills to confirm photoshopping but I do concur that certain pictures appear “off” in some way. I submitted the statement from above about the Richards family running from the first blast, to show that they weren’t just casually standing on the fencing when the second bomb went off. According to their own family spokesperson, after the first explosion they were on the move “trying to get to the street” when they were caught in the second blast. That info tells me that the picture being spread of Dzhokhar standing behind the Richards family and supposedly setting the backpack down then is a farce.



Woody Box

I think I found the original picture where they cut out DTs head from – it’s the one after the blast where the discussion was
if he still has his backpack (I think he hasn’t):


there is a creepy guy in foreground looking at dzhokhar and laughing – saw people point him out before – just noticed his B on his jumper.


I’ve always wondered why people pick this picture apart regarding only Dzhokhar but haven’t mentioned the old smiley mcghee right in the center of the picture. Also it’s been mentioned that Dzhokhar “casually” walked away but no one cares to mention the guy with the suit jacket just chilling against the building. None of this proves anything imo but it certainly shows how focused people can be and disregard other bothersome aspects. The guy further back that people suspect could be TT in the khaki pants is actually an asian man with his family. I saw a zoomed in photo of his face before.

Dianne Foster

The story about greeting the father running in the Marathon (how little Martin ran out to kiss him) was withdrawn. Just one more working narrative that didn’t work. Changed to an uncle who was running. Makes little sense.


Okay – I am posting two sets of pictures. The first from the Daily Mail (scroll down to the pictures) shows the Richard family standing in front of a tree (Mom and son) and a shade to the right (Dad and daughter). Orient where they are in relation to the restaurant by keeping mind the green light and blue rolled up awning behind them. Scroll down and look at the graphic scene moments after the explosion – the chairs and tables on the patio are still standing – things are still standing on the tables. You can draw a semi circle from the mail box to the where the little boy went down and see the explosion force centered somewhere behind the tree but not all the way to the patio.
Now go to the coolpix (sorry doesnt allow us to save each pik) You can see they were almost exactly square in front of the Forum. The shrapnel pattern and blood suggests the bomb was placed behind the tree to some degree. I recall an article where Dad said the tree saved his daughters life because it absorbed some of the blast.


Add this to the fodder.

Look at the fourth Mail pic. The one captioned “Chaos. Tsarnaev calmly walks away…” Note the position of Tsarnaev’s left arm. It is anything but a position associated with a walking gait. Compare it to the arm positions of the others fleeing the scene. No doubt he is fleeing the perceived danger zone as well.

Also, in the same photo, who is the man to the rear of Dzhokhar, just to the left of the woman in the pink jacket? He, too, is fleeing danger zone. Note the hat, jacket, and khaki slacks. Is this not Tamerlan? If it is, and he had separated to place the first device at the finish line, why would he have returned through what he would have known was a second danger zone? Logic says he would have exited the area by a safe route. However, if he had maintained a position in proximity to his brother based on their ingress into the area, you would expect his position to be just about where the figure in question is as people panic and flee untold potential danger following the second explosion.


I read somewhere JT has some sort of “gimp” to his gait – I think one leg is shorter than the other or some such thing. Nevertheless it didnt hinder his excellent wrestling abilities.


On another blog I am following – there has been a huge debate over whether that photo has been “shopped” and a backpack removed. Two guys with years of experience – eventually agreed to disagree but did suppose in agreement – that if it can be determined that the photo was submitted to the FBI before it was released to the public – then its possible the photo could have been altered. The question is the photo shows up on the photographers FB page on the 15th and its released on the 19th – ???


The photo is still on the dude’s cell phone and regardless if the FBI photo shopped out any hint of the back pack that may have shown the picture is inadequate evidence to represent that JT was without his back pack. On the right his jacket is tugged down and his shoulder appears weighted down – the angle simply did not capture a back pack carried by one strap on the right!!


I heard this stated on live tv, it was not a mis-quote in an article. It is a major inconsistency considering suspect 2 was carrying a mostly gray or white backpack.

“Thomas Menino, the mayor of Boston, said that a significant lead had been provided by video footage recorded by a department store security camera. The footage was reported to show a possible suspect dropping a black bag at the location of the second bomb shortly before the blast.”

Maybe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev didn’t get the memo that he was supposed to have a “black bag” that day.


I wonder if Mr. Baker has suspicions about the Orlando shooting? I sure do. It seems the FBI became involved in the Middlesex County DA, Marian Ryan’s, investigation of the unsolved triple murder in Waltham, MA on September 11, 2011, because relatives and friends of the victims and Tamerlan Tsarnaev became suspicious about Tsarnaev after the bombing. The thinking is that, once you learn that a friend of yours is capable of bombing the Boston Marathon, and killing and maiming people, he could be capable of other murders.

Supposedly, there is DNA evidence linking Tamerlan Tsarnaev to the Mess residence or crime scene. It’s not clear yet what evidence they have, outside the dead Todashev’s alleged confession. Tamerlan was a frequent visitor to Mess’s apartment, as they were good friends–even eating specially prepared Muslim meals cooked by Mess’s girlfriend. But friends were suspicious that Tsarnaev did not attend Mess’s funeral.


It was reported today by the Washington Post that Ibragim Todashev, the Orlando Chechen man, was unarmed.


No ceremonial sword? I was really looking forward to that being true – I mean, what a way to go?


If I were this man’s family, I would be very upset with the U.S. government. We’re not making friends with this kind of behavior. Plus, are we just supposed to believe that this “confession” is valid???

CAIR-Tampa is calling for an independent investigation into Todashev’s death. I don’t blame them, and I hope it happens.


The CAIR attorney, Sibly, said, in a press conference, that he knew of proof that Todashev was traveling with his wife in Atlanta Georgia at the time of the Waltham murder. I haven’t heard him make an official statement as of yet.


I live in Boston, have closely followed the Collier murder. Sometime, maybe 2 weeks after Apr 15, I heard a bulletin on WRKO morning radio, asking if there were any witnesses to this incident and requesting that they come forward. They provided the time and location coordinates. I was stunned, as the formal story was well into its implantation into the media. My conclusion now: they were looking for witnesses who might step forward and contradict the formal lie.


This is an excellent article. I was listening to the scanners also and when I watched the TV what they were reporting was different.

I have read a theory that the carjacker may have been sent to meet with them to bring them in – a handler or FBI agent like you say – something went wrong – MIT security guy may be involved. Danny is definitely dodgy – the whole story does not match up. They clearly have no evidence linking the Brothers to the MIT guy’s death.

A possible explanation re the marathon – Tamerlan was CIA asset – wanted out. Was sent to the drill at the marathon (there was a woman posting on FB in the week after saying she was freaking out as he visited her massage place the week before and said he had to go to work at a security drill at the marathon – when she saw his face she was really shocked it was the same guy).

Tamerlan thought maybe something was up and got his brother to come along and watch his back. I don’t think they had any bombs on them or dropped them.

I think it is strange there are no photos of Tamerlan near the 1st bomb site.

That is very interesting the MIT officer was at the same gym as Tamerlan and that Donohue was at both scenes. I read one report that said when the FBI HRT got Dzhokhar out of the boat, they asked the Tranit police if they wanted cuff him and they did that. No doubt at this point they still thought the Brothers were responsible for Donohue’s injuries (rather than friendly fire) – this may explain why someone took their aggression out on the unarmed 19 yr old who seemed to get seriously injured somewhere between him climbing out of the boat and the calls for ‘Medic Medic’ heard on the scanner. There is a very long period on the scanner during the arrest – where there is not much being reported – maybe 20 minutes or so. Also where is the helicopter downlink? They said on this scanners to the guys in the chopper that this was being broadcast online – somebody must have a copy?

FBI are seriously strange thinking that people are so gullible with the stories they are putting out – maybe they don’t care if only 60% of the population believe them. I think the ridiculous boat note made many wake up – and then the Todashev shooting – now they have changed the story again and are saying today he attacked the agents with a CEREMONIAL SWORD.

Something is going on with Russia behind the scenes – all that wig wearing spy nonsense was very weird.

Mr. M

Brilliant – this is real journalism.


Google “Misreporting the Boston Bombings” for a sourced blog post with a lot of lesser-known info.


I am pulling this post up from down thread. I just listened to the whole thing and the comments. This is wild stuff.

white hat, speaking Russian, 2 suspects arrested and led away – approximately where it is reported via scanner feeds that shots fired – are coming from a stolen State Police Black SUV -(which btw – is a Mercede 350).


This was my initial reaction from down thread.

this is freaking amanzing –
1) this supports (not confirms -yet) the Scanner feeds that officers where shot at on Adams Street by someone driving a stolen State Police SUV (after the Laurel/Dexter shoot out).
2) Once the shooting stopped – a higher up officer requested all officers in the field – who had discharged their firearm to come back to the Armenian church parking lot (also he wanted to clear the traffic jam on the streets as more PD arrived on the scene. He also asked for officers in the field engaged in a crime scene to report in –
3) officers from Laurel & Dexter reported suspect down etc., – officers at Hazel and Dexter reported suspect in custody Naked Man per CNN reporter?) and officer down – officers at Upland and Mt Auburn reported suspect on the ground ascertaining status (this was kid in the brown sweats who was released) – officers at 526 Mt Auburn reported suspect in custody (that was the only time you heard about this arrest and I had assumed it was mistaken with Upland – but this tape clearly shows it was another suspect taken into custody.
This means four suspects at four different locations where stopped/arrested that night. And this does not include Johar(JT) who is on foot after having abandoned his Mercedes at Sprue and Lincoln.
This (for me) confirms the chaos that night on the scanner feeds. Officers were taking on a lot more than we are being led to believe. There was a reason the brothers were circling this neighborhood that night (at least three times that we know of) and there was a reason for the 24 hour colonoscopy of this neighborhood. LE was looking for accomplices and/or handlers.


Where you hear Tamerlan and Jahar being yelled out in this clip at the end – I am sure that it just picked up on the audio from a nearby street and not coming from the guy on the ground. They were yelling out a lot for each other in other videos.


This video cuts off before the yelling out. But I have heard the yelling in another video and in my opinion it appeared someone was saying Tamerlan. I have also heard others say the yelling was for Dzhokhar. I wish someone with good equipment could analyze that and clear up what name is being called out at the end.


This video has the yelling in the background – it is at 12:22

Clearly someone yelling Jahar – then Tamerlan – can hear it with headphones.


Agreed – cant mistake that. Now the poster thinks one of these getting arrested might be TT and/or “Naked Man”. But I highly doubt it. On the scanners that night the arrest at Adams/Mt Auburn was referred to several times as “shots fired”, and “stolen State Police Suv” – but the actual arrest was referred to only once (at 526 Mt Auburn). The video concludes with the “white hat” man walking down the street. This is odd.
We have seen the white hat worn by both brothers that night on surveillance photos and TT’s personal pictures shows him wearing this hat several times.
But I dont get why they would walk TT from 526 Mt Auburn to Dexter/Auburn and then down Dexter to roughly the Hazel block or Dartmouth and then strip him – question/redress and photo him…? Gabe Ramirez the CNN photojournalist describes walking down Dexter several blocks, south of Nichols, to view and the film the Naked Man. It just doesnt make sense – and there is no word of this on the scanners.
INMO it is not Naked Man – but it could be – JT, or TT….


I agree that the yelling is a calling out for Tamerlan and I believe they are separating them at this time and that it is JT yelling. Next the episode with Tamerlan being instructed to strip naked occurs. Tamerlan is then allowed to dress and he is handed over to the FBI. The next scene is the Watertown shootout with one way bullets and flash bangs coming from the authorities. JT runs on foot while they are attending the down MBTA officer who caught their fire.


No the yelling the commenter describes is right at the beginning – and he translates it as Russian for its a set up. I dont know – I wouldnt know Russian from outer Mongolian.


Does anyone or anyone care to take a stab at translating what is being yelled, by the suspects in the first 10-15 secs of this clip. The reason I like this clip – is that the guy taking the video does not appear to appreciate how explosive this piece could be – it is the commenter who picks up the Russian dialect. The white hat is amazing – from the surveillance piks taken and made public that night – we know either JT or TT or ?? was wearing one. Amazing piece of video.


Some have said it’s “Podstava”, Russian for “set up”. But I also wonder if it’s a Boston accent of a cop saying “Port/Starboard”. Hopefully someone can clear this up as I know there is technology to clarify the sound better.


There is another video that distinctly has yelling at the end. It’s been discussed by others that it’s Tamerlan or Dzhokhar’s name being yelled but I can’t honestly make it out. Also, I saw this video in it’s original version weeks ago and the youtube channel got deleted. Since then the only copies are from those who managed to get it before it was taken down.

Here is the version with yelling at the very end:


I didn’t realize the stolen police vehicle was also the Mercedes. Very interesting.


interestingly they have made a half hearted attempt to debunk “stolen police vehicle” heard the scanner feeds – in a Globe post LE was complaining someone hacked the system and sent out the false information. But I know, it went out on all three PD radios I transcribed and it was confirmed by several other officers.


Yes, I remember the scanner saying Stolen police vehicle but I figured it was just a tactic to throw off others involved and create commotion and confusion. But now that more is coming out I am realizing that things being “debunked” may instead be the very things we should believe. In the very beginning, after TT was killed, his parents stated that TT called them and said the FBI contacted him to say they knew he was the bomber. According to the parents, TT told FBI “That’s your problem” (surely more was said). But FBI has stated that they never called TT and that he probably just said that to his mother so she could be prepared for when he was caught. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore and I know that those sort of answers will never be revealed.


If this video aligns with the PD scanners then I bet this picture also aligns with the truth of the night: Dzhokhar did not run over Tamerlan.


You got a couple things going on here.
First, the above video is of an arrest at 526 MT Auburn Drive – and followed some shots being fired at officers as confirmed by the scanners that night. If this is JT and TT being arrested then certainly the picture below the video cannot be TT on the ground. We wouldnt know who it is – but whoever it was LE trapped on Laurel and opened fire on, foot chased and later injured (at least one) put up a hell of a fight. Again, thats if 526 Mt Auburn are the brothers being arrested.
If the two arrested at 526 MT Auburn are not the brothers then the official narrative – of a JT and TT shooting it up on Laurel and TT runover as JT flees the scene and it follows from the picture above and others taken by Andy Ketzenberg. I didnt realize this until tonight – thats is probably JT doing about 60 backwards!!
However another idea just came to me – what if the brothers are in that pictured vehicle and they break through? They proceed forward and either turn right on Dexter or proceed foward down Laurel and eventually make their way to Mt Auburn coming up Adams Street – engage in police again, shoot out and get arrested. That fits some of what we know (526 mt auburn arrest) but not all (see below) and it does not get us back to just the two suspects. Now there are two unaccounted for – the one down at Laurel and whoever abandoned the Mercedes at Spruce and Lincoln and fled the scene.
What happened at Dexter and Laurel? How did JT (or someone get the Mercedes to get to Spruce and Lincoln and then run and hide? It’s plausible but not likely.
Finally, Donohue was injured around the corner on Dexter at Hazel – according to scanner feeds. First calls for officer down were on Laurel – a suspect and an officer – and then around the corner on Dexter at Hazel another call for officer down came in. Donohue going down their is consistent with the JT or (?) fleeing the scene by going up Laurel, turning right at Dexter – as he is pulling away I imagine that is when the officers set up at Laurel and Dexter unloaded and probably hit Donohue who was on the other side of Dexter. Officers from Boston and Cambridge were being directed down Dexter from Mt. Auburn.
In the video above, I just noticed the two ambulances driving through the scene – carrying Donohue and suspect(?).


If you had watched the video below you might have seen this clip in the related clips column on the right.

This is another stunner!. It looks like the guy had not turned this in to the FBI or LE before he got it to the news – who broke it. It messes up the timeline again. He says it was taken at 2:44 and he does not appear to have the backpack. Hmm?


So this picture puts him just to the right of – two trees down from the tree where the bomb was placed. This picture was taken at 2:44 pm. Putting the bag down, waiting, making your way back through the crowd casually – that takes what – 1-2 minutes? That puts the “bomb” drop at 2:42, 2:41 at the the outter limit. Anyone recall the timeline stated from the time he dropped to the time he walked away?


The criminal complaint filed by FBI states he still had his bag at 2:45pm. Also there are 2 pictures that baffle me now. From the dailymail link, look at the first 3 pictures. The first one shows DT standing behind a tree, with his backpack, standing directly before a pillar with a light on it, he is facing away from where the second blast occurred. The second photo shows the explosion and it is not near the tree, blue awning, or the pillar with the light on it, the explosion occurs further up. The third photo doesn’t even make sense from the second photo with location to the explosion and also it appears there is at least one tree missing. Does that make sense? I am just now realizing these 3 pictures in this way.


They also lied in FBI affidavit for the criminal complaint for Robel Phillipos and said there was a gunfight at the boat with Tsarnaev – when he was later admitted to be unarmed.


Thats just sloppy – no other way to explain that. It seems the farther down this rabbit it just keeps getting worse.


Start with the L shaped traffic light at the intersection roughly even with Starbucks –

1) street light, 2) mail box, 3) tree, 4) street sign), 5) tree, and 6) tree – this spans to width of the store fronts of both the Forum and the Atlantic Fish Co.

You are describing a photographic effect of the camera lens “bunching” objects closer together. Go to this cool piks link and scroll down to the appropriate picture – this is an overhead view – its all there in gruesome detail.

From the cool piks photo you can see they have since removed the tree that the bag was placed next to.

Dianne Foster

Yes they have removed a perfectly good tree that looked fine after the bomb went off. In fact, like the flags and pickets at the Finish Line, the tree by Forum with a mailbox (green) next to it and an undamaged lamppost (not a bulb broken) was removed, probably because it lacked nails and shrapnel. Easier to claim it had them. But the picture shows intact small and large branches.