A growing body of evidence points to a concerted campaign to prepare Americans and the world for war against Iran. This is not idle speculation. It fits a pattern that repeatedly preceded previous hostilities.

Here are the recent examples on Iran:

-The claim that Iran is a WMD threat.  Pretty much everyone is familiar with the long-term, continuing efforts to paint Iran as some kind of nuclear threat. This ignores the possibility that Iran is telling the truth in contending it is embarked on solely non-military nuclear research (debatable), and serious doubts among many experts that Iran is preparing nuclear weapons. Perhaps most important, it discounts the fact that many countries (including Iran’s arch-enemy Israel) have nuclear weapons, and disregards the undoubted truth that if a country like Iran ever did launch nuclear weapons, it would be wiped out in a nanosecond, creating a very strong disincentive for offensive use. At the same time, by encouraging other countries and internal foes to believe that it has nuclear weapons, Iran creates an inexpensive protective shield for its regime. A dangerous game, to be sure, but without further evidence of Iranian nukes, hardly a reason to launch a war that would surely cause even more death and destruction than the misguided Iraq invasion.

-The claim that Iran tried to hire Mexican drug cartel hit squads to kill a Saudi ambassador on US soil (fizzled). Remember this one? So ludicrous that even ultra-cautious corporate news organizations laughed it out of the spotlight. Still, it may have been a test of what will fly—and likely did impact a percentage of the population, particularly those getting their info from jingoistic outlets like Fox.

-The claim that Iran was complicit in the 9/11 attacks (current). A federal judge, reviewing evidence presented in a lawsuit on behalf of 9/11 victims, concluded this month that it proved Iran “provided direct support to Al Qaeda specifically for the attacks…on September 11, 2001.” This one may gain traction due to powerful lingering emotions on the topic. (For complaints about the general operating style of the judge who ruled in the case, click here.) Because this ruling and the underlying lawsuit are based largely on the claims of defectors (and past experience shows that defectors frequently trade politically valuable assertions for personal benefits), more research is needed on this. (Remember discredited CIA Iraq source “Curveball”?) The cited “NSA intercepts” also bring to mind the intercepts put forward as proof that Saddam had WMDs.

It is further worth noting that the defendant, Iran, was not present to challenge the assertions. In addition, examination of many of the plaintiff assertions shows that they may misrepresent circumstantial evidence. (Example: “Several of the 9/11 hijackers transited Iran on their way to or from Afghanistan, taking advantage of the Iranian practice of not stamping Saudi passports.” This ignores the fact that Iran, which is an enemy of Saudi Arabia, makes a practice of not stamping Saudi passports so that Saudi nationals, especially minority Shiites, do not get in trouble with Saudi authorities on their return—similar to Cuba’s practice of not stamping American passports.)

This story has yet to break big, but count on the ruling to be cited increasingly in the months ahead by those pushing for war.

And here are a few past examples (1990 to 2011). Add your own in the COMMENTS section below:

-Blame Saddam for Incubator baby deaths and plots against Bush’s father; provoke him by slant drilling from Kuwait, then imply no objection if he takes action; blame him for 9/11 complicity, falsely tie him to Al Qaeda, claim he possesses WMDs and poses an imminent threat, misrepresent claims to make it seem that he did not destroy WMD stocks as ordered.. More here and here and here.

-Blame Qaddafi for Lockerbie bombing, mass rapes, mass murder, fund an uprising, then bomb him for “humanitarian” reasons when he responds in order to assure his survival. Click here and here for more on this.

You don’t have to approve of these regimes to see that these appear to be (and in many cases certainly were) false provocations that reek of ulterior motives (hint: how many of these countries are oil exporters?) In fact, you can abhor these regimes and hope that they will not survive, and still realize how problematical it is for the American government to repeatedly foist big lies on its own people. This kind of thing is beneath any administration claiming lofty ideals and purporting to serve the public interest—and something that none of us should feel comfortable being party to.

If the public interest is defined as “seizing oil wherever it may be found,” then, well, that’s a conversation we need to have…and quick. There are severe consequences of this definition. Among them, the empowerment of those forces, both corporate and governmental, that profit most from the unbridled development of fossil fuels—and that have good reasons to block the development of renewable sources of energy. They’re known today as the One Percent, and they are destroying our world.

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  1. gogetem1 says:

    Could the slow decline of the Petrodollar be a factor as well?  There have been reports that claim that Saddam was planning to go off the dollar and sell his oil in Euros.  I see now that Iran has an “oil bourse” that is made up of a basket of currencies.  How important is this in the overall scheme?

  2. Afshingholami says:

    persians (iranian) are like peace and they like all of people in the world T they like american and jewishes and others . i am a persian man , i am a lawyer , we love you , all of you .

  3. Gedion says:

    First of all we all know every U S A Have being playing a moral george.
    My Question is which coutry have so much blood. has Americe porrrrr than any other country this planet…

    As soon as the oil is drilling U S A will always act the same tives life.
    but what goes around must come around. God but us in soilid ground.
    its pity if poor people have to pay the prise.


    MY RESPECT TO WHO WHAT WHY. TO PUT  PEACE DAY OR LOVE 10.10 every year. to make as much love than war.

    stop promoting death.

  4. Hjans46 says:

    The talk of Iran having WMD is the same arguement against Iraq.  Would we even discuss Iran if they didn’t have Oil?  Look at nations that have WMD.  North Korea, Packistan, China, Russia, USA, India, Isreal, dose it realy matter if Iran has a nuecler weapon?

  5. Dgk Jca says:

    Please help put this site out, This is why they want to wipe Iran off the face of the earth >>>> http://www.keshefoundation.com/en/

  6. Ktemmanuel says:

    why is it simple to say America will attack Iran and very outrageous to say Iran will attack America? to me it seems we are one sided and myopic in most of our analyses and i agree with Aliya.

    • Russ Baker says:

       Um, because one side has like thousands of times as much destructive firepower as the other?

  7. Aaliya says:

    What about the many Iranian scientists getting bombed ?

  8. Iran is threatening to halt oil shipments through the Strait
    of Hormuz – a narrow shipping passage through which one-sixth of the
    world’s oil supply passes – a move the US has made clear it will “not

    David Virgil Dafinoiu

    • Shaerkhan says:

      Iran is saying it will disrupt the traffic in in the Strait of Hormuz  if any country starts an offensive war against Iran and any country in this situation will do exactly that what Iran is saying. Iran is protecting its people and its sovereignty. It has not started a war against any country in the past  nor has it threatened  any nations. It is Us and and its puppet master Israel playing the war game and any country who is threatened with war has the right to defend it

    • Lightworker says:

      Yeah bud I’m with you for the most part, but don’t Iran threaten to destroy Israel on a regular basis?  You are actually incorrect on your statement that Iran hasn’t threatened any nations.  Iran is not as “innocent” as you claim they are, nor are they as guilty as Israel claims either. 

    • Paul says:

      No they don’t. The only source for that was an Israeli “translation” service, dedicated to “truth” in Middle Eastern reporting. Don’t know about you but if an Israeli told me it was raining I’d be checking the windows for myself.

    • Not You says:

      I think you are xenophobic just like the many Iotola regimes in Iran who have NO QUARREL with wiping you off this planet simply for being western Dont tell me this isnt true because you will only be kidding yourself. This author makes allegations, premises that he either wont or cannot substantiate and I think ITS AMAZING he asks for YOUR MONEY dont degrade yourself. Baco my point, what other country has threatened the US and western democracy with any sort of financial economic backing to follow through? What country then with nuclear capabilities? ITS ONLY IRAN. Don’t lie to yourself your as bigoted as the fatwa issuing sheiks and I am Muslim.

  9. lisa says:

    It’s obvious that Iran’s on the short list. Recently several Iranians have said “if sanction then close strait” – this is very strange and the reason why is not obvious at all. In strategy it’s important that the opponent not know in advance your contingent plans – this keeps your options open, keeps the opponent from knowing where and when you’ll be someplace. Yet the Iranians said what they’d do… Things happen for a reason –  I keep thinking about the Persian defeat at Salamis…and how it happened. Iran “wins” simply by not being defeated, while Empire wins only if Iran surrenders unconditionally.

  10. The problem with the media is that while the public is debating false reasons to start a war, in this case with Iran, the actual economic rationale for war goes unreported or is obscured.

    Energy companies from the West have been coveting a return to the energy pools in Central Asia since they lost them in the Russian Revolution. Yet there is no mention in the mainstream media about the TAPI Pipeline, which has been in the works since at least 1995 (and probably earlier in other iterations). A pipeline carrying natural gas from Central Asia, through Afghanistan and Pakistan, to India. There the natural gas would power the factories where so many American jobs are going.

    The problem with the American strategy is that Russia is in competition running lines westward to Europe, China has a line bringing the natural gas eastward, and Iran has its own plans for running a gas pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Indian Ocean, parallel to the TAPI line.

    While the US can battle on the margins (economically) against Russia and China, it can’t militarily go to war with either of them. Iran is a different story. By reinstating US control over the Iran it can either knock off the threat of a competing Iranian pipeline or, better, control the Iranian pipeline (which should be easier to keep open, considering the problems with security across Afghanistan and Pakistan.


  11. Ben Hur says:

    What a sick stupid individual. May be som day you will see past your nose.

  12. MIC makes war for profit says:

    Referring back to the fake Gulf of Tonkin incident used by the Pentagon and Johnson Administration to justify the full scale US military involvement in Vietnam, columnist Sydney Schanberg wrote:

    “We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth.”
    ( See http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=2261 )

    Many, over they years, have wised up as to the corrupt nature of the US government and its skillful use of propaganda and outright lies to shape public opinion in order to pave the way for very profitable wars. (I mean profitable to the MIC.)   However,   there are still way too many “innocents” in the population who will willingly believe that, as Schanberg wrote, “this time the government is  telling the truth.”

  13. Sanity1 says:

         There are many of you young punks out there that just do not know how to understand the essence of war, there is no identifiable time frame, there are many aspects to it. I am an older and wiser individual, I was in the Vietnam Era, and spoke to many older trying to understand what that one was all about, don’t ask is what I was told, if you were not in the driver’s seat you will never know.
         In this case,  the U.S.  military are right on time, Iraq and Afghanistan were just warm ups and strategies to get us to the real reason, Iran. When the USA pounds Iran’s steam ship wannabe Navy (lmao) that part will be will over quite fast. Iran is like a jack-off (masturbating), it may shoot-off 14,000 missiles a minute, then their “climax” would be over, all targets will be exposed and hit and  all their Russian junk Jets will be taken down. 
         Iraq and Afghanistan are different because the towel-heads that fire land to airs then run under their mother’s skirt and hide mad eit difficult to identify. No uniforms, no targets, this made it difficult from the beginning of having to bomb hospitals where they hide out like cowards or in school houses, that was really cowardly of them.
         Iran you will see is much different, we know who they are what they are and have 100 times the capabilities to squash them like maggots. I like to read stories about sending a missiles up their hind side while they are praying to that perverted Allah(camel sucking, pork chop eating dung idol), yes Iran’s puppets have to go, we have waited so long to get right here.

    • Bascoda says:

      You may call yourself Vietnam era, but you obviously weren’t there and didn’t learn a thing from the experience of others. This old punk who WAS there says you are full of it.

    • Sanity1 says:

      Hey “old punk”, tell me why were we there, you go look in the history books you fake. I got your bacoda hanging, what are you now a muslim loud mouth punk

    • Kanharza says:

      Hey War Time, you must be homo….to many references “ass””rear end” etc

    • Russ Baker says:

      Just a warning: we don’t have to tolerate language like that on this site. You can easily be banned. Now is a good time to get some manners.

    • Robert says:

      Your insulting. vicious remarks are self-condemning, revealing no self-respect.  Horrified by the appalling state of mind that you reveal, I would suggest getting  immediate psychological help to achieve some degree of sanity before you completely self-destruct. Please take this advice seriously, or your family and friends will suffer. This assumes, perhaps wrongly, that you have such people in your community.

    • Lightworker says:

      Your actions, ideas, and sayings exibit those of a racist.

    • Lightworker says:

      Oh yea, I should tell you, you just called God perverted camel sucking, pork chop eating dung idol.  You just used Arabic to call him that.  If you  were more educated you would realized that in Arabic, the English word for God is Allah.  So to be clear here, God and Allah are the same.  Like Hola and Hello are the same, on is Spanish and one is English.

    • Codeman_41 says:

      Unfortunately it is because of ignorant, narrow minded, racist Americans like War Time Blues why I receive so much criticism about my homeland during my travels. 

      I have friends from all over the world, and when I ask them what they truly think of Americans, descriptions of the ignorance coming from people like Mr. War Time Blues is the most common reaction.

      When reading his remarks, it brings on a feeling of pity, knowing people such as him are the kind of people being brought up in my homeland…

      Not only do we need to forget about Iran, but we need to look at withdrawing all of our forces from around the world, and dismantling our empire as the Brits did before with drive ourselves into bankruptcy…

  14. Fabian says:

    The American government can try to justify war with Iran all it wants, but it better be ready to justify sunken aircraft carriers to an American public fed up with war, but at the same time still convinced of America’s military superiority. We aren’t talking about Iraq or Afghanistan – nations with no Navy. Iran is fully capable of sinking an aircraft carrier. Our Admirals know that, and as much as I loathe America’s conservative leaning military  aristocracy, I really don’t think even they’re prepared to lose an aircraft carrier. The “War on Terror” has cost 5,000 American military lives. Would Obama actually risk losing that many lives (the crew of a carrier) in one day?

    Russ, you know me, and you know I’m as pessimistic as you are about America’s direction (or lack thereof). But I really think we have to maintain optimism on this issue, and know that if our government does decide to attack Iran, that the anti-war movement at home might actually grow strong enough to do something, dare I say, revolutionary.

    • Bascoda says:

      Point well taken. There is a disturbing parallel here with our ill-advised adventure into Viet Nam. The problem with  technologically advanced (and very, very expensive) hardware is that it can be effectively neutralized, i.e. destroyed, by unsophisticated and relatively inexpensive means. The Viet Cong taught us that lesson over and over again, but nobody seems to have learned it. 
      From one pessimist to another, the anti-war movement will never gain the strength it used to have until a larger segment of the population has a vested interest in being anti-war. Why do you think the draft was abolished in favor of a ‘volunteer’ military?

  15. William Chappell says:

    Referring to comments by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the Islamic revolution, Mr. Admadinejad said, “As the imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map.”

    • Paul says:

      Telling lies for Israel, popular though it is with the more treasonous element of American society, still can’t make a lie into a truth.

  16. Rob says:

    Here’s one:
    Remember when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad supposedly said that “Israel must be wiped off the map”?
    I’m sure that “quote” will be trotted out again to fire up the masses. I think that’s one for the list.

    Here’s a link to an article from a few years ago debunking this alleged statement:

  17. Joseph J7uy5 says:

    I’ve had the same concern for several months.  I even started a little list of links that, to me, indicate a drumbeat for war:

  18. Sanity1 says:


  19. hruhs says:

    I laud Russ for the integrity to participate in this discussion as a moderating influence.

    My contribution is that current events hold no great surprises for me.  Empire is a mass delusional process that, once it has a foothold, ALWAYS expands everywhere that it can by any means available.  In the moment it may seem unpredictable, but in the larger perspective it is ALWAYS relentless in its energy to dominate (global dominance in this case) and dispossess the weak and ALWAYS destroys the sources of its power by general despoliation until it fails.  This seems to be so routine as to constitute a law.

    My limited study of history reveals no instance where the imperial impulse has been reigned in short of self destruction.  

    This a fractal reality.  Where ever great differences in power exist outside of relationships guided by love (i.e. parent/child) there will be exploitation which, if successful will ignite a desire to extend the scope of domination.

    Inequality of power not moderated by love is the cause violence at every level of human interaction.  What is seen as weak will be conquered in some way.  BTW, the Atlantic powers are already invading Iran in covert ways.  Whether or not this covert war erupts into large scale violence will become a footnote in the history of the final days of the collapse of the European expansion which may itself be the last chapter of the human story on Earth.

    Happy holidays everyone.  Be a happy doomer.


  20. Drbrea says:

         I don’t usally do this, but let me take the Pollyanna role here.  I saw many reports in past years that the Bush administration had a 5-step invasion plan: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, N.Korea, Iran in roughly that order.  Needless to say this plan was never completed due to that unpleasantness in Iraq.  In the summer of 2006, one of my co-workers, who was active in Move-on, told me that the invasion of Iran was coming that summer.  In the summer of 2007, that same person told me the invasion was coming that summer.  I asked her, didn’t you say the same thing last year?  The war drums were beating in ’06 and ’07 and they’re still beating, but I’m hoping Obama can continue to resist them.
         Continuing with my Pollyanna stance, allow me to ask it the drone incident actually had anti-war result.  When the U-2 spy plane was downed over Russia in the 60’s, President Eisenhower denied we even had such a plane.  Here Obama is saying, “oh, yeah, that’s ours, and can we have it back please?”  The hawks like Cheney were saying things like we should have bombed Iran to destroy the drone technology, etc. but the Obama administration declined to do so.   Was this the Obama administration’s way of saying, “yes, the US is violating Iran’s air space, likely in violation of international law, and maybe the US doesn’t have completely clean hands itself?”

    • Forman says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by a “Pollyana stance”, but I knew you were off to foolishness when you stated “that Iraq unleasantness” to describe an illegal war.  A war that has cost ten of thousands Iraqis their lives, 4000 plus American lives, some 35,000 U.S. casualties and hundreds of billions of dollars of borrowed U.S. wealth so that the Corporate Powers can steal Iraqi oil!  

    • Drbrea says:

      “Iraq unpleasantness” is a bit of sarcasm, of course.   You’re preaching to the choir.  

    • Morocco Bama says:

      but I’m hoping Obama can continue to resist them.

      Everything else in your post is undermined by this delusional statement. 

    • Drbrea says:

      Where’s the delusion?  Obama has been in office for three years and didn’t attack Iran in any of those years.  
      Also, keep in mind, Obama stuck to his guns on Iraq, even though all summer various commentators kept telling us how the US would agree to leave residual troops in Iraq for training, stability, what have you.   The Obama administration is also talking about withdrawal form Afghanistan and reaching accomodation with the Taliban etc. 

    • SickOfTheStupid says:

      I see the  delusion…………..First thing is although Obama has talked a good game and moved cautiously make no mistake he has spent the past 3 years tactically advancing this war  and the following war with Syria. We have been training and funding the majority of the Arab Spring  for our own goals…….we most certainly have not just spy’s on the ground in both country’s but special forces operatives as well.

      You are  misinformed or misguided on what just occurred in Iraq. Obama and his administration most certainly campaigned and worked towards staying in Iraq or at the very least leaving a large military contingent behind. The only reason this did not happen was because Iraq refused to negotiate any legal considerations for US soldiers , bottom line was if they stayed they would have been subject to the same laws and punishments as any Iraqi……………

      Now do not be fooled into thinking we are leaving Afghanistan any time this century. With control of Afghanistan the CIA controls 90% of the worlds illicit opium/heroin production , the funds from this are necessary for the funding of the dozens of global shadow wars we are currently engaged in across the globe.If any thing we will move in and take Pakistan a thorn in not only our side but India’s side too. 

      Do not be fooled Obama is well on his way to making GW Bush look like a saint in comparison.

    • Morocco Bama says:

      Yes, with that added caveat that Obama is a CIA stooge who will do whatever he is told to do. For Drbrea to imply that Obama is independent in thought and spirit is insulting and naive. If you’ve been following, Drbrea, these scum have honed their craft for more than half a century now…drawing on centuries of tried and true strategies, and making up a few of their own along the way. They’re not about to let their highly secured and vested interests be undermined or destroyed by some no-name “African-American” junior senator from Illinois who seemingly came out of nowhere. It’s insane to think that’s even possible, considering Family of Secrets. IMO, Family of Secrets, the title, has a double meaning, and perhaps triple meaning, regardless of whether Russ intended it. First, of course, it refers to the Bush Family Dynasty. Second, it refers to the CIA and Intelligence Community, or an even broader term, the Military Industrial Complex. Third, it means the Plutocratic Oligarchy that largely determines world events, and has a great deal of Venn Diagram overlap with the previous other “Families” mentioned.

    • Jay_cryer says:

      why obama actually pulled out, he didn’t want to-http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/10/16/us-iraq-usa-idUSTRE79F17720111016

    • Bamftiger says:

      Obama is Carter II so if you want to see into the future map out what the Brzezinski cabal is up to. He has a son in diplomacy and a daughter as a talking head whilst he continues to pull the strings of the Bisexual In Chief.

  21. N8haye says:

    There are more and more types of these propagandized justifications for war in the mainstream media every day. Recently these stories include the assertion that Iran’s naval drills are merely their preparations for war against the West, their obviously draconian death penalties (currently Iran is deciding to either hang or stone a woman to death for her part in her husband’s death), and that Iran may now execute a US citizen captured in Iran while allegedly spying for the CIA. It also seems clear to anyone paying attention that the road to war with Iran is being paved through Syria, which is now being given the old Libya treatment through accusations of humanitarian atrocities, etc…. The groudwork for war is being laid through the media’s constant demonization of the Iranian and Syrian governments. They paint them as either dangerously aggressive or barbaric, or both, so war will seem justified to the masses as it was with Iraq and Libya.

  22. SickOfTheStupid says:

    our government knows it doesn’t have to justify any of its actions any longer, The government coup is complete, they already have everything they need to enslave us and that is the intent ……………….. those that do not support the US Imperialism and expansion will find themselves looking out through the fences at the already staffed and operational FEMA camps

  23. Bascoda says:

    There is a reason the draft was abolished in favor of a volunteer army – the anti-war protests of the Viet Nam era. When main street has no vested interest  (i.e. a son or daughter conscripted to be sent into the meat grinder,) the opposition to military adventurism is lessened. We need to resurrect “Hell no, we won’t go” as a slogan against the next round of  unjustified invasions. 

    • Neo-Realist says:

      Following on that, I also believe that in a larger sense, the goal of the White House and the Pentagon in abolishing the draft was to prevent the street (or possibly the left) from having significant leverage over foreign policy.

  24. Alice Monroney says:

    Not buying it. Outrageous. Who the heck do we think we are? Rather our gov’t…

  25. theaggressiveprogressiveQUEER says:

    I guess the military industrial complex hasn’t made enough money off the other two wars. Since the Iraq war is over . . . except for Haliburton (a.k.a Dick Cheney’s personal cash box) and Academie the contractor formerly known as Blackwater still occupying . . . The MIC is missing its other cash cow.

  26. Nurserlg says:

    9-11-2001 Domestic Terror attack. Shady Acres airport opened 1-1-2001 in Shepherdsville, Kentucky on Fort Knox Military base. 9-11-2001 Planes controlled by Radio, the Pentagon was hit by a Laser. USAF/Chalet/Vortex, Alumni at the University of Louisville, John Brasch engineer, Mitch McConnell Senator, etc, etc, I have documents posted on MySpace under Photos and on Facebook under photos. Under Robin Gunter  will be a cartoon character of woman with dog big clown face in the back ground. Just a few documents I have.

    • Russ Baker says:

      Commenters: please keep comments directly on the topic of each article as a courtesy to others. Thanks.

  27. Morocco Bama says:

    I think it’s pretty clear it’s going to happen. The how and when is up for conjecture, but rest assured, The Mullahs will not be in charge within the next five years.

    As far as China and Russia are concerned. Officially, they will pretend to be opposed. Unofficially, they will be on board, because, afterall, the U.S. is merely the Financial and Enforcement division for the loosely connected Global Oligarchy.

    Consider China’s Princelings and their budding Oligarchy laying beneath the veneer of State Capitalism.



  28. What is the official and unofficial positions of China and Russia?  I hear that they are ready to prevent any aggression towards Sirya

  29. hass says:

    In 2009, the IAEA said clearly that it has no evidence of any nuclear weapons program in Iran, and the most recent IAEA report has added nothing new despite all the hype

  30. Grumpusrex says:

    Also, the ‘accidental’ downing of that U.S. drone could be included in this list. If the history of the U2 spy plane is any indication, than this too could be a provocation.


    • Russ Baker says:

      Very true. Lets build that list…

    • Jimbo says:

      I am learning that in just about every war in US history the justification was a myth.   The Maine? The Lusitania?  Pearl Harbor?  I should go and look deeper into Fort Sumter.  

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